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Blood Butterfly
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Writer SarahWeaver6
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Blood Butterfly
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To Be A Basic Butterfly
Sep 12, 2017
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!73UvSUs6Dbj5hxGEUfqTposted on PENANA

Adelaida was antsy for sacrilege.copyright protection6PENANAVYUjcbLhLi

With her long bleached her, she had never seen a butterfly, except in photographs. However when she saw that particular butterfly, she felt a mixture of disgust and sexual pleasure. The idea of someone being turned on by her decapitation made her want to vomit, from the death of a loved one in a car crash just a few weeks prior. And yet, there was something in the butterfly she wanted to poke its wings. A gamer of sorts, she had been raised on games all her life since her birth at the turn of the century. Through the century, she had known nothing but battle systems. But life was its own kind of dangerous game, she had known this since she had had to force herself to leave the Cult Of The Flying Angel.copyright protection6PENANAiTlcoe7RkL

With her new life taking increasingly bleaker and stranger angles, she found herself willing to experiment with getting to know someone from "the other Union" that itself had lost the rest to break up into smaller states since the end of the civil war.copyright protection6PENANA2DRkaxY5Np

Her country was a land of supernatural lore mixed with the contrast of city life et countryside along the coast. But she only came there occasionally, and spent most of her high school career caught up in lots of studies, along with a boyfriend in her own country she would always kiss. Yet she had the desire to leave this country, and move up North where her family had always joked were notorious for incest. Whether she could get a better life, she knew not. But she would do her best to make do with a country she had only barely been familiar with.copyright protection6PENANAYJnS2A3ORP

Like the blood butterfly, would have a period she would not to adjust to the new culture and lifestyle, even if part of their language was based on Latin even though the other was Germanic. She wore two Boston Clogs, not realizing these were the kink of the butterfly overseas. She would wear them taking off her rest shoes, her bare feet needing a break from the black high heels she would always wear to please somebody, even if that wasn't men. The men here were pushovers and subservient. She desired no subservience in herself and others, and wanted to lay on one side of the bed, and the other on the other side of the bed. One can only guess whether she found about her own country like the blood butterfly did about hers.copyright protection6PENANA6aIrn7GuZ0

Total disgust.copyright protection6PENANAg2E7mOFlTs

What is true is that the blood butterfly felt no affinity for her homegrown life, and grew tired of her parents always insisting on packing her bags for her, indeed the only way to not show them she smoked tobacco was by buying Virgina Slims once she reached Smyrna. She was unsure her Adelaida would accept her smoking, or try to get her to quit. There are always unknowns in meeting friends, and sometimes silence for a little while is all you need to restore all the smiles in the world again.copyright protection6PENANAKSb8KeIO2A

Adelaida wanted to be a butterfly with all her heart, even despite never knowing one. In dreams she would become a swarm of butterflies as numerous as locusts under the glow of the lunar light, and wanted to be a princess on the moon, just like her sailor friends in Japanese anime written in the 90s, recently being rebooted and trying to stay true to the source material. She wanted to hop into the photographs of the blood butterfly, she could meet someone she felt more interesting than her boring life. For there was nothing worse than after school night clubs, and despite being way to skinny would be made fun of for having a little bit of chub.copyright protection6PENANAD8KmA7ugCt

But for now she showers in the darkness, under the glow of flickering L.E.D. lights. A rub a dub dub. She groaned, she cackled, and she writhed in disgust.copyright protection6PENANAgSvU0SJFdD

She need someone to trust.copyright protection6PENANA8Yvj6fyP3A

When Adelaida reached Smyrna, Tennessee she was unsure what to expect. The blood butterfly told her that her parents would be out of town. She offered cigarettes to Adelaida, while the blood butterfly smoked nothing but cigarillos under the shade on the moonlight night. "I would say what I wanted to, but I was burned by saying it before with my last room mate. I'm not even sure why I even found myself wanting to go with her to Seattle. Now I have these black clothes, and an upside down cross choker."copyright protection6PENANApHJa4jhyzU

"Then don't say anything, let's just watch the stars." As polite as she was direct, indeed that watched nothing but the star on that night in October of 2017. Adelaida didn't like the idea of being in a city she did not recognize, even in her own country sometimes the panic attacks would be to much to handle. She dealt with her younger sibling listening to nothing but dubstep Handle, and use her pigtails for handle bars for a swing set. This was while her younger sibling relied on her not to fall, because Adelaida was so airy she could float to the top of the sky.copyright protection6PENANA1QNxLNpvsD

But she had not seen them for a while, and wanted to stay here while the blood butterfly went to support group in Chattanooga, that was known for hipsters while Nashville was the home of awful country music stars.copyright protection6PENANA8ABEUIUsxX

"Could I have a cigarillo?" asked Adelaida.copyright protection6PENANA3XFM7J5piF

"Sure I'll break this next one in two." said the blood butterfly.copyright protection6PENANAjkw6RiUhOm

"No, give me a whole cigarillo."copyright protection6PENANAUXXwBSevlM

Adelaida went into town, and found that like the blood butterfly said, Smyrna was becoming almost like a small city. This must of have inspired NashChat. She noticed a sign when she walked to the local smoke shop. It said South Park. She had seen South Park in her native language, and wondered if this was what influenced how the butterfly thought of the imagination intruding into the real world. And intrusion of the mind.copyright protection6PENANAtoJ9aQSgfa

She was back before the butterfly got home.copyright protection6PENANAWzvtGmMAEA

She got her feel of people, for people were simply to much to handle. While she reclined in her Birkenstock sandals, and watched reruns of 1970s sitcoms and soap opera. Adelaida never understood the butterflies distaste for television.copyright protection6PENANAXzxV59NkF9

She loved herself some TV.copyright protection6PENANA79xQiIHbZX

She walked into the room the butterfly stayed in, and found it neatly made. She wondered if it was especially made for her. She wanted to rest in bed, and wait for her homesickness to melt away. She wanted to have those blood butterfly wings, and fly once more to the top of the sky.copyright protection6PENANAmWwRpdecNS

The butterfly got home with Groceries.copyright protection6PENANANLrlGwuuR9

She would have offered to cook for her, but she didn't want to wake up Adelaida. So she kissed her goodnight, gently closed the door, and then took a shower in the guest bathroom. After all it was never fun to be woken up.copyright protection6PENANADYjbPBTwMT

No morning in a cup.copyright protection6PENANAt8P0Zfdds1

No taste of bitter coffee.copyright protection6PENANA6fMxAt44XV

Adelaida was almost eighteen, at seventeen she wrote a Halloween story for her friend. She was nervous about what she may think of it, after all writing was something she had never shown on the inter webs, though she wrote plenty of it on her own time in the hours she would be home from school. But for now she wanted to do her own thing, and got tired of translating things.copyright protection6PENANAeAUxLJ9FfV

When she got up, she poked the butterfly in the air. Because she never want to a touch a butterfly's wings. "Let's learn us some French grade 1."copyright protection6PENANAzJ4oJ4EXi6

Basic French, for a basic butterfly.copyright protection6PENANAYolLVVe00b

The butterfly is so basic. As basic as Tuna casserole made by her mother when she still lived at home. As basic as a pair of Birkenstock sandals, as basic as an otherwise Jolie la femme.copyright protection6PENANAWfMQNyAWdQ

Basic was the butterfly's life.copyright protection6PENANASNzWbj0Qhi

Her life, her story.copyright protection6PENANAWfGi0CeeDf

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