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Ipseity (The Birds Intervention, #1)
Writer hcwilhelm
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Ipseity (The Birds Intervention, #1)
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Chapter 36: When Life Gives You Lemons
Nov 14, 2017
24 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!iVwJr8nLKDOeSw4AYgu8posted on PENANA

Mika’s scent is still on his black blazer when I wake up in the morning. For the longest time, I suspected he’d smell like a pesky weed, but he is neither that nor a special flower from nature’s garden. He’s a fruit; citrus, with calm and soothing elements. It reminds me of freshly plucked lemons and helps ease away the nightmare of that shinigami.copyright protection37PENANA7utRILuZkA

I burrow under his blazer more. It’s not as warm as it was last night, even the blood has dried its way through the material. I cut him too deep. I never should have cut him in the first place. I was only taking my anger out on him.copyright protection37PENANA8CwElYNJJx

Being alone, I had time to think about everything that happened yesterday, and because of this nightmare, I’ve come to a resolve. No matter what it takes, I need to get that CD back. If that means working with Mika or giving into Zephyrus’ demands, then so be it.copyright protection37PENANAmyMf4QQ36l

But for now, I’ll try finding a bathroom.copyright protection37PENANAceQF5yqAxK

I stand up and stretch into the daylit sky. The sun isn’t overhead, so it must be early afternoon, late morning, if he’s using Earth’s time scale. I flick the blazer out, pink sand flies into the slight breeze where Mika stands. He kept his word and stayed on the other side of the island. It surprises me how disappointed I am.copyright protection37PENANAaGnGkJF7to

He strips off his collared buttoned down with such a seductive motion it has my face warming up. For a second I anticipate seeing his bareback, instead there’s an extra layer hiding underneath, a plain dark shirt tucked into his pants. I’ve never him without a shirt on, even when we went swimming in the ocean for their birthday. At first I thought it was from being raised on Amaranthine, but now I’m not so sure. Maybe it’s another flaw.copyright protection37PENANAFQXr61hW5o

The waves pick up and my focus shifts away from Mika. I squeeze his blazer to my chest as my legs start dancing around. This is too much. I have to get Zephyrus to take us out of this place because there’s no way I’m squatting in a corner when there’s barely any foliage. copyright protection37PENANAiiD8XIGoie

I walk out on the beach and glare at the spot where his red flashing light once greeted my scorns. “Hey!” I yell out. “I have to use the restroom. If you’re any kind of a gentleman you will provide me with a proper place to do my business.” copyright protection37PENANA9tUxafgPnK

There’s no answer, but the annoying red light does flicker on. He’s listening; at least someone is. The sound of sand shuffling catches my attention. Mika’s making his way over with a grin on his face. “I don’t think that’s going to work.”copyright protection37PENANAe2AbtGdLDj

Ignoring him, I try again. “Please. I promise to behave!” Still no response. Dropping my head, I groan under my breath in defeat. “I’m ready to talk,” I say, then look up at the flashing light. “I’m ready to go through with it.”copyright protection37PENANAaVBN3zwJYP

The sand quakes around our feet seconds later. Mika’s by my side in a flash. We hold onto each other to keep ourselves up right as we watch the ground part ways on the small hill covered in moss and tiny green plants. A doorway appears with a silver paneling coating the exterior and a monitor fixated to the wall next to it. I give myself a mental pat on the back, but before I know it, Mika lets me go and takes off running ahead. Oh, hell no.copyright protection37PENANAY7iSEt7Vjv

I chase after him, feet sinking into the sand, it makes it harder to reach him, but I somehow manage to. My hands clamp onto his arm. “Don’t even think about it, doubting Tom. I’m using it first.”copyright protection37PENANAFxxgJ1XXNA

He pulls away, I pull him back. “What if it’s a trap? I need to make sure it’s safe.”copyright protection37PENANAgXvSLzrhjp

Lies. All lies. “You can wait your turn or go outside,” I say.copyright protection37PENANA6hxoacSi8b

