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Blood, Bullets & Black Magic
Writer TylerDoak
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Blood, Bullets & Black Magic
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Oct 4, 2017
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!K4azMtShbeLlLrWdmuthposted on PENANA


74Please respect copyright.PENANA2zj8v4oML2
74Please respect copyright.PENANAaH3huFZS8A
copyright protection70PENANAKDsJ9uM4CU

(The gates to Fort Blood are open and Banks, Mo and Butch are loading their possessions onto a wagon. The Grand Commander makes his way over to Butch.)copyright protection70PENANAJmYTVKnO2y

74Please respect copyright.PENANAwPPQ7zWNmx
74Please respect copyright.PENANAQp69xBeVnZ
copyright protection70PENANA3OTOfQ1Cku

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANAU48nNiRAnt

You sure you want to do this?copyright protection70PENANAu6Qs0MdnBg

74Please respect copyright.PENANAYyH2PbHO4P
74Please respect copyright.PENANApBFfrNOnAb
copyright protection70PENANAWE4PskGtW0

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANAYQ57dTq5tN

I'm sure, Sir.copyright protection70PENANAzYTpqUcEhN

74Please respect copyright.PENANAUqA1A8CP30
74Please respect copyright.PENANAO2zw4pILeM
copyright protection70PENANAUdrY3TiJnf

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANAKl6PtkITqb

What is a man like you going to do out there? You're a soldier. You were a soldier the moment you stepped through those gates. Hell, you were a soldier even before that.copyright protection70PENANAGZ9ApAuBfM

74Please respect copyright.PENANABDngSO3HcE
74Please respect copyright.PENANAS74t8FBKuF
copyright protection70PENANAp9ZQ83KrM7

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANAHwsNlW83Py

I have been a soldier for a long, long time. I just want to try not being one for a while. See how it suits me.copyright protection70PENANAfwyp7YZBAf

74Please respect copyright.PENANALjHkPMKxyY
74Please respect copyright.PENANAk9BHquwucI
copyright protection70PENANAnZpnQxqAZd

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANAHGKau56D9W

Would it make any difference if I told you that you would be running this joint when I'm gone? I ain't got too many years left.copyright protection70PENANAbpsKOzIObi

74Please respect copyright.PENANA84PdyXSaIm
74Please respect copyright.PENANAPuGxPvkz3S
copyright protection70PENANA4zitW81nI0

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANABpHlzcrGPA

Mean old bastards like you live til they are 110. copyright protection70PENANAC004LPEtDP

74Please respect copyright.PENANAxn195rEBWQ
74Please respect copyright.PENANAj4V9ht79EP
copyright protection70PENANAMHo5bldcJW

(Both men laugh.)copyright protection70PENANAdklUFV66CV

74Please respect copyright.PENANAwtkd19JlIM
74Please respect copyright.PENANAdgafqfH4RD
copyright protection70PENANAHeWHjIxYca

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANANZSc44yhgh

Then you are really gonna do it? You're really heading west? copyright protection70PENANAdtCzohvvo7

74Please respect copyright.PENANAUaHPkZjr9X
74Please respect copyright.PENANAhGqBTsKDNt
copyright protection70PENANAr6moOF6lDi

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANAwrhpEltdDJ

Westward bound I am. copyright protection70PENANAuRd7qCpW7N

74Please respect copyright.PENANAq1KAhaQYeH
74Please respect copyright.PENANAC8SkYcjhDt
copyright protection70PENANA3yUpWI533J

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANAlzbDYQYr3C

What the hell are you going to do in the west? Pan for gold? Become a skinner? Maybe you could be a barber?copyright protection70PENANAbytpFU14Q8

74Please respect copyright.PENANAeU9Fw37gGV
74Please respect copyright.PENANAK6XuHeFxdT
copyright protection70PENANASUHMkEvqHy

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANA938lG7bFze

Meet a nice girl. Have a few kids. Grow old together. Sit in a rocking chair on my porch and chew tobacky and watch my grandkids raise hell.copyright protection70PENANAhKML9rGbwx

74Please respect copyright.PENANAfP2790jsiX
74Please respect copyright.PENANAWwS5co8kEP
copyright protection70PENANAjpr1cMFHcn

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANAgmroH7wTN5

Horse shit. You'd be bored to damn death after the first month on a farm.copyright protection70PENANA75QUQ0mxbS

