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Ipseity (Gods + Reapers, #1)
Writer hcwilhelm
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Ipseity (Gods + Reapers, #1)
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Chapter 37: Fight-or-Flight
Nov 20, 2017
23 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!lEW5Tzhbb7jWauu2qzghposted on PENANA

He better know where he’s taking us because I have no idea where we’re going. Every turn we make it all looks the same. From the white, faux wooden doors to the ship’s ventilation to no numbers or maps for any directional guidance. There’s no way you can teleport around this ship without getting lost. Zephyrus has created a maze and it feels like we’re going to be stuck in here forever.copyright protection101PENANAskEsz9fu6x

We turn down another hallway and then another. The sounds of stomping echoes further away, sometimes popping up in random places, others vanishing without a trace. I still can’t sense them and I understand why. Being robots, they don’t run on the same type of energy we do. They have their own special kind of fuel, electricity, making it impossible for me to know where they’re coming from. copyright protection101PENANAYscVy5uQgF

The longer we run, the more my confidence fades. This time Mika opens a random white door, which turns out to be not so random after all. There’s metal stairs leading up and down. We go up, when personally, I would’ve gone down. He presses his ear to the door and waits. Stomping can be heard off the distance, but it sounds like they’re getting further away. copyright protection101PENANAXAC746auGr

Another quakes bursts through the ship. We go colliding into the wall. The door locks automatically as small trembles creep around us. “How do you know your way around this ship? Have you been on here before?” I ask between shakes and heavy breaths.copyright protection101PENANAM8LqBlARQH

He doesn’t stop nor look at me as he types in a code. The door miraculously unlocks. “No I haven’t and I don’t plan on ever coming back.”copyright protection101PENANApOaBKIGeyX

Mika speaks the truth, but then how does he know the code to get out? How does he know this ship’s layout? And why couldn’t he have done this earlier? copyright protection101PENANATvxwDCCO7i

I squeeze his hand more as we run out into the hallway and find the same identical doors and interior even on this higher level. I can’t let myself be suspicious right now, I know I need to concentrate on getting off this ship, but the question comes out of my mouth anyways. “How did you escape the beach?”copyright protection101PENANAfTr1k3mUUc

His steps falter, but he doesn’t stop running. “I set up a scope in the bathroom using koto, similar to a camera, where only my eyes could see what is happening.” We turn down another hallway. “When I saw you step through the wall I knew exactly where to go.” copyright protection101PENANACj1MULuBZ3

We come to what’s look like a laboratory with large opaque doors, the only thing different on this floor so far. And no monitor. We can’t use a code to get in this time. “The pod came automatically after I pried the door opened,” he says and lets go.copyright protection101PENANAzTy6pcJ21Q

“But apparently the living room wall didn’t,” I remark. copyright protection101PENANAlhKMi5PF0K

A smirk crosses his face as he flexes his fingers. With tight fists, Mika’s arm goes back and rams into the glass door. It cracks, huge lines spreading from the center out. I step back in time for the second hit. Large chunks of glass shatter onto the floor, small pieces cut his cheeks and hand, while my arms barely receive damage as they shield my face. It should’ve taken one hit with his super strength, which means he’s used too much energy already.copyright protection101PENANARC4ToYFSAE

He carefully steps through the threshold and holds out his hand for me to follow. I take it without hesitation and tip toe over the jagged shards. No one is inside. The place is empty with work spaces left unattended in the middle of their tests, and the sterile smell reminds me of the laboratory where I was born. It gives me the shivers.copyright protection101PENANAV9yufYHZ1I

“You said he stole your blood. How many vials did he take?”copyright protection101PENANAPmZA8iFYXF

“Three. And he used a pair of blue gloves to collect my fingerprints and tears.” copyright protection101PENANAIOiMIGLnyl

“He made you cry?” Mika asks, irritation and concern clear in his tone.copyright protection101PENANA2uuAZKzGJA

“No, it was a statue. Just forget about it. We need to find the blood, right?” I want to get out of here as soon as possible.copyright protection101PENANAozWoa5GQ4D

He nods. Separately, we each take a side of the laboratory and search. I open up drawers and cabinets, shuffle through the work stations left hazardly in their states. There’s beakers, open jars of specimens about ready to fall off the tables, a few already have. Their alien parts mix with the paperwork scattered across the ground. copyright protection101PENANAwMsOzauly3

