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Blood, Bullets & Black Magic
Writer TylerDoak
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Blood, Bullets & Black Magic
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Oct 4, 2017
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!cqbZVeh42wLMI3y9JYIkposted on PENANA


33Please respect copyright.PENANACnR1WKieMD
33Please respect copyright.PENANAOvhRjDg1rZ
copyright protection29PENANABSxajEQswI

(The gates to Fort Blood are open and Banks, Mo and Butch are loading their possessions onto a wagon. The Grand Commander makes his way over to Butch.)copyright protection29PENANA1J9dI4s09u

33Please respect copyright.PENANApBSUTMyb0l
33Please respect copyright.PENANAoDIfEF0XTN
copyright protection29PENANAwUhfYPoHN6

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANA2pYAzheqKL

You sure you want to do this?copyright protection29PENANA9MviZdnrex

33Please respect copyright.PENANABIiSzCwPDX
33Please respect copyright.PENANAP2zIWsuvDv
copyright protection29PENANAWLrd0p3o7R

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANAvagtKQLZhv

I'm sure, Sir.copyright protection29PENANAKqifJht7JI

33Please respect copyright.PENANAQ28ziMeiJ8
33Please respect copyright.PENANA5lQodq1JgE
copyright protection29PENANAEGt5UtvYSD

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANAPnN6RxWDwe

What is a man like you going to do out there? You're a soldier. You were a soldier the moment you stepped through those gates. Hell, you were a soldier even before that.copyright protection29PENANA9hErxoJ1vt

33Please respect copyright.PENANAH6HhODJi9n
33Please respect copyright.PENANAN0pWzIJO0t
copyright protection29PENANAJ9ade4HK2z

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANAnSXaYPIVsf

I have been a soldier for a long, long time. I just want to try not being one for a while. See how it suits me.copyright protection29PENANA9CxO35cN6H

33Please respect copyright.PENANAW6ONv1ewLu
33Please respect copyright.PENANAbtASKpwtHG
copyright protection29PENANAgQQr45vLQy

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANAkdqiop87kB

Would it make any difference if I told you that you would be running this joint when I'm gone? I ain't got too many years left.copyright protection29PENANAmudUihZv46

33Please respect copyright.PENANARvGhrgZa40
33Please respect copyright.PENANAD07rODt2af
copyright protection29PENANAclX3M19iMZ

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANAQ7cgqBGyI0

Mean old bastards like you live til they are 110. copyright protection29PENANA95vmZNEZiI

33Please respect copyright.PENANAxlI8esxLWf
33Please respect copyright.PENANArOK85co5ns
copyright protection29PENANA5v43yR5H9R

(Both men laugh.)copyright protection29PENANAH0ZUhqvXYd

33Please respect copyright.PENANA51tdtiQXl1
33Please respect copyright.PENANAcSmV1Boyml
copyright protection29PENANAX7jtujg8iz

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANARo5VsDNxlW

Then you are really gonna do it? You're really heading west? copyright protection29PENANAp3WoXdOsbN

33Please respect copyright.PENANAOO9zWfLkk9
33Please respect copyright.PENANANqbhEEzvCU
copyright protection29PENANAG9UZCpjTxB

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANAsp0ylsc8Zy

Westward bound I am. copyright protection29PENANA4oB1NyfC0q

33Please respect copyright.PENANAwONTJOu8nR
33Please respect copyright.PENANAtbFCKCSwWd
copyright protection29PENANApHzkHcJ05h

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANACyGC614ia3

What the hell are you going to do in the west? Pan for gold? Become a skinner? Maybe you could be a barber?copyright protection29PENANAQfsrhf0wR0

33Please respect copyright.PENANAGKDR1iwBN8
33Please respect copyright.PENANAwjWjcG8HOv
copyright protection29PENANAXgIxApJkqP

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANAB2niEukIMu

Meet a nice girl. Have a few kids. Grow old together. Sit in a rocking chair on my porch and chew tobacky and watch my grandkids raise hell.copyright protection29PENANAMDJe50t5xl

33Please respect copyright.PENANAyiGeVrQNXN
33Please respect copyright.PENANA0DxEuzW1aK
copyright protection29PENANA6vBO3ceNwE

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANAC8G0qkuL3h

Horse shit. You'd be bored to damn death after the first month on a farm.copyright protection29PENANAgPU0401x5y

