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My 7 Days With You
Writer JamaiexAlready
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My 7 Days With You
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Chapter 2
Nov 15, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!uyQ4NzcOgEYRQ2tb6YfBposted on PENANA  "Thank you" I said to the waiter serving our foods. Alex asking a wine before the waiter leave our table. I smiled.

"I didn't know that you like to be drunk too." I laughed to the thought.copyright protection18PENANAYhriuOWIQ8

"No. Just only a glass for you and for me." He smirked. I nod to him like a good kid who understand his parents.copyright protection18PENANAIkHzou9Bip

"So... how many days you stay here in Cebu?" He asked.copyright protection18PENANAghh6kKiqIy

"I have only one week leave at work and that's all my leave." When I think about a week I thought it was long enough but when I met this stranger in front of me... I don't know now.copyright protection18PENANA2HPtZjiW28

"A week only? Oh.. okay! I stay here for two weeks." He said smirking.copyright protection18PENANA4KtMkRgttz

I never start my trip but I want to extend it right now, my vacation. I don't know. I feel like when the time pass, I lost my chance. Chance of what?copyright protection18PENANATJRbPbV7CE

The wine serves, we eat our foods. We talk a little. I discover that he is a potographer, he's working as a freelance web designer. He live alone because he want too.copyright protection18PENANAFFmv9lPriR

"So... why you choose here?" I asked him suddenly.copyright protection18PENANAznC29WUqqn

"I don't know. I think I need to go here and in Asia too. I love to discover new cultures and to experience something new. Especially foodstuffs" he answered.copyright protection18PENANAZk6RvW3r3F

This time I have a big chance to stared at him fully. And now I can describe him physically too.copyright protection18PENANA6JkseuO4V6

The stong personality I've seen to him. He looks very dangerous yet smooth. He likes so much foods but he have a good built in body. His muscularity is in the right place. I wonder how many abs he have? With the almond eyes... he can catched all the girls heart just only of his eyes. I wonder, how many girls get fond for that eyes?copyright protection18PENANAVvtxyCus2U

I saw his jaw clenched in every bite he do, therefore I biting my tongue to do not yeld any gasp from that. If he is not eating right now, I'll think that he is angry to me. Angry for staring at him. He have a good beards... it is not too much. I don't like guys with a beards but he looks more hotter with that.copyright protection18PENANAQ2eWTKSXbW

His nose is on point too. His lashes is longer than mine I think. With a mellow thick lips that looks very kissable.copyright protection18PENANAChGXKVryZn

"Do you have any activity you like for tomorrow? What's your plan aside for scuba diving?" He asked after he drink his wine. Bottoms up.copyright protection18PENANAEUS8rqKVSN

"I don't know yet. I will see it tomorrow what I can do. But I just want to relax more. But some activities will fine." I said. I smile at him.copyright protection18PENANAQIQ5FKPyH1

"I want to try the Canyoneering here and the Skydiving. You know how to go there?"copyright protection18PENANAvjjbh37JC6

"Uhm know. This is my first time here remember?" I said like it is a very big joke!copyright protection18PENANA6h1Yptoaoh

"Okay. If you still have much time or days we can go there?" He asked.copyright protection18PENANAXf0NlFxaee

"Of course we can! I just need to say it early to my boss that I need to extend." I said. Thinking how I can say it to my companycopyright protection18PENANAcJyvVQz2zb

"Good then. I am so excited tomorrow" He said.copyright protection18PENANA9FsaDSD222

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