His strength is outdoing mine. I’m being dragged across the sand. “I need privacy as much as you do.”copyright protection37PENANANOIl4sn1pa

My hand catches the outside wall. “Since when do guys need privacy?!”copyright protection37PENANACG88yTH0b0

Mika gasps. “Sexist.”copyright protection37PENANAqhiYGsayKj

I stop and stare. Wait, what? How does he even know that word?copyright protection37PENANAJx7sScVfel

My moment of stupor gives him the edge to slither out of my grip and into the bathroom. The door closes shut before I can get my hand in the doorway. This son-of-a-bitch. I’m going to kill him when we’re out of here.copyright protection37PENANAqQ1zYAsFBE

My head drops against the metal as I loudly groan. I wait and wait and wait until I can’t wait no more. I press down, hard on the monitors button. It comes up blank, but I know he can hear my voice. “You’ve been in there for seven minutes. What’s taking so damn long?”copyright protection37PENANAG2VY0Cqbab

The door opens soon after. Mika strolls out as if he did nothing wrong. “Were you actually counting that whole time?”copyright protection37PENANAuUIBnBNiR1

Rolling my eyes, I brush past him. “Wait.” His fingers grasp my arm, and for the first time, his touch does more than warm my skin. “Are you really going through with it?”copyright protection37PENANADiSFRQgkwR

A part of me feeling like it should tell him I’m not the god of death, how I won’t go through with it, but then I remember he’s been keeping this secret all along. I may not be death, but I’m still a god nonetheless. “I have to get that CD back, Mika,” I say, inching towards the bathroom threshold. Almost there.copyright protection37PENANAYdTUbUwC5G

“Then promise me you’ll be careful.” His grip tightens as he steps closer. “Promise me. Please, Ava. It might not mean anything to you, but it gives me assurance.”copyright protection37PENANAOABxcY90h0

Just hearing my name so close to my ear warms my cheeks. I can barely look at him now. “I promise,” I whisper.copyright protection37PENANA2VjUBbLRvh

Thankfully, he lets me go. I’m in the bathroom, shutting the door, as quick as I can. My heart beats uncontrollably. I clench my chest and all I can imagine is how happy those butterflies must be by how fast their swarming my stomach. This isn’t good. This really isn't good. I can't believe I’m attracted to Mika.copyright protection37PENANAJuuDoGxUjD

Out of all the people in the world, why him? He’s a brat. An asshole. A guy who has no filter. He loves to push my buttons and question my orders. He’s always getting in the way, always protecting me, doing whatever he wants. Always hugging me without asking, holding my hand, looking at me with those soft warm eyes. He’s gentle and caring, and god I might as well dig my own grave at this point.copyright protection37PENANAB8ddFqcOqt

I stare at myself in the mirror as I wash my hands. There’s sand in my hair, all over my dress, and in places where it should never go. It's unsettling and I look like a mess. It only makes me self-conscious. I run my fingers through my hair a couples times until a ding goes off as if a package were being delivered.copyright protection37PENANAPsp8m0j7SP

A bundle slightly hits the glass doors to the armoire. I dry my hands and cautiously walk over, opening the doors, there’s a sealed note laying on top. Folded in towards itself, a teasing blue wax is pressed in the center. With it’s interweaving lines forming into a forever stamp, there’s no doubt this is the prim’s royal crest. So Zephyrus wasn’t kidding when he said not to worry, but it only has the opposite effect. copyright protection37PENANApBjUeHBMCU

If he has the royal seal then did something happen to the Primordial king?copyright protection37PENANAqe2DrI3Dwu

I rip it open and read: ‘Avalyn, I apologize for my rude behavior. Being in my position, you could say I’m not used to disobedience. As such, I’m inviting you to dine with me this afternoon. We have much to discuss before we proceed. ~ Zephyrus’copyright protection37PENANA7lWxuiyOqq

