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Writer Tae
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3 AM
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By Tae
Aug 18, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!YfKV2EcCl5HJRQoE1Kcfposted on PENANA

“Lady Lila, we will be at the destination soon,” a man with silver hair said as he rode on an interesting creature. It was the size of a small automobile with bronze fur and an orange ringed tail. It had six legs and was covered in soft fur which could sharpen at the sign of danger. The blonde girl ran a hand through her long hair.copyright protection49PENANAoZPBpDD4fY

“The Angelique’s headquarter’s should be a safe place for the time being,” the woman, then looked at a sulking girl off to the side. Her physical age seemed to be six, though in actual years that went by she was 25. A mere child in the elf society. You had to be at least 56 to be taken seriously.copyright protection49PENANAWdeG9hlmTG

“Taetai, I know you miss Silva, but it is not safe in that city anymore. Especially with the war and dark elves roaming around,” the mother said to her daughter. The child gave an unamused gaze. Lady Lila chuckled with a delicate smile, “You’ll understand wanting to keep family safe, when you have one.”copyright protection49PENANArAqirOXsya

“Like anyone would want a child with me!” Taetai blurted out. Dryads were beautiful yes, but in this time where the Umbra Elves were insistent on killing the last of them with no exception, who in their right mind would get involved with them?copyright protection49PENANAIW9xyybbCq

“You’ll find someone darling.”copyright protection49PENANAazEofNFBay

~~~copyright protection49PENANAhB9HUAwS34

Luciana opened her eyes groggily. She often dreamed of the pasts of those around her, whether it was their ancestors or themselves. She stared in the direction of the two elves. Most likely it was the ancestor of the Dryad Elf, due to the similarities between her and Lila. The orc had heard of Angelique, though it was long gone. copyright protection49PENANA2L1bjAKuLn

The Umbra elf was still awake, as was Aion. Neither moved an inch, even through the whole night. The Dryad elf had not awaken. Her leg had a wound that thankfully stopped bleeding before they got there and the girl breathed softly. Still, it was worrying. Luciana stood up from her spot and walked over to the two. She heard a sigh behind her.copyright protection49PENANAUVWyjcmYNw

“How do you expect to speak to him with the language barrier?” The brown haired man was calm as he spoke. The orc flipped to face him.copyright protection49PENANAx48HM3hiVl

“Aren’t you worried about her?” She pointed to the elfen girl. For a man trying to hunt a Dryad elf he didn’t seem to care much about her.copyright protection49PENANAnX7p9qZUUK

“I never said I wasn’t. Actually I know a few spells that could work on healing her. At least I used to know a few. My capabilities have been severely crippled I’m afraid. I no longer possess magical abilities,” at his words the black haired girl scrunched her eyebrows. copyright protection49PENANAhPGdn0pKZd

“Humans don’t have magical abilities and if they were a half breed they wouldn’t lose it very easily,” she muttered to which the humangave an amused smile.copyright protection49PENANAgwhpd4tvno

“I’m full blooded, but I had something taken from me and now I can’t use magic. Now I’m traveling to get it back,” Aion shrunk his archiver so that it fit in his pocket. Fancy tools that he had. The orc wondered where he got them.copyright protection49PENANARLmYawoaqj

The man stood up and trudged past the girl to the two elves. The two males had a staring contest, before the brunette spoke in Castellian. This only confirmed Luciana’s suspicions that the human was from the south. Surprisingly the Umbra spoke the language, despite their capital being far west.copyright protection49PENANAVH8BVwBlgA

As they proceeded to go into a deep conversation the Dryad began to awaken. As soon as she realized her position on the Umbra she shot up and proceeded to cling to Aion instead.copyright protection49PENANAyx7QWlVpRi

This seemed to surprise the purple elf, though Aion took it in stride. He spoke in the northern language that Luciana was used to, “what’s your name kiddo?”copyright protection49PENANAOI4bGeH5p7

“Annie Uteso,” she replied, it was clear she felt comfortable around him. The Umbra clenched his teeth in irritation and spoke in the same rough language he first addresses them in. The Dryad’s eyes widened in fear and she clung tighter to Aion’s coat.copyright protection49PENANApkPxVL3x7k

Luciana tapped her shoulder and smiled pleasantly, introducing herself. The Dryad didn’t warm up to the orc as easily as she did to the human and merely gave a nod in acknowledgement. The white hair elf stood up and Annie flinched. copyright protection49PENANA8FRgwNBrds

Unsurprisingly the purple elf got a hurt expression and walked several meters back. Sitting there instead of where the rest of the crew stood. Luciana raised a brow at the scene.copyright protection49PENANAK2bOdR3UXs

“Why is she so afraid of him? He seemed pretty nice,” the other two stared at her oddly.copyright protection49PENANA2mMSUIEYgL

“Unite as one against a common enemy, the white tyrants,” Annie mumbled her cryptic statement that even she didn’t seem to fully get. Aion on the other hand gave a more direct answer.copyright protection49PENANAioraFYYgpb

“Well if you were confronted with the species that slaughtered the majority of your race, would you be all buddy buddy with them?” the human asked and Luciana seemed to shrink.copyright protection49PENANAJaeUYrM2mJ

“Ha ha, yeah I guess…”copyright protection49PENANAup6hh10WZg

Comments ( 6 )

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - Well, that was interesting...just when I thought the Umbra and Dryad were together.

And it seems that humans possessing magic is unusual unless they're mixed blooded. Aion never said WHAT he race he's a full blood of, though maybe he meant human and Luciana just didn't know humans could use magic...or maybe one of his fancy gizmos gave him magic powers...like a wand or something. Either way, this is going to be an interesting story.
11 months agoreply

Flow - Ah yes, his supplier gives him hella good deals on those rare gadgets of his. Nice observations, tho he is fully human... currently.

When I introduced him I said that he had an ancient air around him. And his name basically means "for eternity"
11 months agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - @Flow, Ah, then I suppose he has as many gears as he can carry, at the price he catches them for. Ah, I see...so, shape shifter of some sort...except he fully becomes whatever he sets out to be.

Yeah, I guess I forgot about that. Ooh, coolness, his name is also ancient.
11 months agoreply

Flow - @Kokiri-Hylian-Hero,
Man he wishes he was a shape shifter
 Nah just human
11 months agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - @Flow, Hmm...I see.
11 months agoreply

Flow - For an orc Luci here is pretty timid
11 months agoreply

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