74Please respect copyright.PENANAgpVdUCrzaE
74Please respect copyright.PENANAspuvxDvQ6N
copyright protection70PENANA4uiwwuibcv

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANAzsR0Rz8nsV

Who said anything about a farm? The Queen sent out a call for lawmen since Hendrick's Pass opened up after the quake. And I figure since I'm accustom to getting shot at being a Marshall might suit me.copyright protection70PENANAsz0itRiPou

74Please respect copyright.PENANAO2kG8x4gRJ
74Please respect copyright.PENANA6791l3EMCP
copyright protection70PENANAIsY0YvvhHH

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANAMg9Dh0dpoF

I guess I've heard worse ideas. copyright protection70PENANAkQfl9IcsyB

74Please respect copyright.PENANAr4eVzMz5CF
74Please respect copyright.PENANATrIe7QLc6C
copyright protection70PENANAWh4Vi3rOk8

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANAv6oFKGGY54

I'm usually the one pitching those horrible ideas to you.copyright protection70PENANADqVSM5BZya

74Please respect copyright.PENANAWdK5e58TSK
74Please respect copyright.PENANAIkPXgpJPvm
copyright protection70PENANAAvrErKHSy1

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANA038pJT5pSb

Compared to most of these yahoos your ideas are pure gold. copyright protection70PENANAuvCqnovZn4

74Please respect copyright.PENANAvoOdDV3o8a
74Please respect copyright.PENANA14nMaCRivK
copyright protection70PENANA9XzAC1ljTT

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANAlUXukGoq6g

Maybe I'll go be the Queen's main idea man. Get rich doing nothing but winging out one bad idea after another.copyright protection70PENANABALd09Cw8Z

74Please respect copyright.PENANA2e5SclhWaM
74Please respect copyright.PENANAjGb7TO3Wcc
copyright protection70PENANABiXaTzbeS5

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANA7e04JkL7KR

That sounds like a fine idea right there. You might be on to something.copyright protection70PENANAomsaAtkc0t

74Please respect copyright.PENANA7egu0q6SJC
74Please respect copyright.PENANACMRIE43V1e
copyright protection70PENANAcBL9LEIXSB

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANA30P45yoQG9

Well it's settled then.copyright protection70PENANAI4waf7DzjE

74Please respect copyright.PENANAIkUTsNHwKU
74Please respect copyright.PENANAIR8Zm9qt19
copyright protection70PENANA2vfOE1snZl

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANAY2mN6rmvi2

I wish I could spare you some horses, but you know how things are right now.copyright protection70PENANAF07bamiOWC

74Please respect copyright.PENANA6EVXmz2pv3
74Please respect copyright.PENANAEdoy6RmOn7
copyright protection70PENANAsZ8INNJfaI

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANAB8LXWSoinH

I walked in here without shoes. I'm leaving here on a wagon with decent boots on my feet. I'm coming out ahead.copyright protection70PENANAl3HseSPxHM

74Please respect copyright.PENANAJ5ZR5l1vO2
74Please respect copyright.PENANAEUHzS39VtE
copyright protection70PENANAa9LiSy6BOg

(The Grand Commander shifts uncomfortably. He reaches into a pack he is carrying and pulls out an elaborately carved wooden box. He hands it to Butch.)copyright protection70PENANAjpp5mlXLDl

74Please respect copyright.PENANAY8RnHYe3NC
74Please respect copyright.PENANAawI9oNvpij
copyright protection70PENANAsYoarC2haJ

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANA3lTOELnKnb

What's this?copyright protection70PENANA1GAqMXLJJp

74Please respect copyright.PENANAsWe9w7dF2H
74Please respect copyright.PENANAj1PbowaDAX
copyright protection70PENANA4cnsmP5p6g

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANA9aB3ZfOm0c

A going away gift. When you told me you were leaving last year I had this commissioned for you.copyright protection70PENANAx1S8rF5doP

74Please respect copyright.PENANAfLuXVSLqi3
74Please respect copyright.PENANAKKZZUv68b8
copyright protection70PENANACt10VoP1OV

(Butch takes the box and opens it. A black and silver six shooter is inside of the crushed velvet insides. The grip of the gun is jet black with a crimson flag engraved on it. It is a beautiful gun. Butch gives the pistol a once over and looks over every nook and cranny.)copyright protection70PENANAhX6T058Pr9

