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Short Story
Precious Memories
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Writer Michi Watanabe
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Precious Memories
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Michi Watanabe
Jul 22, 2017
20 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!fYGrRRG2MQofgQG6uB4rposted on PENANA

Precious Memoriescopyright protection48PENANAzhBF3qkqie

          Happiness and sadness, trust and doubts, dreams and reality, alongside many other matters become what eventually define life. Like two sides of a coin, every beginning has an end. In this case, a young couple who were at the peak of their happiness started what began as their precious memories.copyright protection48PENANAKydq04iG74

          “Haah…It’s already this late…you need to dress appropriately or you’ll get sick Anya” The young man approached the beautiful girl with silver flowing hair. With a sigh, he took off his coat and covered Anya’s body with it.copyright protection48PENANAwwjNm0TQBY

          “Ah…! Hugo-san you surprised me…” Anya short for Anastasia jumped up when she heard Hugo’s voice. Realizing she was cold, Anya held the coat she was given closer to her body. There was also another reason she did it but she couldn’t say why.copyright protection48PENANAhbgTQjkaKD

          Standing beside Anya, Hugo leaned forward on the guardrail of their houses porch as he looked up gazing at the stars lighting up the sky.copyright protection48PENANApubCVbHeSP

          “Today is a beautiful clear night sky. You sure do love stargazing…Anya”copyright protection48PENANAiplCcHD6ye

          “Ohh… Да…ah yes! It just somehow calls me down…” A light smile lit up on Anya’s face.  Feeling a bit flustered, she held the coat even tighter.copyright protection48PENANA4PqkJhE3ro

          “Is that so…I did some research about stars but I still don’t understand what is it that seems interesting about them to make you love them so much.” Hugo scratched the back of his head thinking about the boring things he looked up in his studies about the gas and chemical structures that resides within the so called stars.copyright protection48PENANAGRTStO4b2W

          Giggling a little, Anya tilted her head to the side facing upwards to meet Hugo’s eyes. “вы…You never change now do you Hugo-san?”copyright protection48PENANA0lmlYz3BFB

Hugo was a bit surprised with Anya’s reaction as he stepped back a little, he then answered with a bit annoyed voice. “Huh? What do mean by that?”copyright protection48PENANAQJrg3ayHe0

          “Нет Нет! I-I mean no! I don’t mean it in a bad way…” Moving closer towards Hugo, Anya gently held Hugo’s hand with her own. “Я…i’m just glad that Hugo-san is still Hugo-san. I wouldn’t know what to do if Hugo-san изменено… I mean changed when we started to live together”copyright protection48PENANA6VRZNlNRwQ

          Heaving a sigh, Hugo used his free hand and gently placed it over Anya’s cold small hands which held on to his other hand. “I’m sorry… I guess I’m just a bit tired and on edge with all the work piling up. I didn’t mean to get mad at you” Hugo said as he rubbed the small hands of the one he loved.copyright protection48PENANAOxcbTbKWMp

          “Да…I know! Because, you know I’ve always been watching Hugo-san.” Anya then boldly held onto Hugo’s arm, hugging it to her chest. Tilting her head up, Anya made a kissing gesture.copyright protection48PENANAxD8YUc9sUn

          “A-anya…?” Hugo was flustered by her behavior.copyright protection48PENANAs0jjZ6FNYb

          Anya just stood there silently with her eyes closed in wait. It didn’t take Hugo much to realize what Anya was hinting but he just still feels embarrassed doing it. Not that he hates it, it’s more like he loves Anya so much that he just wants to protect her.copyright protection48PENANAENJRYC2IyO

          Gently bending down to her height, Hugo caressed Anya’s soft cheek with his free hand as she trembled upon being touched. Slowly moving his face closer towards Anya, Hugo then planted a gentle dry kiss before backing away, covering his face.copyright protection48PENANA76sg5mteOn

          “…что? …Um, what is it?”  Anya placed one hand on her lips as she looked innocently towards Hugo.copyright protection48PENANACgoVAo2fc1

          “Umm no… nothing” Hugo scratched the back of his head. “I guess looking at you is more interesting than stargazing to me so I couldn’t resist”copyright protection48PENANArQOaHMMJvk

          Anya giggled, taking Hugo’s hand she looked him straight in the eye. “Hugo-san, look at the sky…” She then tilted her head upwards “Звезда… a shooting star! Let’s make a wish for our baby!”copyright protection48PENANAyDr0UwmnKb

