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Blood, Bullets & Black Magic
Writer TylerDoak
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Blood, Bullets & Black Magic
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Oct 4, 2017
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!EpCI3IbbgYeYwRiaWUfDposted on PENANA


16Please respect copyright.PENANAkQze5hO2Lf
16Please respect copyright.PENANAsKGUEIqjOv
copyright protection12PENANABSnEgPExpz

(The gates to Fort Blood are open and Banks, Mo and Butch are loading their possessions onto a wagon. The Grand Commander makes his way over to Butch.)copyright protection12PENANAk3YXM2GXdW

16Please respect copyright.PENANAedg302f1WN
16Please respect copyright.PENANARgDquJIjLt
copyright protection12PENANAWrVsieDf8S

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANASJLgo153yu

You sure you want to do this?copyright protection12PENANACTyBQkDxiR

16Please respect copyright.PENANAzdef8SXzbM
16Please respect copyright.PENANA4p0kt0nI2j
copyright protection12PENANAteipHBDkQM

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANAdJvY0U06Xz

I'm sure, Sir.copyright protection12PENANAAAs9bjuPQM

16Please respect copyright.PENANAwTAak5T2oE
16Please respect copyright.PENANAwXSKc0CaAN
copyright protection12PENANAGk1ZJIAn3r

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANA9hbFfbAfhx

What is a man like you going to do out there? You're a soldier. You were a soldier the moment you stepped through those gates. Hell, you were a soldier even before that.copyright protection12PENANAOS7h2jBw8r

16Please respect copyright.PENANAWEdXZGYnp0
16Please respect copyright.PENANAGVTh6dmZgK
copyright protection12PENANAiOMjOv2oT6

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANAQ2n2IDdiSv

I have been a soldier for a long, long time. I just want to try not being one for a while. See how it suits me.copyright protection12PENANAQHoXZqhAXp

16Please respect copyright.PENANAEMHxwUx858
16Please respect copyright.PENANAV2M9ZMPX9e
copyright protection12PENANA1geNA2jCrc

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANAJif6kXJygC

Would it make any difference if I told you that you would be running this joint when I'm gone? I ain't got too many years left.copyright protection12PENANA46ks4jTlTR

16Please respect copyright.PENANAXQaR7g5tgl
16Please respect copyright.PENANAeU7WrEQZMV
copyright protection12PENANAKV7ZJH22kt

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANAf3Mva6tUFJ

Mean old bastards like you live til they are 110. copyright protection12PENANAxJPRcTb6f4

16Please respect copyright.PENANA8IXURWHHUQ
16Please respect copyright.PENANAWRH6IOnNiD
copyright protection12PENANAXZZ4ZJL1L6

(Both men laugh.)copyright protection12PENANAv19hwjoZe4

16Please respect copyright.PENANA9wygs0Uj0H
16Please respect copyright.PENANAf8pc3h9KY3
copyright protection12PENANAJLNzC0sN6I

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANAS3HS8HBUIn

Then you are really gonna do it? You're really heading west? copyright protection12PENANA0do9vVtUVH

16Please respect copyright.PENANABUVj1D8orq
16Please respect copyright.PENANA2AXBRqCLKC
copyright protection12PENANAYEsLd5LGTS

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANAoLW6D4NeYv

Westward bound I am. copyright protection12PENANABZJ09fVC9Q

16Please respect copyright.PENANAtZLSbOalz8
16Please respect copyright.PENANApb3ku5YCtp
copyright protection12PENANAk7uNTISFoL

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANAyNwuTayGpx

What the hell are you going to do in the west? Pan for gold? Become a skinner? Maybe you could be a barber?copyright protection12PENANAc0wW1GbWil

16Please respect copyright.PENANA3wZ18RsKCc
16Please respect copyright.PENANAn6b8YnX8Iw
copyright protection12PENANANDtiqn0j3p

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANA4BcB55MEMb

Meet a nice girl. Have a few kids. Grow old together. Sit in a rocking chair on my porch and chew tobacky and watch my grandkids raise hell.copyright protection12PENANAbZcIWdo8aH

16Please respect copyright.PENANAh8IlsdqqPU
16Please respect copyright.PENANAPTrPUzGmjj
copyright protection12PENANAtXkXfLkf4n

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANAE9YRK4XwIJ

Horse shit. You'd be bored to damn death after the first month on a farm.copyright protection12PENANAITJUCF70Nh