74Please respect copyright.PENANAPvaFGzbRcM
74Please respect copyright.PENANAPsxjqscbTu
copyright protection70PENANA1ZaU7CzdPY

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANA3rr4rnthoh

Sweet damn! You're giving me Red Fire?copyright protection70PENANAdGejzfoI4Q

74Please respect copyright.PENANAeDfeCaKJiV
74Please respect copyright.PENANAS7q2N7BYYN
copyright protection70PENANAR6P10XEAat

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANAydV0innLEL

Hell no I'm not. It's Red Fire's twin.copyright protection70PENANA3Rsib1xzJC

74Please respect copyright.PENANALNgi7HLjTE
74Please respect copyright.PENANAO7i4mVe6Fw
copyright protection70PENANApBIfDJchkn

(The Grand Commander pulls his pistol, Red Fire, from its holster and holds it up next to Butch's new gun. They both look almost exactly the same.)copyright protection70PENANALTAGTT4gFJ

74Please respect copyright.PENANA2xEszrAaqz
74Please respect copyright.PENANAYbmfuuWgOP
copyright protection70PENANA2IBu0Mvylf

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANAaLQT0uDcLX

It's twin? It's so light. And balanced. Is this from the Capitol?copyright protection70PENANAzwRadK4h0J

74Please respect copyright.PENANAVCXdHj9VqO
74Please respect copyright.PENANAstl7WVzw5Z
copyright protection70PENANA12sCxto21K

GRAND COMMANDERcopyright protection70PENANAicv96wDKJo

That it is. Had the enchantments laid on it by Ingram himself in the capital. You won't come across its like again.copyright protection70PENANAIiVzt8jyqk

74Please respect copyright.PENANA54bsjGWgWK
74Please respect copyright.PENANA5Rn354ne0N
copyright protection70PENANAhsnK4UdtXf

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANAdfsJpyg2iZ

This is an Ingram? Dear gods! But how could you afford this? Even the lords of the high houses have a hard time scraping together enough for an Ingram!copyright protection70PENANAr0imAMvTkW

74Please respect copyright.PENANA3sgpAcl9Jr
74Please respect copyright.PENANA9OvkhP1d5X
copyright protection70PENANAdCoAmtuAWr

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANAQaHiU6Ra8a

Let's just say I called in a few favors. Ingram himself owed me one. That's the fine thing about being the Grand Commander of a fighting force like ours. After a while high ups start owing you lots and lots of favors. It's called Scarlet Rain. May it bring you luck and prosperity in your endeavors as a marshal.copyright protection70PENANAaAbsWLfsFz

74Please respect copyright.PENANAYaPldUqA9q
74Please respect copyright.PENANAodTFCtSYCB
copyright protection70PENANAoSbNsygX9d

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANApZo7iidatm

I can't take this, Grand Commander. It's too much.copyright protection70PENANAkEWw7ThmmW

74Please respect copyright.PENANApLqU6HJ7VO
74Please respect copyright.PENANA5UZUgdOGOY
copyright protection70PENANAWLP8yiGPfQ

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANA3FQrM8J0id

You can and you will. You're the finest soldier I've ever had the pleasure of serving with. You deserve it. copyright protection70PENANAmDRj9Ydrlz

74Please respect copyright.PENANA7cb0SOtKM6
74Please respect copyright.PENANAmbRN6YvP5q
copyright protection70PENANAnhldpTv6JL

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANAWMqMddVXdd

It'll never leave my side. When I'm laid to rest it will go to my first born son. And his after.copyright protection70PENANAbAR2U017rm

74Please respect copyright.PENANAEalE4BRTiG
74Please respect copyright.PENANASpT3pLSTwE
copyright protection70PENANAHPD223Wy9G

(The two shake hands. )copyright protection70PENANAj5sJRGXNEa

74Please respect copyright.PENANAZTQRGXPbNV
74Please respect copyright.PENANACr6Y6bzY4R
copyright protection70PENANA0PKRRESTMj

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANAgu9UxcXuK6

Giving you this widow maker isn't the only reason I'm here. I have two favors to ask of you.copyright protection70PENANAa3cDN4kKRY

74Please respect copyright.PENANAEXgx0GjTzQ
74Please respect copyright.PENANAyzJorqlgB8
copyright protection70PENANAURNFJFkBy6

