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The Sun & Moon
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Writer Chat Noir
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The Sun & Moon
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The source
Chat Noir
Sep 22, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!KlFXj1WGFdAOdtlkdLXSposted on PENANA I almost sat up again in panic, I need to find out who told those people!!! I went to the last contact I replied to: Sina.

'C: I don't like Stefan or Brendan, but who told you that anyways?copyright protection87PENANAG8enxFrhTo

((Within the next few minutes I heard the notification ring,))copyright protection87PENANAtDK9B3ayKP

S: A person told me.copyright protection87PENANALlEZO0k2Lh

C: Who?copyright protection87PENANAUsp9PXPhfI

S: He don't want me to tell...copyright protection87PENANAFImpRXt2vd

((He..?))copyright protection87PENANAShywhnxBpj

C: Oh okay then :)copyright protection87PENANATkLjtAgjSv

S: You're not angry? copyright protection87PENANA1xenX5lq8R

C: Of course not, why?copyright protection87PENANAD09cxqz52Y

S: Just wondering..'copyright protection87PENANAoVj9eMKv5C

Well that wasnt very useful.. oh well. I had to go out for lunch I think..? What time is it? '12:00' Oh, its still too early.. I looked towards the nurse, trying to sit up slightly, "Miss? I'm feeling better now..May I leave?" She looked at me for a brief moment before nodding her head. I smiled and thanked her, when my hand reached and twisted the door-knob, I felt it rather easy to turn, like SUPER EASY. (Yangire-Chan, this is for you!) I just shrugged it off, trying to push the door open. Thing is, when I did..someone else from the other side pulled it open, resulting in me stumbling forward and landing straight on that sillohueted figure.copyright protection87PENANA17afv7lRyt

That figure was actually someone who I was surprised to see. Stefan. I was so lost in my rubbish thoughts that I hadn't bothered to get up instantly, it looked like I was making myself comfortable where I was. A raspy chuckle anchored me back to the ground, "I was gonna come check up on you but I guess you're okay." He muttered, I felt my face glow fluorescent pink, one because, HE ACTUALLY CARED?!?! (Nahhh 😂) Two, all the previous thoughts roamed my mind, making sure to dust every corner and three because...HE ACTUALLY CARED?!???!!?copyright protection87PENANAIcuSo2iY7l

Instead of thanking him or asking questions I did the 'BEST' thing. I ran away. (😂👌🏻) I ran off to snuggle in a special place, it was a place I knew of since I was in year 2! But as I tried to squish myself inside the sandwich of space, I cut my forearm, not caring how deep the cut was while I cowered for awhile. Painful memories penetrated my mind: copyright protection87PENANAXwhgGw3q19

'He loves someone else,copyright protection87PENANA32gdiMlDDT

Youre nothing to him,copyright protection87PENANA7m6CeuExsM

He was just being pitiful,copyright protection87PENANASqi9GYGJpH

You don't exist to him.'copyright protection87PENANAStK9H2V2Gz

I was so caught up in my thoughts that I hadn't heard the booming footsteps that lead to my exact location. I could feel myself get yanked and pulled out of the gap but someone. copyright protection87PENANAWNV2p9x4G0

"CAM!" He panted, each hand placed on my shoulders, preventing me from running again. I dared not to look at him, why should I? "What's wrong with you?! I carried you to the medical room and came to check on you as well and this is the thanks I get???" He growled, I whimpered slightly and swung my head down even further. I felt him shake me slightly as if trying to shake out a bloody answer... speaking of bloody... my forearm wasn't painful, but it was drenched in blood. I didn't freak out though, I didn't want to alert Stefan or make him panic. Is this what I want...?copyright protection87PENANAQzq9J68pQy

"Well?" The tapping of his foot irritated me, every tap sounded like a water droplet on the ground.copyright protection87PENANA7I1RSIUOLA

Is this the same person I love?copyright protection87PENANAnIojLOsjS9

"Tell me why you ran away."copyright protection87PENANAjIJJSsQ0SG

Should I still love him..?copyright protection87PENANAyZpARijM65

"I'm sorry. For everything."  copyright protection87PENANAnuNLNzzgSr

He looked at me with wide eyes, as if he was shocked to hear what I had to say. "For everything?" He repeated, "Everything." I said expressionless, gathering whatever confidence I had left to look up at him with glossy eyes that were filled to the brim with a faintly familiar liquid. My face was scrunched up in pain, my heart ached and I got lightheaded again, but I still kept going. copyright protection87PENANApba9V2BL3u

"I'm sorry, for everything.copyright protection87PENANAsCtSclaw7g

For believing I was someone important to you,copyright protection87PENANABuKogyYPOQ

For pranking you time and time again,copyright protection87PENANAhe2snXvZJy

For making myself jealous when you hung out with other girls and left me in the shade,copyright protection87PENANAtcbW4oheUp

For not being as pretty or as intelligent as other girls,copyright protection87PENANAvvTgU9OSZC

For thinking that I made you happy,copyright protection87PENANAIhQLJeIeds

For believing that you understand, copyright protection87PENANANGEZDJnVXi

For falling in love with you in the first place!"copyright protection87PENANAktNeJHoyAo

My face was hot, not with blush or pigment but with water. Tears. I know once I said this there wasn't any going back, so what else was there for me to do?copyright protection87PENANAbjF14pfNDt

"Who said I don't love you back?" copyright protection87PENANAfr9UrNDOIB

Im such an idiot...copyright protection87PENANA634UiOCGnc

"This: [Conversation between Camila and another girl] copyright protection87PENANA4yvKAz9QnN

'S: Why Stef though? You know he likes someone else right? copyright protection87PENANAjCftxGgavZ

C: I don't like him! And besides, he doesn't like anyone..?copyright protection87PENANAMC3RwlG823

S: I think differently... 😏copyright protection87PENANAl7CQRcq02N

C: ?copyright protection87PENANANmq2PXI68d

S: *Sends picture*copyright protection87PENANA5UQ9Lmurvx

S: He's tall and wears glasses, being a friend of my brother as well. copyright protection87PENANAuQE6Gvj7wm

C: No...you're serious?copyright protection87PENANAUjIlmxi5Eq

S: Of course, it even says he'll tell me after school, which he did. ' "copyright protection87PENANAjKk9T6vox0

"IT WASNT ME!"copyright protection87PENANAV2QA9x6sEC

I hate myself for loosing him..copyright protection87PENANAOzWwUi4doJ


He pulled me to his chest tightly, I sobbed silently.copyright protection87PENANAnGEehNLngq

"Please believe me...I didn't do that. It wasnt me.." He cried,copyright protection87PENANAZ40WBVeG8C

Why me...copyright protection87PENANApMkSLafQx1

"...Lets just go to Art..." I breathed out and we pulled away, heading to our class which was about to finish.copyright protection87PENANAsUI78ZVUmb

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