16Please respect copyright.PENANAzGpKPo8MxR
16Please respect copyright.PENANAjPZ1areAR4
copyright protection12PENANAIhe2euNzKS

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANAWp1VgMZdjI

Who said anything about a farm? The Queen sent out a call for lawmen since Hendrick's Pass opened up after the quake. And I figure since I'm accustom to getting shot at being a Marshall might suit me.copyright protection12PENANAX1CGVem2f9

16Please respect copyright.PENANAvHXWxSvefP
16Please respect copyright.PENANAyOwYzlmH7U
copyright protection12PENANAkXrz0F3OeN

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANAGbcH7su7GN

I guess I've heard worse ideas. copyright protection12PENANAPDOrjJFFMV

16Please respect copyright.PENANAyqKxsUZGvQ
16Please respect copyright.PENANAL0yIX5BsjR
copyright protection12PENANAP7SgGTWJHb

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANAxonJ6ucABS

I'm usually the one pitching those horrible ideas to you.copyright protection12PENANAnqwcSPWyvI

16Please respect copyright.PENANAhRGNPf9cXg
16Please respect copyright.PENANA7wHR49M3Qi
copyright protection12PENANAtlQmBwfygX

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANAKNl7xrBK2d

Compared to most of these yahoos your ideas are pure gold. copyright protection12PENANADqE9CwZy4u

16Please respect copyright.PENANAUBjskgyWIS
16Please respect copyright.PENANAN0KtOzJXMH
copyright protection12PENANAhxP7UrD90U

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANA7KHsReUtZW

Maybe I'll go be the Queen's main idea man. Get rich doing nothing but winging out one bad idea after another.copyright protection12PENANAGCnkLZRKyV

16Please respect copyright.PENANAeUdWLh6xlX
16Please respect copyright.PENANAQfy9ITphP8
copyright protection12PENANAePt4XnwBxw

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANAvEhc68r1Cq

That sounds like a fine idea right there. You might be on to something.copyright protection12PENANAYj2lEOlvyT

16Please respect copyright.PENANA9D9T6XtQVf
16Please respect copyright.PENANAxa9L6V2dto
copyright protection12PENANAqNJTSGhohO

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANAVMscZzlqBX

Well it's settled then.copyright protection12PENANARzgUVUIgqg

16Please respect copyright.PENANAajDJsmCSDs
16Please respect copyright.PENANA0M59Gc7922
copyright protection12PENANAaQ4TKWz1kR

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANAQfDjsCSN3u

I wish I could spare you some horses, but you know how things are right now.copyright protection12PENANAKU41OZWxgm

16Please respect copyright.PENANApAdzljuoxX
16Please respect copyright.PENANAMHhqrKM3Cq
copyright protection12PENANAOqdSkXOTZ9

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANAKPpo8R01E4

I walked in here without shoes. I'm leaving here on a wagon with decent boots on my feet. I'm coming out ahead.copyright protection12PENANAvpZzrNzolQ

16Please respect copyright.PENANAwDdCNTOU2R
16Please respect copyright.PENANAXsra1Nuvb2
copyright protection12PENANAL9gY1AWQuV

(The Grand Commander shifts uncomfortably. He reaches into a pack he is carrying and pulls out an elaborately carved wooden box. He hands it to Butch.)copyright protection12PENANA0fKqDTiEUW

16Please respect copyright.PENANAtYKLobvbf8
16Please respect copyright.PENANABLLPnyIctL
copyright protection12PENANAIpmHZOvzcQ

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANApY0GW2hTSL

What's this?copyright protection12PENANAOT1zjEsBjm

16Please respect copyright.PENANA3rdvCfi7Ku
16Please respect copyright.PENANA9esTZQ5v2k
copyright protection12PENANAy2MVJMJflW

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANA6KU6rR8IK1

A going away gift. When you told me you were leaving last year I had this commissioned for you.copyright protection12PENANAuzVv8eaAQt

16Please respect copyright.PENANADE5ottXcFr
16Please respect copyright.PENANAYJTbfvqyDb
copyright protection12PENANAXpvKkfw4vR

(Butch takes the box and opens it. A black and silver six shooter is inside of the crushed velvet insides. The grip of the gun is jet black with a crimson flag engraved on it. It is a beautiful gun. Butch gives the pistol a once over and looks over every nook and cranny.)copyright protection12PENANA1BCVI3NRLy

