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Writer Nelso555
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Oct 7, 2017
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!dFwTurODm9DcNaFyPrp5posted on PENANA

Lexi lowered her binoculars and placed a finger on her earpiece. “Okay Pam, how are the scans coming along?”copyright protection21PENANA65s59AWXwZ

Pam’s voice sounded in Lexi’s head. “The priority data-point is confirmed to be in this facility. Refining my search now.”copyright protection21PENANATKEqD9RsMd

When Lexi had first signed on to the Alliance Special Ops Initiative she had hoped her missions would take her somewhere warm, and yet here she lay in a forest covered in snow, tired of being cold and wet. She crawled forwards slightly, the snow crunching beneath her, the cool wind brushing in her ears. The frost showed in every anxious breath. She could smell metal and fuel, despite her nose being numb. She pulled her white beanie tighter over her ears and made sure that her chestnut hair was hidden. Lexi had been chosen for this mission because she was lean and stealthy; she had fair skin, pale lips and keen eyes immersed in dark eyeliner to protect against the snowy glare. In her arctic army fatigues she was almost invisible atop the escarpment overlooking Nexus’ facility.copyright protection21PENANABqqoA6Xqxn

“And hostiles?” she whispered to Pam.copyright protection21PENANAvEsYKByGz5

“Twenty-six hostiles,” said Pam. “Three of which are officers, and I count nine civilians.”copyright protection21PENANAFtPkTtuKVg

“And Vayne?”copyright protection21PENANAYxHoWiuTI2

“Data shows he is not present, but facial records of the nine civilians show a ninety-three percent match to known members of his initial research team.”copyright protection21PENANAgeGJcqkL7T

“So, this is where they’ve been hiding.”copyright protection21PENANAQNmF8g8C14

“I have archived the data for transmission once we are out of interception range.”copyright protection21PENANATZBBoxTSrB

Lexi checked her watch as the message appeared, downloading data. “Thank you Pam, but what about my mission?”copyright protection21PENANAVIQCr33MOa

“Update: I have located the priority data-point.”copyright protection21PENANAFEY2k6jtJk

Lexi raised her binoculars and followed the glowing indicator that pointed to one of the buildings. “I see one of the officers in the building,” she said quietly. “Hello there… That earpiece looks familiar. Pam?”copyright protection21PENANAxDj9eHH7A8

“Confirmed. Each officer is equipped with an implant allowing instant communication with artificial intelligences much like myself. It is unlikely however that they will be able to intercept my signal to your own implant.”copyright protection21PENANAJwRz8iCb4q

With a smile, Lexi sat up and put her binoculars away. “Good to know you’re watching my back, Pam.”copyright protection21PENANAmK5lNps6Tb

“I am linked directly to your all of your sensory nerves and receive data as you do, technically I can only watch your front.”copyright protection21PENANAqqPKz3rhb2

“What—” Lexi sighed. “Bad enough they put an AI in my head but they also gave it sarcasm.”copyright protection21PENANApUyguHz6TD

“I calculate a seventy-seven percent chance of successfully recovering the primary data-point if we infiltrate now. Do you wish to proceed?”copyright protection21PENANAxfoDBb33hW

Lexi was already moving. “Let’s do it.”copyright protection21PENANAfIn4sW8Udj

She backtracked through the woods and made her way downhill until she found a suitable entry point into the camp; by now her face was bright pink as she slipped on her visor and, hiding in the nearby shrubs, scanned for incoming patrols. An older wooden building suspended on stilts lay a few meters in front of her, but a line where the fresh snow had been disturbed made her hesitate. A few moments later a man in a grey hoodie strolled by wearing a bored expression, his eyes drooping. When he was gone, Lexi rushed past and crawled under the building; she felt like a rabbit trudging through the snow. “It’s freezing down here.”copyright protection21PENANAXDewUIdtP7

“Given the circumstances I would not recommend speaking to me unless it is relevant to the current mission.”copyright protection21PENANA7mmv0YH31Z

“Typical computer,” Lexi said under her breath.copyright protection21PENANAZgHmkajs5x

“I heard that.”copyright protection21PENANAM2b0z5IMzx

The target location was in sight from the other side of the wooden building. Voices could be heard from all over in the centre of the camp, most were speaking another language (though Lexi could have Pam translate if needed) and all seemed either bored or tired. A small group were tinkering with a recon drone and Pam indicated through the visor that it was an unknown design, labelled: Nexus prototype. The officer was inside the building with the data-point.copyright protection21PENANATGUgcVfTYg

