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The Mute and The Traveler
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Writer Flow
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The Mute and The Traveler
A - A - A
By Flow
No Plagiarism!lNIttGlHJtmuWhGSntySposted on PENANA

“You two perfectly displayed what to do in a situation such as this,” a red haired woman smiled at a very tall teenager who had long, fluffy orange hair tied in a ponytail and a slim, average sized child who had pitch black bangs covering their face. The tall and lanky one had bright green eyes were bright green with long lashes and a dark tan graced his skin. The slim one was very pale and their body couldn’t seemed to choose what gender it wanted to stick with.copyright protection20PENANAVhUpOF2yhW

“What about us!” a man to the left shouted. He held the hand of his wife, who looked accepting of what the red haired woman said. The slim child got out a sketchbook from their backpack and wrote in a neat penmanship.copyright protection20PENANAbDJU6dBrUk

“Sorry, but no side characters allowed.” The child seemed to smile brightly as they showed the page to the couple. Of course this only irritated the man further.copyright protection20PENANAVhORyvKWYi

“You think you’re hot stuff, huh?” the man spat while his wife tried to calm him. All his life he had worked up the strength for the test, but he flunked before he could actually show it. The child wrote their response under it.copyright protection20PENANAPTAJjpomXG

“Of course not. I am a deplorable, hideous creature and I should probably kill myself because I am a disabled failure.”  The man couldn’t really say anything back to that. There comes a point where self esteem is so low that you have to pity the person. Though it was hard to believe these children passed instead of two full grown adults.copyright protection20PENANAi9j24pgFRa

“If you don’t leave I will have to use force,” the navigator said with an icy tone. Chills ran down the couple’s spine at the mere sound of her voice. They quickly bowed and walked through the dark forest to the harbor. The redhead turned to a strange yellow creature, her partner shifting into one as well. copyright protection20PENANAZMrOE0joWh

“We will take you two to your destination,” the partner said. Siblings of the three woman seemed to have left halfway through the exam. As if they knew only two of the four would pass. Suddenly sprouting wings, the two grasped onto the minors and soared into the air.” Since we’re close we will arrive in approximately three hours.”copyright protection20PENANAHMbivuHUQF

The carrot top teen buttoned his elaborately designed coat so that it would not fall off in those three hours. It was pretty dark out, possibly around two in the morning. He looked to the right of him to see that the black haired child was already asleep and frowned. The child had a strong aura and he wondered if they were hiding their true strength. So they could be incredibly strong or will become strong.copyright protection20PENANAA9OTcSisy9

A grin stretched across his face. Ah. He always liked a good fight with a worthy opponent. But for now he had to wait. Chances are this child was not that strong… yet. copyright protection20PENANACxW4lA5EZ2

As the time went by the sky turned into a lighter color with light blues and pinks with puffy clouds that swirled around. In all his traveling he had seen many dawns, so this wasn’t the most impressive, but definitely still beautiful. Beside him he heard a gasp. Though he could not see have their face, the child seemed to be in awe.copyright protection20PENANAWHO8ZjCHdt

The tall teen sighed, so they still had childlike innocence, huh? Unfortunately it would probably become crushed when they actually become a hunter. Oh wait. That was too much confidence in the black hair haired child. IF they become a hunter. copyright protection20PENANAmNCbHP4ZhC

Not much later the Kiriko placed the two down and one of the yellow creatures shifted into the red haired woman from before. She motioned for the two minors to follow to which the black haired child bounded after. To the teen’s surprise, the child followed closely and was not interested in the shops at all. Possibly they knew it was a scam or were just used to the atmosphere. copyright protection20PENANA9Ua6YwG3bG

Since the child was silent and had their expression hidden, it was hard to pick up hints of where they were from or what they were thinking. How irritating. Eventually the three ended up in a restaurant. The teen was not interested in the interaction with chef and the Kiriko and merely stared at the menu. copyright protection20PENANA68nUgndS4r

Damn he wanted food.copyright protection20PENANAmrfZDWOIW5

With a jolt he realized that the child was nudging him to follow the waitress to the backroom. Oh great, are they getting food?copyright protection20PENANAl6ZvcY2T1d

Sitting down at the small table the the navigator left and the teen’s stomach lurched as soon as he realized that the small room was going down suddenly. The carrot top had never been so disappointed. Was getting some food really too much to ask for? Well he didn’t really ask for it, but still. copyright protection20PENANAz7lX2Blguq

The boy looked up when he heard the scratching of pen on paper. The child had written a question, “What is your name?”copyright protection20PENANAHRRXQvUEdQ

He stared at them for awhile, before reluctantly replying, “Daiki. And you?”copyright protection20PENANAJyWJ48H71J

“Nyoko. My mom named me that because it means treasure,” the child wrote and grinned when they showed the answer. If he was being honest, it was a bit annoying for him to have to wait each time for them to finish answering. Hm, maybe they spoke sign language.copyright protection20PENANAkBRGzTiUaN

“Are you naturally mute?” the carrot top moved his hands to form the sentence. copyright protection20PENANAkSEcPuHJ9V