Beneath the note is a black dress carefully folded into a sealed bag and new underwear tucked away. I crumble the piece of paper and toss it on the floor. He invited me and said nothing about Mika. There’s no way I’m going alone.copyright protection37PENANADP1WJgEk2h

I press the button to leave the bathroom, but it only gives me a repeated error noise. The door remains locked. Or not. Fine. He wants to play games, then I’ll play. I need to get that CD anyways. What a perfect way to show my fake loyalty then dine with him alone.copyright protection37PENANAfsvi6W1aAx

After undressing, I step in the shower and wash off all the sand and aches and pains from my muscles, but of course, the one thing that won’t go away are my memories. Not even the minty soap can wash away the feel of Mika's touch on my arm, no matter how hard I scrub. It only makes it worse. Instead of my arm, I remember his fingers on my torso, and the way he moved his hand over my hip and down my thigh.copyright protection37PENANAEITBfoUNck

My god. Stop it! I punch the shower wall more than once and it helps. I can keep my hormones in check. Attraction is harmless. Attraction is nothing. It’s like going to the club and scouting out a guy who you know would be great in bed. Mika just happens to be the only guy here on this fake stranded island. That’s all.copyright protection37PENANAdPafMUvqfy

Once I finish, it doesn’t take long for me to get dressed and ready for this so called lunch meeting I’m having with Zephyrus. I must admit, though, this feels more like a date based on how much skin is showing, my whole back is exposed with my stomach just the same. There’s enough material connecting the sides it would be easy to snip off.copyright protection37PENANAHu1dN8aOjK

Heh. I’m sure Mika would have a few rude words to say about this. I clench my hands into fists. Remember he likes your brother, Ava. That reminder extinguishes the burn.copyright protection37PENANAmYtgzIEtwQ

The room begins to shift, rumble sensation pulse beneath my shoes as the wall holding my dirty towel and clothes turns into a transparent pixelated picture. On the other side of this sits a white capsuled pod, hovering inside a long dark tube. It’s quiet, the door barely makes a noise as it opens up for me to step inside. I take one last glance at the bathroom door. It’s still locked.copyright protection37PENANANKGYZsSvS7

As I step through the wall, light tingles dance across my skin until I step inside the pod. I sit down on the smooth white interior and search for an emergency exit, seeing only glossy walls under dimmed lighting. It’s like the kind you would find in the most expensive transporters on Earth, used only for important guests and entertaining, as a short bar sits off to the side with a glass and bottle of wine and snacks for enjoying. copyright protection37PENANA4AC6NqeXfy

The door barely seals shuts before we take off. No turning back now. copyright protection37PENANAICwbS6Uwzq

We zip through the tunnels and curves so fast it might take hours to walk them, but in a pod, it only takes a few minutes to reach the destination as it slows to a halt. It’s still and deathly silent. The longer I sit here, the more it feels like I’m trapped in a coffin. The walls begin closing in on me and I have to take a deep breath to relax. This must be how Mika feels whenever we’re in a crowd. It’s suffocating and makes me feel vulnerable.copyright protection37PENANAnna3laveFo

A ray of light seeps through as the door finally opens. The first thing I see is Zephyrus’ hand, neatly gloved in blue, surprisingly the rest of his attire is charcoal, and just like mine, has barely any coverage. He gives me a business smile with a hint of mischief glinting inside those starry eyes. I take the cloth glove without hesitation. First test complete.copyright protection37PENANAlKZYQMo5KE

He helps me out of the pod and into the living room with the sunken couch and beautiful tree stump coffee table. As two guards stand nearby, he presents his arm barely covering the bulky muscles in a thin charcoal cloth. I move my hand through it, resting myself in a way that shows I do have the capability of being obedient.copyright protection37PENANADsgaE8gyFQ

His long cape drags behind us as we walk. “How did you sleep? Was the sand comfortable enough?” Zephyrus asks.copyright protection37PENANAY3d86ziCNY

