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Confessions of a moonlight addict,
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Co-Writer Ethan Redmace*
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Confessions of a moonlight addict,
Chapter 1,
Ethan Redmace
Nov 12, 2017
7 Mins Read
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I remember when Lana came running through the woods. When she brushed past me. When the green haired crazy boy teleported away from me with the axe leaning up against the tree curdled up like a noodle. Now I'm here and the Police found nothing to showcase the fact I'd been attacked except for the axe and the blood dripping down on the snow, mixing with it.copyright protection13PENANARw0OLtyewO

Nobody found out. The Crazy covered up his tracks extraordinary well, to where nobody suspected and they proceeded to lock me up in a mental facility. While I was innocent until proven guilty, they definitely thought I was insane after I told them my story of what happened. They believed that I was the one chasing Lana, slipped her in my arms, and tried to kill her or at least was the one filming her. I didn't tell them about the communicator falling because of the 'green-haired-boy.' Authorities assumed it was an imaginary friend or enemy of some kind.  copyright protection13PENANAybPW0BdxpH

"Take your medication." I didn't want to take it. There was absolutely nothing wrong with me. As I opened my mouth to object, I took my time to pause and remember the fact that I was here because I was accused of self-harm and assault. My shoulders kept themselves raised high; While I wasn't smiling, I was happy and at peace. Even if my mind was obsessive, I was not. I didn't believe in God, but I asked him comfort from these moments in here, in a prison basically. In prison, but in a place meant to help and aid the sick, not hurt them or make them worse or punish them unless they had already did something wrong. It was mainly assault why I was in here or at least some big time officials thinking it was," You must." My nurse looked through the window from where my fingers were scratching up against the bars, my eyes wide and uptight.copyright protection13PENANAoROlVqRj4c

She sighed and pulled it through, watching every single move that I made. Alright, I'll take it,  I unscrewed the lid and pulled out a few of the pills meant for schizophrenics. This is not good. Once she made sure I had taken it, she left me in my room with the bed with the half-torn black sheets and the walls were cryptic messages had been written on. I scurried about my room.  copyright protection13PENANASWISKumiIS

My friends would not be here to save me; I'd be here on my own with the doctors and all of the other people who had been put here, whether some of them were actually insane or not. Thinking of Lana and my friends back home in my own kind of Neverland eased my mind. Even thinking that Jesus was real eased my mind-even if brought intensity to my chest, telling me not to believe even though I wasn't ready to commit my heart and life to Him just yet for some odd reason. I gripped my head with my two hands, the medication making me freeze and jump-for some reason.  Really, my thoughts were not in order nor my actions. Red stars crossed my line of vision, making me almost pass out.copyright protection13PENANA6h4Wd5xrCX

My spirit was still there in my body, clutching it's thin hands to the world above, inside of me and spinning and spinning, but I was still fighting, still up and not knocked down. Part of me knew this was going to happen and I took it anyway. Medication always makes me go naughty-not that kind of naughty, but it makes me naughty and hyper. I should have pretended, but there was no way I didn't shouldn't have took it. I had a dream about Lana the other night.copyright protection13PENANA90OYmKoe4t

I almost kissed her last night. I almost threw my hands around her neck, pulled her up to my height, and almost  touched my lips to hers while leaning down. I didn't know what was in me, but during the day-I grabbed some red wine and sipped some in the moonlight. It wasn't worth it because I didn't keep myself in check. It was fun while it lasted until I got drunk for real. In the dream instead of what really happened, it was the same except we were friends and we kissed in the middle of the night close to the sea. Our swim-suits on and her hands were grazing on my shoulders. My hands were wrapped around her neck, kissing her and afterwards we jumped into the water. Afterwards, I blushed and wiped the thoughts clean off of my system. I didn't want that in my head because I didn't want to seem as if I was violating her. Because what if she was here and I told her about it? At least be friends first and not have hate me or hate the boy or didn't like the boy she saw last night?copyright protection13PENANAqWp9P9Dbsm

I pushed aside these thoughts for now and started making a list about what to do for the day. Since I couldn't read books or use the internet, what could I do? Books and the internet were something they didn't have in the 'olden days'; they always had thinking and activity to move them forward. This asylum was a microcosm of the real world, but most of the world weren't cruel or insane and the ones that were got locked up for life or put on extensive watch. There were some people that weren't evil, but only mentally ill and didn't deserve it, only to be with other people and could function in society and do what they want as long it wasn't against the Laws of America or something along those lines. My thinking and activity would keep my entertained, but for now-I could barely control my body and anything else like laying down and staying in one place would give me hallucinations. I didn't know what I could do. Only do this.copyright protection13PENANA4zE9wSe4jQ

"Hey!" A cop walked up to my cell that wore a thick bear coat that was yellow and matched the rest of his uniform. From head to toe, he looked rich and extravagant. A silver twinkling pistol was tucked within his leather, it's head up and it's body dangling. He wasn't the usual officer," What's your name again...Vaceal....or what?" His assistance carried a clipboard in her hand; she flipped a page and whispered in his ear. My heart sped up. After a few moments there was no longer any silence," Vaceal, we need to ask you some questions." His assistant's chest grew blue and she went out, the clipboard flashing on her chest! Bang! The officer pulled his pistol and he was almost knocked out, but threw a grenade at whatever it was flashing all over the place!copyright protection13PENANA1sRPqeAPsE

Then nothing, his eyes glimmered onto me, glancing me over," Did you do this?" He frowned," Well, I hope she's okay. If I find out you did this...I don't know what I'll do." The officer tucked his pistol back where it had been inside of the leather," I'll forgive you because that's what I do, but  I will gain you real jail time if she turns out to be dead and I found out if you did this or not." Tears spread in his eyes and he wiped them off with his hands. I comforted him, assuring him that he was okay and that he was amazing and that the assistant was okay. I didn't harm her nor did I crack her chest almost open with blue power. Something else must have been going on. The officer glanced at her body on the ground; I recognized the lines of her body's eyes and I knew that she probably was not dead. With the medication in my veins, I was still feeling funny and off the walls, so I didn't know," Vaceal. I'll be going then. Someone will be here in a couple of minutes...I'll tend to my assistant, Sonia." He picked her up in his arms, but I knew that offering my help would be no use whether he wanted me to help him or not. She would still get better, but somehow I was feeling like something was hitting close to home, something big, huge.copyright protection13PENANAjTAI3pSHBl

But what? I stretched a finger to my lips, thinking of what it could be when I jumped onto the ceiling. My feet were walking on it. I pummeled back onto the bed and my eyes shot closed.17Please respect copyright.PENANAUwmLmN0WDs
copyright protection13PENANA3GUIPqA3vU

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