A hidden door is slightly ajar by the far wall. I hurry over and open it only to find a tall file cabinet in disguise. There’s records marked with numbers and dashes, further down I find names. It’s not until I open the next file cabinet do I stop in my tracks. Zephyrus’ has been collecting information on the other gods. copyright protection101PENANAHAxcawWKdG

With the folders marked by their titles and colored to fit them, my fingers easily sift through each one, counting ten in total. I pick up the god of death’s folder and find my registered UFE picture with personal details on my life, ranging from when I get up in the morning to my fighting style to even my least favorite foods. The idea has me shaking. I figured there was a mole in our midst, but there’s no way an average soldier would know all of this information.copyright protection101PENANAkCgh0rnHhr

Not wanting to think about it, I search through the other gods folders, finding the god of desire has a whopping size that almost needs its own cabinet. Raz must have reawakened more than a hundred times. The god of war’s folder is tiny in comparison. Her name is Christine Jackeline, C.J. for short, lives on Mars, and sounds like she has a high position in their government. I’ll remember that name. I’m sure the UFE has information on her.copyright protection101PENANAlNeNBOY59w

Curious, I pluck out the god of life’s folder to see who death’s polar opposite could be. I open it, and when I do, it’s like my whole body freezes up. I can’t stop staring at the face staring back at me. “Hey! I think I found them,” Mika says.copyright protection101PENANA8Q6G2hcZ2p

His shoes crunch against the glass and papers as he makes his way over. I can feel him looking over my shoulder before he touches it. Three vials are shoved in front of my face, but even then, I’m still staring at the picture staring back at me.copyright protection101PENANAGn1WE2n2JF

Darius is the god of life?” I say to myself, coming out more of a whisper. “Darius is the god of life. Did you know this?!” I repeat to Mika this time and shove the picture in his face. He takes it from my hand.copyright protection101PENANAt5sHS3vR9F

He scans over the matted print and it’s obvious he already knows by the way he’s sighs and looks at it through melancholy eyes. “Yes. I’ve known for a long time.”copyright protection101PENANAoiwvYyMbyP

My mouth falls open. “You just told me Amaranthine doesn’t trust the gods, that you don’t trust them. Then how is it okay for Darius to live with you?”copyright protection101PENANABecDbRGzTq

“Amaranthine doesn’t trust them, but I never said my grandfather doesn’t,” he says and tosses the picture back on the pile of papers. “It doesn’t matter what the planet thinks. If he decrees Darius will live with us then he will live with us, and the planet will obey his wishes. That’s how we operate.”copyright protection101PENANAenvH4oKAfU

I have this inkling he’s talking more about his family then the planet. Regardless, I can’t believe there’s been a god living under my roof for the past month. Not to mention he’s been flirting with me all the while. Dammit. Is he the one who’s been leaking information to Zephyrus?copyright protection101PENANAgDdM8bkVnT

I finally look at the vials in Mika’s hand. Sure enough, these are the one’s, they even stuck a label on the side with my name. I throw them on the ground and smash them under my heel. The glass crunches during each fierce stomp and spreads blood across the white marbled floor. It helps alleviate my anger, knowing Zephyrus won’t get his way.copyright protection101PENANALZ7XCjPjSI

My eyes scan the laboratory. There’s three pairs of blue gloves laying around on different tables. I grab every single one and dump them in a separate canisters containing liquid from their abandoned experiments. That should get rid of my DNA all together.copyright protection101PENANAJ75eOaDzLS

Satisfied, I turn around, only to find Mika putting Darius’ file back with the other gods. “We should take those. We might need all that information.”copyright protection101PENANAt1wGNFS8Bg

“There’s no need. We have all their data back at home.”copyright protection101PENANA2mf9jSt8bl

“You mean, Amaranthine has the data. Do you really think your grandfather will actually give up this kind of information?” If it were the UFE, there’s no way in hell we would ever relinquish it, not when there’s the possibility of being dragged into a war. Amaranthine has kept their distance so far by only providing us with technology and power to aid us in this never ending fight. The princes are just a bonus, or so I thought.copyright protection101PENANARVtXah8NQT

“You won’t have to worry about him. I’ll personally retrieve it for you. I promise,” Mika says, but I don’t believe him.copyright protection101PENANAGkVc1JSTSt