33Please respect copyright.PENANA9G360gM8XB
33Please respect copyright.PENANADwTkKPLACJ
copyright protection29PENANASb4u07GeUc

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANATwlzxMU1xX

Who said anything about a farm? The Queen sent out a call for lawmen since Hendrick's Pass opened up after the quake. And I figure since I'm accustom to getting shot at being a Marshall might suit me.copyright protection29PENANAiNMdNQdOoi

33Please respect copyright.PENANAnDmViRueSF
33Please respect copyright.PENANAZ1m38mjUuh
copyright protection29PENANAnhurLuzsJt

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANAFC00cxM6yj

I guess I've heard worse ideas. copyright protection29PENANA3R7Q4VHiK5

33Please respect copyright.PENANAw8Nqsyfe9S
33Please respect copyright.PENANAXwvjsNbX24
copyright protection29PENANAB7n6z8B8Bk

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANABgXBg992fH

I'm usually the one pitching those horrible ideas to you.copyright protection29PENANAmjzu9EpQW9

33Please respect copyright.PENANAC16Y5elo8P
33Please respect copyright.PENANAGFYt6q2lEb
copyright protection29PENANAWyhjEQsfY3

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANAAAjxcAHlCW

Compared to most of these yahoos your ideas are pure gold. copyright protection29PENANA3ZgCtphSge

33Please respect copyright.PENANAeBIKVax77A
33Please respect copyright.PENANAbJChIHv36E
copyright protection29PENANA2cMjwraZG8

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANA2gJmOVWvhz

Maybe I'll go be the Queen's main idea man. Get rich doing nothing but winging out one bad idea after another.copyright protection29PENANAskyIX18eUo

33Please respect copyright.PENANATMjRgqiiLX
33Please respect copyright.PENANAt0zcKumiBu
copyright protection29PENANAtXBfh7Gr6n

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANAA9EjwsfsYw

That sounds like a fine idea right there. You might be on to something.copyright protection29PENANA1rQAaOCi3x

33Please respect copyright.PENANASMev4Wcz0j
33Please respect copyright.PENANAdT5xLmX3EJ
copyright protection29PENANAHwuiMLqsdw

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANAQNGu6cXmFW

Well it's settled then.copyright protection29PENANASHnJhxxTQB

33Please respect copyright.PENANA08Jzlu4HMG
33Please respect copyright.PENANAbEtpaxmn7n
copyright protection29PENANArx7VPTHfmV

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANAMcItHPGEbl

I wish I could spare you some horses, but you know how things are right now.copyright protection29PENANAB42YNkwlem

33Please respect copyright.PENANAGkhMS28Q6N
33Please respect copyright.PENANAA7WkGhOLZA
copyright protection29PENANAWFT3BIXjYk

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANAeLxXeeMUTY

I walked in here without shoes. I'm leaving here on a wagon with decent boots on my feet. I'm coming out ahead.copyright protection29PENANAgu2itPDZaR

33Please respect copyright.PENANArafVApsXMz
33Please respect copyright.PENANAksUBeNDnDK
copyright protection29PENANAl7web7X8rW

(The Grand Commander shifts uncomfortably. He reaches into a pack he is carrying and pulls out an elaborately carved wooden box. He hands it to Butch.)copyright protection29PENANAtFH0CWfpR8

33Please respect copyright.PENANAaeR7yyomjn
33Please respect copyright.PENANAWLybG9A96n
copyright protection29PENANAn7Dpq7f36q

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANAUrxqGIyERZ

What's this?copyright protection29PENANAAkFilheAH5

33Please respect copyright.PENANAJrPD24rGs5
33Please respect copyright.PENANAqDjiKRQ9da
copyright protection29PENANAJ4dnuDuJGA

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANAaA2H1IqAni

A going away gift. When you told me you were leaving last year I had this commissioned for you.copyright protection29PENANAAXDggYyuzf

33Please respect copyright.PENANAx9W6lDfWMl
33Please respect copyright.PENANAjwN99PeBwG
copyright protection29PENANAAjjOGOrbx7

(Butch takes the box and opens it. A black and silver six shooter is inside of the crushed velvet insides. The grip of the gun is jet black with a crimson flag engraved on it. It is a beautiful gun. Butch gives the pistol a once over and looks over every nook and cranny.)copyright protection29PENANALHIOpKxQlU

