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The Sun & Moon
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Writer Chat Noir
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The Sun & Moon
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The Fight
Chat Noir
Aug 23, 2017
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Eiu6bTUrCOZSCnKwb0buposted on PENANA (A/N: There are mentions of violence and threat in this chapter, along with a slight mention of self-destructive behavior [A.k.a a behavior in which you hate yourself to an unhealthy extent] and.....strong language)

--------------------------------------------------------copyright protection64PENANA0eRc2X4hC7

-Camila's p.o.v-copyright protection64PENANAehqIoBBi2e

I woke up to the harsh drilling on my cheek. "Brendan what are yo—" He shushed me and glanced back up at the couch. I twisted my body to reveal an astonishing sight, like seriously. You cant ever get these two even a freaking meter together! And yet? Here they are, peacefully napping on each others' shoulder. Now, Ill be honest, I was slightly jealous....ONLY SLIGHTLY OKAY. But I just held it in and clicked a photo on my cell. I looked over my shoulder to see if we were the only ones awake, turns out I was on the dot with that. copyright protection64PENANA626JpRfBRr

"What time is it..?" I sleepily whispered near his ear, watching Brendan flinch slightly at the contact. He flipped his phone and checked, "6:56." he smiled lazily, "And why're you awake at 6:56?" I smirked slyly but felt my mouth draw a straight line when he returned the smirk, "Who said I went to sleep?" he challenged. I giggled softly, "Alright, alright. Ill go raise Dawn now 'Kay?"   he nodded, turning his attention back to his phone. As usual, I let my gaze fall on the nearly ebony abyss, I actually have a few minutes so... A weak curve lifted my lips but my eyes told a totally different story...copyright protection64PENANA5SGW5IU9Zw

(A/N: ⚠WARNING⚠️)copyright protection64PENANAhdOHWdixvl

'He wont care.copyright protection64PENANAMCnTmNKBoC

You dont matter to him.copyright protection64PENANA3uvJqAskKr

He'll still be as happy without you.copyright protection64PENANAR1FGJCT29p

You're weak, pathetic.copyright protection64PENANAoW2LPpzz0Y

Etc'copyright protection64PENANAc3sHNTifd2

(Please dont believe this. Whoever you are, be it if I met you or not. You are perfect the way you are. If you do believe all of this represents or have a question about that ^ then feel free to message me)copyright protection64PENANAH54nMOZGQ9

My cheeks weren't soaking, they were just..damp. I hate it. I dont understand anything. It is my fault but I dont know how to fix it I just..—I JUST WANT SOMEONE TO TALK T—copyright protection64PENANA5e580Uxzuy

'1 New Message:copyright protection64PENANAyGC0opTGF7

B: Cam are you okay?copyright protection64PENANAJmdOJZCIFt

C: Uhm yeah, what's up?copyright protection64PENANASLHXUHRshm

B: Cam its 7:20, you tell me what's not up. copyright protection64PENANA0P2DQq3K7I

((Oh...))copyright protection64PENANARR44FO4ixJ

B: Cam?copyright protection64PENANALpvsmpaeRs

B: Camila??copyright protection64PENANAASiDw84zTc

C: Y-yes?copyright protection64PENANAhK3mPIbU1I

B: Are you okay?copyright protection64PENANADM89fvypKq

((Far from it...))copyright protection64PENANARljaYPi3ob

C: Yep! Gimme 5 minutes.'copyright protection64PENANAfGWi3M1eG2

I breathed in deeply and exhaled fast  through a cuff I made with my hands. Why I do that? It helps me steady my breathing. Anyways, I did what I needed to and tip-toed to the staircase, "Brendan, Im gonna go to the toilet." I called out, he managed to hear me without waking the others up, propping his head on the couch arm and nodding. I rushed to the bathroom and just let go...copyright protection64PENANAXkP6u4B3tl

-time skip to Brendan in the balcony!-copyright protection64PENANAtlGNvFCOI1

-Duane's p.o.v-copyright protection64PENANA0XIXgLKhZq

I woke up to find myself wrapped like a burrito. Where am I.. Oh yeah. I stretched my arms and got up carefully, seeing as how the remaining two were asleep. "Bathroom." I clasped my hands together and headed to what I presumed was her bathroom, but when I twisted the knob it didnt budge. I grunted in annoyance and stumbled backwards, spinning my head from left to right to look for the place I needed.copyright protection64PENANAkXL93fdEiH

Maybe Camila's room has one? I pondered and walked in, it wasn't locked so... I walked in on Brendan doing some Simba and Rafiki shit in her balcony, "What's he doing..?" I whispered to myself as I watched the Sun follow his hands up the ladder of the horizon. Holy.. Suddenly he spun around to head out. I jumped into the laundry basket near me and held my breath, he didnt see me, thank God. copyright protection64PENANA0M2Hzyncn5

What the Hell did I just see?copyright protection64PENANAdn3WkjH4BH

-time skip a few days after the sleepover incidents-copyright protection64PENANAvVEh4IxinP

