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    Jane Glass
    Jane Glass
    Welcome to my profile. I use Jane Glass as my usernames on most writing sites I'm on, but you may call me Jane, or J, or anything else. I mostly write fan fiction, but I do write original stories and poems as well. I also enjoy drawing, playing video games, listening and singing to music, role playing (sometimes), and failing at painting. This isn't my first time on a writing site, by the way. I started out on FanFiction when I was 13 and I'm still gonna write stories there too, but I thought I'd join here as well, cause why not? FanFiction: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/4662245/Jane-Glass# FictionPress: https://www.fictionpress.com/u/995652/Jane-Glass See ya later.
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    Hello everybody. I love writing, drawing, singing, playing, video games, and a few other random stuff. Also, I've been to a couple of other writing sites.
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The Rise of the Grey King

When a brave hero faces the Grey King and fails to him, it's up to a young boy and his childhood friend to save their world from turning dark.

Main writer: Jane Glass

Co-writer + idea contributor: Rob

Do not steal or re-post this without my permission. All characters/places/monsters belong to Jane Glass and her sister Rob.

The front cover/picture belongs to Jane Glass.