33Please respect copyright.PENANAGXkZf5Q6e3
33Please respect copyright.PENANAgLdcRyP7vC
copyright protection29PENANA8WSMc8LKDk

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANAZdDj1k7tvF

Sweet damn! You're giving me Red Fire?copyright protection29PENANABhmk5M4DDq

33Please respect copyright.PENANAtO8gYi6cTC
33Please respect copyright.PENANATzAdzPipWx
copyright protection29PENANAxLmpyyyjib

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANAEipiBrCIU8

Hell no I'm not. It's Red Fire's twin.copyright protection29PENANAovpLPvxU8a

33Please respect copyright.PENANAtcjHpbffiL
33Please respect copyright.PENANASLz02xj8Kd
copyright protection29PENANAkGWG6vfEOx

(The Grand Commander pulls his pistol, Red Fire, from its holster and holds it up next to Butch's new gun. They both look almost exactly the same.)copyright protection29PENANAPtPeLrGoaA

33Please respect copyright.PENANALDMlRmbaL8
33Please respect copyright.PENANAHfk1WKccZu
copyright protection29PENANAwy6WjWsRRB

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANA1bhYSnt72i

It's twin? It's so light. And balanced. Is this from the Capitol?copyright protection29PENANAFRLu6wWMV6

33Please respect copyright.PENANAXSgxSj5crP
33Please respect copyright.PENANApdtczlyLvk
copyright protection29PENANAnsFtpYqRQh

GRAND COMMANDERcopyright protection29PENANAtRsLQl8ksa

That it is. Had the enchantments laid on it by Ingram himself in the capital. You won't come across its like again.copyright protection29PENANAC72nC8UyVP

33Please respect copyright.PENANATdzeewYqIY
33Please respect copyright.PENANAVGQcdJviVX
copyright protection29PENANAFihlLHjcya

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANAt21WNShWcJ

This is an Ingram? Dear gods! But how could you afford this? Even the lords of the high houses have a hard time scraping together enough for an Ingram!copyright protection29PENANA7OR9cti62d

33Please respect copyright.PENANA8laBxKX5vs
33Please respect copyright.PENANApoGZDVvBle
copyright protection29PENANAWIve3hVntu

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANAxWwzSjrafE

Let's just say I called in a few favors. Ingram himself owed me one. That's the fine thing about being the Grand Commander of a fighting force like ours. After a while high ups start owing you lots and lots of favors. It's called Scarlet Rain. May it bring you luck and prosperity in your endeavors as a marshal.copyright protection29PENANATmsKwEeOLh

33Please respect copyright.PENANAAhUru8bZq7
33Please respect copyright.PENANAWzs7aZR85n
copyright protection29PENANA1HZxV2PQqi

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANAkXfRx8aYiq

I can't take this, Grand Commander. It's too much.copyright protection29PENANACcN5XjKc7v

33Please respect copyright.PENANAAuLhuoc00y
33Please respect copyright.PENANAfBPa3kiejJ
copyright protection29PENANAt9dsH8vwZV

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANAPkT4bqdmpw

You can and you will. You're the finest soldier I've ever had the pleasure of serving with. You deserve it. copyright protection29PENANAN2IA8GTSS1

33Please respect copyright.PENANAlgiOosNgAS
33Please respect copyright.PENANADbnptSOFSO
copyright protection29PENANAolbBOSKkpJ

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANAge49ifAwC0

It'll never leave my side. When I'm laid to rest it will go to my first born son. And his after.copyright protection29PENANA2p2LZbsT3k

33Please respect copyright.PENANAe7q4htoAIH
33Please respect copyright.PENANAj4YBSm4FCF
copyright protection29PENANAVrG73v0NPp

(The two shake hands. )copyright protection29PENANAx5DBfWRPsu

33Please respect copyright.PENANAygRVFkNt0G
33Please respect copyright.PENANAieOIi6cGGU
copyright protection29PENANAQvTThT4JN7

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANA4JzLQCgQq6

Giving you this widow maker isn't the only reason I'm here. I have two favors to ask of you.copyright protection29PENANAfXcSzrPrhi

33Please respect copyright.PENANAo0ZnBRJFwm
33Please respect copyright.PENANAl5Cc1hxPLx
copyright protection29PENANAV7NP05I5Pw