It takes everything in me to hold back my true emotions. “Yes, it was actually. It’s been a long time since I last camped out on a beach.”copyright protection37PENANA19J08ANwFx

“I’m surprised the ama prince wasn’t by your side all night long considering the Crown Prince always is. Or am I mistaken? Are you and Marcoussis more than friends?”copyright protection37PENANAaj0ruEzKcf

So he’s been watching me, and the only way he could do this is through a mole. I bite my cheek and draw blood. “Why don’t we forget the chit chat and get down to business. You said we had a lot to discuss.”copyright protection37PENANAAaiOjpoC2c

“We'll get to it in just a moment, but first, let me show you a place I'm sure you'd appreciate.”copyright protection37PENANAB3lk4tUR0A

Before we arrive, I catch the greenery poking out the open doors. My heart races in excitement. He's taking me to the atrium. As we step through the threshold, plants, rain, soil, and even wood fill my senses. My fingers touch the cool slick vines covering every inch of this glass dome, feeling their life at the tips as colorful flowers bloom all around. The sound of running water streams nearby and it’s not until I break this trance do I see clearly the fountain before me.copyright protection37PENANAobUoCo3c9f

By far this is the most beautiful atrium I’ve ever seen, but this fountain shows nothing but despair. Large stepping stones greet us and break off into separate pathways with two circling around a centered fountain. It’s amazing in itself. Carved from what looks like thick, clear marble, a genderless figure wraps its body around an unknown planet as it sits on a pedestal, crying tears of water.copyright protection37PENANArKpKyIaWlc

There’s this horrible pain in my chest. The longer I stare at the statues face, the more it hurts. A tear slips down my own cheek. Before I can catch it, Zephyrus wipes it away, letting his glove linger on my skin. “This fountain is a monument dedicated to our ancestors. The race who brought the gods into existence,” he says to clarify. “Our planet was full of greenery such as this. The palaces and rooms had live plants and flowers sculpted into the ceilings and walls. You couldn’t walk two feet without admiring its beauty.”copyright protection37PENANA8WgugkYbcY

“It sounds amazing,” I say, turning my gaze back onto the atrium.copyright protection37PENANALAaFZM42Zd

“Was amazing,” he corrects. “Our planet was amazing before it was destroyed.”copyright protection37PENANAiqXHbwqltL

My stomach drops. This is the first time I’ve heard of a planet being destroyed. It brings terror, fear that Earth will turn out the same way. “How did it happen?” I ask, quickly adding, “If you don’t mind me asking.”copyright protection37PENANAxCHO6Y949l

Zephyrus looks at me. His gaze shows no emotion, split between monochromatic, it's hard to tell what he's thinking. It has me on edge.copyright protection37PENANA3VVeAV0EY0

“Unlike what most planets will have you believe, our race was filled with magical wonders and unimaginable power, but it was never beyond their control. You could call them magicians and necromancers; illusionists and tricksters; weavers and shamans. It doesn’t matter what label they possess, they had visions which brought dreams beyond the stars. And many were envious.”copyright protection37PENANASgrPYClpXO

He stops talking and takes a moment to collect his thoughts. With swift motion, he starts plucking each finger of their glove until both are off his hands. A guard takes them away on a tray and shuffles out the door. No exchange was made. They simply knew what Zephyrus expected from the way he behaved. Almost like robots.copyright protection37PENANAbvqSkxRtC0

Realization hits me when he ushers us towards a bench positioned to face out at the starry universe. Earth sits off to the side. My gaze naturally settles there, only to be whisked away by his words. copyright protection37PENANAOGVKUwGVbE

“Our race gave Amaranthine the ability to use koto as a gift for once being loyal. Now it seems that gift has been used in dangerous ways.” He picks up Marc’s medallion resting on my dress. “Do you know what’s contained in this small metal fragment?”copyright protection37PENANAV3VmTUYfjW

I swallow some air. “A spell to protect me from any koto that is harmful.”copyright protection37PENANA4vsvnM2fgF