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANAVPB5J8hGD1

If I can be of assistance you know I will.copyright protection70PENANANN4ZrS3MCU

74Please respect copyright.PENANAceAicHtMFy
74Please respect copyright.PENANADjvURwAbpa
copyright protection70PENANAKxMydwdx8M

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANAE3Bf9loq11

I know you will. The first thing I have to ask is Brigade business.copyright protection70PENANArOPwOgpS21

74Please respect copyright.PENANA1XJKmaaHrM
74Please respect copyright.PENANAQD1rVe8p0N
copyright protection70PENANAMNzzlM6zje

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANAlXiXdriBRk

How so?copyright protection70PENANADj9sQXJfPM

74Please respect copyright.PENANAXE7syZY9an
74Please respect copyright.PENANAjbl3WHe6pG
copyright protection70PENANAhCzQcVCiuW

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANAxQUPN8g6K8

Billy and Eustace got back from Jackson's Point this morning. Marius deserted sometime in the night.copyright protection70PENANAqnsAPixzxn

74Please respect copyright.PENANATgkVHg9QF9
74Please respect copyright.PENANADCOL5mK4wU
copyright protection70PENANAlO0VEcQhvk

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANAe2a8RYg850

Son of a bitch. Mari? He don't seem like the deserting type.copyright protection70PENANAhwoJ6e1DNy

74Please respect copyright.PENANAsP6NT2u89T
74Please respect copyright.PENANAO298XRo7H3
copyright protection70PENANA19n142dUjI

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANAfxLqGCoXLu

I didn't think so neither. copyright protection70PENANAY20mM6BNKo

74Please respect copyright.PENANAhlG57MsRQY
74Please respect copyright.PENANAMiOS5IUAQ3
copyright protection70PENANAmLxJMBL0w5

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANAJLDubk7AhS

They sure?copyright protection70PENANA4gV4CHaevU

74Please respect copyright.PENANAtF6DN4vcbc
74Please respect copyright.PENANAgtyWyFJ0wz
copyright protection70PENANACRFaAsMmsi

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANArb45FfpNQG

He was talking about some woman he had on the way to Jackson's. Got to drinking that night and said he couldn't live without her no more. In the morning he was missing. As was his horse and belongings. Local drunk said he seen him mount up in the wee hours and head west.copyright protection70PENANAFUWBZzi9ON

74Please respect copyright.PENANAZjRObXw6xm
74Please respect copyright.PENANAa11gFPla1w
copyright protection70PENANA4qFKBgcnCF

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANAG4RK9x0ykR

Well I'll be. Why didn't Billy and Eustace track him?copyright protection70PENANAfZLcBKMTUA

74Please respect copyright.PENANAmh0VeyAXz7
74Please respect copyright.PENANAxzqpnCmTIU
copyright protection70PENANAHZ1mJCCW0f

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANABGjsrt0s2k

They had a wagon full of supplies and nobody to guard it. With Reverend Rose in the area it was too dangerous for one of them to go alone. So they hightailed it back here knowing we would send someone to find him.copyright protection70PENANAjhk5uVQgPK

74Please respect copyright.PENANAfTVh9A6vK8
74Please respect copyright.PENANA17q22EADCa
copyright protection70PENANARwJSTtuvpv

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANAL1b4uDyu6A

You want us to keep an eye out for him? copyright protection70PENANAPpS9vm4lDT

74Please respect copyright.PENANAK9Jby6NVZw
74Please respect copyright.PENANAQfpMxzmE47
copyright protection70PENANA6uqQnjjSPJ

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANAnBLzFgceKi

If it wouldn't be too much trouble. I'm sending Raymond, Reggie and twenty men south in case he heads that direction, but my bet is he'll be headed for Hendrick's Pass like you. So it will be likely you will cross paths at some point heading west. We can't have deserters. copyright protection70PENANAOAIGJe2OzG

74Please respect copyright.PENANAM6fc8iRJVu
74Please respect copyright.PENANATGDDRcJF8J
copyright protection70PENANAHFa8vxsPpi

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANAyNTkmzAyNl

No we can not. If I find him I'll do what needs to be done.copyright protection70PENANARBVAiEOkso

74Please respect copyright.PENANAcYZCKxc7bh
74Please respect copyright.PENANAfYnvbwN3gJ
copyright protection70PENANA1a3cizKLoa

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANA3XXWhjvRSi

I knew I could count on you. copyright protection70PENANAdKU8kcN9xf

74Please respect copyright.PENANAxapaNhnxXw
74Please respect copyright.PENANAh9ugMfNYnZ
copyright protection70PENANAxyqBKJauuz