          “B-baby!? When did that happen! Why didn’t you tell me sooner” Hugo complained but then also looked up after seeing Anya’s happy reaction.copyright protection48PENANALnr9j2xlhJ

          Tugging onto Hugo’s arm Anya urged him to make a wish. She has believed that if you wish upon a shooting star your wish will be granted. “Hugo желание! Hurry, make a wish!”copyright protection48PENANAmIAaThXF1t

          Closing their eyes, hand in hand, the two shouted out their wishes deep within their hearts.copyright protection48PENANA0z6rA0XXoI

          (Let Anya’s wish come true)copyright protection48PENANA896AipCQKU

          (I wish our baby to be born healthy and love his father as much as I do)copyright protection48PENANAA7Cbivsgbu

          As the meteor shower ended, so did their night. Keeping their wishes secret to each other, Hugo carried Anya back to their room.copyright protection48PENANAJb4PDEQABe

          Four months has passed since their wish that night. It was a time where it was considered the halfway point before their child was born. Anya has grown healthy and gained more weight due to pregnancy as her stomach started to swell up. Despite that Hugo continued to do his best and never stopped loving his wife. Their days continued but as time passed on, their worries also grew.copyright protection48PENANAjKnpkGPWxA

          As usual, Anya was quite the early riser. As a wife, Anya had continued honing her house keeping skills. Among those, cooking was one of them. Silently getting off the bed, she leaned over and kissed Hugo’s forehead as he was still fast asleep before leaving the bedroom heading towards the kitchen.copyright protection48PENANAQ8HtjZZMga

          Groaning while searching for his glasses before putting them on, Hugo called out to Anya. “Anya… you’re sneaking out early again?” Setting aside the blanket, Hugo got up from bed and walked over towards Anya.copyright protection48PENANAgZmlPZZFAB

          “Ah.. Доброе утро! I mean good morning Hugo-san!” Anya jumped up startled as she was found out.copyright protection48PENANATTlhjGY8Cw

          Hugo heaved a sigh as he put his arm around Anya’s waist. “Didn’t you already promise me to let me handle the cooking from now on? I don’t want you to overwork yourself… Just watch over our baby, okay?”copyright protection48PENANAItEqXXqXKG

          “Да… yeah?” Anya replied in a disheartened voice. “Then… Hugo-san must promise me to be a wonderful готовить, I mean cook for our child then!”copyright protection48PENANA80Fuluula4

          “O-of course! Cooking is like science, leave it to me!” Hugo puffed up his chest trying to show off his pride. But deep down he is worried he can live up to her expectation.copyright protection48PENANAX4YjliZkrC

          Anya giggled at Hugo’s response. Giving him a peck on his cheek, Anya led the way to kitchen. “Ok then I’ll leave it to you chef!”copyright protection48PENANAQa5vA3s00c

          Afterwards, the two started off their morning with cooking breakfast. Hugo was really bad at cooking at first, but he was a hard worker and with each passing day he got better and better at it. Today was pretty exceptional. He was now capable of frying eggs properly without burning them. Anya applauded Hugo for his magnificent sunny side up eggs.copyright protection48PENANAH8dmDzR7U1

          The two then enjoyed their meal together with a light chat and even more cooking talks which Anya is very enthusiastically happy to teach, Hugo would then tidy up and quickly got ready to work. With a kiss to send Hugo off to work, their morning ended.copyright protection48PENANAcS5bbrtaMU

          After Hugo left for work, Anya finally showed her true colors. She had a secret she wanted to keep from Hugo no matter what. Because of that, Anya always did her best to make Hugo happy. But luckily, Anya wasn’t alone, and when she couldn’t handle it by herself she has always had Minami who she looked up to.copyright protection48PENANAMC4S7FVAFW

          *Ding-dong* The sound of a doorbell ringing rang out within the small house. Footsteps could be heard as the owner walked towards the door on the smooth wooden floor.copyright protection48PENANANn51JIABQv

          Opening the door, Anya was suddenly assaulted with by a brown haired beauty who had embraced her. “M-minami!!?” Anya’s body immediately swooned and almost fell backwards.copyright protection48PENANAC3nIeyaHIW

          Pulling Anya back, Minami balanced their body and managed to avert Anya’s fall as she sighed. “Good morning Anya-chan! Let’s do our best today too!” As if nothing just happened, Minami cheerfully smiled towards the surprised Anya.copyright protection48PENANACvyHnGmjh2

