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Endless Revolutions
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Writer L.M.Dryden
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Endless Revolutions
A - A - A
Chapter of Alyss - Serpentia SwordPriest (In Training)
Dec 8, 2017
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!YWpjFQdcqDJyoeTNBd17posted on PENANA "Tssss..." 

"Tssss..."copyright protection7PENANAW03w6lZDuC

"Tssss..." Thump.copyright protection7PENANAoszNLeDZq4

"Calm down lassie, I'm sure 'e'll be here 'afore too long."copyright protection7PENANADaC1ovO0JQ

"Tss... sss..."copyright protection7PENANA7GQbcXwcA0

Hissing in frustration, and peppering in a few audible thumps of her tail on the ground, Alyss tried to reign in her tension.  It wasn't that her father was running late, but rather, every second he wasn't here was one she fretted over.copyright protection7PENANAOZtoMfCqe3

She had reached the age of passage, of all of her hatchmates she was the first to be given the Rite of Sset, the honor of making the pilgrimage to the Temple of Osshai, where she would receive the Scalemarking and be recognized fully as a member of the Serpentia warrior caste.copyright protection7PENANAuSd6TCCICm

For as long as she could remember, there was no other goal that was as important as that.  No, not since that day a decade ago when she was still a clutchling.  When she was saved by her father, Isseth, there was nothing she wanted more than to be an honored warrior like him.  copyright protection7PENANAzK2qVfnsrY

Esteemed Elder.copyright protection7PENANAtgXWEKchbq

The Fifth Hand.copyright protection7PENANAkFiyMcapVM

Such titles were ones of great honor! copyright protection7PENANALuxNUs2hVu

While she did not follow the same warrior-path as he did, she had come to respect him in a way very different from her other fathers and mothers.copyright protection7PENANAgpLemqYyH9

Alyss was the first hatched out of the clutch she was born to.  The number of parents she had was sixteen, an auspicious and proper number according to tradition.  All of her parents were either greatly skilled members of the tribe, or ones with high honors and well-earned titles that brought pride to the Serpentia of Sset's Glade.copyright protection7PENANAY1PhABuK1p

The benefit of having so many mothers and fathers was that every hatchling had the chance to learn and improve upon all the knowledge and skills of the previous generations, making each new generation of Serpentia warriors that much stronger, smarter and wiser.copyright protection7PENANAxMT4AOxD6s

That was the idea anyway, however, early in her youth she idolized her mother, Sarasai, the Sword Priest.  The Sword Priest was like the maiden of the battlefield, her presence alone reinforced the will of her people to fight with the ferocity of their ancestors.  She was also able to bless her allies with Sset's providence, and at times curse her foes with Osshai's malice!copyright protection7PENANA7mSTAejzM0

It was also exclusive to women of the tribe.  No man could be a swordpriest, only a swordsaint.  So many chose to specialize in various weapon skills, and even the martial arts, of which Isseth was a renowned teacher.copyright protection7PENANAIL2y3Caxmb

She never bothered with his lessons though.  She learned the two-handed sword-dance from her father Rasshoshon, and the way of the Swordpriestess from her mother.  The weapons she specialized in were the cutlass, trident, and throwing darts.  copyright protection7PENANAXUXRYyFvbL

She trained from early hatchlinghood until she had reached a level of skill she could no longer receive instruction in.  At that point, she thought to pursue the education available from her other parents, but since she had missed the opportunities to learn certain foundations early on, she was only able to receive a basic to intermediate education on various learnings.  copyright protection7PENANAYj8QcJ5viR

She did not regret it too much.  Not when she won the grand melee, and earned the right to be the first of her clutchmates to make the pilgrimage of adulthood.copyright protection7PENANAw1DyzGbJey

Normally, such a pilgrimage requires a mentor, an adult warrior of the tribe, to accompany them.  She had asked Sarasai at first, but was turned down.copyright protection7PENANAVbsT3qrIWC

Journey? No.  You are not the only one of your sisters to have chosen my path.  They still need to learn, why not choose another, dear?copyright protection7PENANAuVWCL8lREE

The next she asked was Rasshoshon, who also turned her down.copyright protection7PENANAIaFmJf2VYh

While I appreciate the honor, I have never felt comfortable leaving the Glade.  Now that your clutch is ready to mature, I had hoped to resume my duties as a member of the Scaleguard.  Why not ask another, little one?copyright protection7PENANAtUtVNwmffj

