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The Sun & Moon
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Writer Chat Noir
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The Sun & Moon
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Are you Crazy?
Chat Noir
Sep 29, 2017
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!9zplIgzrupeWtULLjfZrposted on PENANA

Song: R U Crazy (Conor Maynard)copyright protection101PENANAvMjZJHjkaw

-The Next Day-copyright protection101PENANAUj6kFOBeg6

I woke up first, I had set my alarm to 7:30am so I could raise Dawn as usual. I sat up, turning my head to see Brendan sleeping soundly in a chair by my bed. Did he really sleep like that? I felt guilty, but then I let a small laugh slip as I realised that he can probably sleep anywhere. I swung my legs off the bed and hopped off to go do my duty. Not forgetting my phone though!copyright protection101PENANAEu27pOTI3S

I switched it on and went to my chats to see if there was anything new, and there was! I don't know if it was because I told him about my Hell of a dream but Brendan actually replied to Alex on MY phone! Plus, he didn't even sign off his name. I was about to flip out when I read what he said: copyright protection101PENANAazFuypbSJm

'A: Why Brendan though??copyright protection101PENANAoEFuYljzzA

C: (A.k.a Brendan) Because she stupid!'copyright protection101PENANAFe5ImuxfdA

I laughed a little louder, trying not to wake up the other two Princes. Walking slowly to the balcony I placed my hands on the rails, doing my usual routine and erasing the sky of blues and purples. I smiled at the colour change and headed back to the room to sleep more, but I had to wake Brendan up first. "How the Hell am I gonna do this..?" I sighed, giving the idea a moment before standing up and tilting the chair forward laughing as Brendan toppled out and fell onto the floor, groaning and blabbering random strings of words and phrases as he stood up.copyright protection101PENANA7n9NRIc3AW

"Why you do this to me..." he said sadly, I laughed lightly, "Cause you wouldn't wake up!" I replied, lying back down on the bed, closing my eyes as I heard the door click open and closed. Time for some sleep! copyright protection101PENANAqZB6uzrO90

[Dream Sequence]copyright protection101PENANAoPfuyBY5Qb

Are you crazy?copyright protection101PENANAGYzPMryZv8

My phone dinged with a reply,copyright protection101PENANAVV8x1C6sqg

Are you crazy?copyright protection101PENANAtP5IjEkiJb

Scaninng my finger-print to unlock it, I scrolled to the message:copyright protection101PENANAupa4fWvNV1

Are you crazy?copyright protection101PENANAWRX4oZHvr8

'A: WHY ARENT I GOOD ENOUGH?!'copyright protection101PENANALVYREivYAf

Are you crazy?copyright protection101PENANAa5Fk9UhFId

Shittt.copyright protection101PENANAGE5EJtDrZ5

Must be stupid if you think that we can start againcopyright protection101PENANAAL0yCFR8Es

I typed back a reply quickly, copyright protection101PENANAnOx39GXqmG

Are you joking? Must be joking105Please respect copyright.PENANAWrc9HJeg4B
You ain't laughin', I ain't smokin'
copyright protection101PENANAD3lIH4ckwc

'C: You are, I just love you as a brother it all.'copyright protection101PENANAp6XqFA5xJJ

Must be crazy if you think that we can start againcopyright protection101PENANAZ7ywaHd77z

Then my phone started ringing, scaring the living Hell out of me. copyright protection101PENANAOLC9tkeGEK

Yeah, ain't no need to cry no morecopyright protection101PENANAS4RPvxqA49

His face was stained with faded streaks, Was he crying?copyright protection101PENANAk3gTAqANyI

When you break my heart into twenty fourcopyright protection101PENANAnmtZwXkKEZ

It shattered my heart but I still managed to choke out, "Why're you crying?" copyright protection101PENANAvw3mmyUM9Z

I'll pick up the pieces you leftcopyright protection101PENANAWu2cnDDYqb

He glanced up, turning his attention to me then back down at the keyboard and typing something.copyright protection101PENANAHNybN497PN

If you think I'm coming back,105Please respect copyright.PENANAmDhVjBfONx
Don't hold your breath
copyright protection101PENANA6kjaHGJBtT

'A: Because you chose Brendan over me, I'm jealous.' copyright protection101PENANAApnDCLgfJH

I ain't your mister, no105Please respect copyright.PENANAxBewqGp76m
'Cause I'm breakin' up with ya
copyright protection101PENANArqv0Ci5LqU

I was fed up. I cared for him and he always uses the same reason to guilt-trip me!copyright protection101PENANAyxeSIVyrx1

Shoulda hooked up with your sister105Please respect copyright.PENANAR3O4cvOrMT
Go now, here's my middle finger
copyright protection101PENANAl7rIL3t2jd

I brought my fingers to my keyboard, typing back, "Why're you like this???"copyright protection101PENANAJLEeLgxR1Y

'Cause I'm hurting, baby, hurting, babycopyright protection101PENANALAw0seV1Gs

Almost the instant that message was delivered, a reply was fired back: copyright protection101PENANA31AuKmyeoS

Look what you didcopyright protection101PENANAs8D6mpnUgp

'A:CAUSE YOU DONT CARE!!!'copyright protection101PENANAS1Zp1sEXtk

Are you crazy?copyright protection101PENANAqwm116nAlM

I groaned, throwing my phone across the room, letting it land on our sofa. copyright protection101PENANAsNU5TguhbL

