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Confessions of a moonlight addict,
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Co-Writer Ethan Redmace*
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Confessions of a moonlight addict,
The interview of Dan and after,
Ethan Redmace
Nov 12, 2017
22 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!rAYyoNLguQkCwTy6ZJjEposted on PENANA

"Dan!"copyright protection9PENANAKToGX6Rpn1

"Yes?"copyright protection9PENANAwOBumZi8gM

"We need to ask you some questions. Our anonymous sources inform us that you have had been involved in the chasing and the injury of your friend, Lana. Her confession is that you led her into an abandoned building and you both 'kissed'," The reporter made air quotes with her fingers," And when you were about to come out of the building, you introduced her to two people. We still don't know much about them or who they were, but is this true?"copyright protection9PENANAYBpvvXBuGV

They were live and Dan considered this on camera for a few seconds. Two green haired crazies with Panic! At the Disco T-shirts passed by, sticking out their tongues and waving their fingers. Dan's eyes went up with awed shock as he noticed the two of them pass by longer than it should have been. "No. We were the ones one in the abandoned building. It was very dark and meeting up in taboo basically. I didn't tell anyone else to go there."copyright protection9PENANA9rPy8MEZb1

"Lana claimed that she has been sneaking out to meet with boys for a few months."copyright protection9PENANA0HQCcdCulS

"It must have been some other boys, not those boys she met around that claimed to have been chasing here. I phoned them, 'the one with the camera' and the 'green haired boy' the day after; They weren't even at home..." He swallowed," They were asleep, cozy in their beds. We had gone out the previous night and they called me the next night, telling me what they were doing after the first rumors started spreading around the very same night. And she wasn't just meeting up with boys-"copyright protection9PENANAhktGPZDrtk

"Sir. Sir. Sir! It was only what she claimed. There is no proof of her containing drugs..."copyright protection9PENANAnDLcbTYQTa

"Not yet."copyright protection9PENANASTSIw5V8zh

"Right, but we'll wait and see."copyright protection9PENANA1RCvyrucTY

Someone grabbed Dan's shoulders and almost turned him around, then static. After a few seconds of something going on, they all came back on the screen. The person who grabbed his shoulders and tried to turn him around was nowhere to be seen," Anyways. Lana was only with me-there was nobody else; we were copious anyways just alone and already fulfilled. Fulfilled."copyright protection9PENANAwgBhsNbrE4

"Lana stole some Dr. Pepper's from the 7/11, anything to say about that?"copyright protection9PENANABwYufuzbC9

"I think people shouldn't steal and that people who steal should be locked up. It doesn't matter if she got attacked-it doesn't matter at all. You shouldn't justify somebody's sinful actions by someone stronger preying on the weak. It's like if Satan decided to justify Hitler while making himself look better and deceiving the whole world! He's deceiving all of you right now with Lana. Stealing is against the Ten Commandments while murder is a whole of a lot worse, but in God's eyes it's all the same. Is it okay if I'm religious? I don't care. Sorry for my rant. I'm not being a good witness, but I hate all sins. I don't hate Lana, not at all, but stealing is a sin. She should be locked up after this is over; it may have been some coping mechanism, but even that's not an excuse. It's up for law officials to decide overall, but that's a few words of my take on it." Dan went on super long conversations about this one thing and moving onto other topics with the reporter. He started to feel bad about some of the words he had said, but Lana's stealing shouldn't have been justified by the fact her dad had died and that her mother wasn't paying attention to her much and for the fact that someone bigger and badder was chasing her.......copyright protection9PENANAtD059zwDLq

He wondered if his righteous anger had gotten out of hand, but it was fine a majority of it. It made it seem like he hated Lana as a person and not the fact that she had sinned by stealing, at least to a majority of the people watching," Anyways. Yes, I believe in God. I admit it. Whether I suffer for His Namesake, it doesn't matter. I'm ready to spread the truth and love others..and when I get to Heaven, he will take my hand and say 'well done. Welcome home." He felt ashamed of being a Christian sometimes, even though nobody in reality really cared.copyright protection9PENANABhHdz91KBF