I start pulling out the files clumps at a time. This information is important. It could change everything for Earth. When I reach for Raz’s enormous file, Mika snorts, “Come on. There’s no way we can carry all of this and escape from this ship.”copyright protection101PENANAaUPp49ixiu

He’s right. Even if I were to stuff all of this up in a backpack or carrier, the weight would stop me from running fast and keep me flat on my feet. Staring down at the cabinet, I snatch Zephyrus’ file and slip it into the blazer. “Fine. You better keep to your promise, but I’m still taking this one. At least then I have something to show for my kidnapping.”copyright protection101PENANAT9pm7ADfnu

The files thin, but has plenty of papers in them to know he exposed himself to testing more than enough times. It doesn’t surprise me either. I’ve found Earth scientists want to be part of their own experimentation’s, too. For him it’s no different.copyright protection101PENANA93O5gPP8JH

The sound of stomping appears from down the hall. The guards boots are so loud they can’t be but a few feet away. We both look out at the broken door just in time to see their figures pop up one after the other, as more robot soldiers in blue uniforms arrive, swords in hand. They plan to kill us this time. I guess Zephyrus figures we’re not worth having around if we keep putting up a fight.copyright protection101PENANABUBrkGACeS

Mika draws out the character for light and soon a ball of bright pure energy appears in his palm. It's mesmerizing and nearly blinding. It makes me want to touch it. As if it's alive, the ball wiggles, growing much more blinding.copyright protection101PENANA672wua67qu

He throws it on the ground; the energy explodes into millions of sparklers as bright as any emergency flair. The longer we stand here, the brighter it glows. I’m being pulled away by the hand into a dark room, only to run straight down a hall full of identical doors. We then run straight into an unlocked room and arrive back on the stairwell. All the while, explosions rumble through the corridors. I don’t want to imagine what would’ve happened if the geography changed.copyright protection101PENANACAxqFNguV0

It’s disorienting, shifting through teleportation so suddenly. The walls and stairs are moving. I grasp the railing before I fall over. “We only have one more level to go and we’ll be near the pods,” Mika says through uneven breathes. I want to ask him how he knows this, but my timing is cut short.copyright protection101PENANAcxUOYeuyRI

A loud metal bang vibrates down from above. The assault hurts worse with each ongoing attack, ringing through my brain. My stomach turns. I cover my ears, but the sound won’t drown out. Mika slides his arm around my waist, his warmth gives me reassurance. I’m not alone. We’ll get out of this. We both will.copyright protection101PENANArYQtukEBr4

We take off, down the stairs and to the next door, shoes barely tapping the metal under our quick steps. Mika inputs the code and waits for any movement outside the door. The hallway’s too quiet. The flickering lights along the edges of the ceiling makes it seem like a ghost ship, and still air gives me goosebumps. I subconsciously lean into him more just to feel that reassurance again.copyright protection101PENANA64EDukrLOn

Through this whole kidnapping Mika’s been there for me every step of the way, but knowing he’s keeping secrets from me, too, is a heavy reminder that we are from different planets. He has to protect his people, while I have to protect mine. And yet, stupidly I trust him and continue to trust him, while he keeps dragging me along. By now, I’ve concluded he’s either using a power to see around the ship or someone is mentally telling him where to go. If the latter's the case, then I wonder who it is.copyright protection101PENANAM1UGPSVjrM

I trip over what feels like a solid rock. Mika pulls me closer to him before I fall over onto the floor, and thank god he does. Just like a ghost ship, this scene is straight out of a horror movie. Through every inch of the hallway in front of us and beyond there’s severed limbs from mutilated robots. Barely recognizable, they lay there with open circuits and live wires sparking around like a swarm of eels blocking our path. And with the pods metal main door being closed, we can't teleport over with ease.copyright protection101PENANA2SKSmfc0RE

Mmmm. Just when I was getting bored, you finally show up, Earth’s General. You sure know how to keep a man waiting.”copyright protection101PENANA5XIJBd32ZS

My hand clenches into a fist at the disgusting sultry voice. Even from this distance it feels like he’s worming his way in like a parasite attaches itself to my brain. I’d hope I would never encounter this god ever again. Of course, the universe doesn’t always cooperate with my requests.copyright protection101PENANApLTksIcn2E

Letting go of Mika, I reluctantly turn around and face Raz head on. The corner of his mouth rises as he plays with the two black loops on his lip. His hands rest on a hot pink Bō, perfectly matching his hot pink and brown ombre hair. Everything else, though, doesn’t seem to fit his innocent face as if he’s going against mother nature’s plan, trying too hard to define himself as dark and dangerous. Not that he isn’t.copyright protection101PENANAa5wUYTabU1

