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Forever Walking Alone
Writer Little Angel
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Forever Walking Alone
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Little Angel
Oct 11, 2017
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ZGON1jy7Hks8J0Iwt9iOposted on PENANA

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Dragonland's Song 'Forever Walking Alone’.copyright protection60PENANAQ4yyHm0TkP

A year had passed.copyright protection60PENANATjwH7x0GFI

A year since the dreaded battle which ruined everything. During which a single curse flew from the lips of her enemy, and her best friend changed her clarity and meaning for the reason she was alive.copyright protection60PENANA08QK8zgCIz

It was Him.copyright protection60PENANAqzDY8kl8eF

She had lived for Him, and it took only one moment, one instant of pause, for her to realise this. He had been her constant, the one person who had been there for her through thick and thin. Whenever she needed a shoulder to cry on, he offered his without a second thought or question. He had been the strong one when everything went wrong. He led them into this battle like the leader he had been born to be…copyright protection60PENANAY7ZuP72QNH

If only she had seen it sooner…copyright protection60PENANAyOPpyYZOAI

She loved him… more than what a best friend should. He was the meaning, the reason she kept on going when things went from bad to worse.copyright protection60PENANAn0h1Zqlkyz

Her life ended with that curse.copyright protection60PENANAZxHZ1w63nU

Everyone cheered when the enemy fell to the ground, knowing they had won the war. There were bodies everywhere. Those still standing were helping the wounded, others were crying tears of relief that the war was over. Others were chasing off the remnants of the enemy still lingering on the grounds.copyright protection60PENANALVIBlgzk59

She didn't care…copyright protection60PENANA2t9ku9KQtj

All she cared about was Him. His wand slipped from his grasp, and he crumbled to the ground. She ran towards him, not bothering to check where she was going. She tripped over the body of Fred Weasley, his glassy eyes staring at her… accusing. Her eyes tingled from unshed tears, but she would not let them fall…copyright protection60PENANAqsQ7sREyV1

She wanted… no… she needed to know he was okay before she could cry.copyright protection60PENANAsHXaiirSCx

She reached him, falling to the ground beside him. His glasses had fallen off during the battle, and she stared into his lifeless eyes… her world and her life ended then.copyright protection60PENANA2F1bZwlJmO

Voldemort was gone… but he had taken Him to the grave alongside him.copyright protection60PENANA2NhTUJLzhG

The tears fell, but she could not accept it. He wasn't gone, he was just lying in tranquillity, relishing the feeling of being free of fear, pain, and worry. She took his hand, the cold clamminess of it shaking her to the core. A strangled sob escaped her lips, echoing about the grounds.copyright protection60PENANAAKoxVHQnzt

All around her the cheering stopped dead when they heard her emitting her pain. Tears were coming thick and fast, blurring her vision. She heard footsteps approaching, surrounding her.copyright protection60PENANAUB8WN7s8RP

Not one of them made any move to pull her away.copyright protection60PENANAXUCeNxXy6f

Alone I travel through the wasteland in my heart,64Please respect copyright.PENANAndBSuFm5iq
As the grievance tears me apart.64Please respect copyright.PENANAkKdqWhJQzN
Thinking of you and the things you meant to me,64Please respect copyright.PENANA06tXX2O61I
My heart is bleeding; I can't go on.
copyright protection60PENANAfHZEfUl5hV

She felt a hand grasp her shoulder, but she never looked up. She didn't need to for she knew that grasp, that pressure. She'd had its calming presence in her life since her first year at the magical school where she had met two of the most amazing people, Harry Potter; The-Boy-Who-Lived, and Ron Weasley; A gentle soul.copyright protection60PENANAycxH8lPBuG

But, Ron's new-found gentleness, understanding and calm aura were not helping her now as the tears dried and the cold numbness seeped in. She hated it, yet she welcomed it with open arms. She tightened her hold on Harry's cold, lifeless hand until Ron managed to pull her away. Medi-wizards moved in to surround Harry, blocking him from her view.copyright protection60PENANAqrB3FoACXH

She allowed her mind to close, the part of her that made her who she was died.copyright protection60PENANARdpQRELdK3

She may have looked like Hermione Granger, but on the inside was emptiness clinging to her like a thick cobweb. She was in a cold place, a dark corner and chained to the wall. He held the key…copyright protection60PENANA9jfG0o1PZv

