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Writer Tae
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3 AM
A - A - A
By Tae
No Plagiarism!zIj55vtGboEFWCHgRitTposted on PENANA

A human boy with tanned skin and black hair trudged through the snow in a large fur coat. Coming from a warmer climate made him more or less intolerant to the freezing weather. By his face he looked twenty at most, but the ancient air around him said otherwise.copyright protection98PENANAOymlrIN7is

Not that that made him anymore mature.copyright protection98PENANA8RasWgXqW8

It was clear that he was human. Possibly from the southern side of the continent of Tseurre judging by his tilted eyes and darker skin tone. A girl with bright green skin, pointed ears and long black hair ran up to him with a nervous smile. She wore a crop top and leather skirt with marking of her clan, she was attractive for her kind, not that that mattered much in her society.copyright protection98PENANAOBOLdv14Nv

Her shoulders sagged as she fidgeted and waited for the human to speak. She opened her mouth, before closing it. Over the years she had become more and more shy. The boy stopped abruptly and sighed.copyright protection98PENANAXC3kXu2LBk

“Luciana, I told you this is a mission I have to take on my own. Besides I just met you two days ago, why do you even want to help me?” his tone was irritated, causing the newly dubbed Luciana to flitch. His features softened once he knew he messed up. “Alright you can help me. Be lucky I’m such a pushover.”copyright protection98PENANAdKcnc8EayA

She grinned a smile full of sharp teeth. Then did a mixture of hand gestures, trying to decide his she wanted to shake his hand, high five him or give a hug. Eventually she settled on a bow, “I won’t disappoint you! So what are we tracking anyway.”copyright protection98PENANAjnb78pDauq

“A Dryad Elf. From the description she has long brown hair, wide green eyes, tall, but slim build and very pale skin,” the boy read off of a piece of parchment he kept in his coat pocket. The black haired girl gave him a disbelieving expression.copyright protection98PENANAFs3IM1cPMO

“Um, you are aware that the Dryad Elves were killed off four hundred years ago, right?” Luciana stated before smacking a hand over her mouth, shivering. Dang she forgot to keep her mouth shut. The human patted her on the head like she were a kitten.copyright protection98PENANAa0zmoLv2W3

“Most of them were, but some still live. They live in constant hiding now,” he stated as a Dragonfly landed on his head. He nodded as if it were talking, then ran in the direction of the forest as it flew away.copyright protection98PENANACfrOmzeZJI

“Aion wait!” the orc shouted as she chased after the human boy. Ignoring the spirit’s calling her, she nearly ran into the boy in front of her.copyright protection98PENANAqoat7XvkMh

He was staring at two elves. One with pale purple skin and long white hair with blangs that covered his eyes. The other with dark brown hair, pale skin and a wound on her leg. Both had long, pointed ears and wore little amounts of clothing. The different lied in that the girl’s pointed up wards and boy’s pointed downward.copyright protection98PENANA9WhIjGtOIq

Luciana flushed a bright red. The girl slept with her head on the boy’s lap as the boy stroked her hair. Were they a couple? Maybe this was a special moment. Aion stepped forward, but the elf boy hissed in a language neither understood.copyright protection98PENANASlFja1So1C

The human sighed and sat at the base of the tree. He pulled out an archiver, leafing through the pages in an attempt to find the language of the Umbra Elf used. He looked up at the orc and patted the patch of snow next to him. “You should sit, this will take awhile.”copyright protection98PENANA6s1gW8ers0

Comments ( 6 )

Flow - Language barrier will be tricky
1 year agoreply

The Hybrid Cat - I tried to read this at 3 AM to see if it would enhance the experience ... the fact I'm commenting now and not at 3 AM tells you the results   
1 year agoreply

Tae - lol
1 year agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - Cool, we got a continent name and a few races now. I'm looking forward to what the hunter and orc have to do with the girl who woke up on the floor.
1 year agoreply

Tae - He's not really a hunter, just searching for something and he needs the help of a Dryad Elf, because bloodlines. The orc and him met around two days ago, and Luciana( orc) knows nothing of what Aion seeks.

Everyone has different motives and backstories. Annie doesn't really have a motive at the moment, but it'll happen.
1 year agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - @Tae, Ah, I see...so, Dryad Elves have special blood.

I'm definitely looking forward to their fates intertwining.
1 year agoreply