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The Banes of Atreus: The Avenger
Co-Writer Legolass+*
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The Banes of Atreus: The Avenger
Chapter 3
Dec 28, 2016
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!WRr0Ag6OidqvlL1HG7mgposted on PENANA

We arrive in the cook-house, & I am pant making.copyright protection52PENANAMI02l7bWtN

Try making to skip arm in arm with someone that is more active than yourself is exceedingly tired-making.copyright protection52PENANArpESqe9x3r

My neyes keep flash making about my condition. So annoy making. I knew I should have taken them out.copyright protection52PENANAKuX5fYNV69

I just woke up, too.copyright protection52PENANAcSScVek6aN

" Why! If it isn't the young Master & Ara! What 'ould you like today?" the round, bustl making woman that is the head cook lyrically says as she bustles about, cook making. It somewhat reminds me of myself in the lab.copyright protection52PENANATBdytDNDbQ

" We would like a little basket with something for break-fast, Tilly, if you please." Her full name was Matilda, but from the time I can remember, she told me to call her Tilly, so I did.copyright protection52PENANA4Wk11A0Pv6

" Aye, lass. I'll have it ready soon enough. I'm a mite busy with what of yer beau com making o'er, but I'll 'ave it done in a jiffy, so don’t worry yer pretty lil' head."copyright protection52PENANAYIZQVU5f0f

She walked into the Frosteam Box & shook her head.copyright protection52PENANA2UQfskTfX5

" I know you aren't supposed to do our work for us, but would ye mind pass making by the hen-house & pick making up the eggs on yer walk? That eggler bot has been malfunction-making recently. That's the other thing I was meanin' to ask ye. Do ye think you could take a look at it? The contraption is a glitchy thing, it is." She grabbed the basket I made & dropped some ham, & a few boiled eggs in the frosteam side, along with a couple glasses of creamy milk.copyright protection52PENANA621q4304Sw

I can smell the deliciousness that is the food & my IEMP growls again.copyright protection52PENANAbQeaHa5Mp6

" Say, Tilly, is that milk fresh? Everything smells so good.. It could almost make you full just by smell making it!"copyright protection52PENANA2s0TIteCJb

" Aye, that's one bot that isn't malfunction making. Fresh milk from a few minutes ago, matter of fact. That there milk tube contraption ye built works wonders, it does."copyright protection52PENANAHPeIgiMhmE

" Compression Pipe Transporter." I say.copyright protection52PENANANyv2IdcOZC

" I dinna know why ye come up with such complifiscated names for yer contraptions. I say we just call 'em as we see 'em & we'll be set. Then, I'm just a lowly kitchen cook. I s'pose nobody would listen to me after all."copyright protection52PENANAV25WVNp9q9

I chuckle at this. She would say something like that.copyright protection52PENANAl7YAQfSCwf

" I almost forgot, Tilly." she was pack making the heasteam side of the basket now.copyright protection52PENANAhjNMmwZylZ

" Yeah?"copyright protection52PENANAbg1gcX3C7u

" I'm sure we can pass by the hen-house on our way back, right Peregrin?"copyright protection52PENANALtBK3sZV5v

She looked up oddly when I said his name. I wonder why.copyright protection52PENANAbmPZ9bw8KR

" Sure, darling. We can do that."copyright protection52PENANA8V79bk7fWe

I controlled myself & plastered a smile across my face while Tilly looked back & forth at us, her brow arched. copyright protection52PENANAJHIlrLOrHT

She finished pack making the basket & walked over.copyright protection52PENANAWSgMSpXoyH

Then, instead of hand making the basket to me & being on her way, she placed the basket on a table & put her hands on her hips.copyright protection52PENANAfGDnQOHX4D

" Now, I know it's none of my business, but all the same... Is there anything I'm a-miss making here? If I didn't know any better, I'd say something out of the customary is go making on between you two."copyright protection52PENANAcOlU9NGXen

I look at Peregrine pointedly, tell making him with my stare, with all my being, tell making him I told you so. Burn making into hi-copyright protection52PENANARbg7X8xVx5

