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    Hi, my name is Rain. I write about: -fluffy highschool romances -angst werewolves -serial killers and psychological thrillers -lots of smut -morally grey villains -soft male leads -badass female leads If any of those interest you, check out my books! Thank you!
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The Boy/Girl Switch

To fool a bookworm, one needs a good book. Seventeen-year-old Vellary Carr unknowingly seals her fate with the devil when she purchases a book online.

Prior to its arrival, Vellary first handedly experiences what it's like to face mass humiliation, and so, becomes susceptible to the spell book lying inside her purchased package.

Hugo Axel, the "bad boy" of Roset High, has fancied Vellary since middle school. So when his best friend brutally abases her, conflict arises within him. To do what's right or to stick with his brother?

However, before Hugo can truly decide, a slight shift in the air unlocks a door to another. He doesn't realise the abnormality of it all until the very next morning, when he wakes up in a very unfamiliar room. 

With a very unfamiliar feeling. 

And when he looks in the mirror, he sees a very familiar face. 

But it's not his. 

It's Vellary Carr's. 

His one and only crush.

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