The Reporter's friend rolled their eyes, thinking why does this guy believe such nonsense? The Reporter kept her cool and smiled, considering some of the words he said. After the live-feed went down, Dan shook off the reporters and went back to his place, letting himself relax and feel proud of what he had done. Proud of all he had stated, even in his fear-he had been brave to state what he thought and believed to be true. Even in his fear, he took multiple breaths and tried keeping his calm. He knew that no matter what, God would help him through it.copyright protection9PENANAPdcNHshhDT

"I saw you on the TV." His legal guardian, Xander was laying on his mattress, the covers pushed up below his neck, revealing his neck-line and some of his hoodie and all of his complete face. Xander was 18, one year older than him. Everyone else didn't know that Dan even existed and their main guardian had died over a few years ago, now Xander helped take care of him. They were not bro's per say; Dan and Xander had a very complicated relationship," I'm proud of you."copyright protection9PENANAq6xrbG0IkM

"I feel bad. I met up with a girl with lustful intent."copyright protection9PENANA9W3Q9C0bnB

"Bro, if what you are saying is true, it's fine. Nothing went too far."copyright protection9PENANARcO3ZvwgNa

Dan still had that tight feeling throughout his chest from earlier.copyright protection9PENANAadgHFsoFbI

"I saw something today. I went into the hospital today and I noticed someone scarred up from head to toe, clawed and injured. Officers don't know what happened to him." He got up from his mattress and went over to hug Dan," It hasn't been brought out into the public, but they only told me since that person looked like someone who is apart of our other family. Some expanded family of ours from somewhere....My job has been great lately. I've been selling books to some people and I brought some back home for us to try and read. Wanna see?"copyright protection9PENANAslFvbO8b0v

"No," Dan shook his head," Not right now. Wow. That's crazy," He stopped for a minute," Sure, let's look at them."copyright protection9PENANANRHBVG7sXU

"This one is a girly seeming book I might consider giving to Goodwill. Look at this," they went over and noticed a stack of books lined up against the wall; they didn't live in the best neighborhood and they didn't have a whole lot of money. Their house was two stories and their only TV was in the living room which was a few rooms back from where they were next to the entrance," It's called Anna and the French Kiss."copyright protection9PENANAC78TPNldtx

"I had a friend at school who read it; she said it was the most horrid and most hated YA romance she has ever read." They spoke about this book for a while and moved onto the other ones. Beautiful and amazing ones, even some of the mainly huge popular books that there were.copyright protection9PENANAWVSBq4qzgr

"I might as well sell them."copyright protection9PENANA43jMFesNGq

"Why?"copyright protection9PENANAIixQcnDxB7

"So we can buy books we will actually like."copyright protection9PENANA5x2Y9t3A2j

"Alright. Don't forget ramen, Dr. Pepper, and water."copyright protection9PENANA27nlT3zmQg

Xander rolled his eyes," Obviously. What kind of fool do you think I am?"copyright protection9PENANAMyzkpLH3ji

"The best fool ever," Dan smiled," We should keep some of them."copyright protection9PENANAapQco0GrBI

"Gone by Micheal Grant and a few of our other ones? Because I agree, I wouldn't want to have pure romance novels, but we might enjoy some of the 'girly' ones we got. We could learn how to get the girl," Dan nudged Xander's shoulder," and we could learn how to progress during a relationship."copyright protection9PENANALDQ8YJcy52

"From my experience, a novel doesn't help you. You don't have to throw yourself at them, just let it progress. Lana and you didn't turn out well."copyright protection9PENANAORBoc0aT3u

"No, but that's because she has horrid memories of the actual event." He held his head, even his memories of last night were kind of fuzzy," If her memories weren't horrid, then she would fall for me." He had his other self turned on, the one who had logic but didn't care about what the other person felt and that made his chest even tighter," What about the person..." he scratched his head," who was scarred or something? What happened today and when did you get back?"copyright protection9PENANAceU2qi27JD

