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Flowers for Ollie
Co-Writer ShadowBobcat10*
Co-Writer MTGrules
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Flowers for Ollie
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Nov 11, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!gu60dLnAbhFebLGei0Ozposted on PENANA

The moment the world reset was beautiful.  Except it wasn't.  Nathan watched as everything around him became a flash of light, and almost within the same instant, it all reappeared practically the same.  If he had blinked, he would have missed it.  He mistook it for fatigue the first time, but he caught it the second time.  But he knew Claire remembered everything, and strangely, he did, too.  This was the third, and all Nathan wanted to know was whether Claire would keep her extrasensory vision. copyright protection41PENANAj48HreEqef

And of course, he wanted to know where Aaron went.  He didn’t return after the second reset.  It was most peculiar, but not of much concern.copyright protection41PENANAxvKDwXoUxA

Nathan knew things about the world that he suspected even Claire didn't.  Maybe she knew them, too.  He hadn't had the chance to ask her yet.  He wasn't included in a lot of her adventures. copyright protection41PENANAbdPnZvChwq

Nathan exited the abandoned quartz mine and walked across a rocky field in the dark of night.  This was as good a time as any to return.  He crossed the street to the Toyota dealership, fished a "soul" out of his pocket, and shoved it into the closest car.  Nathan hated driving.  He got into the backseat and had Ethan's "soul" drive him back home. copyright protection41PENANAQPvZxWebnt

The sun was peeking over the roofs of the houses across the street when he got home.  His "mother" hadn't noticed his disappearance, but that may have been a byproduct of the reset. copyright protection41PENANArUYcxv9WpH

Nathan made it to school with plenty time to spare.  Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  None of the MTG kids looked at him funny.  It was as if the entire flashlight incident hadn't happened. copyright protection41PENANAxBUmYTSAbo

That was until Claire found him. copyright protection41PENANA11ew1LtfXQ

"Nathan.  Nathan!"  Claire shouted across the courtyard. copyright protection41PENANAIpKGBhbLeB

Nathan turned and immediately noticed the almost-healed cuts on Claire's face.  It had only been a few days since the incident, but Nathan thought the reset would have taken care of a few scratches. copyright protection41PENANAsLcn7bh0Ls

He blinked and the wounds disappeared.  "What?  Oh, hi Claire." copyright protection41PENANApNuDjvpMKn

Claire ran up to him and in a sudden motion, grabbed his shirt.  She was slightly taller than he was, and her cuts reappeared, making her look way more intimidating than she should have been.  "Who are you?  Answer me!" copyright protection41PENANADsMn9oFl9T

Nathan wasn't frightened.  "There are no strings on me–" copyright protection41PENANAXCE9ZMkhM6

Claire let go of him and a baseball bat came flying out from nowhere, hitting Nathan square in the head so hard he tumbled to the floor. His entire body burned in agony, and he couldn’t open his eyes. copyright protection41PENANAJbTePdJfZt

He sensed Claire's presence near his face.  "Oh, no.  You're not going to ruin everything I've made as soon as I start," she whispered.  "You're coming with me." copyright protection41PENANACDWp06NGsX

Strong hands grasped his thin frame and Claire threw him over her shoulder.  Why has no one stopped her?  Nathan wondered. copyright protection41PENANAzpzeyz0TQN

"Claire," Nathan managed with a heavy tongue.  "Claire?  Where are ya taking meh?" copyright protection41PENANAZAYTOO6x36

"Don't worry about it," Claire answered.  "We're going to cure you of your 'disease'." copyright protection41PENANA1FJY5J4Tqw

Disease?  That probably referred to his immunity to the resets.  "No," Nathan slurred.  He tried reaching into his backpack for his pocketknife.  "No!" copyright protection41PENANAQZVqduZenQ

"Shut up," Claire said.  "And stop calling me Claire."  Claire, or whoever she was, put her hand on Nathan's forehead and darkness followed. copyright protection41PENANA1mq0ffOmMS

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