16Please respect copyright.PENANA2NqvGpmLUo
16Please respect copyright.PENANA6x2bWwFUIl
copyright protection12PENANATg7OLf3WQT

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANApOiVyDb4HG

Sweet damn! You're giving me Red Fire?copyright protection12PENANAWIiyE1CrTo

16Please respect copyright.PENANAmG4fSkKjSo
16Please respect copyright.PENANAvUbVqSkMEf
copyright protection12PENANAZME7BqmEmd

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANAyM1RHAuSEb

Hell no I'm not. It's Red Fire's twin.copyright protection12PENANAzBURaySM0L

16Please respect copyright.PENANAaKNdWKJBEs
16Please respect copyright.PENANAW081f0m0ke
copyright protection12PENANAa0yP79fuNB

(The Grand Commander pulls his pistol, Red Fire, from its holster and holds it up next to Butch's new gun. They both look almost exactly the same.)copyright protection12PENANAHmnJd5jHYY

16Please respect copyright.PENANAoP9AKzs5l6
16Please respect copyright.PENANAlwQ8JMStox
copyright protection12PENANATxANoKmgxn

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANA2HoAxvJM0x

It's twin? It's so light. And balanced. Is this from the Capitol?copyright protection12PENANAnHTLr7QLOO

16Please respect copyright.PENANAVly3nO4JPp
16Please respect copyright.PENANAXee6OYGg42
copyright protection12PENANAKImkvK4S1B

GRAND COMMANDERcopyright protection12PENANAg3jEEQaoDa

That it is. Had the enchantments laid on it by Ingram himself in the capital. You won't come across its like again.copyright protection12PENANAV0SPMjWD4L

16Please respect copyright.PENANAnpydxi0qLp
16Please respect copyright.PENANAYHKxL7lQRa
copyright protection12PENANAsPtO9ZyeRA

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANAP8E9Mi0WGD

This is an Ingram? Dear gods! But how could you afford this? Even the lords of the high houses have a hard time scraping together enough for an Ingram!copyright protection12PENANA6CEYrrio4n

16Please respect copyright.PENANAfOotVdsBtw
16Please respect copyright.PENANAEQWc4uv4Vh
copyright protection12PENANA9wcCklCTzu

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANAupC8zoqzl7

Let's just say I called in a few favors. Ingram himself owed me one. That's the fine thing about being the Grand Commander of a fighting force like ours. After a while high ups start owing you lots and lots of favors. It's called Scarlet Rain. May it bring you luck and prosperity in your endeavors as a marshal.copyright protection12PENANAdrJSqajIzn

16Please respect copyright.PENANAtTYeqJmMzd
16Please respect copyright.PENANAWP1liXyLz2
copyright protection12PENANA5IUilfDX8d

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANArDD4LcscMO

I can't take this, Grand Commander. It's too much.copyright protection12PENANAj0f2SGdboN

16Please respect copyright.PENANAidTeqXIV2D
16Please respect copyright.PENANAcwxbKXU7Ku
copyright protection12PENANAzuvtMRIqPR

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANAEhuhlgtOsg

You can and you will. You're the finest soldier I've ever had the pleasure of serving with. You deserve it. copyright protection12PENANACMgSP8y3kX

16Please respect copyright.PENANAkGjm2CjBnS
16Please respect copyright.PENANADG6wUwuCrw
copyright protection12PENANAQTrmmed4F3

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANAWjlqAGG4v9

It'll never leave my side. When I'm laid to rest it will go to my first born son. And his after.copyright protection12PENANAk8VA0KJzN3

16Please respect copyright.PENANAgE2NPNLKUv
16Please respect copyright.PENANAefcyBebUPy
copyright protection12PENANAwEXY0jceoR

(The two shake hands. )copyright protection12PENANAhkaCLLjsPP

16Please respect copyright.PENANANteTZ9qtLS
16Please respect copyright.PENANA02w3PmRA6M
copyright protection12PENANAB9XxKYhux5

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANAx4Ju2KOfYd

Giving you this widow maker isn't the only reason I'm here. I have two favors to ask of you.copyright protection12PENANA6gxhSj3cLS

16Please respect copyright.PENANA5l1hUCw5xm
16Please respect copyright.PENANAEkPTeP2EiO
copyright protection12PENANA1n2ZUMYcgv