His angelic, radiating blue eyes shift between Mika and I. “She never told me an ama prince was by your side. That’s fine.” He pops his neck. “I love a good fight.”copyright protection101PENANAPZZyIAMMDM

Tsk. Mika has been using his energy left and right. I don’t how much longer he can last before he passes out from over exertion. And I only have a steak knife with me. Not to mention, I’m still feeling dizzy from having my blood drawn. Our odds of winning are pretty slim. Against a god, they might as well be zero.copyright protection101PENANAE3xxn0gAnj

Maybe there's a slim chance I can get his Bō. I don't know if I can use it past its original form, but disarming him is ideal. He stalks towards us. I end up backing into the robot graveyard, getting shocked in the process. I have to think of something quick. I can’t let him catch me or it’s game over.copyright protection101PENANAexoLsmFCxz

As Mika prepares himself, drawing out lines in the air, I pick up a robot arm and throw it at Raz’s face. He dodges it. I throw a foot at him this time. He dodges that one, too. A head leaves my fingers as I aim for his own skull. This time, he uses the Bō to knock it down.copyright protection101PENANAEnyEWgeJ2S

“Are you going to be throwing body parts at me all day? Come up with something more original, sweetheart, or else this is going to be a boring ass fight.” He eyes me for a moment, then scoffs, “I see what you’re doing. You’re making a path to escape. Clever girl, but not clever enough.”copyright protection101PENANAvHV3ej3vUr

Raz twirls the Bō around until his hand stops it dead center. The weapon shifts in an archer's bow. As one finger draws back, a string of pink metal draws out a makeshift arrow created from pure energy. It’s exactly like my weapon, with it’s sharp outside edges you could use for cutting down enemy, and the detail carvings, shaped in a winding C-clef. Because of that, I personally know how powerful a single arrow can be.copyright protection101PENANAO9YdVrAA37

I freeze at the threat as he aims the arrow at the doors behind us. “If you shoot that arrow you’ll blow a hole in the ship. And we will all die,” I say. “Do you really want that? To die this kind of painful death?”copyright protection101PENANA9IvHmrYBb1

He chuckles, drawing the arrow out more. “I’ve been reborn more than fifty times in my life. What’s another new life for us? Although that won’t be the case for the prince here. Too bad, really. He’s actually cute.”copyright protection101PENANAtHIpKXJOtD

With amusement in his tone, Mika lowly chuckles, finally armed with those blue glowing blades of his. “Thanks for the compliment, but that’s not going to save your neck.”copyright protection101PENANAfhMdvIE5iI

In a flash, he disappears from his spot, and ends up right behind Raz. The blade swishes by his neck, missing as Raz crouches down and swings his bow back as if he were using a sword. Their blades clash, sending shock waves through the floor and up my flats.copyright protection101PENANAcrrI9Na7ol

“Nice try, but after the first time that trick doesn’t work anymore.” Raz steps to the side and swings his whole body around with the bow as his weapon. The tip slices by Mika’s nose, he barely avoids it. “You could say I learned a new trick every time I died.”copyright protection101PENANA9S2RiNP1Bi

He spins the bow effortlessly around his shoulders and torso as if the weapon were in its primal stage. Tiny slices are cut in his skin with drops of blood seeping out like pearls where the blade meets his body. He neither reacts nor acknowledges the wounds, as they heal just as quickly as their cut, instead he seems to be getting more pumped up with a cold blue fire burning deep in his glare.copyright protection101PENANAEQAr459Jar

Mika attacks first. When their blades clash this time, the entire corridor shakes. My hands press the wall for support as they stare each other down, waiting for the other to make the next move. I blink and Raz is already mid-strike, but once again, Mika dodges. Raz’s eyes begin twitching. If he wasn’t pissed off before he is now.copyright protection101PENANAsnTT52Gfa5

They both pick up speed, slicing towards each other’s vital points. Their blades clash, at times take chunks from the wall and floor, creating new obstacles in their path. My eyes are fixed first on Raz and how he maneuvers in a way that is both careless and precise. One would think he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but every move so far has proven otherwise.copyright protection101PENANABjXEbgr1h3

