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    Arianna Courson
    Arianna Courson
    I am a professional writer/author (defiantly not famous yet :,) )who enjoys writing romances and love stories. (I write erotic romances and romances for teens!) I also love my dog, Bella and have an irrational fear of wasps (-w-)b

    I've self-published about six books (not counting the ones I took off Amazon because they suck), and have a single novel that is currently with a professional publisher! Feel free to check them out!

    Silence Me (Young Adult Paranormal Romance with fallen angels)

    Quiet, now (YA Paranormal romance between vampire/werewolf and snow angel)

    Corrupted (YA paranormal romance between shadow fairy and mutated angel)

    The Silent Kiss (YA paranormal fantasy romance between a witch and a fallen angel, and a twist off Cinderella)

    Lullaby (still preorder)

    Obsession (Erotic romance between a twenty year old mafia leader and a nineteen year old girl)

    With Publishing:
    Wild Fire (YA paranormal romance between a fallen angel and a phoenix)

    Book three "The Dark Fated Ones" coming soon
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The Princess of Storms (Jace and Clary Fanfiction)

“I love you, Clary.” 

No, this isn’t right. 

Things were different here. 

Things that weren’t supposed to be different. 

How could a girl like me be of interest of a guy like... him? How could it be possible? 

The girls on the train watch his every movement, the women on the streets holding up their phones when he walks by... he could have every girl he wants, and he chose... me? 

There had to be a catch! There had to be. 

And there was. 

Now I’d been standing here for... ages, holding this dagger in my hand, and staring down at the body lying beneath me. 

What have I become? 

“Clary,” Jace said. 

Oh, he’s calling me. It’s time to go. 

Though I don’t know where. 


Jace and Clary had overcome many things, living in the same institute, encountering each other in the hallways, and finally kissing under the leaves of the garden. 

But who expected that the most wanted criminal... Valentine Morgenstern happened to be Jace’s father? And of course, his son, Sebastian was also Jace’s brother. 

No, this isn’t right, is it? 

Or maybe it is. 

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