A sly smile crosses his pale blossom lips. He lets out a breathless chuckle, and turns the medallion around as if he’s searching it. “Yes it does, however, beneath the surface lies the soul binding spell, which is now forbidden on Amaranthine. So I’d be careful who you let touch this.”copyright protection37PENANAf4lbOgIubU

He drops it back onto my dress. It weighs ten times more than before. This isn’t good. He pretty much confessed this race had the same power as Amaranthine, which means the gods might all possess koto or something similar. I should be more worried about the medallions hidden spell, but that threat is minimal to the man sitting next to me.copyright protection37PENANA96Y5tR0s7k

Zephyrus taps his fingers on the back of the bench. It grazes my shoulder, and this time I can’t keep the chills down. “I would say it’s nice being alone with you without the ama prince hovering nearby, but I can see you’ve grown an attachment for this one, too. It seems you’re still up to your old tricks, god of death. You’ve always had a thirsty appetite for those in power.”copyright protection37PENANApbPRGdEIsU

“Does that mean we were…,” I stutter, unable to say the word for fear of what I might imagine. “But I thought you said we were friends.”copyright protection37PENANAoIYJTNZCib

“On our planet friends meant we were not enemies, we shared a close bond, and sometimes this bond crossed lines repeatedly. It was normal for us to have many friends.” His voice grows closer, whispering in my ear, “And out of all the gods you had the most.”copyright protection37PENANAwsivxLnxdu

I instinctively move away, he follows every decreasing inch and clamps a large hand down on my shoulder. His thumb roughly caresses my skin, only making me sick to my stomach. I can't imagine anyone being sexually involved with this man, unless they're just as dangerous as him. The god of death must have been insane.copyright protection37PENANASCFHumU85m

Being this close, it's hard not to get a whiff of his scent, and the only image that comes to mind are rotting apples. His fingers dig into my skin as I pull away. He pushes my hair to the side, exposing my neck more, and runs his fingertips gently from my ear down to my shoulder. copyright protection37PENANA3t42cYPcA7

“You don’t have to worry, Avalyn,” he whispers. “This will only hurt.”copyright protection37PENANAn7zFD7r0FF

A sharp object’s jabbed into the side of my neck. He’s so quick, I don’t have time to attack or put up a defense, yet every indicator tells me it's a giant needle. Before I know it, he’s pulling the thing out of my neck and standing. He takes three small vials from a tray and fills them with my blood. Anger courses through me as each clear tube turns a dark crimson. copyright protection37PENANAuxhaeMw9VB

“You could’ve just asked!” I hissed. “You didn’t have to stick a fucking needle in my goddamn neck!” A shot of pain stings me. I press a finger to the spot. It’s sticky, but healing.copyright protection37PENANAvY4z0hyQu9

Zephyrus lets out a haughty laugh. “And would you have willingly given it to me? Your sworn enemy? I think not. Plus, this way is much more fun.” He side eyes me when he sees I'm not happy. “Lily used to think this was fun, but you're nothing like her, are you?”copyright protection37PENANAXShxyUFZUl

He sets the empty needle on a different tray provided by a guard, then picks up the CD. “This is what you’ve been after the whole time, isn’t it? You can have it. I have no use for data I can’t read. You pesky humans may use archaic technology, but you do know how to keep your information secure.”copyright protection37PENANAEpSWA7I6gE

I catch the CD as he tosses it to me. “It’s encrypted with a password and only a specific type of computer can be used to access it. As you can see, I decided to go the science route. Blood samples, fingerprints, even a tear drop are always much easier,” he says.copyright protection37PENANAIMCNmD5Utz

“But I thought you said you couldn’t tell by my DNA what god I am.”copyright protection37PENANA3rskZ0fEZa

“I can’t, but it will give me more information than I already know about you.” He sprays my neck and hands me a cloth napkin to wipe it clean. “Now, I’m sure you’re famished. Our lunch should be ready to eat--”copyright protection37PENANA0EzSA90jgh

