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Peace at Castle Unbreakable
Oct 12, 2017
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!X0X6yGDg2h2lDRyn4Cg8posted on PENANA

Enderalcopyright protection3PENANAEIzCiJalH4

Peace at Castle Unbreakablecopyright protection3PENANA4F42MDIpTL

8th Era, 478 14th of Falling Knightcopyright protection3PENANAGV6kNFIRhY

Continent of Mordurel, Spring Forest Region, Castle Unbreakablecopyright protection3PENANAZVGzxZiIk0

Six months after his victory at Piontar River Ku faced the victory he had expected, the victory he had promised him empress. It was time for a peace treaty to be signed, and he saw the laughable irony in that. They were signing the peace treaty in an elven castle named Unbreakable after the elves ancient beliefs that there had been unbreakable. Though the Kyroshi Empire wasn’t the first to break them. That glory fell to the Sarrandhi Khanate many centuries ago.copyright protection3PENANANoGSqsv9Ro

He wore the purple and golden detailed long coat of a Kyroshi officer corps. Like all the Kyroshi long coats worn by the soldiers it was made out of silk. Since Falling Knight was the second month of fall he wore a wool scarf around his neck against the slightly cold breeze.copyright protection3PENANAUyk1S7HAZY

The envoy he was part of had been escorted here by a Regiments worth of Immortal Guard. Since the empress’s brother was here and the empress herself it made sense. Her safety couldn’t be given to anyone lesser but an Immortal. In silence, with their purple robes they surrounded the empress. Katanas on their backs and Jaeshi Muskets ready if the Sun elves betrayed them.copyright protection3PENANAzYUfysfRbA

He walked beside the young empress’s brother, Archduke and ambassador Daisuke Shienyashi. He was dressed in traditional silken robes and because of his royal blood those robes was purple. The color of the glorious Shienyashi Family who had ruled the empire for thousands of years.copyright protection3PENANARYYyQp0mzS

“Did you meet the elven monarch on your diplomatic visit my lord?” Ku inquired in a whisper as they were escorted to the great hall where they would sign the treaty.copyright protection3PENANAKur5wkddVc

“No,” Daisuke replied, also in a whisper, raising his bushy eyebrows. “Nobody sees the emperor eternal. The fact that he is here means that they know how poor their situation is. Though we knew that given all the territory and concessions they grant us in the treaty.” A smile rose on his pale lips. “Thanks to you General Ku.”copyright protection3PENANAcub6KJyZBJ

Ku titled his head forward.copyright protection3PENANAztIy1yY2Uy

“I am merely a servant of the empress and the empire,” he answered.copyright protection3PENANAVF2mLzHZMC

Daisuke arched his bushy eyebrows, noting the order Ku stated those two things in.copyright protection3PENANAcZ6n5Q7EQI

They were led into the great hall. Tapestries covered the walls in an attempt to make the hall worthy of the emperor eternal and a throne of the purest gold and covered in rubies was there, sitting across a throne of silver. On the golden throne sat the emperor eternal, surrounded by Sun elf guards in silver armor and a few Princes from the high nobility.copyright protection3PENANAoqb7YdFXfA

What surprised Ku was that the emperor was a boy. It couldn’t be more than ten. He had the impression that the emperor eternal was an elderly man around his six hundreds. He quickly summarized that the boy was the heir. But that brought up the question as to why a man of six hundred only had a son of ten? He didn’t have time to ponder that question further as it was time for the customary royal introductions.copyright protection3PENANAvbgyx28e2V

One of the elven princes stepped forward, his old legs trembling as he stroked his long grey-golden beard, same color as his long wavy hair. He leaned on a cane and Ku noticed that his eyes was a clouded shade of grey. The elf was blind.copyright protection3PENANAReUXC0OKEF

“I introduce to you, Emperor Eternal Zil-Qi of the Eighteenth Emerald, divine monarch of the Great Sapphire Empire, the eighteenth sovereign of the Emerald bloodline,” he said with a surprisingly strong and firm. Ku didn’t pay much attention to the names of the dozen princes stated by the old man.copyright protection3PENANAt35Fa4SQ18

The brown-golden haired boy sat nervously on his throne, silently staring at the empress.copyright protection3PENANArxjI6RLe6N

So it came to Archduke Daisuke to introduce their side.copyright protection3PENANA9X13VD3KoI

“Majesty, May I introduce The Great Dragon, ruler of the Kyroshi Empire, Empress Yana I of the Shienyashi Family,” he gestured to the twenty-seven year old monarch.copyright protection3PENANApRMvwWzpNB

The pale skinned empress sat down in the silver throne, smiling at the young emperor eternal, who shyly looks away. He can’t help but glance though, intrigued by her pale skin, violet eyes and snow white hair. He had probably never seen anyone with those traits before Ku figured. She was one of a kind, no doubt.copyright protection3PENANAxe9RXfIItO

Daisuke leaned closer to Ku and he leaned closer to him.copyright protection3PENANAvCMwGIaJsy

“When this treaty is signed there is another post for you,” he whispered as the pleasantries continued. Ku just listened. “There is a situation with our Triseccii Tribe. Basically they aren’t doing the job of a tributary state so I am going there to deal with them. I want you to command the military portion of it all.”copyright protection3PENANAsSpenWbXlY

“What’s the task?” Ku inquired, whispering.copyright protection3PENANAyTdHKaWtSq

Daisuke offered the empress and emperor eternal a glance before answering, “Consolidating our hold there. Convince unhappy tribal Chieftains that they should fall in line and help the Triseccii undisciplined army to secure the border to the north.”copyright protection3PENANAin24UJM5tf

Ku would commit to the task, though he had hoped to retake the parts of the Ruby Highlands conquered several decades ago by the Kingdom of Culhaven. He just had to wait and hope.copyright protection3PENANADV73au0lsl

The old prince had a servant place the treaty on the table. The young emperor eternal signed first, his small hands shook as he did so. Then Empress Yana lifted her pale gentle hands and signed the document, thus ending the war and claiming a large swath of elven soil. Thus her first war was a proven success.copyright protection3PENANAk0fxIZIFtB

Ku straightened his tall, skinny frame and locked his fingers behind his back. he fought of his next post. The Triseccii. So he was off to their capital, Trisectum. It amused him that the barbarians didn’t even have a capital before Empress Yana’s grandmother made them a tributary, to pay the empire tribute and defend their northern borders on the mainland. He sucked in air through his nose and out through his mouth. He hoped this diplomatic crap would be over soon. He wasn’t a diplomat, but a general.copyright protection3PENANA5LZ8QTRDYk

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