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    Hey, just a big fan of fantasy and sci-fi. I enjoy reading, writing, music, jogging, and even hiking. Thank you for your visit. A certified workaholic. :)

    My favorite books/authors include: Patrick Rothfuss, George RR Martin,J.R.R Tolkien,Michael Crichton, Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, Timothy Zahn, A civil Action, Ready Player One,Fail-safe ,Fast Food Nation, and his dark materials.

    Shows that I am following rn include, but aren't limited to : The Punisher, Turn, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Vikings, The Man in the High Castle, Black Mirror, Stranger Things, Cobra Kai,the Boys, altered carbon, Lost in space, the Last Kingdom, the purge, and more.

    I listen to various types of music including Nachtmahr, Imperial Age, machinimasound, Hulkoff, brothers of metal, Amon Amarth, belakor, wintersun, deathstars,scenario 2,serenity in murder, hollywood undead, and in flames.

    Feel free to PM me if you have the same interests and would like to discuss. ^^
    Oh I also love anime: darker than black,code geass, basilisk,attack on titan ,one punch man,psycho pass,hakouki, Tokyo ghoul, one piece,Naruto shippuden, bleach, death note,shaman king, and fma brotherhood .

    Did I mention I am a big fan of history, most notably World War 2?
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World at War: Eastern Front

The year is 1941, and the specter of fascism, the greatest evil of the century, looms over Europe. After conquering France, Poland, and nearly half of mainland Europe, the Nazi war machine and its allies set their sights on the Soviet Union as Hitler’s betrayal of Stalin marks the beginning of a brutal campaign to seize Soviet lands.

This moment of crisis tests the resolve of Captain Viktor Dragunov and his troops as the war reaches their doorstep. A young Red Army officer, Viktor leads the 76th Regiment in a fierce struggle against the Wehrmacht and the notorious paramilitary groups devoted to the Nazi cause. Every inch of Soviet territory becomes a battlefield where they fight tooth and claw for survival.

 Joined by his right-hand man, Lt. Sergei Azerov, and Oksana Romanova, the leader of a local partisan cell, Viktor must navigate the horrors of war. He will soon learn that the cost of losing is not just the fall of his country, but something far greater. Will Captain Dragunov lead his troops to victory?

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