          It’s been a routine activity for Minami to come by almost every single day to take care of Anya. In terms of friendship, they were the closest even back in their idol days. Although Anya is a bit reluctant to constantly be helped by Minami, she also can’t help but admire her as an older sister. It is also due to Minami that she has grown into the habit of forcing herself to the limit just to be the best she can be for Hugo.copyright protection48PENANAg4pl694GKV

          As they did Anya’s daily house working choirs which Anya pleaded for Minami’s guidance, Minami constantly dictated the easiest method’s to do things which Anya took note of. After a while they decided to take a break and sat down in the living room.copyright protection48PENANAcnYz5c8gUQ

          “Hey Anya…have you told him?” Minami said as she poured two cups of tea, setting them in front of each other.copyright protection48PENANAcxmLeJsA3J

          “About our детка… I mean child? Yeah, I already told Hugo-san and he was very excited to hear about it that he won’t even let me do anything for him anymore telling me to rest! Not честно..ah..fair right?” Anya looked away as she unnecessarily stirred her unsweetened tea and brought it to her lips.copyright protection48PENANACjO1FUbJBV

          “So you haven’t!?” Minami firmly held the cup in her hands and made a serious expression towards Anya. “You know what I’m talking about right Anya…Hugo should know about it, it’s something that he will eventually know, but the sooner the better right?”copyright protection48PENANAENiDmoQuEK

          “знать…I know…” Anya’s hand started shaking as her cup rattled spilling out some of the tea. “But this child, and our life together is one of our dreams. Won’t it work out somehow!? Minami-san said it herself that hard work will eventually pay off right? That’s why…” Clutching her cup as she held it closer to her chest, Anya looked up towards Minami with teary eyes. “I can do what I can right now!”copyright protection48PENANAlRhHCvr46v

          Minami overcome by her feelings of compassion set down her cup and extended her arms, grasping Anya’s trembling hands. “I know you are worried and scared that you might hurt Hugo-san but I think he deserves to know. After all, you are his beloved wife. I think it’s also part of his responsibility and duty to know everything about his wife.”copyright protection48PENANAOJPCLuwWe7

          Anya felt her chest tighten, she doesn’t like lying to Hugo but he doesn’t want to hurt him either. Trying to rebuke Anya replied. “But, what if he…-”copyright protection48PENANARTVawhzmMd

          Just as Anya was about to say what if Hugo were to leave her, the sound of the front door unlocking and footsteps approaching made her stop. A voice then called out to her.copyright protection48PENANA785pPHVhM1

          “Anya, I’m home! Is Minami coming over today again?”copyright protection48PENANANAKCdv6Jrl

          Just as Anya was about to get up and greet Hugo home, Minami got up and made a shushing gesture by lifting a finger in front of her lips and winking an eye at Anya. She then whispered to her.copyright protection48PENANARjeMtL428R

          “Whether you tell him or not is all up to you Anya.” Leaning closer towards Anya, Minami held one of Anya’s hands in her hands reassuring her. “Whatever you choose, I will always support you! So live your life to the fullest!” Minami smiled before leaving.copyright protection48PENANAgfZlEP3z6Q

            Wiping away her tears, Anya smiled back towards Minami. “Да… thank you Minami.”copyright protection48PENANABTrlwERDoi

          On the way out, Minami bumped into Hugo who looked pretty tired.copyright protection48PENANAYgCd36Y787

          “Minami? Going home already? Why don’t you join us for dinner? I’ve gotten way better at cooking now due to Anya’s teaching” Hugo tried to look energetic but but Minami saw through it.copyright protection48PENANAZpmYL1NPAU

          Shaking her head Minami refused. “I’m sorry Hugo-san, I remembered I had something to do tonight. So, maybe next time perhaps?” Minami gently patted the back of Hugo’s back as she then waved and made her way towards the front door.copyright protection48PENANAFbO7xkMoYa

          “Ah then let me see you off then” Hugo tried to go after Minami but was waved away by her.copyright protection48PENANAHWrjaup9Cy

          “No, it’s okay Hugo-san, this is already like my second home since I’ve been coming over so many times. Rather than me, Anya is waiting for you inside. So I’ll be taking my leave then!” Minami then exited the house leaving Hugo before he said anything else.copyright protection48PENANAgBYCzJEnye