It was like that for each and every parent.  Each and every parent rejected her request.  Even the parents she had not bothered to learn from.  Every parent, except him.copyright protection7PENANASKeOm0XIRB

Isseth.copyright protection7PENANAmAM2WwhZrg

She had never thought the Esteemed Elder would travel with her, no, she did not think he would bother with her when she cost him a treasure he had received from his scalebrother. copyright protection7PENANAhUaKQYhddw

While there is no hatred of a child from a parent during the life-path phase of childhood, once a Serpentia reaches the rite of passage and may make the pilgrimage, at that time the child sheds his familial bonds, and becomes a warrior of equal standing in the tribe.copyright protection7PENANAx5gLTDLQmD

Now that she was no longer a burden to him, it would not be at all unreasonable to expect him to never care to deal with her again.copyright protection7PENANAsJdeLaL3ac

Yet, there was no one left to ask.copyright protection7PENANAjr7tbXssbF

Furthermore, there was no expectation that he ever would have agreed.copyright protection7PENANAZIKguETfvg

"Journey to Osshai?  I would love to go!  It's been too long since I've gotten my scales wet in the rains of the outerlands. Ssss! Shasta Post is expecting a trader to come in the next few days.  The path from here to Luna Song is still dangerous, or so I remember hearing.  We should try and offer our services as scouts until we reach Luna Song.  I have an old friend there who I haven't seen in a long time that might be able to help us find a reliable party to travel with.  No matter what you might think, with just the two of us, it's a very dangerous journey!"copyright protection7PENANATXZ7cLiXOs

That was only recently, and within days, Alyss had packed all that she needed for her travels, and the two of them made their way to Shasta Post, the outpost situated on what the outlanders call the Great Lunar Highway.  copyright protection7PENANAa7ThB5f3xq

That the Esteemed Elder himself had come to the post unannounced was taken with mixed feelings.  Many of the young scaleguard had asked for a bout, and Isseth accepted what he could.  On the other hand, some of the squad leaders were fearful that he would find something wrong or out of sorts that could lead to disciplinary action for complacency.copyright protection7PENANAJx9tND8HTD

They didn't know Isseth very well.copyright protection7PENANAYMAXUNJcLx

But when one of the guards dared to touch his own tail to his daughter's... well, he learned that the title of The Fifth Hand was not mistakenly bestowed at all.copyright protection7PENANAEVFxchCrla

It was an interesting week, which was made ever more interesting when the two wagons of the Red Fox Company came from the Sylfar Forest in the west only to stop here.copyright protection7PENANAS4I1ywEGdx

It was the second time in her life that Alyss had ever seen a softscale. They were always talked about, and there were some pictures drawn of them, many and varied in shape and type.copyright protection7PENANAjbkU9eISqt

The one she had seen before was a Ylf.  Of all the softscales, the Ylfolk were seen as being friendliest and most tolerable of the outlanders, as they understood the importance of nature's balance.copyright protection7PENANAq5p5CBnf3I

However, the softscale that was before her now, sitting on the wagon, in the coachman's chair and still having to look up to match gazes with her was not a Ylf at all.copyright protection7PENANAqWN9XlFC1T

What was the word... Warden?  They were a race of craftsman and merchants, driven by coin and the pursuit of liquid intoxication.  They weren't quick to form friendships, but they respected a valiant and honorable fighter.  There was a long established non-hostility agreement as the Temple of Osshai was very close to a great city of the Wardens.copyright protection7PENANAal4vgeJY6a

The world outside of Sset's Glade was supposed to be without measure, yet why was it her father was shaking hands with the softscale driving the wagon?copyright protection7PENANAsxfRCStZ8x

The stopover was only for two days, and after some dealings, and talking with the various travelers that went along with the wagons, it was agreed that the duo would be welcomed.  They were assigned the role of scout, and would be on the lookout for any dangers that might threaten the wagons on their way to the next town.  copyright protection7PENANAIztvIrRo4S

It seems that the destination Isseth talked about, Luna Song, was a few days travel away.  After the trading with the Post was complete, the wagons were ready to roll on, the only problem was that there was no sign of Isseth.copyright protection7PENANAheemKvAuuH

Alyss, who had arrived on time was feeling a bit impatient, but soon enough the form of her father appeared from the gate.copyright protection7PENANAEXeUORNiRW