A boom sounds erupts through the ship. We’re jerked forward so fast I'm sure I have whiplash. I grab onto the bench into time before falling off as Zephyrus slams into the glass, securely clutching the vials in his hand. The entire ship trembles and moans. It doesn’t take long for red flashing lights to go off all around us. Surprisingly, there’s no deathening siren to plug up our ears.copyright protection37PENANAXY3AMpdRkH

His hand swipes across the window wall and pulls up a screen of what looks like the front deck. “Status update,” he states to a mustached man who is frantically calling out orders at the other guards sitting at the control panels. His eyes go wide when he looks as the footage pops up on the screen. “Status update!”copyright protection37PENANArn8TI8TYMT

“Sir, it appears the goddess of war has crashed a Mars ship into the left engine. We are running diagnostics on the damage as we speak. I have already sent troops over to the area for inspection--”copyright protection37PENANA8MxHF8RGr7

An explosion rings off. Our body’s are jerked sideways by another strong shift. The screen goes black, along with the rest of the normal overhead lighting. Everything is covered in red now. “Has she lost her mind?!” Zephyrus hits the glass with his fist. “She could ruin everything I’ve been doing for us! All because she wants you!”copyright protection37PENANAXp600TqeLK

His glare meets my freaked out ones. It’s like staring into the eyes of a lion ready to tear their prey limb from limb. “Take her to my room where she’ll be safe. I will take care of this matter personally.”copyright protection37PENANAVc846RcZPZ

Within seconds, a royal blue Bō appears in his hand. It takes me off guard. I know I’m using a god’s weapon, but to see it for myself only makes things more real. The Bō is identical to my own in every shape and form. The only difference would be the way he holds it and how it gives off this overwhelming power I’m scared to encounter in a fight.copyright protection37PENANATXMqFrzw81

He’s gone in a flash. The guards help me off the bench. My legs wobble as my head goes faint. I haven’t eaten since the Ceremony yesterday and that was from a few bites of finger foods, and on top of that, I’ve had my blood drawn. The only thing going for me are these red lights. With the change in scenery, the guards are forced to walk me to his room, and since we’re walking that way, we’ll pass the living room.copyright protection37PENANAE5qL6rFxFq

Somehow, I’ll take the guards down and get into that pod and go rescue Mika before anything else can happen while we're separated. If only I could get my head clear enough to focus. We're nearing the edge of the open living room. All four guards stand around me like a protective shield. They walks so perfect and in an orderly fashion, there’s no way these guys aren’t robots. They have to be. Although does it really matter?copyright protection37PENANAhACpEIgRI6

I slip the knife out carefully through the exposed half of my dress, and without another breath, both my hands are plummeting the steak knife into the left guys head. He collapses to the floor inside the living room, and fidgets under my weight as I stab him again and again until he’s fidgeting no more. And as I suspected there’s no blood, only the sound of a dying circuit board and jittery movements.copyright protection37PENANAQB3C2I4Cfc

The other guards take a long few seconds to stare as if they’re not sure what to do. I take those seconds to jam the knife into knee of an unfortunate one standing near me. He side topples, catching himself on the ground as sparks fly from his leg, and everything begins to whirl around. I'm growing dizzy. copyright protection37PENANADUi4GovlWa

A stiff hand pushes me down and tries to keep me down with it’s unnatural strength. I remove the knife and swing it around to get my attacker off, but the third robot forces my head onto the floor. I’m almost knocked out from the pressure to my brain, any harder and it'd be turned into a squashed tomato.copyright protection37PENANALdLoDq7UhQ

Out of nowhere, his hand lightens and relieves the pressure. Knife ready in my hand, I look up in time to see a sharp glowing blade slice through his neck. His hand falls off my skull immediately, even more after the one pressing on my back is too taken down. I shove his body off me before it tries to bury me under its weight, and stagger to my feet.copyright protection37PENANA07s4KuNO62

