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The Sun & Moon
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Writer Chat Noir
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The Sun & Moon
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You want us to WHAT???
Chat Noir
Sep 22, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Ojbgk5ITPrSixTyp75xaposted on PENANA A/N: Hey guys! I'm sorry for all the sad chapters lately, I'm actually a quite pessimistic person so uh, yeah. 😅 but this chapter and hopefully the next few will be happy! Anyways, I hope ye enjoy!

--------------------------------------------------------copyright protection86PENANAbyM4ydVEhE

Art had just finished.copyright protection86PENANAU6Y6mjb5d1

Stefan and I weren't exactly on 'good terms' but we were good at hiding it. We sat down and waited for the others, not saying a word to each other. It had been around 15 minutes? When we heard someone slip and fall onto the ground, resulting in a loud 'THUMP' sound. My eyes darted up to see who was the unfortunate person to hug the floor, I saw it was Brendan. I got up to help him, reaching my arm out but he just looked at me mischievously and got up by himself. copyright protection86PENANAw5k4ZSu6Y2

"Where're the others?" Stefan questioned as we walked over. "Got caught using phones in class, except Prudence, she has music practice." I watched him nod slowly, the remainder of us sat down and began eating. Randomly, I felt my pendants glow, creating a light purple aura behind my shirt collar. I looked at the other two, who also had glows close to their chests, something big was gonna happen, I can feel it! (Not that 😂) Almost as if on cue, Brendan piped up from his lunchbox, "Hey guys." We both looked at him with raised eyebrows, "What..what happened?" He hesitated, "Happened to?" I responded with a question. "What happened..to your parents?" He blurted out with a worriful expression, I shifted a little, neither of them were saying anything so I did, "My parents fell very sick when I was young...They passed away together in the hospital." copyright protection86PENANAh9A4d8h9Nz

I sighed, the other two gave their condolences, I broke out a small grin and re-directed the question to them. "My father..killed my mom..." Stefan admitted with a shaky breath, I felt pity for him. Placing a hand on his back and rubbing small circles in attempt to calm him down as he took deep breaths. I turned my attention to Brendan, who looked a bit guilty. "What's wrong Brendan?" Its not normal that he's sad, even if it was just a little. He glanced at me sheepishly, "My parents just left me.." he mumbled, "What do you mean?" Stefan asked, "My mom brought me out one day and told me to run as far as I could after giving her pendant to me, she said not to look back." copyright protection86PENANAOHGNO37Z8k

I smiled warmly, pulling both of them into a hug. "So...we're all only childs?" I changed the topic and both boys nodded. Maybe we aren't so different.. I smiled slightly at the thought, feeling warm inside. Then Brendan spoke up again, "Hey guys?" we nodded, "Want to, maybe, uh, you know...live together..?" copyright protection86PENANA1FqlJpddwc

WHAT????copyright protection86PENANAfOlQTzZbJM

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Aoki-San - How it goes:
Cam:Wha-at are you guys-s doing?(shivers)
Stef and Brendan:We are going to-
(Interrupted by flying slipper)*BAM*(Door flies open)
(Kicks both of their butts and uses shoe to whack the shit out of them,and uses chainsaw to finish the job)
11 months agoreply

Chat Noir - Interrupted by flying slipper** 😂
11 months agoreply

11 months agoreply

Aoki-San - If Stefan and Brendan do anything to Cam when their living together,Prudence is going to bring in the chainsaw,knife,xacto knife,kunai and shuriken and use her skills to break all their bones,Stef and Brendan.👿
11 months agoreply