Are you crazy?copyright protection101PENANAH4MHtO97LD

What the Hell is going on?!?copyright protection101PENANAsc9OdbVALg

Are you crazy?copyright protection101PENANAnd3hjXyOfJ

I wanted to wake up from this nightmare...I just needed something to trigger it...copyright protection101PENANAzWNmDhaMoW

Are you crazy?copyright protection101PENANAqR8AGmLCXx

I got it! copyright protection101PENANASkLWB4U9Ta

Must be stupid if you think that we can start againcopyright protection101PENANASt6GPJX0wm

I picked up my phone, which was now exploding with notifications, copyright protection101PENANAXWe6wUsiwp

Are you joking? Must be joking105Please respect copyright.PENANA38wk4QWjEJ
You ain't laughin', I ain't smokin'
copyright protection101PENANAPpJAmlFhuz

'C: Why did you tell them?'copyright protection101PENANArn2x4Sh2SO

Must be crazy if you think that we can start againcopyright protection101PENANAoQLDWixoA4

I got a reply: copyright protection101PENANAOqty1QTG7o

105Please respect copyright.PENANAQbl5IML8UR
Yeah, I'm with my boys hit the town105Please respect copyright.PENANAvLUjQ7PFzB
Let's go see what kind of chick knocks me out
copyright protection101PENANAfzLi7QaoS3

'A: Tell what to who?!copyright protection101PENANAdhTYUPgseR

Now I know that she wants me back105Please respect copyright.PENANAyCK5XOVU7A
Nothing sounds more better than "Hit the road, Jack" (Jack)
copyright protection101PENANAw3h0BiQvZY

I could feel his expression changing through the texts I received, copyright protection101PENANATfyFxFvH3n

105Please respect copyright.PENANAEYMZ3vMOEG
Don't call me mister,105Please respect copyright.PENANAG9rBtiJiXi
Girl, I've broken up with ya
copyright protection101PENANAKgEEfzuw1I

'C: Stallone, Stacy! Even Stefan! He wouldn't have known if it wasn't for you!'copyright protection101PENANAnxMFyoYpTX

Love me now, my name is bigger105Please respect copyright.PENANAUwVEBTsxOA
Girl, I'm giving you the finger
copyright protection101PENANAnMdWrLBWsF

'A: **Alex is calling**'copyright protection101PENANAkdVZSbymHz

105Please respect copyright.PENANA8syVsBqeq4
'Cause I'm hurting, baby, hurting, baby
copyright protection101PENANA547RKFfI49

I braced myself, answering the call and found him crying his eyes out, copyright protection101PENANAGsVTonEZj7

Look what you didcopyright protection101PENANAEElADdLbAt

And that alone made me shoot straight up from my bed in horror.copyright protection101PENANAKFxRxhwN0B

[End of Dream Sequence] copyright protection101PENANAWG3Rzredqy

Are you crazy?copyright protection101PENANAl4dGFQUq1u

Later I got ready and said bye to the guys, telling them I was gonna head to Alex'scopyright protection101PENANATMarEHJbuJ

Are you crazy?copyright protection101PENANAMrpPiZgxdH

On the way I heard my phone ring, but I declined it. copyright protection101PENANA6yMjfr9aSb

Are you crazy?copyright protection101PENANAEMYOeCwXN1

Once I arrived I gave two knocks on the door, patiently waiting when his mom answered, copyright protection101PENANAHAs7pL6Gik

Are you crazy?copyright protection101PENANAnpS9J8ATis

"Hello Mrs.Cambury, is Alex in?" She nodded, calling for him,copyright protection101PENANA4Xf2LtFiqt

You must be crazy, yeah, yeahcopyright protection101PENANAj83Mfsxm8Q

I smiled at her and she did the same, leaving when Alex greeted me. copyright protection101PENANAGvfzEZHfS0

No no no no no no no no no no no [2x]105Please respect copyright.PENANAU6emHHFr0C
Oh, no
copyright protection101PENANAIWXXZJqF1R

"What're you doing here?" He yawned, I took out my phone, showing him the texts to which his eyes widened, copyright protection101PENANA8lZb7fDECM

No no no no no no no no no no no [2x]copyright protection101PENANAviiLSXKzcC

He let out a sigh, apologising for being sad and emotional about such a small issue. copyright protection101PENANAzVzwSzgieh

105Please respect copyright.PENANAKU9FzKz1in
You don't understand105Please respect copyright.PENANACqQaliMMxc
There's no second chance for us, baby
copyright protection101PENANAamCaxKpbp1

"Its okay." I told him, patting his back and hugging him slightly.copyright protection101PENANAYUkgFcdqMq

Are you crazy?copyright protection101PENANA2mlCTeb9xp

He nodded, dragging me into his house so we could play for a bit before I went.copyright protection101PENANAqHL3RjOhvd

Are you crazy?copyright protection101PENANAjt8EKNQYeD

Loosing track of time, we ended up playing Mortal Kombat till afternoon, when the Stefan called me. copyright protection101PENANAogZKTTY42v

Are you crazy?copyright protection101PENANAttdfw5zkm5

"Cam? Aren't you hungry??" He chuckled from the other line, I agreed and said bye to Alex, heading home.copyright protection101PENANAyGzGkjubiI

Are you crazy?105Please respect copyright.PENANARrj5O1NtsO
105Please respect copyright.PENANA6cIfSi0sji
copyright protection101PENANAOHZOrSHqXJ

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