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Flowers for Ollie
Co-Writer ShadowBobcat10*
Co-Writer MTGrules
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Flowers for Ollie
A - A - A
Closet of Solitude
Nov 14, 2017
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!XE9WEI3m37Nxt2bui0BZposted on PENANA

My slice of pound cake remained stubbornly uneaten on the kitchen table as I told my mother I need to do homework at the library.  I hopped on my bicycle and headed to my old house.  Well, specifically, my underground bunker under the shed of my old house.  It was way too expansive to rebuild under the lawn of my new awesome house. copyright protection47PENANAOtcQFhrBxV

I rode up the tallest hill in my town and stopped at the house on the very top.  Stashing my bike in the bushes, I hopped the fence into the backyard.  The shed was locked, of course, but I had learned the new combination after painstaking spying. copyright protection47PENANA2uAcreUuAX

Inside, the new owners had filled the little wooden shed with all kinds of garbage, but it was for the best, as they obscured a high-voltage sign that we'd left when we moved out.  I lifted the sign and tapped "guardian" in Morse code on the wall.  The floor retracted behind me and revealed a set of wooden steps.  I walked down to level negative one and closed the entire contraption, covering the stairs and locking the shed with one button. copyright protection47PENANACov6qGAJHc

The first level was the only level that existed before I lived here.  The previous owner had fitted it with blue carpet, painted the walls blue, and mounted a now broken TV on the wall.  I'd never bothered to change any of it.  If anyone discovered it, they'd think it was a normal basement built by an over paranoid person. copyright protection47PENANAIwFUmlbOXJ

No one else was here, so I crossed the room and unlocked the closet.  Inside sat a set of concrete stairs that I had added.  They led to a medium-sized underground warehouse that my writer had constructed for me to hide in if a dangerous breach were to hunt me down.  We'd known this day was inevitable, but if she hadn't been so crazy in her world bending, it wouldn't have come so soon. copyright protection47PENANAJ0ejcFy6a9

I descended the concrete stairs to solitude.  It was really all right.  I didn't need people, right?  Shadow would be enough company until we apprehended the breach.  I wondered whom she brought for backup.  Probably Kaity.  She's a badass.  But it would be problematic to remove someone from such an established universe and plop them into this mess.  Whatever! copyright protection47PENANA3NxzTXfuGX

I swung open the door and on the other side, I saw poor Nathan duct taped to a carbon fiber chair glued to the concrete floor with PVC epoxy.  I know that because I was the one who used excess epoxy to glue that very chair to the acoustic center of the warehouse.  For some reason, however, the entire warehouse was empty otherwise. copyright protection47PENANAGptljQHvFE

But more importantly, there was only one reason why Nathan would be here in my bunker with my writer.  After his strange behavior before Soulless and his absence today at school, I felt like an idiot for not seeing it sooner.  Not to mention the whole flashlight incident copyright protection47PENANAeoEtIQ8hWj

"Oh, zut!  Nathan, you're the breach?"  I asked in awe.  "Shadow, I really should have seen that coming." copyright protection47PENANAq06Xz0UPuB

My dear writer in the form of buff me turned and smiled.  "It's okay, sweetie.  I was being very vague for your safety." copyright protection47PENANANa0gwk6dQL

Nathan definitely seemed more annoyed than I had ever seen him before.  A large bruise covered the left side of his face.  Shadow probably tortured him.  Based on his record, he was most likely dangerous. copyright protection47PENANAR4awyTmGaj

"Which one of you did I enlighten?" he suddenly asked.  My writer and I laughed together. copyright protection47PENANAZAk6xU6sJA

"Nice pun, Nathan," I said.  He had a thing for puns that was almost cute. copyright protection47PENANA4xL5NiqUvg

"Of course, Claire's the one with soul-sight," my writer explained.  "The scars are for effect.  Do you prefer a different look?" copyright protection47PENANAGnlQUTKgAV

My writer shapeshifted to a short teenage boy with brown hair and dark glasses.  I recognized the form.  "Danny?  Why him?" copyright protection47PENANAAAvUG3OMwy

"What are you doing?"  Nathan demanded.  "You're not Daniel!  I will not succumb to your heinous schemes!" copyright protection47PENANAnB59GTr6NX

My writer smiled.  "I'm God.  I can do whatever I want to."  She returned to looking like me. copyright protection47PENANAntlIkfB5wc

I smirked at Nathan.  "She's so awesome that way." copyright protection47PENANA06Mv1szPf6

"You're awesome, too, dear," my writer said. copyright protection47PENANAoDHuMnneua

Nathan groaned.  "Get a room." copyright protection47PENANAbRExAZMc4j

I took a step back, staring in shock.  "Excuse you?" copyright protection47PENANAo5qaBrDahT

"Should I shut him up?" my writer asked. copyright protection47PENANAgFwXajlxxQ

"Yes," I said.  "Make it painful."  My writer probably lived a sheltered life, but I didn't shy from violence. copyright protection47PENANAIJIngim3vr

"I love your ideas, Claire," my writer said. copyright protection47PENANAnTwN47eIiw

Nathan struggled in his duct tape bonds.  "Wait, what did I do?  There's no need to be rude!" copyright protection47PENANAByc8wmsSTZ

My writer pulled a baseball bat out of a spacetime rift and smacked it over Nathan's face.  He blacked out almost instantly. copyright protection47PENANAIBJrY0Kl4f

"You know that wasn't necessary, right?  I could have just made him sleep, and it would have been way more painless," my writer said. copyright protection47PENANAMr9jeeqtWI

I shrugged.  "He knows everything, doesn't he?" copyright protection47PENANAZyhbHNx9Gq

"As far as I can tell, yes.  So how was school?" copyright protection47PENANA8o2SP1SAmX

I shrugged.  "I actually have homework today." copyright protection47PENANAP9oZsCdT5a

"The reset will take care of that for you." copyright protection47PENANAB4ITfqGNzn

"I actually want to learn, you know." copyright protection47PENANAdILgABhtbE

My writer crossed the gap between us and enveloped me in a hug.  She was the only person who hugged me other than my immediate family.  "You're the most special person in your world.  As long as I'm around–" copyright protection47PENANAq1NO0gre9w

"What if you leave?" copyright protection47PENANApLB8ERylE7

Shadow stepped back.  "I wouldn't leave without making sure you're ready for the world beyond." copyright protection47PENANAISPu8p5pTh

"Okay."  I stared past my writer at Nathan.  "What about him?" 51Please respect copyright.PENANAvjvATKNU5r
copyright protection47PENANA4jjR8k8zzh

"I'll deal with him.  In the meantime, I have something planned for you." copyright protection47PENANA6Y2H6GyE2d

"What?"  I frowned.  "But the breach–" 51Please respect copyright.PENANANH90DJlUrg
copyright protection47PENANALK5Aed0kDT

"Has been contained, as you can see.  Go and enjoy some quality time with your friends.  I'll even invite sweet Ollie.  It'll be fun!" copyright protection47PENANACHdWzlgHUP

She took my hand and suddenly I was on the Dyson Sphere with Jack, Robert, Cole, Gabe, and Oliver.  51Please respect copyright.PENANAJqixs1rbjZ
copyright protection47PENANAZ1N2ITJhyL

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