As the fight progresses on, Mika gains my full attention. During training he always fought as if he needed more skill and experience, but the guy fighting in front of me is completely different, he has amazing skills. Every strike is aimed with fierce precision, he counters Raz’s move so quickly, it’s as if he’s dancing, leading Raz on instead of following.copyright protection101PENANAjWTUnYZxHa

The fire blazes in Raz’s eyes, his annoyance echoes through deep throaty growls. If I wasn’t seeing it for myself, I’d imagine an wild animal got loose on the ship. His anger snaps me out of my trance and pushes me to hurry along. I pick up more robot limbs and toss them aside. Sparks fly from exposed wires and burn the hairs on my arms, sometimes prick my skin, but I truck on. There’s no time to waste. I need to get to the monitor to open those doors before Mika runs out of energy completely.copyright protection101PENANAZ9xT3DWJT6

My left legs zapped by a lone robot foot just as an agonizing moan howls through the ship. I turn back to look at Mika, they’ve both frozen in the middle, blades holding each other back with nearly limp arms. We’re jerked forward, shaking in Earthquake trembles, the lights flicker and we slowly start leaning sideways. The robot graveyard builds further up on the wall, looking deadlier under this new incoming darkness. copyright protection101PENANAPuqN9B3ACk

I take a deep breath and make my way through the carnage, each step resulting in an electrical shock to the skin, sending them to my brain at times. It feels like spasms are running through my body the longer I try to ignore the pain and vibrations, and just when I think my feet will give out from being electrocuted, I make it to the monitor.copyright protection101PENANADWgxQEwQcd

My fingers swiftly work through the screen, remembering each step Mika took to bring up the place where you enter the access code. The prim language pops up with numerical dashes listed above. I blink, then yell, “Mika! What’s the code?!”copyright protection101PENANA0cnx5rb1a4

He doesn’t respond. They’re both back at it, Raz smile broadens with each strike as if he thinks this new situation is going to help him win the fight. Mika’s so focused on staying upright, one foot is against the wall to keep him steady. There’s no way he’s going to break concentration and I don’t blame him.copyright protection101PENANA70zyNI9QjM

There has to be another way. I look all over the door, hoping to find an emergency button or lever, nothing. Zephyrus created this ship with the intention of everyone going down with it. I guess that’s one way to make sure you’re secrets are kept secret. I’m lucky the monitor is still working. If only I could get it to open.copyright protection101PENANAbXJsvz61qj

I stare at the screen and type in some random codes, but an error sign pops up each time. The ship's trembling get worse with the stings circulating around my ankles now rising to my thighs. I’ll soon be lying flat on the wall buried under the robots.copyright protection101PENANAeqvCYA39Be

My right hand stings for a second, then grows cold, sending goosebumps up my arm and to my shoulder. I breath out a steady breath only to see fog coming from my lips. My hand moves from the wall over to the monitor, each finger straining to tapping a character and dash in. Fear boils in my mind at the thought of who could be possibly moving my hand, but I don’t question it. I only give a quiet thank you and flee through the threshold once the doors open.copyright protection101PENANAeJeNh2wrTP

I have to brace myself against one of the pods doors now. The ships is even more sideways than before. Looking around, my eyes catch the scenery outside through one of the view windows, connecting all the missing dots. Holy mother of pearl. This ship is heading straight for Earth!copyright protection101PENANAe4NXwixDjX

My hand slams down on a button near one of the pods. The door opens and relief instantly floods me. We’re going to get out of here. “Mika! Mika, I got the door open!” copyright protection101PENANAWynrbm1evD

The second those words leave my lips, both him and Raz’s attention finally land on me. Mika’s glowing blades flicker, sparking around with patches of energy disappearing altogether. He instantly leaves Raz’s side and meets mine, leaning on me to stay upright, the blades completely vanish soon after. He’s exhausted his energy.copyright protection101PENANAtJnIxEK36D

I help Mika climb in. His hands are sweaty and slip through my grip when the ship moans and rumbles again. Brashly, he goes colliding into the one of the two navigator chairs, groaning in pain until he looks at up. “Behind you!”copyright protection101PENANATkIGieYPRh

My hands catch the blade before I register what I’m doing. The sharps blade from the bow cuts small wounds into my skin the further Raz pushes on the weapon towards my head. Using the wall to anchor my back, I keep my palms flat and steady on either side, but he’s stronger than I anticipated.copyright protection101PENANANNPbe0xgf2