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANAdTfMF5pWWQ

If I can be of assistance you know I will.copyright protection29PENANA2bOe4nGTOX

33Please respect copyright.PENANAv3MkL5qYM7
33Please respect copyright.PENANATa7SxIJhog
copyright protection29PENANAbK4Zz54iaT

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANAOnN3as9Ap5

I know you will. The first thing I have to ask is Brigade business.copyright protection29PENANAqsgeHlCnfr

33Please respect copyright.PENANAEKlhXmzubk
33Please respect copyright.PENANA2HnO19Us8G
copyright protection29PENANAkqbpqLvu3G

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANAoR4cVeF4P4

How so?copyright protection29PENANAafwqudM6B1

33Please respect copyright.PENANAz1RHToqDGP
33Please respect copyright.PENANATlzfCwCc0O
copyright protection29PENANAxWsJlSuRnx

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANAxLpBXkQCpF

Billy and Eustace got back from Jackson's Point this morning. Marius deserted sometime in the night.copyright protection29PENANAHzVd0prMw3

33Please respect copyright.PENANAx3vUSx4MZc
33Please respect copyright.PENANAszdjg7IGKp
copyright protection29PENANAN3ZgMk8hcv

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANAOKhdlfycSY

Son of a bitch. Mari? He don't seem like the deserting type.copyright protection29PENANASzxNNydflK

33Please respect copyright.PENANAvEK5TnBvAC
33Please respect copyright.PENANAj7FP1ym6km
copyright protection29PENANAi9NhpACxSO

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANA3GykUUAt7s

I didn't think so neither. copyright protection29PENANArZ1ZNOy14T

33Please respect copyright.PENANAiNWw7dEQUo
33Please respect copyright.PENANAfp30vWo6sY
copyright protection29PENANALm2zDrafZ2

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANA42JCnDxX7E

They sure?copyright protection29PENANApzEryrf7tk

33Please respect copyright.PENANAJM5pB7XYei
33Please respect copyright.PENANAlx6i3dvI4p
copyright protection29PENANA0eG2OktYAs

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANA0EvJhSnOPu

He was talking about some woman he had on the way to Jackson's. Got to drinking that night and said he couldn't live without her no more. In the morning he was missing. As was his horse and belongings. Local drunk said he seen him mount up in the wee hours and head west.copyright protection29PENANAtf37GCzWJ2

33Please respect copyright.PENANA6jPakk6Iqz
33Please respect copyright.PENANAHalMzXUwW8
copyright protection29PENANAgKhWM5gg3Q

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANAJ4veOM7bBX

Well I'll be. Why didn't Billy and Eustace track him?copyright protection29PENANAG5cKcSnMO6

33Please respect copyright.PENANAPiFVAJ95rd
33Please respect copyright.PENANAvywkIREPz5
copyright protection29PENANAP4R61DciTg

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANA9DlFS9rZl3

They had a wagon full of supplies and nobody to guard it. With Reverend Rose in the area it was too dangerous for one of them to go alone. So they hightailed it back here knowing we would send someone to find him.copyright protection29PENANAW188Ml197P

33Please respect copyright.PENANAohfK3OHYlE
33Please respect copyright.PENANA7aWM5xweDX
copyright protection29PENANAgXU74WKgeE

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANAxoiS3a1v9m

You want us to keep an eye out for him? copyright protection29PENANAz5oHea3fka

33Please respect copyright.PENANAr8vYseP73p
33Please respect copyright.PENANAcrGrcKgUJB
copyright protection29PENANA5A8ZHcVssa

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANA7ZzpRDzT8J

If it wouldn't be too much trouble. I'm sending Raymond, Reggie and twenty men south in case he heads that direction, but my bet is he'll be headed for Hendrick's Pass like you. So it will be likely you will cross paths at some point heading west. We can't have deserters. copyright protection29PENANAfHPEp3Osj8

33Please respect copyright.PENANAyQMvCR296F
33Please respect copyright.PENANA6yOCxgQnnT
copyright protection29PENANADoJLnrXjTq

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANAu1q4riH0bQ

No we can not. If I find him I'll do what needs to be done.copyright protection29PENANAKrxz5XCUqV

33Please respect copyright.PENANANAlt1yeisY
33Please respect copyright.PENANAU0OGwryzAF
copyright protection29PENANA23jMPHdM17