“No my vocal cords were severely damaged. I don’t want to go into why or how, it’s a bit of a sore subject,” the black haired child clenched their black sleeveless turtleneck after they replied. Rage seemed to radiate off of them. Obviously it was more than just a sore subject and because of that Daiki shied away from asking.copyright protection20PENANAzTuwCzFkGG

After that, the elevator ride was filled with thick tension. When the doors opened Daiki actually breathed out a sigh of relief. He grabbed his satchel and swung it around is neck and left. A short creature with a blob like head gave the two of them a badge telling them to keep it on at all times.copyright protection20PENANA31iVHRO0LY

Clipping the badge with the number 57 onto his long coat Daiki found a corner to sit in as he surveyed the competition. He saw many characters that looked threatening, but only a few so far seemed actually strong. His view was blocked when a portly man stood before the teen with a can of juice. Daiki became more wary than before when he saw the fake smile plastered across his face.copyright protection20PENANAO5QthGXZp7

“Here take this as a toast to our friendship! I’m Tonpa by the way,” the man said in false friendliness. The carrot top merely glared.copyright protection20PENANAUZ1pwEYbYE

“And why would I want to be friends with you?” The man looked taken aback by his words, before smiling again. He’ll just try a different tactic.copyright protection20PENANAR2FaXn1MoN

“Well it’s good orange juice so I think you might like it,” at Tonpa’s words the teen crossed his arms with a deadpan expression. copyright protection20PENANAKcTBFbhDaH

“Sorry, but I only drink REAL orange juice,” Daiki said in an oddly intense tone of voice. The fat man began to sweat, thinking that the boy somehow knew there were laxatives in the drink. In actuality he didn’t know about the laxatives, he just thinks that the only acceptable orange juice is handmade orange juice.copyright protection20PENANAL5HMudqsoo

“I get it, kid,” the man walked away slightly disappointed that he couldn’t trick this particular rookie. Scanning the crowd he spotted what he assumed was a preteen. Their gender was unclear and they had black hair covering their eyes. Tonpa walked over and introduced himself.copyright protection20PENANA6gqMqo9sax

They wrote in their sketchbook quite quickly, “my sister told me not to associate with ugly people.”copyright protection20PENANAfVK8xpjP3u

“I see, I see. Well why don’t take this juice as an offering of friendship?” The fat man was beginning to get annoyed. This kid thinks they can say whatever they want. Or in their case, write.copyright protection20PENANAwOzeA4r0wP

“Oh. I’m sorry, can you not read? I would take your offer, but I don’t drink cheap brand juice,” Nyoko wrote with a frown. Tonpa felt the need to slap that sketchbook to the ground, but no. He needed to keep his anger under control. The kid’s slim arms were covered in bandages and did not seem to be very strong, so it’s not like they would make it that far anyway. The fat brunette opened his mouth to say more, but the preteen already disappeared without him noticing.copyright protection20PENANApD6PpxezZo

The black haired kid simply sat next to a man with many pins stuck in his face. He turned to Nyoko in eerie movements, and flicked a pin toward their neck. Catching the pin between the two fingers, they pocketed it and moved to sit next to Daiki. Watching the applicants come from the elevator the teen mumbled a singular sentence, “It’s going to be a long wait, huh?”copyright protection20PENANA7fjRoQhHFk

Comments ( 12 )

Jane Glass - Not familiar with the series, but this was a fun read! Love the characters!
3 days agoreply

The Hybrid Cat - "No Side Characters Allowed", 

 I have always loves these sort of main character vs side character lines, and do I know the reason why No, No I Don't

6 days agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - So, the people at the beginning were bird shifters? I'm not familiar with the series, but I understood that part, if I'm right. I wonder what the training consisted of.

The whole time I was reading this, I kept mentally referring to the dark haired kid as Frisk. XD
1 week agoreply

Flow - no uh, they're magical beasts that can shift to look like humans. And no training involved, they're just them.

they look like this:
1 week agoreply

Flow - Frisk has nothing on Nyoko's strength and fucked up backstory

Also Nyoko is hella savage if you haven't noticed by the way she spoke to Tonpa
1 week agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - @Flow, Oh, I didn't mean training for the shifters, I meant the training the kids passed through at the beginning.

Yeah, but I Nyoko made me think of them.

Oh, I know she's savage, talking down on the "cheap brand juice", but I do wonder if her sister's exact words were "don't associate with ugly people", maybe savagery runs in the family?
1 week agoreply

Flow - @Kokiri-Hylian-Hero,


those are her sister's exact words
1 week agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - @Flow, Ooh, savage sisters.
1 week agoreply

Flow - @Kokiri-Hylian-Hero, You'll actually want to kill her sister once you meet her. She's a twisted and terrible person.

Also in my description Nyoko has black hair that covers her eyes, really pale skin, a thin sleeveless turtleneck sweater  and purple pants. Not like frisk at all. Literally the only thing in common is that Nyoko is mute( sorry I'm salty).

also also that was a test and not training. They did that previously.
1 week agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - @Flow, Oh, wow...well, that makes me wonder if she had something to do with Nyoko's injury.

I know, I just mentally drew comparisons when I was reading. It's alright, you can be salty, ocean gets away with it, so why not you?

Ah, thanks for clearing that up for me! XD
1 week agoreply

Tae - I love me some hxh
1 week agoreply

Flow - I want opinions
1 week agoreply

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