If I could unwind the wheel of time,64Please respect copyright.PENANAspW4hrJDw1
I would have been by your side.64Please respect copyright.PENANA4QLihIz0z9
If I could turn back time,64Please respect copyright.PENANANzfgwdilkk
I never had a chance to say goodbye.
copyright protection60PENANAwpW7sCw3eu

In her dreams, she saw him. He told her not to lose herself, not to give up… to be the person she always was, and not this shell. In her nightmares she saw herself running towards him, jumping in front of the curse. It would go through her and hit him anyway. He would blame her… tell her he hated her for not saving him, that he was worth so much more than her and no one would notice if she died. It hurt her, tore at her with a mental and emotional pain that ebbed and throbbed like someone was cutting her with a sharp blade.copyright protection60PENANAL6HaXzPINz

The pain was real.copyright protection60PENANAMWT1CUqEKp

Three long, agonising years passed by and she never left her room. She bought an apartment, sitting in a rocking chair staring out of the window, watching the world go by as if she were the one who died. She envied those living out their lives; she hated those who smiled and laughed. She was angry they were living. She resented everything. She hated sleeping, she hardly ate anything, and her body had lost that fullness, the glow that once clung to her like an aura.copyright protection60PENANAagP7oiJVmY

She watched the world go by…copyright protection60PENANAp747i1H7Ku

Paper clippings from the Daily Prophet adorned her wall. Pictures of him strewn everywhere, a constant reminder of that fateful day. A dark obsession had risen in her since that day, and she collected everything that would remind her of that day… of Him.copyright protection60PENANAHwqBy3vYIg

The empty void inside my heart grows day by day,64Please respect copyright.PENANA4MJ1Q1szFZ
I have nowhere to turn to ease the pain.64Please respect copyright.PENANAAJPm265B7E
Remembering the smile you used to give me,64Please respect copyright.PENANALUd1aKft6z
And your laughter that could light my way home.
copyright protection60PENANAoTxd0VwKQS

Two more years passed and she was getting fed up with all the constant visitors. Therapists wanted to help her. Mental nurses were feeding her pills and forcing her to eat. A hypnotist tried tricking her into believing dreams and nightmares didn't exist. Slowly, achingly slowly, the paper clippings began to disappear off the wall.copyright protection60PENANAIg0MniO4qz

Then one day, Hermione rose from her rocking chair and went to her computer. Switching it on, she sat down in the chair and began to type. The other people there, visiting her, watched her with curiosity as she opened a new word document and started typing like a woman possessed.copyright protection60PENANAz850JD3eCM

The title at the top was "Our Story", and she wrote her biography.copyright protection60PENANAv0F2eGXKqO

Two more years passed, Hermione's book got published. People from all over the world bought it. Ron was glad to see some colour returning to her cheeks, the emptiness in her eyes lifted showing recognition. Before long, a speck of warmth returned.copyright protection60PENANAD84DVsWKxm

It took almost a decade for Hermione to show any sign she was still amongst the living and everyone was proud of her.copyright protection60PENANAj6uo6d2asE

On a cloudy day in November, she sat down at her computer again as Ron placed a cup of tea in front of her, watching as she wrote down three words on the screen…copyright protection60PENANAXYFC0UiXFI

"Forever Walking Alone…"copyright protection60PENANAMiRRWMjSwR

'Forever Walking Alone?' he asked her.copyright protection60PENANAfPXKe4Yhfr

Hermione nodded. 'Forever Walking Alone,' she whispered.copyright protection60PENANAVcpBOpv7nb

'What's this one about?' He asked gently.copyright protection60PENANAQ9tH0qtkj0

Hermione closed her eyes, envisioning the words in her mind. 'Everything,' she answered, typing once again. Ron nodded, leaving her to her musings.copyright protection60PENANAbzQ9j5dhms

A year passed by and Hermione stopped typing, sitting back in her chair and leaning her head against the back. Ron glanced up, wondering if she had finished the book. He asked as much, but she just shook her head in the negative. She stood, walking over to the mantle where a single picture held Him, her and Ron, taken just before the final battle.copyright protection60PENANAIiF7TtxpBU

A solitary tear fell from her eye, marking the floor.copyright protection60PENANAAr3484vCpO

Ron stood and walked over to her, placing a gentle hand on her shoulder, much like he had that night. He didn't need to speak, to ask her what was wrong. He knew she had loved him; hence there had been no man in her life since. She had turned down every potential suitor. Even Draco Malfoy asked for her hand once the war ended and he was no longer under the influence of his Father.copyright protection60PENANACAotKHyYZU