          Hugo was very tired. At any moment, his legs could have even given way, and he felt that if he could faint he just might. But he didn’t. Instead he slapped his cheeks and tried to make the most energetic expression he could muster as he walked towards the living room where Anya was waiting.copyright protection48PENANAieq6lXr7mp

          As Hugo entered the living room, a bright smiling Anya greeted him as she took his coat for him and put it away while leading Hugo to sit down first.copyright protection48PENANAi4mJowdOGP

          "Привет♪ (Hello♪) Dear" Anya teasing called out to Hugo.copyright protection48PENANAmWrlz04dnD

          Caught surprised by Anya’s sudden nickname Hugo leaped back forgetting his exhaustion as he flustered thinking about a notorious catchphrase* that came after it.copyright protection48PENANAsGRSMdQeld

          Still flustered, Hugo blatantly shouted out. “No, no I’m cooking dinner and preparing my own bath so, no!”copyright protection48PENANAEEh0oFxBtd

          Confused, Anya touched Hugo’s forehead. “What do you mean Hugo-san…? Are you больной I mean sick?” Anya then kneeled down in front of Hugo looking worried.copyright protection48PENANArQaSbJTgWh

          “Eh…? Ah…No I was just surprised when you called me Dear all of a sudden… did Minami teach you that?”copyright protection48PENANAToXLhKZ7Yk

          Looking pretty bashful Anya looked Hugo in the eye. “So…is it a bad thing…?” Her red lips looked a little moist, and her soft breathing tickled Hugo’s face as she closed in while saying those words.copyright protection48PENANAkCZCDnhbZL

          It was like a magical spell, Hugo fatigue would always be washed away by Anya’s cuteness. It was this very reason that made Hugo love her even more than necessary. It was also because Anya was the way she is that Hugo goes to such lengths to make her happy.copyright protection48PENANAprBzkNid3e

          Trying hard to resist the allure to kiss Anya, Hugo looked away and took of his glasses that had been fogged by Anya’s breath and wiped them. In doing so, Anya looked disappointed as she frowned and puffed her cheeks. But, Hugo took off his glasses just for that reason. It’s because Anya’s surprised face is the best cure for his fatigue. Immediately after, Hugo pulled Anya closer and kissed her.copyright protection48PENANAvWDsHUcG2b

          Trying to pull away, Anya muffled her words as Hugo kissed her. “Mmmph..!!? H-Hugo-san…” Her breath started to become ragged and the sounds of her thumping heart could be heard throughout the silent small living room. Feeling embarrassed, Anya covered her face.copyright protection48PENANA1nO1ZsohDn

          Reaching out to her hands, holding them between his own, Hugo then whispered into Anya’s ear. “I love you Anya...”copyright protection48PENANA32PFB9sUmw

          Whether due to happiness or the sadness for not being able to convey the secret she held with Minami. Tear’s flowed down Anya’s cheek as she returned Hugo’s kiss, leaping over him. In the end she never had it in her to ever properly tell Hugo her secret.copyright protection48PENANA9RsMkaHxRK

          Hugo was a hard worker, he was very diligent with his work. Even from the time Anya was an idol he had always been portrayed as a man who might as well spend his entire life indulging in his researches without a care for his life. But, who would’ve known that he would eventually get married with a girl, a popular idol at that.copyright protection48PENANAJT7xU70jpD

          Despite already being a hard worker, after marrying Anya, Hugo became an even far more work addict almost having no time to spare for Anya although they have just married. It was all due to him finding out the secrets behind Anya and why she stopped becoming an idol and returned to her family. As a perquisite to marrying Anya, her family had given Hugo a condition to never reveal her secret. That is, Anya long had a complication and her life is nearing its end and her health will gradually become extremely fragile. He was warned that, Anya might even die in the next year.  But despite all that, Hugo still married Anya, and vowed to research a way to make Anya’s body healthy again.copyright protection48PENANAHsGw7iFAc2

          Eventually, seven months has passed. Though their time together seems to be filled with happiness, there were also occasionally small bumps of trouble along the way. In truth each to their own, they held secrets that weighed them down. But that didn’t stop them towards showing their love to each other when they were together. They had fun times such as going out together in the spare time that Hugo had, whereas Hugo went overboard and bought baby supplies for both gender. To looking up and frivolously buying books about parenting methods and child care, while Anya simply giggled seeing how Hugo became such a devoted father making such a fuss over their first children.copyright protection48PENANA6mUz9eKQMC