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANAiOA2jCM8RK

If I can be of assistance you know I will.copyright protection12PENANAlY0TgTcj6Y

16Please respect copyright.PENANAwjQ3mFpdgw
16Please respect copyright.PENANAZlS1DMD9Sa
copyright protection12PENANAc8le8f16sh

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANACK6cMqPyyH

I know you will. The first thing I have to ask is Brigade business.copyright protection12PENANAjUFkNWe0gk

16Please respect copyright.PENANAvwulpJasnt
16Please respect copyright.PENANAgTM7X9Mmn3
copyright protection12PENANAYstkGBzHH2

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANAZjM6vywl75

How so?copyright protection12PENANA2qZILNEZOV

16Please respect copyright.PENANATnpLo2y1cr
16Please respect copyright.PENANAcIYH3oqeQN
copyright protection12PENANAkMnN73pHL6

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANAJLqvRW4ohc

Billy and Eustace got back from Jackson's Point this morning. Marius deserted sometime in the night.copyright protection12PENANAujCt2ohHn5

16Please respect copyright.PENANAH7HteED010
16Please respect copyright.PENANA4VntHLvfNI
copyright protection12PENANACISZwZ3VGP

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANA1qAsVro0QF

Son of a bitch. Mari? He don't seem like the deserting type.copyright protection12PENANAckZPO1d6IB

16Please respect copyright.PENANAHZrFGu37IU
16Please respect copyright.PENANAUq1CUfhxgj
copyright protection12PENANAckk4kQ4oLL

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANAdNbNf7fE76

I didn't think so neither. copyright protection12PENANAjjqj9fkml3

16Please respect copyright.PENANAxkeVNVHjbv
16Please respect copyright.PENANA1TvsybXCjG
copyright protection12PENANAYxoiCJ8G7U

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANAskID8XLoBS

They sure?copyright protection12PENANAuVcVelazIw

16Please respect copyright.PENANAwe6xQ0M8y2
16Please respect copyright.PENANAr6mG19CJsO
copyright protection12PENANACG30YFJ7mR

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANA1OcJskHdJj

He was talking about some woman he had on the way to Jackson's. Got to drinking that night and said he couldn't live without her no more. In the morning he was missing. As was his horse and belongings. Local drunk said he seen him mount up in the wee hours and head west.copyright protection12PENANA6efiatDl3l

16Please respect copyright.PENANAeuHJXfVVRe
16Please respect copyright.PENANACnsJUjKHsi
copyright protection12PENANARF2UG1Aq8X

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANAhaLtUeOBsy

Well I'll be. Why didn't Billy and Eustace track him?copyright protection12PENANAVyMaQWEuhH

16Please respect copyright.PENANAJUo5AqfcaI
16Please respect copyright.PENANA1odI8bX46P
copyright protection12PENANAQ9nS43TEu2

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANACMcog6C5I4

They had a wagon full of supplies and nobody to guard it. With Reverend Rose in the area it was too dangerous for one of them to go alone. So they hightailed it back here knowing we would send someone to find him.copyright protection12PENANADDCpOtmsXE

16Please respect copyright.PENANAjIdMr76cPy
16Please respect copyright.PENANAuysTE2jUft
copyright protection12PENANAaONxGSBAx6

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANAC9SPx8V9eD

You want us to keep an eye out for him? copyright protection12PENANAeRhQh5kEyh

16Please respect copyright.PENANACgSQY11W67
16Please respect copyright.PENANALpQZci6iuV
copyright protection12PENANAiI56fMYRnv

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANAXZEQOcZKld

If it wouldn't be too much trouble. I'm sending Raymond, Reggie and twenty men south in case he heads that direction, but my bet is he'll be headed for Hendrick's Pass like you. So it will be likely you will cross paths at some point heading west. We can't have deserters. copyright protection12PENANAnA4FrlKLZi

16Please respect copyright.PENANAQZuiS8lc2B
16Please respect copyright.PENANAFFSyvRAwOG
copyright protection12PENANA3i19phVn8i

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANAT6iyW7KVR6

No we can not. If I find him I'll do what needs to be done.copyright protection12PENANA8fGdU7zFSz

16Please respect copyright.PENANAEA6uziNGAi
16Please respect copyright.PENANABrh6J9f5lh
copyright protection12PENANAXVRZ4gg0Eo