"Sorry I'm late, I had to take care of something last minute."copyright protection7PENANAQzwj5fLWDP

"Nothin' ta' worry about.  Ready to roll out?"copyright protection7PENANAPU34gOzRi3

"Yes.  We'll travel aside you until we get to the Black Trunks. There shouldn't be any problems until there, our scaleguard routinely monitors for goblinsign and eradicates it swifty."copyright protection7PENANAyW0NRPEE8w

"Aye they do.  It's been a long time since I've felt passing by the Lake was dangerous."copyright protection7PENANABY57hbm37Z

"Not dangerous? Us?" Isseth chided.copyright protection7PENANASXUW1aKB12

The warden put on a face that was mixed of fear and hesitation at what he had said.copyright protection7PENANAFAZFnQv2vE

"That is... ah I mean..."copyright protection7PENANAy6CEeUQAXY

"Jesting is all!  Sss Sss Sss Sss...!!!"copyright protection7PENANAAPVuLXFwyH

"Bah, you overgrown snake!"copyright protection7PENANAydhxTFnoIT

The two of them laughed for a while, before it stopped.copyright protection7PENANA2hZFVdzLOx

"So, I see this lassie here, and I have to ask, Is she your wife?  ...your mate?"copyright protection7PENANAKonFS9CxFb

"Wife?  No.  Our society isn't so simple to put to terms like that.  But I believe the closest you might understand is that she is my Daughter."copyright protection7PENANAedowLhc9GU

"Blast ye, had a daughter an' all did'ye?"copyright protection7PENANA2Jb2o7gYT4

"Something like that."copyright protection7PENANAwDtTjm2VTH

"You know, He has a son."copyright protection7PENANA68UvFGMRPt

"I've heard, though I've never had the chance to meet."copyright protection7PENANALRcXTB49AY

"Ain't you been to visit him often?"copyright protection7PENANAe6BHZU41QX

"No.  I made the trip once a long time ago.  But I get the feeling his wife is not too accepting of our kind."copyright protection7PENANAJX6EsMkfD9

"Hmm...  I think it's like that for some, from what I understand, she's a noble among those Soryn."copyright protection7PENANAIp0VnUxr47

"All the more reason I just stayed away."copyright protection7PENANAqje11dW5fN

"Pity."copyright protection7PENANA3YK9CcVWrz

"Well, I plan on looking him up once I get to Luna Song."copyright protection7PENANA6aY75m1CO6

"A word of advice?"copyright protection7PENANAKepYgqbcvr

"Sure."copyright protection7PENANA0yqKI2XEZo

"Keep your daughter hidden.  That one always had a keen eye."copyright protection7PENANAd5zcdEyehm

"If his hands move too far, he'll have no eye."copyright protection7PENANAl1BKZRbb4H

After a moment of grim silence passed, the two burst out laughing again.copyright protection7PENANAC4g3OY5LD5

"Alyss, come over here.  I want to introduce you properly.  This here is Jerrik Foxcrafter.  Back when I traveled the outlands, he often went along the same roads as us."copyright protection7PENANAaRbJ3ooCDF

"Us? You mean him...?"copyright protection7PENANAZYGAJFrVRw

"Ssaa,  Kenzo."copyright protection7PENANACtASxoRDau

And just like that, both Alyss and Isseth joined the wagons that were headed Eastward through the outlands along the great lunar highway.copyright protection7PENANAIklU4pjs2W

---End Chapter of Alyss--copyright protection7PENANA71VOCFu4Al

Hello reader, I'm the author, LM! I hope you enjoyed the intro to Alyss' tale.  For now I wanted to leave any of the detailed descriptions of what Sset's Glade and even what Alyss and Isseth look like until the next chapter.  For now it was a bit of Exposition in regards to her background. This story will contain some graphic violence and a bit of possibly R-15 romance.   I may switch at times from third person to first person in the coming chapters, however such perspective changes will be prepared properly.  Mostly third-person will detail progressive chapters, and first person will delve into slice-of-life and antics.  It's a good balance to have both, I think.  I will try and put out at least a chapter a week, but if I can do more, I will. I'll field any Q&A in the comments, or make a post-chapter note here.  copyright protection7PENANAAdPa5mzXZJ

Thank you for giving this a read! copyright protection7PENANArI4NC8dVBf

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