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The Sun & Moon
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Writer Chat Noir
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The Sun & Moon
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Rumours spread faster than truths
Chat Noir
Sep 20, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Cnfu9pCBoriZ2aLrfdHVposted on PENANA -Camila's p.o.v-

I smiled softly, hearing the claps and congratulations for and from my friends were relaxing.. Well, it was until my phone started blowing up with messages. I opened and read each and every message and contact:copyright protection54PENANAQlqsVRQZbY

'Hey Cam, you like Stef and Brendan?!'copyright protection54PENANApOmFjv4V6t

'You like two people!!!'copyright protection54PENANAnpspzdROry

'Do they ever get jealous? Do you?'copyright protection54PENANAKiUbKP2AOe

'Why'd you like two people?'copyright protection54PENANAze3VTmqYix

'Why Brendan of all people?!' copyright protection54PENANAsGWU5v8XkA

'Why Stef though? You know he likes someone else right?'copyright protection54PENANAv5SpgDfjd4

My heart dropped. Who told them this?!? I felt tears come to my eyes. And responded to the messages with: 'no's' and 'who told you that's' but I didn't get a reply. I was so heartbroken, I only told a few people, those being:copyright protection54PENANAxMjBIcX8bg

-Prudencecopyright protection54PENANAGDWDy29HZu

-Brendancopyright protection54PENANAhvzaVQNb90

-Stefancopyright protection54PENANAfHNyivLgEX

-Alexcopyright protection54PENANAxlAtY9w8Qw

-Casiecopyright protection54PENANAC81biX158b

-Duanecopyright protection54PENANA6oTUXbpJs4

I didn't know how to comprehend this. My mind said it was Alex for sure but my heart said it was Stefan. I don't know! I covered my mouth with my hand, a sickening feeling swirling through my head as I tried standing up. Only to fall back down the minute my head rose, fainting.copyright protection54PENANAGZqhtoqZwh

[Dream Sequence] copyright protection54PENANAv9pxkIvmNE

(Dreams and Thoughts will all be Italics! 💜)copyright protection54PENANAyU3rO0DeJ5

I ran to the back of the school, my face and arms stained, both liquids pooling towards the floor weren't really a concern to me at the time. I tried so hard...why...? Why cant I be normal? Why cant I be accepted? Why am I alwa—copyright protection54PENANAjq5JHy88yF

"CAM!" I heard a voice and the taps of shoes on the ground, I regret it. I regret it all. "Camila.." he pants, I cover my face with my hands, pretending not to notice him but in reality my heart is aching for his touch, his love. "...Camila...you're laughing..right?" I can hear him start to sniffle a bit too, with the colour of wine on my shoes and his Im pretty sure it's out of pity, I don't mean anything...copyright protection54PENANAp4OPC9y7wm

"Camila please tell me you're laughing." He demands, I can't take it anymore, I look up from my hands, my eyes dark with pain. I push him back harshly, "WHY DO YOU CARE?!" He straightens up again, slowly inching his way over in attempt not to scare me, but he already put fear in my heart. The ache and fear for and of him pounds in my mind. (If I'm being honest I actually got a headache while writing that specific sentence 😓) he reaches a hand out but I slap it away.copyright protection54PENANAM4gPv5P8jz

"I'm sorry..." he says, I look into his eyes, he's serious..? "I'm sorry I made you do this. I'm sorry I wasn't there, I'm sorry I—" I cut him off, not with a scream, but with a soft sound, "You shouldn't be sorry, its all my fault. Im sorry...copyright protection54PENANAeDZjmHRuPq

Sorry for thinking you were differentcopyright protection54PENANA9fuY567DdD

For believing you all this timecopyright protection54PENANAZZHgPdlFmF

For hoping every night that you actually feel the samecopyright protection54PENANAeAieTFVLaL

For every tear I shed, every cut that bledcopyright protection54PENANAbj0Fi6MpJZ

For loving you when you didn't love me..."copyright protection54PENANA3JZKZPYluk

I end my sentence at that. I fear to say anymore, knowing of the consequences. I look up at air. copyright protection54PENANA0IUjXOYSA8

[End of dream!]copyright protection54PENANAEMsFsLLeav

I shot up, instantly regretting it as my vision became fuzzy, the nurse walked over to me, ushering me lie down. "Don't worry dear, I've already informed your teachers, just take rest okay?" I nodded, I have no idea what happened. Ughhh...how long was I out...? I took out my phone to check the time: '11:39' it read, Holy crap. Ive been out for 2 HOURS!? Oh goshhhhhhhh what happened??? Then it struck me like an arrow on a bullseye. copyright protection54PENANAedfeYe3WAx

Those messages...copyright protection54PENANAhBfcUc1T5B

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