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANAExxBuPV0GN

And the other favor?copyright protection70PENANAiUxc2SpP2W

74Please respect copyright.PENANAfCYD89aVcq
74Please respect copyright.PENANAFJA5UomiVk
copyright protection70PENANA5zuwbffmKK

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANAVoit0MiVMZ

This one's of a personal nature. My son, Eddy, is looking to head west like you.copyright protection70PENANAJ5ThiVaHLc

74Please respect copyright.PENANAOcujtgzhfW
74Please respect copyright.PENANAgvze8HojDA
copyright protection70PENANAERM9oXoDj8

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANAoexGHytZtg

He out of the stockade?copyright protection70PENANAYdmSvFOFnz

74Please respect copyright.PENANAJikknfIKxE
74Please respect copyright.PENANA5mQzFkQeB5
copyright protection70PENANAR1rDaPAytU

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANAHS8ezQM2Qg

(With a shameful look and tone in his voice.)copyright protection70PENANAjPuGHZlwEI

The irons were taken off today. He was dishonorably discharged this morning. copyright protection70PENANA5wJxaUnKtR

74Please respect copyright.PENANAbSAK7Jsv35
74Please respect copyright.PENANA6Nor7MGQxe
copyright protection70PENANAFaJOpiEclv

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANAtElXk3XGzC

Eddy might not have been a good soldier, but he is fine company to keep on the road. It'll make the trip a damn sight more livelier with him. copyright protection70PENANAoF88di2A3v

74Please respect copyright.PENANAvCAmbgG1vi
74Please respect copyright.PENANA7GaIrhsUNv
copyright protection70PENANArIGbw5tbiO

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANAHLt3JO6GuG

(Smiling once again)copyright protection70PENANAjTmr1zK4aO

That it will. If you could just get him as far as Evergreen without any bullet holes in him I would be much obliged. copyright protection70PENANAzBwfN3lgfD

74Please respect copyright.PENANA0Tiokqb1hI
74Please respect copyright.PENANAfMkQ9w6PyB
copyright protection70PENANA5Xoy08n7PR

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANAN8LaAMJkQT

It'd be my pleasure, sir. It looks like the others are ready. Is Eddy packed for travel?copyright protection70PENANA8qvFFiJ1zY

74Please respect copyright.PENANA7FiinKzQEm
74Please respect copyright.PENANAlFgE3A5eBm
copyright protection70PENANAEEV3dWbA30

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANAsR8e1J0L3R

I packed his belongings for him. They are already on the wagon.copyright protection70PENANAEchaRXsAY1

74Please respect copyright.PENANAXR9hHiON8m
74Please respect copyright.PENANApg1Iypt8g8
copyright protection70PENANAzDGvGUrRvv

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANASXm1boKc9O

Well then I'll go fetch him.copyright protection70PENANA4O0mYSkqtj

74Please respect copyright.PENANAvBNLgRml5Y
74Please respect copyright.PENANAH3QRkxa9li
copyright protection70PENANAs2W9yD3Zuy

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANAvnwSpIg9Up

No need. Here he comes.copyright protection70PENANAXZeYlcQFCj

74Please respect copyright.PENANAvLyxu7XXgd
74Please respect copyright.PENANA5LPSx5JUqP
copyright protection70PENANAZ5mVeUyhU3

(Eddy comes out of the stockade room with a long coat and shabby looking hat. He has a rifle strapped across his back. He walks to Butch and the Commander.)copyright protection70PENANAPprmhQ4y0Z

74Please respect copyright.PENANAT8SJZdgamC
74Please respect copyright.PENANAsSn1pR8nOp
copyright protection70PENANAYXYcWkoM01

EDDYcopyright protection70PENANA5Z6rVkmtCg

(Addressing the Commander.)copyright protection70PENANAxsFYOXPSvP

Well, Pa, I guess this is goodbye. copyright protection70PENANARtNQFJa3va

74Please respect copyright.PENANAAUapNIvxCV
74Please respect copyright.PENANAnv4ge4uveQ
copyright protection70PENANA4B9b34wqy8

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANAG6Bm5pjUiP

It is. Keep your nose clean. I had to pull a lot of strings to keep you out of the dungeon at the keep. Out west you're on your own. copyright protection70PENANAKaix0Xgb1M