"I got back a few minutes ago. What do you want to talk about first?"copyright protection9PENANAQuhGDfpPNu

"Everything. From the moment since you woke up to right now."copyright protection9PENANASCmt1yubsy

"Wow," Xander sat down on the mattress, counting his fingers," That's a heavy list of demands. Sure." He laughed and Dan sat right down next to him on the floor, ready to hear his stories.copyright protection9PENANAGEMAHdSKkC

..........................................................................................................................................................copyright protection9PENANAoa7FQKUfzH

They went to the bookstore and sold their books, at least some of the ones they didn't want," Xander." Xander stared at Dan as he rushed into the Teen Section, coming out with Harry Potter," Harry Potter. Have you read it?" Dan's father didn't want him reading it so he had never gotten the chance. His father told him it had characters that promoted witchcraft and it's' practices. Dan hugged his chest. Now that he knew it didn't have that, he considered picking it up. It was one of the most beloved stories and most people loved it, so he may try it, hoping to be caught up in a windstorm of magic and fun and even possibly great characters.copyright protection9PENANAKrj6VkFpw7

Xander could feel the sensation of his thoughts as he grabbed the book, peeking at the synopsis on the back," Do you want the paperback or the hardcover? I only have enough money for one hardcover." He peeked into his wallet, unzipping it and showing Dan the amount of cash he had. The stories, he still hadn't heard because Xander had been hesitant to tell him.copyright protection9PENANAYcMKNtXGdh

"Have you read it?"copyright protection9PENANAiBrpgiaaxJ

"Yes, I have. It is amazing. Answer my question."copyright protection9PENANARhbbo6w3w3

"I don't have to."copyright protection9PENANAbugXf3qcJD

"Right, you can pick on your own. You are almost 18, my age."copyright protection9PENANAu2fWsveCGM

"You'll be 19 by the end of December." Xander's mind went to how much he loved the month of December. He loved dashing in the snow and loved opening his Christmas presents. Xander loved helping people even if he only was able to give them a couple of books or a few dollars since he didn't have much money to buy or fix anything. Xander loved everything about the month, even the songs that came with it and how churches did a service always on Christmas with lit candles. While he didn't normally like going to church, the only time it ever crossed his mind was Christmas and other holidays since they had excellent services. He didn't feel the need to go more because he already knew most everything he already needed to know even though Dan disagreed, but they never got into squabbles about it and Dan always went every Sunday. copyright protection9PENANAmy4xJsEgwb

Besides tomorrow was Saturday of late October and Dan always took over 20 minutes to get ready and woke up earlier than he did, rushing downstairs and making his way out the door, driving his bicycle to the church down the street. He was giddy of how he had been born on the 25th day of the month, the day everyone knew as Christmas day at midnight of Christmas eve, officially," I will be 19, yes." His hoodie prickled at his skin, warming the chilliness he felt.copyright protection9PENANAjHGzFVC68m

"Are you excited?"copyright protection9PENANAKCpZzRuOta

"I am. I love it."copyright protection9PENANAAQIEns72ID

Dan grabbed the hardcover of Harry Potter and they decided not to buy anything else. They could always get most of what they wanted at their local library and not at their local Barnes & Noble downtown. He held it in his hands as if he was passing to Xander, but he told him 'take it back, I don't want it' and they were left smiling in each other's directions," I love December." He blurted out of nowhere, muttering to himself and Dan nodded his head at his words. They grabbed two cookies from the Starbucks, even ordering a couple of large Hot Chocolates.copyright protection9PENANAd1lTB0Pd6X

