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3 AM
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Writer Tae
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3 AM
A - A - A
By Tae
No Plagiarism!jl2IsNVIh554qm4PWaiwposted on PENANA

A light skinned girl opened her green eyes. She lay still, staring at the white ceiling. The floors were uneven wood, the walls cracked and the furniture was trashed. The brunette blinked with a massive headache. No matter how hard she tried to remember who she was and how she got there, a wall prevented her from knowing.copyright protection87PENANAnnoo9tjHes

All she knew was that she felt that her surroundings were unfamiliar and her past was something she didn’t want to remember. So she stopped trying to remember and picked herself up. A jumble of letters flew through her head as they scrambled and squirmed around. Eventually they adjusted to fit a singular name; Annie Uteso.copyright protection87PENANApyNshgfcYx

She felt her pale lips tug upward. Ah, so that was her name. It felt a little unfamiliar, but that might be due to her memory loss. She made her way through the labyrinth of a house, checking doors to see if one lead outside. Eventually Annie found stairs that lead up to a hatch, to which she shoved with all her might for a good minute before the hatch lifts even slightly. From there it was easy to open. Cold air blew in the musty room along with a bit of snow.copyright protection87PENANAi3CIpHylRR

The brunette stepped out of the underground labyrinth, shivering in her light clothing. It was clear she had dressed for the wrong season. The area was covered in snow, the bare trees were blackened, and the area had a light purple haze.copyright protection87PENANASfehDoKX6Y

She looked back at the place came from. Oddly enough, it seemed as if the hatch hadn’t been opened in years. Had Annie gotten in a different way? No, she had checked all over the basement. Strange.copyright protection87PENANApvxdXOtd1r

As cold as the area was, the brunette felt as if going back inside basement was not what he had planned for her. Who was he? She had no clue. But trek onward she would, she did not feel like making him angry. As Annie entered the forest, shadows danced around and rocks acted like mirrors causing her to be very paranoid. Voices came from very different corners, each telling her to go towards them.copyright protection87PENANALjvn2U5BgW

Spirits are odd ones. If they call out to you, never go. Only talk to them if they approach you first. Get what I mean kiddo?copyright protection87PENANAs9cHqQ6aNc

The voice was one of a boy, the age was up to question. A mentor maybe? Annie followed the advice stayed on a clear path, ignoring the ever increasing volume of what she assumed were spirits. Her body felt almost pained from the cold, her breath becoming shaky and vision blurring. She kept walking anyway.copyright protection87PENANA9dHGqFvUSw

A glowing lake came into view. She stopped in time so she did not step into the silver liquid. However her feet collapsed beneath her, a dragonfly flew by as she fell towards the liquid with blackening vision.copyright protection87PENANAmEQR2SM7t2

Once she was submerged in the cold wet abyss, her eyes flew open as she felt silver liquid rush through her lungs. She attempted to swim up, but a blurred figure clasped onto her sharp teeth and yanked her down as she choked out the fluids.copyright protection87PENANA4WbgDC6KMT

As she blacked out she caught a glimpse of an underwater city.copyright protection87PENANAWW6DDxj8rc

Ey! It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything, so here’s something. There will be more.copyright protection87PENANAEOQvFSnrZR

Comments ( 5 )

Flow - mysterious 
1 year agoreply

The Hybrid Cat - I'm ALIVE, and Interested in this ... I'm going die its so obvious at this point 
1 year agoreply

Tae - thank you for the interest :D
1 year agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - Pack your bags, kids, we're going to Atlantis~

Oooor somewhere that's just very similar.
1 year agoreply

Tae - Not Atlantis, that city does not exist in the dimension :)
1 year agoreply