He grins.copyright protection52PENANADMLg9B5Ry9

" Well, Matilda, I think that's a proper question to ask my darling, as I'm not certified to answer it myself. Is there anything going on?"copyright protection52PENANAvLXRG7Em4T

He leaned on the table & wiggled his s&y-coloured eyebrows at me, remind making me of some sort of old fishwife listen making in on some common town gossip.copyright protection52PENANAKW50339AZG

" Peregrine! Go making on? Us? Peregrine! We're cousins, for Zeus's sakes!"copyright protection52PENANAFCtqSD2YuB

He turns to Tilly & gestures.copyright protection52PENANA70m5R3cwph

" & there you have it."copyright protection52PENANAp9dvahykRy

Tilda frowns.copyright protection52PENANA0xauY3701C

" Well, if it counts for aught, again, I say, none of my business, but I have always shipped you two to the aether. Besides, I never really like that foppish fellow. Always seemed  bit foppish to me. I had the hope that my ship was go making to sail. I s'pose I shall have to wait on christen making it."copyright protection52PENANAC8CYet2rZr

I look down. The truth is, he's always been a rather effeminate person, I truly can-not deny it. I wonder what all that stuff & balderdash about ships & christen making is, though. Know making Tilly & her completely bizarre expressions, it probably refers to her think making Peregrine & I would make a good couple or something along those lines.copyright protection52PENANAIpBWUMdt64

" Tilly... We are cousins! I can-not believe you would even ponder such a thing in your head! perchance a couple centuries ago it should have been all fine & d&y, but.. It's an outrage! Why do you even consider it?"copyright protection52PENANA17CcBAfIBg

Tilly smiled a bit & shook her head, retir making back into the room & wash making her h&s.copyright protection52PENANAldpXcDqe5q

" Now that, Ara, is not something I should answer. That is something should ask of your dear fellow, there. That's what, aye. Ask that of the master, not I."copyright protection52PENANAGNPiJK4Xeb

I arch my eyebrows at Peregrine, a-wait making an explanation.copyright protection52PENANA2giEsUfHDQ

He sighs, plucks the basket off the table, & takes my arm again, head making towards my lab. Or rather, his parent's lab that they gifted to me so that I could take care of my... peculiarities.copyright protection52PENANAYY4nVg1mv6

" Come along, darling, we should do a check-up on your facilities before go making out."copyright protection52PENANAMcUCuEmzBB

He skips along the halls until a servant stops us, shock written on her face. She bows, & then says a few quiet words.copyright protection52PENANAKDR3ikXx1A

" I know perchance it isn't my place, missus Gadaranine, but I'd say it's not quite proper for you to be dressed in that sort of way. It's not proper."copyright protection52PENANAn0ysotIqQe

Peregrine steps in front before I can muster up an answer.copyright protection52PENANAwCqrfV5BuH

" I dressed her that way, is there still a problem?"copyright protection52PENANAdfl4iDogaq

The servant turns scarlet, her eyes dart making about in embarrassment.copyright protection52PENANAQyrp0PSJfJ

" No, sir. I apologise for my words, if you are gracious, please act as though they never were uttered." & I watch as she scutters away, still mumbl making about the preposterousness of it all & how indecent how she didn't get paid enough to do that & such.copyright protection52PENANAXMlodAkjcP

I st& in front of Peregrine, releas making my arm from his.copyright protection52PENANA1q4munZTD9

" What was the mean making of that, then? You must know that she took that in a completely wrong way, Peregrine! Do you want Hermes's parents to hear of this? Something is seriously in the wrong with you today!"copyright protection52PENANAkuHLTHBMrQ

His only response is a twinkl making in the eye & a slight smirk.copyright protection52PENANAvpCQNQr8aE

He grabs my arm, & off we go again.copyright protection52PENANAXb42xzpwt3

Do you think something is seriously in the wrong with Peregrine? Tell me in the comments! copyright protection52PENANAGNxnzq5bcx

Don't forget to vote if you like the book!copyright protection52PENANA1HWEyKu0SE

-Legolass+copyright protection52PENANAEPPJRnihTL

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