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Pokemon Insurgence Egglocke
Writer Flow
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Pokemon Insurgence Egglocke
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By Flow
Sep 5, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!FnihX2EJRvLLmD48nJ1Fposted on PENANA

A lone figure stood on a platform. Purple mist swirled around her bare, glowing body. Where was she? The only thing she seemed to know is that she was losing energy, as if someone were eating away at her existence. A voice pulled her out of her thoughts.copyright protection16PENANAg6OyKmA2xL

“Hello? Can you hear me?” the girl nodded with a confused expression.copyright protection16PENANAYc9gu6j9Pa

“Thank Arceus your memories aren’t gone yet. Tell me, do you remember your name?” the voice asked and the girl used sign language to spell out Lola. A sigh of relief was heard, “So you do remember your name. That’s good. This is Psy speaking by the way.copyright protection16PENANAEBW1e09CKb

A sound was heard in the background. The sound of a pokemon. The voice cursed.copyright protection16PENANAh1h6z1ta30

“It’s here. Just sit tight for now. It’s time to wake up, Lola.copyright protection16PENANAW2d5iIcBS1

The blonde girl’s brown eyes opened groggily, a purple pokemon with a mischievous smile was absorbing purple mist from her body. She was about to open her mouth to say something, but a male voice spoke up.copyright protection16PENANAMxDIySJIut

“Lady Persephone, what are you going to do once the prisoners memories are wiped?” copyright protection16PENANATMvaS4cmfg

“Kill her of course. We can’t let her get away like MC did,” a female voice replied coolly, before going on to say that she expects the two to be upstairs in two minutes for lunch. Once her footsteps faded, the same voice from before muttered to himself.copyright protection16PENANAnbiBgAjscc

“Hm… If we were just going to kill her, why would we wipe her memories?” While Lola could not see his face, his voice sounded familiar.copyright protection16PENANAuYJ8Hi0r0v

“No clue, but thanks for not asking in front of her. You know how she hates to be questioned,” a new voice spoke up. The first boy made a sound of of agreement. “Anyway, let’s go. We don’t want her to be angry.”copyright protection16PENANAVTiq4bvhxK

“I’ll stay back for a bit. I have to make sure the prisoner is getting her memories drained properly,” he said as the second boy walked away. The boy slid open the metal door, he wore black cloak with a white hood covering up his face.copyright protection16PENANAxUVPvcqPFD

The boy takes off his hood to reveal black eyes with long lashes and silky black hair with a gold trident- like crown. He glared at the gengar, saying that that her job was over. The Gengar paled and scampered off in fear. Once she had gone away, Lola finally speaks.copyright protection16PENANA29CLhj3iL4

“Good to see you Emmy,” at her words the boy scoffed.copyright protection16PENANAOHX672hDjP

“I told you not to call me that,” he said as he slipped off the black and white robe to reveal a fancy white button up with light blue tie with the same yellow design as his gold crown. He had a black cape with a large collar that connected by gold ringlets and black designer pants. The sleeves of his white shirt were embroidered with golden designs. copyright protection16PENANAnRJjGfw75b

Lola slipped out of the bed wearing the traveler's outfit that she wore when she was captured two days ago. She came near him and straightened his tie and smiled up at him. “My apologies, Emperor.”copyright protection16PENANAK7kmSCGWVs

At her words he got a satisfied smile, and patted her white hair, before flinching back in disgust. Then he sighed, “Okay I can give you a pass on the greasy hair, because you’ve had absolutely no way of showering when trapped in this room for two days. And being unconscious.”copyright protection16PENANA0J9YQg18Tl

He said the last part as an afterthought. Unconscious? Obviously not a big problem. Then he picked up the discarded cloak and shoved the article of clothing in her face copyright protection16PENANAXhcHBTX702

“Wear this to escape the base. We’ll have to seperate ways for now, since being together with Psy, Volcana and I will give off red flags to who we are. And here’s a case of colored contacts and black hair dye,” he tossed the items into Lola’s bag. He hugged her one last time and parted with the words, “be lucky I don’t sweat.”copyright protection16PENANAiL9D72fOZb

Lola chuckled at the choice of words to leave her with, before feeling a wave of sadness roll over her. Oh Arceus, the pokemon she had been friends with for years were gone. Yes, Emperor was a Pokemon. Her first egg to be exact.copyright protection16PENANAg0VpYLGZUA

There were a few people like her, that basically any egg they hatched will turn into a human person of the pokemon. They had the powers and a lot of the habits the pokemon they are would have, but they are humans. The white haired girl does not like to battle using them often, since they are her friends and “children.”copyright protection16PENANAkSSxztqwAq

Any other pokemon she catches will turn into tokens for eggs. It was a strange process.copyright protection16PENANAzTbJwjMM7L

She sighs and slips on the backpack and robe. Emperor left the doors open, so Lola was able to exit the base rather quickly. Once out of the base, she could see that the entrance was on top of a steep hill. Lola yanked the robe off of her and slid down the hill with little to no effort.copyright protection16PENANAXoMSOKEvKy

Once at the bottom she walked through the wilderness for about an hour before a child with white hair bumped into her. He looked a bit flustered as he apologized quickly and rushed off towards the exit. A boy with purple hair in a black jumpsuit ran past Lola, not even giving a glance towards her way. Shaking her head, the white haired girl pushed herself up and followed them towards the exit.copyright protection16PENANA55qYC0r3x2

The start of her new adventure.copyright protection16PENANAt6VFQsZCe7

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