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The Book Girl
Writer AliceTheWriter7
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The Book Girl
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Chapter 1
Sep 6, 2017
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!geCJI1Mupe7Xg4mSUyizposted on PENANA The tea was close to spilling out of Cassandra's takeaway cup. It was the second day of classes after the summer break and as usual, no-one wanted to spend any time with her. Her head aches from staring at the computer screen for a long period of time as she dodged past crowds of tourists taking photos and walking quickly towards the city's main attraction: An Abbey.

When she noticed the shop sign for the bookstore, her heart relaxed. The sight of books was always pleasing to the eye and nothing else would spoil that.copyright protection49PENANAV5cT1UAZoW

Slowly, she placed her takeaway cup down away from the stack of books at the front and examined the blurb with anticipation. Gemma Stowmore was one of her favourite authors and on finding out through Twitter that she had released a new book a few weeks back, she was determined to pick up a copy.copyright protection49PENANApEb2oT3aot

Slowly, she found herself walking to other parts of the bookstore and examining the long displays that were neatly placed close to long shelves. All of her holiday money that was still left to be spent sat quietly in the depths of her wallet.copyright protection49PENANApvqFAMyukQ

'What am I going to choose?' she wondered with a frown, 'It's never easy to settle with just one.' copyright protection49PENANA4gWg9YbKXz

Her ear mobile phone suddenly dinged with a text message from her Mum, asking if her day was going well.copyright protection49PENANAGmeSpCLsN9

With a sigh, she texted back, "Class is fine but choosing a book is such a challenge!"copyright protection49PENANAWcFmSg8rKt

Her Mum's reply came back quickly, "You already have hundreds of books to read!"copyright protection49PENANAhPJe5TcgD9

Cassandra smirked as her messy brown hair tickled the side of her cheek and on reading the text message, she tapped back, "A book lover can never have enough books to read!"copyright protection49PENANAQkw4cVHYov

The new hardback Young-Adult books on display started to draw her eyes away from the new book display of Gemma Stowmore and onto some different stories altogether.copyright protection49PENANA8kIOHA4Q2P

"I've got to get back to class!" she whispered frustratingly, "It's either one book or no book!"copyright protection49PENANAjjE3yJWK0A

To help settle the doubts of making a choice, she quickly sipped some more takeaway tea as other customers casually browsed the books around her. copyright protection49PENANAUQVrV8mD7L

After what felt like an eternity, Cassandra's eyes lit up with joy. She had made her decision.copyright protection49PENANA8g6Q4Nr9Dt

"Obviously, Gemma is one of my favourite authors and I'm always excited to read her new works so that is the book I will get!" she smiled to herself and then quickly flung her hand to her mouth.copyright protection49PENANAYXND0lnX5n

A few of the customers stared at her in confusion as she quickly came to realise what she was thinking about in her mind, she spoke out loud in front of everyone.copyright protection49PENANAy0euraDONK

"Sorry." she blushed on grabbing a copy of Gemma's new book and racing towards the till.copyright protection49PENANAzV1GM6tdf7

'Gah, I feel so stupid.' she thought as she paid for the book.copyright protection49PENANAGe4tS5Of3U

The sun outside had made an appearance after spending most of the time behind the clouds and somewhat ruining the nice weather. The fruity iced cold takeaway tea had been the perfect treat to enjoy alone.copyright protection49PENANADBUS6l2J9P

"Actually, I kind of don't want to head back just yet." Cassandra whispered as she stared at the time on her phone.copyright protection49PENANAuJLvpxBTKR

Her ID lanyard flapped around her shoulder on stopping to pick up a leaflet on the street about the upcoming Literature Festival. It took only a split second to bring the excitement of buying a book back.copyright protection49PENANA0r55UYbJde

"Gemma's going to be at the festival!" she jumped up in delight, "That's super awesome!"copyright protection49PENANAERQyJXULG3

A group of tourists frowned as Cassandra released the biggest inner smile in her entire life.copyright protection49PENANABaNmGcUh6E

'I just like books OK?' she mouthed to them but neither stopped to talk to her and instead, continued to walk in the opposite direction.copyright protection49PENANA976fd1doKq

On a sudden decision, Cassandra walked back inside the bookstore and almost collided with a tall guy who was walking out through the double doors.copyright protection49PENANADohuX0rRM7

"Oh no, I'm really sorry." she said.copyright protection49PENANAVniJKYWEg2

"Look where you're going next time drunken girl!" scoffed the tall guy with a hint of a Scottish accent in retaliation.copyright protection49PENANAjp9pEmqRLb

Her cheeks blushed a dark shade of beetroot as she stared down at the floor so as not to make eye contact with anyone passing by. copyright protection49PENANAioAATyBkqn

"You alright?" spoke a gentle voice into the side of Cassandra's ear.copyright protection49PENANAslLK5vJ1aZ

Cassandra's eyes were firmly shut blocking out all traces of light until the moment she felt a cold finger on the side of her wrist.copyright protection49PENANA3upcT4zkWk

"Yes, she's breathing OK." spoke the voice as running footsteps got louder towards the personal space she had.copyright protection49PENANAweJ6OCEpX4

"We'll call for an ambulance." suggested another voice.copyright protection49PENANANpqyav4Txf

Cassandra then snapped into action, "Wait, what's happened?"copyright protection49PENANATAJjNDnmXj

"You passed out, in the front of the bookstore." spoke the gentle voice that had asked if she was alright.copyright protection49PENANAHtyrAm4fM1

'No, not my Anxiety!' moaned Cassandra, 'Not today!'copyright protection49PENANAkArK9BgdvN

Quick as a flourish, she jumped up and shook her arm, "Don't worry, I'm absolutely fine. That guy just knocked me over, that's all."copyright protection49PENANAtoocHbP5yN

Before anyone could protest, Cassandra felt herself run outside into the city streets, free as a bird with her hair flapping in the wind. Without thinking, she continued to run until her muscles felt sore and her breathing hoarse.copyright protection49PENANApghXHRkM66

To her relief, her phone still let her know that she wasn't late to class or that anyone had messaged her to see where she was. Loving books was her own life and not wanting to share that with others in case they ruined it was her own decision.copyright protection49PENANANqHebQQs4l

Something the colour of barbie pink flashed at her out of the corner of her eye.copyright protection49PENANAfxJDKrPzxo

"Is that a post-it note?" she questioned with a confused tone.copyright protection49PENANAmWEDTmvd8C

Carefully not wanting to rip it and remove any trace of writing, she patiently took the note off the side of her boot and read it by a streetlight which was switched off for the day.copyright protection49PENANAkW31beS1HX

"Hey Book Girl, meet me at the shop tomorrow?" it read.copyright protection49PENANAmWv6AfyqO6

Cassandra blinked once, twice, three times and then released a little giggle.copyright protection49PENANAOb2sOWPk9X

"Now, who can that be from I wonder? The weird Scottish guy that ran into me or someone from College as a joke?" copyright protection49PENANAWuUZw5eo7V

Witnessing a group of laughing girls in beauty salon uniform walk past her, she placed the post-it note in the small bag and walked on towards the building for her afternoon class.copyright protection49PENANAmuSRBt6aUU

"We shall wait and see tomorrow." she spoke.copyright protection49PENANAgI6jbVf0fp

------------------------------------copyright protection49PENANAYbTSbpYqO6

First completed chapter for a very long time! Hope you all enjoyed reading it, my writing is a little bit rusty but fun fact, I started writing this story and got the idea when I was just casually browsing in a bookstore!copyright protection49PENANAmaAf1cJ8mD

Alice xcopyright protection49PENANA2Dm9Wx4byj

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