          Finally one day, the day it all changed came. Hugo quietly got up like he usually has the past few months and prepared breakfast for his beloved wife who was still fast asleep. Her sleeping face looked very charming and peaceful giving Hugo his daily strength to start his day. After having his breakfast, Hugo carried Anya’s portion on a tray and set it beside the bed. He even wrote a lovely note written ‘I love you’ with a love sign on it. Sneaking a kiss on the sleeping beauty before him, Hugo then prepared to leave the house.copyright protection48PENANABvvJ3qQ3Jg

          Just as he was about to exit the house he heard the sound of a glass shattering and a muffled sound coming from inside.copyright protection48PENANAHqJnWRGCrT

          “…hugo…” A small muffled voice called out to him.copyright protection48PENANAEyfy7oNSfz

          Hugo felt a jolt of shock overcoming him as he dashed back inside towards the source of the voice. “Anya!!!” Hugo flung the door towards the master bedroom wide open as he saw Anya on the floor panting. Blood could be seen trailing down between her legs before she fainted. “Anya! Anyaaa!!! Hang in there!” Hugo called out to his beloved wife as he quickly carried her back to bed, calling an ambulance in panic.copyright protection48PENANAuQ5Zz8qqb9

          It’s been about 7 hours since Anya was brought to the hospital. Hugo had called upon Anya’s family and Minami about her condition and is now awaiting the results.copyright protection48PENANAHTAqhxiX9J

          Feeling concerned about Hugo who seemed distressed, Minami approached him and patted him on the back. “Hugo-san…don’t be too hard on yourself…It’s not your fault and Anya would be sad seeing you like this, right?” Minami tried to reassure him.copyright protection48PENANAROi6npvahK

          Pushing Minami away, Hugo raised his voice towards her. “You don’t know anything! How much I’ve tried to protect her! How much I’ve tried to ease her burden! How much I’ve worked to save up for our future and child! How much I’ve struggled to find a way to make her better! Do you know what it means to me? I’m a failure of a HUSBAND! THAT’S WHAT I MEAN!” Hugo shouted out startling everybody around them. All eyes were then looking towards Hugo as they started murmuring.copyright protection48PENANAKMBPLbXbC9

          Minami was taken aback by Hugo’s remark. She knows that Hugo is blaming himself, but she also promised Anya to keep a secret. But after seeing Hugo like this, she couldn’t bear to see things the way it is. So once again Minami stood up in front of Hugo and took in a deep breath.copyright protection48PENANAlj2WKjt2hD

          A loud slap could be heard throughout the waiting room. Minami with tears in her eyes slapped Hugo to calm him down before replying to him.copyright protection48PENANAM8r4fPuKZL

          “Hugo-san…Anya knew about her condition, she knew this might happen one day but she tried her best to show you a smile each time you return home, she struggled hard to learn things like cooking and doing house choirs to become a wife you can be proud of…and she tries hard to pretend she doesn’t know of how you always hide your fatigue whenever you got home despite it making her sad.”copyright protection48PENANAvJx6zjixvU

          While sobbing under her breath, Minami took in a deep breath continuing on. “But all she ever wanted was just to have happy memories together with the man she loves. She never asks for wealth or anything else in that matter…So Hugo-san…when you see her again please don’t show her this side of you…”copyright protection48PENANAGRdJNX3g0l

          Minami then left Hugo as she ran towards the nearest toilet. The area surrounding them became awkwardly silent, till a nurse came out and mentioned Hugo’s name.copyright protection48PENANAUMtlQJakta

          “Mr. Troyard, your wife wishes to see you”copyright protection48PENANA6YUE5tXn1t

          Still in a daze Hugo stared blankly into space, reminiscing Minami’s words.copyright protection48PENANAhIkvr7tvot

          “Mr. Troyard…?” The nurse approached Hugo.copyright protection48PENANAQifkE63Pqx

          “Ah! Sorry, I’ll be heading there right away!” Shaking his head, trying to clear his mind, Hugo followed the nurse towards the room where Anya was taken care of. On the way he tried to make the most relieved happy face he could before seeing Anya again.copyright protection48PENANAZwwUbBo9Zp

          “H-hugo-san! It's a мальчик.. a boy! We are having a baby boy!” As if her weak self in the morning was a lie, Anya was brightly smiling towards Hugo.copyright protection48PENANACg7XMz4f4t