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANAdw8DAzVhA7

I knew I could count on you. copyright protection29PENANA7kyFUDCwy2

33Please respect copyright.PENANAfGd3jKk98H
33Please respect copyright.PENANA3VipojXDCq
copyright protection29PENANAsA6MnVuAIv

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANAHW1QACqwT1

And the other favor?copyright protection29PENANAD1mbGgPjNn

33Please respect copyright.PENANABwqqcXRLwr
33Please respect copyright.PENANAqM8DPro9Bw
copyright protection29PENANAmfYt2moxW7

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANA3E35uDHVaA

This one's of a personal nature. My son, Eddy, is looking to head west like you.copyright protection29PENANAWNBiZiyPBl

33Please respect copyright.PENANARFr95Qt2u6
33Please respect copyright.PENANAs6CTwPRnAo
copyright protection29PENANAdYBcrEyQbu

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANAXe91jDF0zP

He out of the stockade?copyright protection29PENANABvDdNCvls7

33Please respect copyright.PENANAP0aYEZq291
33Please respect copyright.PENANAz1H0bMREOl
copyright protection29PENANAHF5jRxXpn8

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANAUln3nGH2Hg

(With a shameful look and tone in his voice.)copyright protection29PENANASjLvwy81UA

The irons were taken off today. He was dishonorably discharged this morning. copyright protection29PENANA9BgfV7MSwa

33Please respect copyright.PENANALhrnbXd3lN
33Please respect copyright.PENANArbOB9sBzvL
copyright protection29PENANA1qwouT5bWM

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANArP5clCLuEG

Eddy might not have been a good soldier, but he is fine company to keep on the road. It'll make the trip a damn sight more livelier with him. copyright protection29PENANA4Nik2dsP5Z

33Please respect copyright.PENANAB4Ni5Y4WDT
33Please respect copyright.PENANAiobJMmHZq3
copyright protection29PENANA06qxuUqA5n

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANAnxdtKy5v3J

(Smiling once again)copyright protection29PENANAb8wttzHVpM

That it will. If you could just get him as far as Evergreen without any bullet holes in him I would be much obliged. copyright protection29PENANAUqSkXnfoYl

33Please respect copyright.PENANAMReAtn34Xy
33Please respect copyright.PENANAQyCDQHBUEe
copyright protection29PENANAMlSZOCyT8B

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANACkJ9OcJv89

It'd be my pleasure, sir. It looks like the others are ready. Is Eddy packed for travel?copyright protection29PENANAh2zanwyCUw

33Please respect copyright.PENANANWDYGplnoL
33Please respect copyright.PENANAraDFL62ObZ
copyright protection29PENANAXHRQGFsfzB

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANAQcVAmJM6eU

I packed his belongings for him. They are already on the wagon.copyright protection29PENANAfwXPGllfXg

33Please respect copyright.PENANAm1yZEoHgil
33Please respect copyright.PENANAv6h85YyqlW
copyright protection29PENANALVXDMEjfTS

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANAQK4Lkrv7xJ

Well then I'll go fetch him.copyright protection29PENANA2MgZBWkXci

33Please respect copyright.PENANAcM7PsSVvH6
33Please respect copyright.PENANAv4833NrL3J
copyright protection29PENANAeXebB0QUfJ

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANAM6tRSOinVP

No need. Here he comes.copyright protection29PENANA7XCnXdkibw

33Please respect copyright.PENANA6zQoIVmglI
33Please respect copyright.PENANAcyujnXcjsU
copyright protection29PENANABpuQB6Qr06

(Eddy comes out of the stockade room with a long coat and shabby looking hat. He has a rifle strapped across his back. He walks to Butch and the Commander.)copyright protection29PENANAbNdEF5sXso

33Please respect copyright.PENANAqXZy02lrNp
33Please respect copyright.PENANAbUZ1iHXEXj
copyright protection29PENANANAmpXjDiCO

EDDYcopyright protection29PENANAPddj3OpUgq

(Addressing the Commander.)copyright protection29PENANA1rde5SjyQM

Well, Pa, I guess this is goodbye. copyright protection29PENANAXDmj3kDHCf

33Please respect copyright.PENANAm9RRtfOGyh
33Please respect copyright.PENANABYeAxeDTGq
copyright protection29PENANAvstJLxybsO

