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Package Deal
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Package Deal
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Down on my luck and out of options
Jul 28, 2017
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Coxu58lqCUm4Mdj918jqposted on PENANA
53Please respect copyright.PENANAYNuK4HMSB2
Evelyn Childs is a twenty two year old waitress at a local diner. She had just graduated college. She is humble and hard working. In times when she could have used her looks to get ahead she has always put her focus on her mind and intelligence. One night at work in the middle of closing her boss gets touchy. 
Everyone else has already left for the night. She's washing dishes while he does paperwork in The office. A while later she heard him coming up behind her but ignored it. He made comments every now and then about her body but, she didn't think he would take it any further. 
Suddenly his chest was flush against her back. His hands caressing hers in the soapy water. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAQdqnIww3W9
"What are you doing Ryan?" 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAXjeKwyUyGd
"You said you wanted a raise. I thought we could do a trade." He brings his lips to her neck placing a kiss there. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAYF1sp69cZL
"Don't." She tried to move away but his arms tightened. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAePYFdGcKJ9
"You want this just as much as I do. Stop playing hard to get and take what's coming baby." His hands holding hers he ground into her. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANATHs8sZGmxn
"Your drunk. Stop before you do something you can't take back." She was trying to stay calm holding back tears. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAAw2BYsI8FH
"No one will believe you. You've been asking for it since... 
53Please respect copyright.PENANATTxSzKzMuj
She got her hand free. she kneed him in the balls and splashed soapy water in his eyes. When he let go of her other hand she grabbed a knife and ran. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAVo1nxtmdPU
"Your fired." he yelled after her. "Fucking bitch." 
53Please respect copyright.PENANABpqE1p6JyL
She ran to her car drove home to the apartment she shared with her roommate. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANArsFYkfJT1e
53Please respect copyright.PENANAcWCdk9HGnw
Since then she's been looking for a new job with no luck. She couldn't understand it. She had just graduated college. She had no criminal background. Why wouldn't anyone hire her? She pushed her doubts back and decided to stay positive. Quitters never win anyways 
53Please respect copyright.PENANABYW1DXqKHY
She got up dressed wearing a black sleeveless, collard shirt with white beads on the collar. She paired it with a white, high wasted a line skirt and red heals. She had left her light brown hair down. Yesterday she had seen an add in the paper for a waitress. The address seemed familiar but there weren't many restaurants in the area. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAw9qc8LrSFt
She was a little leery about companies that outsourced for employees. When she had first moved to NYC , she worked for a temp agency. That place was made up of addicts and prostitutes trying to go straight. She hoped this would turn out better. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANA6RqJ5LTMsh
The front and back of the building had two different addresses. They also different architect styles. The front had big red metal doors. Two guards stood out front. All the windows had a dark tent. The windows in the back were lighter and there were more of them. the doors were glass. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAj3gf4TdvDV
She parked in the back parking lot as she'd been instructed. She walked up to the sliding glass doors then into a modest entry way. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAu94VldGN5l
Inside was cool compared to the summer heat. A man at a desk. " Can I help You miss?" He looked more like a bouncer at a club than a office security guard. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAgcdHVisO5U
"I'm here for an interview." 
53Please respect copyright.PENANA5oXlD2fRxS
53Please respect copyright.PENANAM11RXn4Daa
"Evelyn Childs." 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAZrmc8hvA6A
He nodded. Picked up the phone and dialed. "The next ones here."He said into the receiver. He listened for a moment then he hung up. "They'll be down for you." 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAvcZtyDvNu3
Five minutes later she heard heals clicking on the tile. A tall blonde came around the corner. Wearing a dimple dress. follow me Ms. Childs."
53Please respect copyright.PENANAGh5H825dGf
She didn't introduce herself. Evefollwed to evevator. The woman used a key to get to the floor. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAnFGJRO1np8
They came out a few moments later the floors were a darker wood. Modern art hung along on the walls. There was a waiting area with enough seats for twenty people but, She only saw four offices. Though it was hard to tell since the doors were closed. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAYVkXoTATH4
The woman led her into a large office. It obviously belonged to a male. She could tell by the design of the furniture. The dark grey walls. The woman offered her drink which she refused. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAXnl25u4aHK
A moment later a man in his early twenties walked in. He was wearing a suit could tell from the lines that it was expensive. His blonde hair was cut in that trendy way where the sides are short but the top is long. He shut the door and came to shake her hand. Ms. Childs I'm Andrew Davis." He smiled his light blue eyes focused on hers. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAp5p6PhURFk
"A pleasure to meet you sir." She was distracted by the woman sitting next to her. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAZDfkAEdbxU
"You've met my assistant Diane she'll stay here the duration of the interview, it's Company policy. Just try and focus on me?" 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAguiCxn6BxO
She nodded. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAmXTM3J4YAJ
They made small talk while he glanced over her reseme. "Your 22. Attended NYC what did you study in school?" 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAjzmyTXc78K
"Art history and English." 
