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The Sun & Moon
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Writer Chat Noir
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The Sun & Moon
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A sleepover?
Chat Noir
Aug 15, 2017
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!JvcuXmurfFzY50LCl5puposted on PENANA

-still during art-copyright protection81PENANANuItHSm6Ak

Stefan noticed my sly look and asked what's up, "Nothing, I just find it funny that a guy is wearing a necklace." I lied, I felt like he saw right through me though, but he didn't push it. I continued painting, he can really draw well... I smiled softly. The atmosphere was calming, it felt like it was only me and him, it was always like this with us. Either we were extremely irritating or extremely silent, no in between. I was about to paint the moon when I felt a hand on my paintbrush tip. "Can I do that?" Stefan asked but I shook my head, "Ms.Sally said one of us draw and the other paints." "Its just one thing, come on!" he insisted, tugging on my paintbrush. copyright protection81PENANApjQCOOYjfd

I just shook my head and tugged back, it went on like this for a bit until some of the white paint on the brush splattered onto the canvas. We both freaked out, blaming each other on how stupid it was to pull the brush. A pair of feet interrupted our little argument, Ms.Sally was walking by and seeing what everyone had done so far...."Stefan just gimme the brush, I'm sorry okay?!" I whispered harshly to him and probably in fear he nodded, handing me the brush. I circled the moon outline and almost threw the brush down. Ms.Sally walked up to us, her eyes dropping to view our failed attempt, I closed my eyes and hoped for the best when I heard clapping and the lifting of a paper. "You guys work very well, this is beautiful. Who drew and who painted?" She asked, holding up the paper, we explained who did what and thanked her as well. I was stunned, she thought our work was nice when we thought we destroyed it. Well then...85Please respect copyright.PENANAOg8DgGhb82
copyright protection81PENANAYPc3PXGa26

-Break time!-85Please respect copyright.PENANA8JcNGdyT5M
copyright protection81PENANAEPAnihgFoR

Stefan and I went to find Brendan and Prudence so we could share our food, "Hey Camila..?" I looked up at him, "You like me..?" I nodded without saying a word and watched him nod back, "Who do you like then?" I fired back, it was about time I get an answer, sure as hell I was gonna get one in this week. Suddenly we ran into Brendan, "Hey Brendan, seen Prudence?" he shrugged, saying that he was looking for her too but had no luck. We nodded. I was feeling mischievous today to say the least and decided to just randomly sprint and run to hide, barely managing to catch a glimpse of their surprised faces. My first choice was in the canteen since it was usually packed, like you can suffocate to death there, but I found a small place inside where I sat to eat my food. I just finished my curry-puffs and decided to get up and buy a drink but before I could reach, a pair of hands covered my eyes. "Gotcha." Brendan mocked sarcastically, I peeled the sweaty hands off my forehead and faced him. "Alrig----------h eeep!" I got startled, trying to escape but I ran straight into Stefan who gazed at me with a victorious smirk. 85Please respect copyright.PENANAwk1kYHd7qA
copyright protection81PENANAZNbQqZEoiU

I rolled my eyes and admitted defeat, they told me to follow them this time, so I dont escape. I nodded and walked in between them. We went to our usual spot and I was forced to sit between them but I didnt mind honestly. Since I finished my food I was just scrolling on my phone, in reality I was actually contemplating if I should reveal my problem or not, and finally I decided to do it, what can go wrong right? AHHHHHHHHHH IM FREAKING OUT..... I mentally calmed myself down and told the guys I needed the bathroom and insisted they stay cause 1, thats creepy, 2, I dont think I want to be in an arms distance. I walked around the corner and fished for my phone, typing a text to our group:85Please respect copyright.PENANAWfR4S7LajT
copyright protection81PENANAChJOkyM1JO

'C: Hey guys, I wanna tell you guys something, please dont be angry but I think I like both of you.85Please respect copyright.PENANAdrDpejDNdI
copyright protection81PENANA7oEHLXZ2Cn

B: Both? 85Please respect copyright.PENANAAK3B42ih9J
copyright protection81PENANATCb4tB370m

C: Yeah...85Please respect copyright.PENANAS6YJbRRW1b
copyright protection81PENANA1CDLrYjdZ3

