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Short Story
Blondie's Short Stories
Writer Blondemaverick
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Blondie's Short Stories
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No Plagiarism!egIBenK0td83ws507vjzposted on PENANA

Short Story Content Descriptions:71Please respect copyright.PENANAwLCBUSoDgF
copyright protection67PENANAprckH0KQS4

Issue One - "Executable Forgiveness" (Drama, Sci-fi) - Estin is the first robot to be given agency; that is to say, given full human rights. However, his project is called into question after he's hacked and his integrity is compromised. Can he convince his wife it was only a one-off?copyright protection67PENANA16lJIz7szA

Issue Two - "Love on a Bed of Leaves and Letters" (Drama) - Julius Pessoa struggles with his guilt over the death of his young wife and his indecision to receive the gift she has left him in her craft room. Fall is a time of melancholy, but it is also one of promised renewal...copyright protection67PENANAGIDdbJdifw

Issue Three - "In the Garden" (Sci-fi, Time Travel) - Dr. Leandra Hayes meets with her long-time colleague and ex-lover, Terence Whitaker, to approve a new companion-model robot he's about to release. When Lean meets Ema though, her understanding of reality is ripped apart.copyright protection67PENANASEY5YF5JwY

Issue Four - "Forget Me Not" (Sci-Fan, Tragedy) - Spomenka and The Bounty Hunter fall in love on the dark-side of a terraformed Mars. However, disappointment and bloodshed are just around the corner.71Please respect copyright.PENANAWeBXQLac9F
copyright protection67PENANAOx59gNJngi

Issue Five - "Cloven Dreams" (Tragedy) - These five sentences were written for a flash contest titled "Break My Heart". It's 167 words of sand in your tequila sunrise. It's a handful of lines that sink into your bones and make your marrow ache. It's KO time... and I am not sorry.71Please respect copyright.PENANAM321Vufu2c
copyright protection67PENANAYW1B9clnuA

Art Credit (C) Donato Giancola71Please respect copyright.PENANAzyXbaS4ywk
copyright protection67PENANAUneSsdyyX4

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