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANAjxuC6rJQnB

I knew I could count on you. copyright protection12PENANAWwQDJLKiqD

16Please respect copyright.PENANAH1XzAsqaZe
16Please respect copyright.PENANARDPX8ogW4Q
copyright protection12PENANASozJnE0DEF

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANA2YdxAjYjal

And the other favor?copyright protection12PENANAU6RLKBwuUX

16Please respect copyright.PENANAeGhwM1G171
16Please respect copyright.PENANAjO3hnEJOPJ
copyright protection12PENANA8MlHwJlxm0

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANAcpYpWzJVST

This one's of a personal nature. My son, Eddy, is looking to head west like you.copyright protection12PENANAhN09yKK5eF

16Please respect copyright.PENANA3GnSEvgVsk
16Please respect copyright.PENANALG13cN5SPc
copyright protection12PENANA2mro4Y7pvu

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANAqHTp7PYQLR

He out of the stockade?copyright protection12PENANAJ2EJbduWjI

16Please respect copyright.PENANAU91YqpC9ds
16Please respect copyright.PENANATh9gaOMrJe
copyright protection12PENANABl52Ka1RAw

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANAl0efpm4ncQ

(With a shameful look and tone in his voice.)copyright protection12PENANAeWSTG37aZq

The irons were taken off today. He was dishonorably discharged this morning. copyright protection12PENANATBMZEw9FoJ

16Please respect copyright.PENANAMuUNy7AE0q
16Please respect copyright.PENANARVzSTZhw9v
copyright protection12PENANAcKKqZ9M4xZ

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANAUMVMGCQNNQ

Eddy might not have been a good soldier, but he is fine company to keep on the road. It'll make the trip a damn sight more livelier with him. copyright protection12PENANAeGr0G6xQLV

16Please respect copyright.PENANAZ2N8iXW5oF
16Please respect copyright.PENANAjaadXJlynm
copyright protection12PENANAAXFknFuaJ1

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANA9DO5quHhhu

(Smiling once again)copyright protection12PENANA7vbzwRF3Ir

That it will. If you could just get him as far as Evergreen without any bullet holes in him I would be much obliged. copyright protection12PENANAZioFCMk6X3

16Please respect copyright.PENANAZehy7bxpIH
16Please respect copyright.PENANAUHKHQ2EN73
copyright protection12PENANA86HWb8rTpJ

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANAoxfz7LrNP9

It'd be my pleasure, sir. It looks like the others are ready. Is Eddy packed for travel?copyright protection12PENANAePsDu4pPbm

16Please respect copyright.PENANAsreDFcn0KK
16Please respect copyright.PENANAnKZEi7QQwz
copyright protection12PENANASjtAgFJIz9

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANArXGHxOsZBi

I packed his belongings for him. They are already on the wagon.copyright protection12PENANA8Q7AtCFTrQ

16Please respect copyright.PENANAxqhh87kNUs
16Please respect copyright.PENANARnT51yhoz2
copyright protection12PENANAgkaKVrpE9Y

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANANBWuitiLsU

Well then I'll go fetch him.copyright protection12PENANA4BKcceOR8f

16Please respect copyright.PENANA9WM9B4gsVM
16Please respect copyright.PENANA1sdiKmq59k
copyright protection12PENANAIoAT8vky9u

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANAxX6troXKap

No need. Here he comes.copyright protection12PENANAFe1qqdEf5N

16Please respect copyright.PENANAx0Ir5K0n8A
16Please respect copyright.PENANApixbr8fHAa
copyright protection12PENANAuNb5GkA1TK

(Eddy comes out of the stockade room with a long coat and shabby looking hat. He has a rifle strapped across his back. He walks to Butch and the Commander.)copyright protection12PENANAvqIBU90SUa

16Please respect copyright.PENANAuCDHUo4ktd
16Please respect copyright.PENANAF1eosk8tHh
copyright protection12PENANAhApj0QwF5B

EDDYcopyright protection12PENANAsApEF6Zf7S

(Addressing the Commander.)copyright protection12PENANA0DjIfeSf6N

Well, Pa, I guess this is goodbye. copyright protection12PENANAqonQHnGe3L

16Please respect copyright.PENANA46zBi0KyIl
16Please respect copyright.PENANAJcXmURKYbe
copyright protection12PENANAQvlf90l9gt