B: Well lucky you.85Please respect copyright.PENANAPfDsFSMiFZ
copyright protection81PENANA27rGOdENfg

((Wait what.))85Please respect copyright.PENANA0gJ3RN595e
copyright protection81PENANAb9TmdmYhuY

C: youre not angry?85Please respect copyright.PENANATXkRHwIysK
copyright protection81PENANAEvBih2gBfg

B: Why would I be? Its your choice on who that person is.'85Please respect copyright.PENANAKhZnKEfxWV
copyright protection81PENANAEhn6YcjCZz

Stefan didnt read yet... I sighed, he must be still eating. I went back to join them, feeling my heart flutter and my cheeks flush when I saw Brendan, he smiled at me and suddenly the atmosphere was so warm. I think he was about to say something when Prudence bolted up to us and hit us all on the head. "Where were you guys?!" she scolded, the boys threw me under the bus and she sighed, facepalming. Just then I saw another young boy, probably about our age peep out of the staircase, I looked at her, "who's he?" I pointed to the boy, his aura wasnt exactly....pleasant. Prudence looked over her shoulder to him and nodded enthusiastically, shoving him over so she could introduce him, "This Duane, I met him in our Media Studies class!" he waved shyly towards us and we gladly waved back, inviting him to join us.85Please respect copyright.PENANAwXbg0236c9
copyright protection81PENANATbINxW9vdE

-Bell Rings-copyright protection81PENANAuSa5ar7r2n

"Welp..." Brendan mumbled, "Time for  Commerce!" his sarcastic tone told me he didnt like it very much so we all just chuckled and stood up. I felt a small gust of wind tickle my side, I hugged my side and noticed that Duane looked numb. Like he had seen a ghost of some sort, I jogged closer to him, "You ok? Look like you're sick." he just nodded and smiled weirdly at me. For some reason I didnt trust that smile, no, he was something wayyy different. copyright protection81PENANAHHF5NDh7gh

Since I couldn't really ask him anything now, I just brushed it off and ran to my English class. I sat in my regular place and pulled out my notebook to sketch a bit before class starts when I feel a chair being pulled out beside me. "Hey." Brendan chimed, I was shocked, but happy to see in here, "Mr.Calen absent?" I poked his cheek he nodded, swatting my hand way. I heard a soft jingle. I looked towards the source and spotted a necklace on his neck. I let a small laugh slip, "What?" he tilted his head in confusion, I reached out to grab the shiny chain and lift it, him staring at my every move. I brought out the necklace. There was a pretty star on it, it was shiny too and bright orange. I was so busy examing it that I hadn't realized how close we were until I heard the door burst open to reveal Ms.Angelina. I almost toppled my chair over and my morganite glowed, so did Brendan's necklace. Thats strange.. Hmm I wanna test something...I wondered, but how...? copyright protection81PENANAGasoX0l7wy

I got it!copyright protection81PENANAL0qV5Bnd2p

-lunch-copyright protection81PENANAAJ7fPUT61a

I gathered everyone around and invited them to a sleepover, they looked at me starstruck when Prudence laughed, "Cam we arent 5 anymore! Plus, arent your parents gonna be mad??" I gulped thickly, I was yet to tell them about my parents' passing and I didnt think now was the time, so I just made up an excuse and they all agreed. (Before you all get mad cause Alex isn't there, remember that he isn't well today) "Alright! So its settled then, after school go pack and over to my place, Ill send you the directions." I cheered and they laughed.copyright protection81PENANAoIkR7hRspn

--------------------------------------------------------copyright protection81PENANA0aor6u2tH5

A/N: Again Im saying this, if there're any incidents and situations I put here is just of coincidencecopyright protection81PENANATiP0yEUrLW

So dont question me please, but thanks for reading copyright protection81PENANAB9EW0LdSdC

Bye!~copyright protection81PENANAfeNEGT8JnP

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Aoki-San - (Reads chapter) this is good(reaches end of chapter)Wha-Eha-What!!!I started like one second ago,(Scrolls back up)What the,the chapter is long,so how on earth did i?....(Wants to read more)Inside head(Dear lord,please speed up time so that i can read next chapter)
1 year agoreply