Lexi touched her earpiece. “We have to get him away from the data-point. Don’t suppose you can override his implant and scramble his brain?”copyright protection21PENANATYwAlRLFkQ

“I would advise against that line of action, Lexi. While a malfunctioning implant can lead to varying degrees of brain damage, it is likely that the officer’s AI will detect the interference beforehand and become aware of our location.”copyright protection21PENANAd6To7suQf4

“Okay, any other ideas?”copyright protection21PENANAo9LjqYeFRc

“The drone to your right appears to be a prototype. Perhaps I can perform an override and use it to cause a distraction. It is common for early models such as this to malfunction and thus will not raise suspicion. Shall I proceed?”copyright protection21PENANAVLbsmwj7cE

Lexi took a deep breath and braced herself; she would have to be quick once the drone took off. She nodded. “Do it.”copyright protection21PENANAYpKROSjjIz

Through her visor, she saw the drone become highlighted in green as it hovered suddenly and sporadically into the air. There was a great deal of shouting from the men as the drone spun in a circle and soared towards the officer, who stepped outside to investigate the commotion. There came a flash and a loud bang – “I have tapped into the drone’s weapons systems,” said Pam – and the drone shot recklessly at the ground, sending up puffs of snow and hitting one man in the foot. “Diverting,” said Pam. The drone whizzed away, followed by the officer and several men.copyright protection21PENANAn6I8p86DOY

Lexi hurried into the building and found the terminal with the data-point. A message appeared on her visor: Target confirmed. She placed her watch near the terminal. “Okay Pam, do your thing.”copyright protection21PENANAQJJ1c5yvdK

“Extracting files.”copyright protection21PENANAab9U3YNnhv

Lexi checked the doorway behind her; she had a bad feeling in her gut, even though she knew Pam would warn her if anyone was coming. “You are still scanning for hostiles, right?”copyright protection21PENANAWECEN2NTGB

“I am having the drone perform extra scans; it’s ability to detect specific items of interest appears to be greater than mine.”copyright protection21PENANASwlCyxI63V

“Wait, you’re still controlling that thing? Isn’t it confusing to do all this at once?”copyright protection21PENANARd718aZVxh

“Human concentration is inhibited when multi-tasting. Mine isn’t.”copyright protection21PENANArtV48J6WDM

Lexi smiled. “You don’t have to sound so smug.” She sifted through the data as Pam extracted it. “I’m risking my life for this? I suppose some Nexus spy did the same thing when they stole your implant prototype.”copyright protection21PENANAxvjT8RqQYu

“I detect discontent in your voice. I sense that you doubt the Alliance’s intentions.”copyright protection21PENANAMQHTRQ4RMC

Lexi didn’t mean to sound that way. She searched the data carefully for anything that would make risking her life worth-while. “Nothing gets by you, huh? But I never said that. I guess I’d just like to see them use their ingenuity for something other than war or espionage. Not that I don’t appreciate your company, but doesn’t it bother you that you were technically built as a weapon?”copyright protection21PENANA8d64ieNobq

Pam hesitated, which was unusual for her. “I wasn't designed to judge the actions of my creators, but historical data shows that multiple treaties between the Alliance and the Nexus Division have been attempted over the past 70 years, all of which have failed to reduce conflict between both organisations.”copyright protection21PENANAbIWuC4m3Ul

The files were almost downloaded and Lexi was looking forward to getting out of the facility.copyright protection21PENANAxGbfA36EUS

“I don’t know if this helps,” Pam went on, “but I prefer to think that my primary function is to protect you, Lexi.”copyright protection21PENANAg36m7oBUNM

She beamed, wishing for a moment that she could see Pam in real life. “Aww, how sweet.”copyright protection21PENANAlYvht7lPaf

“I have found something else that may solve your dilemma. Uploading to your visor.”copyright protection21PENANAbIWmYxp4bk

The information appeared before Lexi’s eyes and she gasped, as though she was staring down at some horrific scene. “My god… so this is what I came for. Looks like Nexus is further ahead in the arms race than we thought, huh? Cybernetics, viral weaponry, AI systems…” A handful of images flashed across her visor, and their grotesqueness shot straight to her stomach. “They’ve tested these on human subjects…”copyright protection21PENANAWsn2Pvrrqe

“Lexi, the recovery has been successful, I suggest we leave.” But Lexi didn’t seem to hear her. The voice sounded again. “Lexi, it is time to go.”copyright protection21PENANAdLcJ2GRov2

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