74Please respect copyright.PENANA8GJvI8nRvc
74Please respect copyright.PENANAg66qwU91rL
copyright protection70PENANAl6ovhsANS8

EDDYcopyright protection70PENANAWzfyVkYffg

Awwwww is that your way of saying you'll miss me? You'll miss throwing me in the stockade every other week.copyright protection70PENANA4ZrmxskNDl

74Please respect copyright.PENANAXPh15w5z2j
74Please respect copyright.PENANAqa09FIi3zO
copyright protection70PENANAAZsZuJr4xk

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection70PENANAduTt2PO043

I ain't mixing words with you today, Eddy. I secured you passage to Evergreen. Goodbye.copyright protection70PENANAh93IvAaQoO

74Please respect copyright.PENANAfPUmgqgpsI
74Please respect copyright.PENANAbpxsqDYvc0
copyright protection70PENANAcYNEYinqmV

(The Grand Commander nods to Butch then spins on his heel and walks away. )copyright protection70PENANAKApE3ruRsy

74Please respect copyright.PENANAPCbPMQx4U6
74Please respect copyright.PENANAS9WNwceMBG
copyright protection70PENANAVJIYrdyC4W

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANArgVeUTwikT

It's been a while, Little Ed.copyright protection70PENANAe4tDJx5dpx

74Please respect copyright.PENANAvM53fwGe2T
74Please respect copyright.PENANAeRwqGigdnb
copyright protection70PENANAMkhujIIRlM

EDDYcopyright protection70PENANAOM3K1YEyhY

Indeed it has, Butch my man. I would have written, but the jailers in the stockade have kept me all kinds of busy. I'm pretty sure one of them was sweet on me.copyright protection70PENANArv3V9Nte0S

74Please respect copyright.PENANAkgkg3QsiD4
74Please respect copyright.PENANAY9R4c6ATkC
copyright protection70PENANAMNd3iwM1o8

(Both men laugh.)copyright protection70PENANAOcVRXWPBu7

74Please respect copyright.PENANAMzuiZaBgnY
74Please respect copyright.PENANArIfMYjDqBg
copyright protection70PENANAAWCDSLql0r

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANAdMfrQxXCzl

It's good having you with us. Your obscenities are always welcome on the trail.copyright protection70PENANALnyGewD478

74Please respect copyright.PENANAvAqmECtfwO
74Please respect copyright.PENANASinmBnwdEU
copyright protection70PENANAbI4OlWzMiA

EDDYcopyright protection70PENANAewmtXd1UQA

(Jumping on the wagon.)copyright protection70PENANAgBXPhclUht

Let's get out of this shit hole.copyright protection70PENANA2tc7iy4Skm

74Please respect copyright.PENANAc6CrSAKv1l
74Please respect copyright.PENANAMwVdTAQmPm
copyright protection70PENANAszSP2P24KS

(Butch whistles loudly.)copyright protection70PENANAE1tCQLPcF7

74Please respect copyright.PENANAaIFy5hWBuA
74Please respect copyright.PENANAwGG97zKS4L
copyright protection70PENANAGIBTPTrTML

BUTCHcopyright protection70PENANAgek83nX5rH

Banks! Mo! Let's hit the trail. I want to be at Dusty's before nightfall!copyright protection70PENANAY6JrJzczMS

74Please respect copyright.PENANAdRi94cJVzz
74Please respect copyright.PENANAhJiWindeYI
copyright protection70PENANAHtBjmrdNkZ

MOcopyright protection70PENANAzAdUJhhGnJ

Hey have you guys seen Mari? I have some throwing knives I want to give him as a parting gift.copyright protection70PENANAolQ7NAH09u

74Please respect copyright.PENANAPvovEw4oo9
74Please respect copyright.PENANAaC1tL6Fv1e
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(Looking troubled. )copyright protection70PENANADFAuMn4une

I'll tell you about Mari on the way. copyright protection70PENANAYg5WKggGEo

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74Please respect copyright.PENANAbkeAQS6Uhv
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(Banks and Mo say their final goodbyes to their fellow soldiers then hop on the wagon. The soldiers all wave goodbye to their friends. Except for Eddy. Eddy stands up and moons everyone as the wagon is heading out the gate. Everyone laughs. Even the Grand Commander cracks a smile before shaking his head and walking away.)copyright protection70PENANAHfjhJ6FNA3

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