Mika takes the last robots head off, then lets his arms go limp at his side as he takes deep steady breaths. His arms glow in a magnificent hue of light with life-like blades covering each hand. When he sees the coast is clear, the glowing blades disappear completely with a simple shake. Sweat drips from his forehead, he looks exhausted like he might have used too much energy, or too much at once and is now on an adrenaline kick.copyright protection37PENANA0KXjODIjZE

“How did you--” He's embracing me before I can finish. It feels more than amazing to be in his arms again. It takes away the lingering chill from Zephyrus’ touch. I’m relishing in this probably more than I should.copyright protection37PENANAuLRg9vGgpY

Over his shoulder, I stare at the living room. The wall where the hidden pod roams is busted open. Chunks of metal ventilation lay across the floor in disarray with a few pieces of the pods glossy interior. I'm both amazed and terrified of the super strength he has.copyright protection37PENANA6q6yuQ3hEa

As he pulls away slightly, his eyes are full of worry. “What happened to your neck?” His fingers gently touch the area, the wound should already be healed. Doesn’t mean the pain and mental scar isn’t still there.copyright protection37PENANAkFUhYJVH2V

I take his hand and press it to me. “That fucker stole my blood! And now I feel light headed and we need to get off this ship.” I hold up the CD before he asks. “At least I got this.”copyright protection37PENANAlxGdNPIu68

Although I answered the first non verbal question, he looks like he wants to ask me how. But then his eyes drift down to my chest, then my exposed stomach, and back up to my eyes. Any worry is all gone, replaced by his usual self. “What the hell are you wearing? Don’t tell me you were going to…with Zephyrus--”copyright protection37PENANAsdyyM2oQk3

“No,” I cut him off. “God no. I don’t know what this is.” He’s already draping the blazer over my shoulders and helping my arms through the holes. copyright protection37PENANA1EIVWHFSoH

“Do you really hate seeing me wear a dress that much?” I ask, feeling a little annoyed he’s worried about this out of all the things to be worried about.copyright protection37PENANANJfuX2jFwq

He purses his lips as he buttons the front. “This can hardly be called a dress.” When he sees I’m not amused by his answer, he deeply sighs and steps away. “Your body is too distracting. And I need to concentrate. That’s all.copyright protection37PENANAOZDmxqpWgK

Before I can begin to process what he just confessed, a slight tremble rumbles beneath my feet. We seriously need to get off this ship. In between quakes, Mika and I run towards the window wall. From what I can see down below we’re at the front of the ship. The tip of the two giant engines point away, showing little destruction from where we stand.copyright protection37PENANAZhpHdlpSeN

Another explosion hits the ship. I end up colliding further into the glass, pressing my front on this icy cold surface. A plutheral of goosebumps break across my skin. At first I freak out, imagining the horror that would befall us if this glass wall broke, but then I remember Zephyrus punching it with those big muscles of his. I wonder how much force is needed to actually break it. Luckily, we won’t be here long enough to find out.copyright protection37PENANAA2xPwuSQap

I spot a cluster of emergency escape pods on the other side of the ship. Three take off from their stations and zoom into the newly made space trash filled with torn up metal and large pieces, both red and white. One doesn’t make it out of the field, becoming part of the debri in minutes.copyright protection37PENANAgYoUlWkLSA

“There’s where the escape pods are!” I point towards the area. Mika has to smash his face against the glass to really see it. When he finds it, he turns to me with a hopeful smile as the lights come back on, removing the red flashers all together. copyright protection37PENANAvRSUz5gYXu

We’re going to do this. We can finally go home. copyright protection37PENANALxxjn3NfUX

What sounds like boots stomping in a march echoes down one of the hallways. It catches our attention and the smile fades from Mika’s lips. I grab his hand and start running towards the atrium. If anything we can hide in the vines and shrubs. But it’s not before long, Mika is running ahead of me, taking us past the atrium, and straight into the abyss of identical doors.copyright protection37PENANAEbV35hZq2R

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