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANABtfPIlI2Uy

It is. Keep your nose clean. I had to pull a lot of strings to keep you out of the dungeon at the keep. Out west you're on your own. copyright protection29PENANAORcbbgwOX9

33Please respect copyright.PENANAjSliUDZRiW
33Please respect copyright.PENANAaF61xAhmhP
copyright protection29PENANA4sBycn5Kyx

EDDYcopyright protection29PENANAya1N0J9IL3

Awwwww is that your way of saying you'll miss me? You'll miss throwing me in the stockade every other week.copyright protection29PENANAhAVtL6JiVH

33Please respect copyright.PENANADSORsm65fM
33Please respect copyright.PENANAwyERQyvQqO
copyright protection29PENANAr092ylpE6Y

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection29PENANAcE8ds9XBRJ

I ain't mixing words with you today, Eddy. I secured you passage to Evergreen. Goodbye.copyright protection29PENANAF8jBC5ImoD

33Please respect copyright.PENANANAuTC1uTnL
33Please respect copyright.PENANAJ0ExS6TYc9
copyright protection29PENANA3PDdRczhQF

(The Grand Commander nods to Butch then spins on his heel and walks away. )copyright protection29PENANAf3kogMxeop

33Please respect copyright.PENANAKJHpByY7oo
33Please respect copyright.PENANAVbZp5BqzvO
copyright protection29PENANAX4xhFannwL

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANA0AAENsRnKI

It's been a while, Little Ed.copyright protection29PENANA2ZLmo29Vgx

33Please respect copyright.PENANAlePZMH6GFj
33Please respect copyright.PENANAPq2xPE6NLu
copyright protection29PENANAkeBSwg2UEz

EDDYcopyright protection29PENANAFFagkYJblt

Indeed it has, Butch my man. I would have written, but the jailers in the stockade have kept me all kinds of busy. I'm pretty sure one of them was sweet on me.copyright protection29PENANATotELRHUNX

33Please respect copyright.PENANAcGGb6LMxli
33Please respect copyright.PENANAlHxaHjRO0x
copyright protection29PENANAs7c30Jk3DZ

(Both men laugh.)copyright protection29PENANADjENzYLj97

33Please respect copyright.PENANA7QXanMOtAz
33Please respect copyright.PENANAYMgEXmqKUM
copyright protection29PENANAN3vgIg8pbV

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANAnD3zG3j17W

It's good having you with us. Your obscenities are always welcome on the trail.copyright protection29PENANA0KfEyPDk8N

33Please respect copyright.PENANA2ftzqbTiZT
33Please respect copyright.PENANAP7JMi7z6B9
copyright protection29PENANArVQXcydkYo

EDDYcopyright protection29PENANAfl1iVImeKt

(Jumping on the wagon.)copyright protection29PENANAaLdqpLf35n

Let's get out of this shit hole.copyright protection29PENANAQxjGuvfIPd

33Please respect copyright.PENANAGzWWeTjEEd
33Please respect copyright.PENANArHtVhT6ab6
copyright protection29PENANA75z9nvRJJC

(Butch whistles loudly.)copyright protection29PENANAdUnrkNdAQj

33Please respect copyright.PENANA41dONvVnCw
33Please respect copyright.PENANAwi6tfknzZ1
copyright protection29PENANAYGQhnlND3C

BUTCHcopyright protection29PENANARaHqj5WbPF

Banks! Mo! Let's hit the trail. I want to be at Dusty's before nightfall!copyright protection29PENANAO2AbtVYGvP

33Please respect copyright.PENANAMrJgm09sbl
33Please respect copyright.PENANAzfnM4biZyU
copyright protection29PENANAZtwQLTbyxe

MOcopyright protection29PENANAbopTPJYLVO

Hey have you guys seen Mari? I have some throwing knives I want to give him as a parting gift.copyright protection29PENANArJR2UkXT1t

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I'll tell you about Mari on the way. copyright protection29PENANABDpzThi2lz

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(Banks and Mo say their final goodbyes to their fellow soldiers then hop on the wagon. The soldiers all wave goodbye to their friends. Except for Eddy. Eddy stands up and moons everyone as the wagon is heading out the gate. Everyone laughs. Even the Grand Commander cracks a smile before shaking his head and walking away.)copyright protection29PENANAaSvhTEieMd

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