She declined all offers.64Please respect copyright.PENANAOblycbzFLf
copyright protection60PENANArIc6Q6znva

She sighed. 'What would he be doing if he was here?' she asked to the room rather than Ron.copyright protection60PENANAh6BlbKpHmO

Ron shook his head, a small smile gracing his lips. 'Playing with your kids I imagine,' he answered. Hermione turned to look at him, her lips forming the question that would not slip out. 'Before you ask, he did love you. He was… going to ask you to marry him after the battle. He wanted to be with you… no one else,' he whispered, wiping away the tears falling from her eyes.copyright protection60PENANAwYpUs9B08B

'I loved him too… I would have said yes…' she whispered, letting Ron pull her into his arms.copyright protection60PENANAUzj7F9dewJ

If I could unwind the wheel of time,64Please respect copyright.PENANAElZtI1ANDH
I would have been by your side
.64Please respect copyright.PENANAsoCGqNrFgx
If I could turn back time,64Please respect copyright.PENANAe5JzDVLdAw
I never had a chance to say goodbye.
copyright protection60PENANApOQ191LzJ7

It took a further three years for Hermione to finish her book, proudly handing it to the publisher. Another year passed before it got published and it was another hit. Everyone who was anyone bought it; even Muggles bought it, believing it to be a fantasy book as magic was mentioned. She lived her life, also began going out with her old friends from Hogwarts.copyright protection60PENANAof6O9yYLz6

But, something was always missing.copyright protection60PENANAmuFFBkOPzl

She always wanted to get married, have kids and live a normal life, but it wasn't to be.copyright protection60PENANAyZ9p0jrMSa

She would never want anyone else, only Him.copyright protection60PENANAUhp05yz3k9

She lived a comfortable life. The money she received from her books and the interest it entailed had her wanting for nothing. She watched her friends marry, have kids, and spoiled them rotten, taking her place as "Aunt Mione", but she envied them.copyright protection60PENANA9GDPmf9a4J

She wanted that as well.copyright protection60PENANAwDIF2JYtvR

I have cried and mourned my loss,64Please respect copyright.PENANAseSrIBsip6
My heart keeps beating only for you
64Please respect copyright.PENANA0RvCxVqZAH
Am I strong enough to fight on?64Please respect copyright.PENANAwOMfopb9CM
Without your love I stand, I stand empty and alone.
64Please respect copyright.PENANAG40zwIaZ1z
copyright protection60PENANADq83qdC0hW

She never married.64Please respect copyright.PENANA52rAFZv5Y6
copyright protection60PENANA9qCMgY1p96

She never had kids.64Please respect copyright.PENANAMvUyLjYWsA
copyright protection60PENANA9GJSmMBlg7

She outlived her friends and family.64Please respect copyright.PENANAI9FJIbsSbt
copyright protection60PENANAcUxlXYzzYQ

Hermione lay in her bed, ill with a fever and at her age that was almost deadly. She lived her life, knowing that was what He would have wanted her to do. At age 130, she lived a full life of pain without Him, but she had known that was what would happen after he had died that fateful day.64Please respect copyright.PENANAsgwTRcTnhR
copyright protection60PENANAv8h8Ux7WXh

She looked over at the picture on her bedside table, worn over the years but still moving, and he smiled at her. A smile formed on her lips and she closed her eyes, letting death welcome her in its warm embrace.64Please respect copyright.PENANAt4mnD7GB49
copyright protection60PENANA36XNZjzAEP

She loved Him.64Please respect copyright.PENANAcNjSw13YUf
copyright protection60PENANAIRJgcHeLgd

Knowing He loved her back was enough for her, and she fell into the blissful eternal slumber, her worries gone.64Please respect copyright.PENANAsnvZgnbaKt
copyright protection60PENANABMlTUgq2dn

She would meet Him there.copyright protection60PENANAjguh3tAC4f

So my love, watch over me now,64Please respect copyright.PENANA1dxoBbwiNA
My rage catches fire; I will strike them down.64Please respect copyright.PENANArZnLRUMVSH
I will avenge you, oh, vengeance so sweet,64Please respect copyright.PENANAal4Gkl3vvO
That's my last gift for you; I'm forever walking alone.
64Please respect copyright.PENANAYw1wUCIrVv
copyright protection60PENANAsN6c3iTi4a

The end.copyright protection60PENANAwFWRzR8ZUl

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