-Stefan's p.o.v-copyright protection64PENANAZoC25cBtoY

Well..Alex is absent again, this time cause he's actually sick. I was looking for Camila when I overheard Prudence and Duane, "Duane, if I tell you this will you keep it a secret?" secret..? I watched him nod slowly but clearly from the reflection in my glasses, "That night at Cam's place I swear she made the sky go all dark, and then I heard Stefan." NO. She explained further, "He was saying this random thing and suddenly the Moon started raising." she finished surprised, Oh sh—copyright protection64PENANAyClCyGVgLw

-Camila's p.o.v time skip to a few weeks after Stefan's hearing-copyright protection64PENANAXhsCywl5PI

I guess my thoughts were right.. Stefan was acting...different. He wasn't talking to me as much nor was he even paying attention while I spoke! I mean, I dont need the attention, its just that, if youre gonna listen then why cant you look like it?! Am I being too clingy? Im just not good enough for him I guess.. copyright protection64PENANAVO6yRcKsF8

We sat in our usual circle when Prudence randomly fished for her phone and got it out. I tried looking over her shoulder but she wouldn't let me, saying she would when she found: 'The One.' I let her do as she pleased and she randomly began waving and shoving her phone in my face. What was on it you might ask? It was a pic of me laying my head on Brendan's shoulder, sleeping calmly. "Delete that!" I demanded, she shook her head, it went back and forth till I got annoyed. Taking out my phone and scrolling sideways to find the picture too, 'The picture' I showed it to her and she wailed, "DELETE IT." I shook my head, "You first." she sighed and deleted it. But before I could, Stefan saw it and dragged me by the arm to a secluded place.copyright protection64PENANAqeLMQksMAe

"Why do you have that?" He asked, obviously trying to stay calm. I shrugged my shoulders, honestly I didnt wish to say anything of this sort to him. Not at the moment anyways. He took a step closer, "Why. Did. You. Take. That?" he demanded more sternly, but man...I was far from afraid, no...I was furious actually. "Why should I tell you? Youre the one acting different." I struck back, my voice laced with a mix of venom, jealousy and hurt. He looked taken aback for a split second, then returned to his station in this, "YOU WANNA KNOW WHY IM ACTING DIFFERENT HUH?!" he boomed, luckily there were no cameras placed where we were. I felt shattered but who cares right?? "Yes." My voice went mono-tone, my eyes went dark and my movements were robotic. "WELL ONE, YOU'RE NOT NORMAL AND TWO WHY THE HELL DIDNT YOU CHECK WHETHER SOMEONE WAS WATCHING OR NOT BEFORE DOING YOUR RITUAL?!" copyright protection64PENANAiyvKb4hw97

(*=thoughts, bold= Camila, underlined=Stefan)copyright protection64PENANAe5WlDNxngd

*Im not..normal..?*copyright protection64PENANAwGritiCW4d

What the hell isn't normal about me?copyright protection64PENANAanMF8XJqtT


So what if I LIKE TWO!copyright protection64PENANAPwehOHArDF

*He's right..*copyright protection64PENANAFN2rtbodBS

Dont overreact about every single thing! copyright protection64PENANA68B5CFHThH

*You just bring pain to everyone*copyright protection64PENANAq7dEp2mZuZ

I dont!copyright protection64PENANAE9NGAgSZut

Youre such a liar too! Hey, guess what?!copyright protection64PENANARACtGe8o8q

What.copyright protection64PENANA5yxjdWmzWQ

*thats it...let your heart turn to ash*copyright protection64PENANAyAZmhAC9z6

No girl or person in general is as clingy as you! What are you? Koala?!?!copyright protection64PENANADrHfUou3MD

*Tears run down my face*copyright protection64PENANAuSb1cpYyYV

Go...Go to hell...copyright protection64PENANApxvpTNZwWz

Im sorry! What was that?!?copyright protection64PENANACA1kQWIlZv


Cause I dont love Bitches or Whores. I never have..and that means you.copyright protection64PENANApx4VXYIXuF

*Die.*copyright protection64PENANAw6fyr6u9ru

I..copyright protection64PENANAEpY2ztC8YK

*Kill yourself*copyright protection64PENANAFoiKjfI2cc

What.copyright protection64PENANAHJjXiK3MUu

*Do it.*copyright protection64PENANAgzUfBtJdBH

...Nothing copyright protection64PENANAYg5g1pwJrJ

*Suffer..*copyright protection64PENANAV9te6LZayT

I rest my back against the wall again, cupping my hands over my nose and mouth, breathing rapidly. I couldn't help it, letting the sea-water flow down my face and let out the same word over and over:copyright protection64PENANAFPsz442NiD

'Im sorry..'copyright protection64PENANAvgUBxV03Fs

You liarcopyright protection64PENANAMABfPI1PSz

'No..' copyright protection64PENANAIyob7sg9gy

You dont deserve it, you dont deserve them.copyright protection64PENANANLPImmEnqj

'Please...Im sorry..'copyright protection64PENANAPcUrsK9tz2

Whats the point of being sorry when you make the same mistakes?copyright protection64PENANA3iArtIUKSb

I felt a hand on my head, "..Look, Camila I..—" "DONT TOUCH ME!" I shook, my voice quivered as I heard him back away from my sudden outburst. It was silent..like the first day..but it isn't the same anymore. copyright protection64PENANAjGW8oiv3FV

There wasn't any going back.copyright protection64PENANAnv8hWA254B

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