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The Mansion
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The Mansion
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The End
Chat Noir
Nov 6, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!wauSkvVo44xzfIyGBjohposted on PENANA -Crystal’s p.o.v-

Why.. A question rang through my veins. Why would ‘Love’ be the answer? Of all things.. Wait— maybe..copyright protection59PENANADwTzQIo61w

”Love. Because you can win the heart of most but love can only be bought by the richest and most posh of gentlemen or ladies. We say “I love you” over and over, time and time again but we hate as well. Don’t we? In fact, hating isn’t such a bad thing, what’s worse is that we throw it around as if it was just a word. Love. Is not just a word, it’s something different. It’s something that brought us all together, all here. If not we could’ve just left Sam there. But no! Why?! Because we’re all in this together!” I was panting, tears cascading down my red cheeks. copyright protection59PENANA5yGzr05mpa

Everyone rushed to my side. I nearly passed out. Ben and Prexa catching me and helping me to feet, holding me steady as the guardian approached us. “Very well then. You can have the ring for I am satisfied....” he paused for awhile, observing our little victory cheer. “However.” We all froze in dread. “YOU. Girl, you know too much I’m afraid.” He stated, a shrivelled finger pointing itself to me. I pulled away from the group and turned to him, “So?” I challenged, “Your friends may return, but you have to die.” copyright protection59PENANArWJGEingBL

My world came crashing down. My heart sank to my stomach and my eyes teared. “I have a request then, Gaurdian.” I choked out weakly, he nodded as a cue for me to go on. “Let me say goodbye to all of them first, and Hella must be gone.” I stayed with whatever confidence I had left. The wretched Gaurdian nodded, “Very well then.” And with the snap of his fingers, we were all teleported back in the room with Sam. Amon yanked the key out of my hand. “YOU WITCH, GET OUT OF HIM NOW..” he sobbed, throwing the key at Sam. copyright protection59PENANAyfirP89dfb

He caught it, and soon he fell back onto the bed and blacked out again. We shook him awake and he looked at us with some sort of emotion. I sighed..explaining my last wish and watching his eyes water. “Don’t cry guys..” I pleaded, the last thing I wanted to see was their smiles, not frowns. I ran over to them and hugged them all as if the world was ending, which, for me, it literally was.copyright protection59PENANAKkKqUbr0yQ

With tears streaming down our faces I waved goodbye. Falling back and watching my whole life fade to black.copyright protection59PENANAaZNUGsc3JO

~THE END~copyright protection59PENANAPh47JUgT8v

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Aoki-San - . . . . . . .
10 months agoreply

Chat Noir - I’ll change the ending if you want
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