A sick satisfaction explodes in his eyes. He loves how vulnerable I am. The strength overwhelms me. I let the blade stab the wall beside me and dig into my shoulder. A shot of pain zaps through my right leg as blood begins to form on Mika’s jacket. copyright protection101PENANATJMhrkWco2

“I was hoping to fight you more one on one, but it looks that won’t happen in this lifetime,” Raz says.copyright protection101PENANAQhnyXGNWvE

I don’t know how I’m going to get out of this mess. Fighting a god barehanded doesn’t seem like a bright idea, but at this point I have no choice. I’m out of options. If only I had my weapon. If only I could get him to shift his archers bow back into a Bō, then maybe I’d have a fighting chance.copyright protection101PENANAdis3tG41Xk

Like back at the Ceremony, this strange cool tingling sensation runs down my arm and through my fingers. The weapons own heartbeat pulses in my grip as if I’ve gained control. The energy is grand and powerful, but easily manipulated. With a slight mental tug, the weapon begins to change back into its Bō form right before our eyes.copyright protection101PENANA4R3R8vb4Iz

Shocked, Raz’s angelic blue eyes shift from the Bō to me, back and forth, until he’s leaning away completely. “You just…but how did you…,” he stutters, soon trembling. “How did you change my weapon?!”copyright protection101PENANA7yRu6PaULG

Another wave of Earth shattering quakes breaks through the ship, worse as we’re on the edge. I end up rolling off to the side and fall down in the pod with Mika. The second I collide with the other chair, the breath is knocked out of me. I gag on a mixture of saliva and blood, and immediately spit out onto the steel floor, while Mika seals us shut inside. copyright protection101PENANAyZZ03tH7uE

Raz kicks the door with the heel of his snake-skinned boot, anger boils in his eyes as he glares through the circular window. In mere seconds, his arrow is pointing at the window with utter contempt. He’s gone insane and there’s no time to escape.copyright protection101PENANAsywwqE1BJJ

My eyes meet Mika’s, catching fear prominent in his gaze. I stretch out my hand and he takes it. He’s warmer than usual, the reminder that he barely has any energy left shows in his limp grip and heavy breathing. We might not make it out this time.copyright protection101PENANAbQi2lpRwjD

As Raz draws the arrow back more, a loud boom erupts from somewhere inside the ship, creating small trembles in the seat until my body is lifting up. Mika grabs hold of the headrest, while he tightens his grip on my hand. Hair floats with disarray, blocking parts of my view, but there’s enough to see I’m no longer lying on the chair. The gravity’s been turned off.copyright protection101PENANAcRCcSFGANb

I kick off the wall and land with a thud on Mika. His arm holds me down by the waist, as my hands securely grip the chair on either side of him. We look back at Raz and find he’s struggling with the trying to stay upright, arrow no longer a threat at all. Seconds later, he leaves the area completely. Relief floods through me, I end up smiling at Mika, I’ve been smiling around him a lot lately.copyright protection101PENANAfgKLMapOL8

The calm resurfaces in his eyes, in his movements when he pushes stray floating hair behind my ear. It feels like the air shifts between us, there’s a pull towards him, the need to stay like this in his arms and rest for a very long time. But I push the thought away. We’re not out of the woods yet.copyright protection101PENANAxXZPZkeRQx

Mika and I quickly climb over the plush, white leather chairs, my body aching from the fall, shoulder hurting from the healing wound. Once we buckle ourselves in, we find ourselves stuck as we stare at the hieroglyphics language covering the entire control panel. My hand hovers over the glass, seeing that it’s written in prim language, I hesitate, trying to order my thoughts from Mom’s teachings over the years. It’s too much, though. The stress from today is catching up to me; everything’s jumbling up.copyright protection101PENANAv3p7fiNWSB

“I’ve got the control panel if you can drive,” Mika says, while preparing himself to do exactly that. He looks like hell. There’s no way he can steer this pod, too.copyright protection101PENANA77SRSE1isN

I look out at the path in front of us. The debris is worse than before with chunks of ship now forming as a barrier between us and Earth. It will be hard to maneuver around, but again, what choice do I have. It’s either stay on here and go down with the ship, or take my chances on the high road. I got this. I can do this.copyright protection101PENANAq0KqQKK5BB

My hands tighten on the steering wheel. “Okay, let’s go home.”copyright protection101PENANAD7E2eUk2Qc

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