          Anya’s face was pale in complexion, the only color left that could be seen from her once fair skin was her lips. It seemed to have been chewed recently and a small speck of blood still remained. It didn’t take much for Hugo to realize just how much in pain Anya was that she had to chew on her own lips. Seeing Anya in that condition made Hugo’s chest clench in pain.copyright protection48PENANAIVLYgp4kfv

          Doing his best to smile and look surprised, Hugo rushed to Anya’s side “Anya! Are you alright now!? Thank goodness you and our baby is okay…” Despite trying hard to hold back his tears, his eyes couldn’t hold in the welled up tears as they burst out.copyright protection48PENANASf2o9dZxmZ

          “Waahh…Hugo-san Счастье…Shouldn’t you be happy..!?” Anya wiped away Hugo’s tears as she herself started to shed tears of her own.copyright protection48PENANAXZf4W2D1hI

          “I am happy…the happiest man in the world to have you and our baby boy alive and well…” Hugo sobbed as Anya removed his soaked glasses for him.copyright protection48PENANAu0EfZUF3fU

          “I was thinking…we should name our child Slaine… my надежд ah that means hope… because I hope he can be better than his father here” Anya giggled as she hugged Hugo close to her chest.copyright protection48PENANAz79BvjPvRb

          Wiping away his own tears and Anya’s, Hugo then smiled. “Then it’s decided, our child’s name is Slaine…I’m sure he will also inherit her mother’s caring and loving nature. Then he will grow up to be a man capable of protecting his mother.”copyright protection48PENANAuObKS7Mw84

          Anya’s eyes became clouded as she gently smiled. “I’m sure he will be…” Making a gesture as if wanting a kiss, Anya closed her eyes.copyright protection48PENANAeD4TT3Oy73

          Responding to her request, Hugo gently kissed his beloved while joining their hands together. At the end, their eyes met as they slowly opened their eyes and whispered to each other ‘I love you’.copyright protection48PENANAtHbDiHX8dO

          After parting away from kissing, Anya caressed Hugo’s cheek as a nurse entered the room. Realizing the nurses gesture Anya relayed the message to Hugo. “'Oo- .. the доктор also said he wants to talks to you.. i wonder what his message is..”copyright protection48PENANAjICutvCf1L

          Although Hugo didn’t want to part from Anya, Anya urged him along and told him to go with the nurse while she waved him away. As Hugo exited the room, her family and Minami where the next to enter in place of him, but amidst the sounds of exchanging footsteps, a small murmured voice saying ‘Прощай моя любовь’ meaning goodbye my love could be heard as the door shut behind him before Hugo had the chance to look back at Anya once more.copyright protection48PENANAkgoo9hsXQA

          What the doctor said to Hugo afterwards broke his heart.copyright protection48PENANA1jhdXAUUJ7

          “Your wife Anastasia lost a lot of blood, it was a miracle that the baby survived. But, it was unfortunate that we cannot save your wife. She being still alive until now is more than a miracle due to her sheer will power alone. I am very sorr-…”copyright protection48PENANAJ3QlxjRazS

          Before the doctor finished his words, Hugo ran back towards Anya’s room. Everything in his sight was blurred, all he could think of at that moment was Anya. Her smile, her warmth, and her love, all the memories of her gushed into Hugo’s mind.copyright protection48PENANAVT9jijALgq

          The sound of a panicked nurse calling out a doctor, the sound of a flat medical line beeping, and the sound of everyone surrounding his beloved crying beside her bed was the last thing he remembered that day.copyright protection48PENANAliKDvIeqDX

          Three years has passed, Slaine has become a smart boy who was heralded as a prodigy being able to read and write at the age of three. Hugo since that day, left his job and continued his studies at home where he devoted most of his time into taking care of Slaine.copyright protection48PENANAxm0nIyGzIf

          Unexpectedly, on the day of their third anniversary since Hugo and Anya married each other. A letter appeared by the floor mat in front of their house as Hugo and Slaine were about to leave to visit their beloved wife and mother’s grave.copyright protection48PENANAsE9BXrUycb

          It was entitled ‘Dearly Beloved’copyright protection48PENANAZyuKbZtqq6

End.copyright protection48PENANAnXtolcW2MF

*The notorious remark is about the saying when a wife greets you when you come home and offer you three things. Would you like dinner? A bath? or protection48PENANAiekrQiTLR5

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