53Please respect copyright.PENANA2ofk0MI7og
That made him smile. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAVKdPwhyAg8
"Who are your favorite authors?"
53Please respect copyright.PENANAkzIG8CElJN
" Margaret Keane and Salvatore Dali.".
53Please respect copyright.PENANA6Mbl7c8Pjw
"Dali is one of his favorites too." He smiled. "Are you currently employed?" He looked at her.
53Please respect copyright.PENANA5fhj4OBDoR
She shook her head. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANALJqupz64UQ
"What happened at Antonio's?" He said reading her resume. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAR0C3mKfuzz
"I just wanted something different." 
53Please respect copyright.PENANA0FPiZU6Axu
"Really there wasn't any altercation? 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAsjeSNErTIm
She froze. "I'm not..." She shook her head why was he asking me this. " No." Her voice soft. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAKzmnDI7TcH
"I talked to one of the managers there. A David I think. He didn't have nice things to say." 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAsdmivlcBWJ
"What did he say?" 
53Please respect copyright.PENANA6o2khPYJJH
He put the paper down and looked at her his blue eyes watching her. " He said he caught you stealing." 
53Please respect copyright.PENANA5thrQUaXNn
Her mouth dropped open. She couldn't believe the nerve of him. She shook her head fighting tears. "That explains why I haven't gotten a job."
53Please respect copyright.PENANAFgB1y6nKIk
"Would you tell me what happened?" 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAuPIwaZm9J5
She looked at him and Diane. " He, tried..." She shook her head and took a breath. "He sexually harassed me. He got angry when I didn't return his advances and I left. I may have kneed him in balls." 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAQOz7gq2qoP
"That happens more then I'd like to admit. Beautiful, sweet, smart woman. like yourself, are often taken advantage of in our society. This David is a real creep." He stood and came around the desk. " I'm glade you got away from that place and I'm glade you're here today. Id like to hire you but, I need to check with the other owners first. I think you would add to our ambience." 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAN35p4Evsoe
Something about the way he said that made her nervous. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAMT4vpevLoe
"She'll have to come back to sign her contract and we need to get her measurments." He said looking at Diane beside her. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANARe2rmiRpJf
"What exactly is the job?" 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAexjkWnYsQn
"You'll be a waitress at the lounge. You'll get the rest of the details before you sign." He pulled out his phone answering a text. "When will they all be back?" He asked Diane. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAGChL8GZDso
"Not for almost four weeks but, Mr. Johnson will be in on thursday." 
53Please respect copyright.PENANARkCTLZcDoW
"Schedule us all. Even Kathy. 2 pm. Have the lawyer draw up the contract. Does Thursday at 2 work for you miss Childs?" 
53Please respect copyright.PENANASDtbYpzXSq
She nodded they shook hands Diane escorted her out out. "When you return, you should be free of any excess body hair and make up. Also ..." She cleared her throat "Supportive under garments. Your natural measurements will be taken by the stylist. She likes a clean palette.I've seen her make the girls shower to wash off make up and hair product before beginning." 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAlz3CkbikOL
53Please respect copyright.PENANAIG5lARkMuJ
Diane nodded smiled. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAInmcylC8iu
At home she went straight to the desk to research her potential bosses. The Locker Room was owned by four guys. All under thirty from wealthy families In New York. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAzD3CfnNyIC
They had all attended the same boarding school and college. They were also in the same fraternity. They seemed tight knit but they also seemed very different from one another. From what she saw there was a Jock, a nerd, the class clown and the strong and silent type. There wasn't much about the club it's self though. The only info the website gave was a brief discription:
53Please respect copyright.PENANAjqioLSf6FJ
The lounge was a supper club but offered hotel rooms, a gym, massage and spa treatments. Offering anything the business man could need. Dinner or drinks with a client. Rooms, when the drive home out of the city seemed too long or just some much needed relaxation after a day in the office. Gentleman only In Fine Print Woman Once A Year New Years eve. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAPo6cAFxdOP
Other than that it was just contact numbers for getting a memebership and where to send resumes.
53Please respect copyright.PENANAHntL0I9OgR
She was unsure about the job. Something seemed off. How could it be used for drinks with a client but only if it was a man? Then there was the talk of fittings and costumes. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAqAhJZ2Ce8h
A while later her roommate came home. Megan was the opposite of Eve. Thin without trying working out. She wad tall with long blonde hair and long legs. They had been roommates since collage. At times there differences made them argue but she was a good friend. 
She told her about the job and her reservations. "At least it's something for now. If you don't like it you can always switch."
53Please respect copyright.PENANAYYG5ahLIuA
The next day Megan treated her to lunch. Afterwards they went to the salon for mani petis and Eve had a full wax for her fitting. 
53Please respect copyright.PENANAycY1XYK6N1

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