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    Thank you for visiting me on my profile page!
    Story Posting Schedule:
    At least once a week for The Sea Maiden ☕

    Get To Know Me:
    1. I love lists
    2. I am the type of girly girl that loves makeup and goes boxing with red nails and pink punching gloves
    3. I'm 20 years old and got married August 2017
    4. I volunteer and speak at charity events
    5. I am going into the field of anesthesia and plan on starting my own business within the next 5 years
    6. I am not always as organized as my lists
    7. My favorite class is Microbiology-- I've discovered that I love labs and looking at infectious diseases under a microscope
    8. I work at a car dealership as a receptionist. Apparently I have a lovely voice
    9. To relax I watch Bob Ross, ASMR, or Disney movies. I like smelling candles and warm tea. I've currently spending nights in my art studio
    10. My favorite TV shows are trashy reality or shows like The Paradise or Downtown Abbey
    11. I foster kittens. So far I have nursed 3 litters (15 babies in all!)
    12. I enjoy cooking. Scratch that! I love to EAT. I lied; I'm not good at cooking, but my inner chemist makes FANTASTIC desserts <3
    13. I adore Chrissy Tiegan

    Some goals on Penana:

    [] To get a thousand reads on my story
    [] To get 50 comments
    [] To get 50 votes
    [x] To earn 20 fans-- You guys are awesome!
    [] To complete one story


    I DO NOT OWN ANY PICTURES OR PHOTOGRAPHS I use for my stories, backgrounds or profile pictures... It belongs to the respectful owners and no copy infringement intended.
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The Sea Maiden

A baby is abandoned in the Spirit's Forrest...Fate leads her to discover her lineage as a Sea Maiden...Mira grows up with the LeVane family, aware from the beginning of just how different she was. Because of where she was found as a baby, she is forbidden from being a part of the village church. From the very start she knew she was different. As a child she makes friends with a playful spirit, and as she grows older she becomes physically ill when she is not near water. Fate leads her to discover her lineage as a Sea Maiden.