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The Sun & Moon
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Writer Chat Noir
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The Sun & Moon
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New friends!
Chat Noir
Jul 21, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!rh7obKUaUZgRjn9WX5lMposted on PENANA The three of us sat chatting until the bell rang. We decided walking  and hanging out with each other during lunch and break since our bestfriends' were either absent, or had detention. "Wait so how'd Derek get detention again??" I asked Brendan, he just laughed and explained that Derek did something wrong and his Hindi teacher gave him detention. I giggled, telling them it must be hard to have her as a teacher and Stefan nodded. 

"She even gave us detention for no reason once!" he exclaimed and Brendan laughed, hitting my shoulder in the process. It stung, I admit, but all that laughter was actually blocking the pain. We walked over to our music room and had a seat. The atmosphere was nice, windy and sunny. Just how I liked it. We continued talking and talking until the bell rang once more and we had to split. We did exchange phone numbers before we did though. And once the day was over I said goodbye to them and decided to yank out my phone and create a group with the three of us:copyright protection77PENANAPOESfoSE8C

' 🐱Camila🐱 added 🔆Brendan🔆 and ✨Stefan✨copyright protection77PENANAlATtZ5dTf8

B: What's this?copyright protection77PENANATv0dS99Pfv

C: Group :Pcopyright protection77PENANAC4jhWzFOeO

S: For???copyright protection77PENANArzol2nqghF

B: Why?copyright protection77PENANAobboo4yxTO

C: Idk, for funcopyright protection77PENANA2wSmNPVsEa

B: Okcopyright protection77PENANAg5JFrM3R2k

S: Kcopyright protection77PENANAxrwIPUMosG

Cam, you still in school?copyright protection77PENANAcuc4RZUNsy

C: Yeah, why?copyright protection77PENANAXIDGo4trWv

S: Look behind you'copyright protection77PENANAMtWibMcYaE

I jumped silently seeing Stefan behind me, scaring the wits out of me. "Dont do that!" I scowled playfully while he just smirked, tucking his phone back into his pocket. "But it was funny." He remarked and I just pouted, getting up from my spot and starting to walk off. I felt him grab my arm, I turned to face him and he just looked at me. I felt like we were communicating telephatically as I sat down next to him and just stayed quiet and looked downwards. copyright protection77PENANAEm9Rr1QlOj

It was quiet...but peaceful.copyright protection77PENANAUL2xsqCVSy

I started feeling a bit uncomfortable and took out my phone to play something, I played my music softly, making it almost inaudible while I hummed to it and opened another app to color. Stefan started peering over my head and watching me do what I was doing, he wasn't necessarily disturbing me or anything so I just left him alone. Until he waved my lunch bag in front of my face. "Is that mine?" I asked him curiously, he smirked and stood up. copyright protection77PENANArF2oXeaacl

At first sight, I thought he was gonna run but he just stood still and held his hand high up. I stood up as well, frustrated at our height difference. I saw what his plan was, considering that he was so so so so much taller than me. I jumped and hopped but I still couldn't reach just wrist. So I thought of what I could do, he looked at me like I was going to give up, but I wasn't. Instead, I took my bag and slung it around my shoulder as I grasped his pencil case and held tight. His eyes widened.copyright protection77PENANAPRIZIa0zwO

"Can I have my pencil case?" He asked but I shook my head, "Can I have my lunch bag?" I redirected the question and he laughed, I blushed. "Here." he lowered his hand, still slightly paranoid he might just yank it back, I pounced on it to grab it but didn't give him back his pencil case, slipping my lunch bag back into my school bag. He looked at me, astonished but amused. "Give it." He ordered, holding out his hand like a bridge and doing a grabbing motion. I shook my head, smiling mischievously as I ran and hid behind a wall in our cafeteria. copyright protection77PENANASqAUY3lAZd

It was silent at first, I kept peeking out from the side, totally forgetting that they made a new enterance on the opposite side. Suddenly I felt a wind blow by me and the pencil case snatched out of my hand. He was quick alright. He held it in the air in success, his glasses sliding down. I laughed as I heard my phone ringing, signalling that I had to go back. I waved him bye and headed home. copyright protection77PENANA9qScPQqZ0D

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Chat Noir - What do you expect 
11 months agoreply

Lunassandra Hughes - I like the more formal writing in this issue. So far, my favorite. Also, what is a Hindi teacher?
11 months agoreply