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Feb 14, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Hwp2LQVsr82Z7A2LN9pwposted on PENANA
She sat on top of stack of chairs after he suddenly lifted her up there. She didn't say anything and continued to glare on almost everything. She only did so because her hair was almost covering half of her face. Kharel was still on a good mood and leaned against the stack beside her left leg. He placed her there thinking the height might cheer her up, a really random thought he had in mind and a rather impulsive action he did. But she didn't complain or said anything anyway so he let her be. Earlier,  after they had come out of the classroom the other participants were starting to arrange the scattered chairs all over the field. Without saying any word both of them worked on gathering chairs and followed suit on the cleaning. They didn't want anyone to notice they had just skipped a lot of time away from the activity. After they were done they remained at where the chairs were stacked, isolating themselves from the crowd near the stage where a dance instructor was trembling and jiggling his body for some zumba dance moves. Neither of them wanted to join the dancing.

She looked like a doll on a display sitting still like that. So still, the girls who purposely passed by, who weren't from their school, thought she was sleeping and took the chance to get some close checking out of the guy beside her. copyright protection32PENANAkx2dqvcuZo

'Let me down.' She finally said after a long time of silence. She didn't look up though and kept her head down until he placed both of her feet on the ground. copyright protection32PENANAUHUjKGaF8C

'You feeling shit?' He asked.copyright protection32PENANANbBVLDGyN5

'I want to go home. Like right now.' copyright protection32PENANA47C7l2DywD

'What? We haven't eaten yet. They're just going to distribute the free snacks in like 20 minutes or so.' copyright protection32PENANAWrkQL4xVKF

'We can get them. Then we scram.'  copyright protection32PENANAyyR9tCN9bB

'Where? Here? You know you just live here right?' copyright protection32PENANAfgJRo4U1Cr

'Good thing that doesn't make me ever late.' copyright protection32PENANAFySZpE4WAO

For another few minutes neither of them spoke. copyright protection32PENANAC8mthQ65Zh

'Hey, do you have your hoodie with you?' She asked.copyright protection32PENANAGeyp6Wt0Y6

'Yeah. What about it?'copyright protection32PENANAsDEkD4ZH0z

'Can I borrow it?'copyright protection32PENANAvCHS5ZIb4I

'What?'copyright protection32PENANAtKX193YD4W

She turned to face him and waved her open palms at him. Confused, he walked away to get his hoodie. He looked back several times to check if she were still standing on the same spot, and she was. copyright protection32PENANAJwzoRdsQUt

'What are you going to do?' He was getting the hint that she was about to so something.copyright protection32PENANApq57jb61na

Ignoring his question, she slipped on his hoodie and walked towards the table filled with food. copyright protection32PENANAKRUHT4LRIQ

'Oh dear.'copyright protection32PENANANsnnQeAj5v

He watched as she walked casually towards the piece of furniture. It was like a scene from a movie that within seconds another thing comes into your view before you even understand what had happened from the previous one. He was amazed and kind feeling over the edge at the same time for a few seconds looking at her trying to steal something in the midst of many people. No one seemed to notice what she had done even when she was already standing beside him. copyright protection32PENANANvVTCe4Igs

'Tell me, have you ever been inside a girls dorm before?'copyright protection32PENANAS0jNIcSu4A

'You don't need to worry. Most of the girls in here either go out to go home on weekends or hang out with their friends and boyfriends. They come pretty home late.'copyright protection32PENANAkR3HfUWPd2

'How about you?' copyright protection32PENANAk0xgTauYSL

He looked around the old building. It's interior design and wood looked like it was from the 50's or 70's. There were old intricate frames of old paintings of saints and Mary. There was one wall filled with old and new pictures of the place's temporary inhabitants. All girls, all students of the school, although their uniforms differ from one another due to the large year gap. The windows were kissing the floor and ceiling with thick dark royal blue curtains hanging on their sides. There were a number of lavish looking but old chandeliers on top of their head. The place isn't fancy but it probably was when girls wore sharp bra's and didn't really care about the effects of smoking, he thought. It started to become boring after the years had dragged the place along with it. It felt and looked dead. Too serious. Too arranged. It reminds him of something.copyright protection32PENANArLMLyvYrZ2

'My room's upstairs.' copyright protection32PENANA1kU429YZYc

He followed behind her and walked through a series of corridors with worn out carpets. It smelled of floor wax and glade. Most of the rooms were closed.They passed by a room with music coming out of it's door. She didn't seem to mind it though and continued to pass by it. There was a little opening of the door and when for a split second he was able to peek through the room inside it. There was a girl sitting on her bed and had this very uncomfortable position while struggling to write on her notebook. copyright protection32PENANA1jdzz7J46C

'She was a transfer student just like you. We don't really interact with her because she's too preoccupied praying to her idols and acting like a complete mental most of the time. If you had seen it, her rooms full of statues of different kind.' copyright protection32PENANAQxoCiX7ho7

He wondered why a girl like her would be studying in a Catholic school. Based on what Fay said, it was more odd if you think about it.copyright protection32PENANAjprdutmtsl

'This is my room.'  It was located at the very end of the corridor. You could see the real garden on one window across the door. There was this small parlor across her room with a lot of bookshelves, an aquarium and small pots of tiny cacti. No one really goes to the garden because it's entrance and exit was too far from the campus. When he came inside her room, the first thing that went inside his head was the temperature and smell. It was a bit too cold and it smelled of books. Not a dusty smell but more of like a homey one, although there weren't many books around. She had too many pillows on her bed. And there was even a small balcony. Her study table faced a window that showed an old large tree but the building seemed to be a little bit elevated so the rest half of the window was all blues, showing the sky. copyright protection32PENANAGtFT3e1Nj7

'Now I know how you were able to count how many nights were cloudless.' He said.copyright protection32PENANAp9FOMYLUf9

She slumped into her bed and then tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. She didn't look at him and just directed her eyes outside the balcony as she asked. copyright protection32PENANA1zzsM3V9xn

'Have you ever had sex?' copyright protection32PENANAvdRa7Vp8II

'What?' copyright protection32PENANAg8SVWEUHy9

'Nothing. Just a random thought. You see, in movies or in books when one of the characters tells the other one to hang out in their room, the predictable scenario would be that they would have sex.' copyright protection32PENANAQzIq2vtXF1

'But we aren't living in the movies or in the books.' copyright protection32PENANAlaedkm8KvR

'My point.'copyright protection32PENANAsLZlHW0BEz

He sat beside her and laid on his back. He stared at her figure. Her straight hair, her slender arms, her upper body that is probably hot if she wore the right clothes. His thoughts made him smirk. Since, after all ,it has been almost a year since he has spend this kind of time with a girl. He felt like experiencing the right stuff at the right time of guys his age.copyright protection32PENANALu9tVbZo9E

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