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANA1h6lZmASBG

It is. Keep your nose clean. I had to pull a lot of strings to keep you out of the dungeon at the keep. Out west you're on your own. copyright protection12PENANAF252TNqz1t

16Please respect copyright.PENANAcRfrfILoct
16Please respect copyright.PENANAFgzfRSgBqY
copyright protection12PENANAkRZG79GtiX

EDDYcopyright protection12PENANAWke3Fepg61

Awwwww is that your way of saying you'll miss me? You'll miss throwing me in the stockade every other week.copyright protection12PENANAWM42PXPfwQ

16Please respect copyright.PENANAW9bTv6Lg5X
16Please respect copyright.PENANAvhOKI4tusF
copyright protection12PENANAJRIIxPRei9

GRAND COMMANDER copyright protection12PENANAcftrj9FIpM

I ain't mixing words with you today, Eddy. I secured you passage to Evergreen. Goodbye.copyright protection12PENANAKmyOonLeDi

16Please respect copyright.PENANAX8VxnNpDpP
16Please respect copyright.PENANAClYOfuU1LZ
copyright protection12PENANA4maN4HCWWV

(The Grand Commander nods to Butch then spins on his heel and walks away. )copyright protection12PENANA58bzAuJfd8

16Please respect copyright.PENANAYghN1ZRuuk
16Please respect copyright.PENANA9rs5ZPSpth
copyright protection12PENANA1XvAMUXx8A

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANAQdX001IDYE

It's been a while, Little Ed.copyright protection12PENANAz4NLDngmDt

16Please respect copyright.PENANAe5DdTTINUt
16Please respect copyright.PENANANTK4GL4yfy
copyright protection12PENANAvFr1fdVdL4

EDDYcopyright protection12PENANANBiKCiMkWL

Indeed it has, Butch my man. I would have written, but the jailers in the stockade have kept me all kinds of busy. I'm pretty sure one of them was sweet on me.copyright protection12PENANAZwPMisayPO

16Please respect copyright.PENANASp0lu0anpE
16Please respect copyright.PENANAFEJiSDcAr6
copyright protection12PENANA1lttmIGiVr

(Both men laugh.)copyright protection12PENANAmJ3EuFXh0U

16Please respect copyright.PENANA4e0OjGAnfP
16Please respect copyright.PENANAW8fXtKXE8n
copyright protection12PENANA2ZrRMJkXha

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANALjveMSXsaT

It's good having you with us. Your obscenities are always welcome on the trail.copyright protection12PENANAUxDYb7E9pE

16Please respect copyright.PENANAiN126TFit6
16Please respect copyright.PENANAoylomE5X2l
copyright protection12PENANA3sDukpdEmv

EDDYcopyright protection12PENANAP8OkmBck4n

(Jumping on the wagon.)copyright protection12PENANAdYUQX5YBfo

Let's get out of this shit hole.copyright protection12PENANAfiQSNai1PF

16Please respect copyright.PENANANYt2WXNTBV
16Please respect copyright.PENANAgUIiWObB6F
copyright protection12PENANAxENlZaWcv0

(Butch whistles loudly.)copyright protection12PENANAzJZtAWzyxP

16Please respect copyright.PENANAIvd3UAIZxL
16Please respect copyright.PENANAkkKOnGLazn
copyright protection12PENANAXN8NGVYYXO

BUTCHcopyright protection12PENANAEussQsDNE8

Banks! Mo! Let's hit the trail. I want to be at Dusty's before nightfall!copyright protection12PENANANdRNHrKh0i

16Please respect copyright.PENANA5QhO8dCjPJ
16Please respect copyright.PENANAZxedB8Nk8l
copyright protection12PENANA6Y5eMLaKK7

MOcopyright protection12PENANAzoC1Rstuf8

Hey have you guys seen Mari? I have some throwing knives I want to give him as a parting gift.copyright protection12PENANAD3muQ3WBlX

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(Looking troubled. )copyright protection12PENANAGTn2oe6kPr

I'll tell you about Mari on the way. copyright protection12PENANAiJTeIAXtrq

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(Banks and Mo say their final goodbyes to their fellow soldiers then hop on the wagon. The soldiers all wave goodbye to their friends. Except for Eddy. Eddy stands up and moons everyone as the wagon is heading out the gate. Everyone laughs. Even the Grand Commander cracks a smile before shaking his head and walking away.)copyright protection12PENANApKOMMc0TxQ

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