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Sep 9, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!CACzoati2ajpaBHwiJDnposted on PENANA Ring's P.O.V -

Please don't let me leave , Nim,I am continuously  pleading , but in my mind , i have started to33Please respect copyright.PENANAXZUOpMUkDm
like him , in those few days , but i don’t know what does he feel for me . or what i am to him , i don’t know , if he even consider me his friend .copyright protection29PENANAKGaIlSCFaa

I mean i was top suspect , for being his best friend’s  murderer , just few days ago , ok , it was few weeks ago . but i still don’t know , how he sees me . but i can’t also deny the fact , that he have been in trouble and have been in danger , to keep me out of trouble and save my life .33Please respect copyright.PENANAfvsSbjFSod
copyright protection29PENANALNLnnayQsA

Why ? i started to feel this for him . tears started rolling down my cheeks, as i again mentally started to plead . soon my eyes caught something , and i shouted "Be careful" copyright protection29PENANA1LZbnGHGql

But he was not able to understand what i meant , then i slowly whispered coming in front of him" look the red, dot some one is aiming to shoot you "copyright protection29PENANA4a1eTm7v2i

It took him sometime to realize what i am saying, but that is strange he is always conscious or may be i am just unable to digest the fact , that i am leaving and he is letting me leave. he spontaneously spoke , which is his trade mark.copyright protection29PENANAGN6sbtCJk5

"hmmm, i know just let him aim me, and let him guess that we don't know he is aiming, i will signal you and then, we will run away , but for now stand out of his way"copyright protection29PENANAklQjwe0eVq

"But what if he hurt you ?"i will not be able to take that , i will not be able to see him hurt that too because of that person who is unfortunately my biological father.copyright protection29PENANAAZBCevZl01

“I promise i will not let him hurt me33Please respect copyright.PENANAh2EJAMyzSK
nor you “ he said reassuring me , but was that enough never , that man is not a human he is a devil himself.
copyright protection29PENANAEHOK9ZeMJy

"Don't worry, nothing will happen to me , let it be anyone because you are on my side " he said last words flirting with me.copyright protection29PENANAR3TImqWnFR

 A smile came in my face , after all he is Nim , "now listen......" he told me his plan and a smirk replaced my smile , by the time he finished telling me plan ............copyright protection29PENANANfRpR5URrV

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~copyright protection29PENANAS6CGQMG5yp

Author's Note - sorry , but this chapter and the previous one were only fillers. hope you guyz will read it's next chapter. copyright protection29PENANAEqsx8OY5bE

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