Xander sipped his quickly, not minding the fact it was super hot while Dan waited until they got back to the car. It was more of a beat-down car, something that was hot a few years back. While it didn't matter, they both wanted something new and more fresh, but they always wanted this one to savor the memories," I'm glad we paid off the house, but thank you for the book!" He fist-bumped with Xander, pushed himself back, and they buckled their seat belts. The wind from their open windows seeping through the entire car, making their short hair fly up for a few seconds. The air was heated, but the car's AC didn't make them go 'disgusting' or anything close to that. Dan rolled up the windows and Xander put both his hands on the steering wheel, inserting the keys and pulling out like he would a drive-way. Soon enough they were on the road and the sun was about to set down," Xander, thanks for these cookies and thanks for the hot chocolate. This place is amazing. This is where you work right?"copyright protection9PENANAARAZQaQlYk

"Yes and I'm glad we got the discount. I love it there."copyright protection9PENANAwyafdyHkAq

"I like it, but I don't want to pay money." Dan laughed.copyright protection9PENANAYOsjH3kwhr

"I get it."copyright protection9PENANAuRi4R9eHud

"Why did you hold back from telling the stories?"copyright protection9PENANA20MdfZMXkn

For the rest of the drive, they grazed outside their windows in silence. In silence for the rest of the drive even when they got into bumpy parts of partially finished roads, even when Dan sipped his hot chocolate. Everything was silent except for the sound of cars and of the outside world. Even the music blasting through the radio couldn't make up for the fact that something was emanating off of the both of them, sneaking off their shoulders, and not making it's way out of their tongues. Their thoughts were kept alone. Only before they reached their neighborhood did Xander speak," I'm going to go to the store tonight. Bye. I'm dropping you off."copyright protection9PENANAnjbQDTTXqb

"Why?" Dan was in shock. This was not the plan. Why did he just tell him now? Was this some excuse? Dan grabbed his items and got out of the car, leaving the door open and the engine on," I'll walk home, but why are you doing this? Are you okay?"copyright protection9PENANApU2IZTReBl

"I'm fine." Dan's heart was racing. Was he keeping something from him? In the heat of the moment Dan almost stormed off, but his mind was definitely blank," I was thinking of things we need. Remember, it was the plan. You had to go with me first. I'm sorry. You're not coming with me." Xander drove off, leaving Dan behind. This was not normal. He wouldn't follow him, but he had to do something. He phoned his friend, Jack.copyright protection9PENANArEmdSCcEzx

"Hey, Jack. My brother is up to something. I'm not sure, but he's doing something. He blew me off and is going to the store without me. Can you check up, no it would be wrong, but can you at least check up on his status updates? He's the only one with a real phone. I just have a flip up."copyright protection9PENANA1XQdNt6Hrw

"I won't check up on him. Wait till he gets back, but I will check up on his feed." Dan walked home, feeling relieved, but his chest kept feeling tight and yesterday was fading from his mind. He knew his brother was hiding something involving the stories, but he didn't know what. Something was wrong with him. Something else must have been going on and he needed to know what. He took sips of his hot chocolate, carrying his cookie and Harry Potter copy.copyright protection9PENANASRrUzqOqEq

Dan passed a house with peeled paint and he rang the doorbell," Hello." The house had shrubby in the front of it, the grass barely cut by any sort of material. Dan also observed that the house was torn up in some spots besides the paint beginning to peel off.  He never noticed it before.copyright protection9PENANAM549iXLvBk

The house frowned in his direction. He dropped his bag close to the door, throwing his items inside of it except for his hot chocolate. The street was expanding outside of the massive trees. The wind howled in his direction and whispered against him. The house was cracked and Dan's head begun to spin," Hello." He cupped his hands together, shoving the almost finished hot chocolate in his jean's pocket and tried peeking through the windows, noticing curtains that were ripped off. Pure purple curtains. This house used to be beautiful, but beauty doesn't last forever, at least not here anyways. copyright protection9PENANA3DhTR5nXMP

The door didn't even budge when he clenched his fists against it, punching it multiple times. He knew not to break into houses, but this was abandoned anyways. Something about this place made him shiver. This was different than all of the other places he had been in, something.copyright protection9PENANAuEGVzfloGZ

When he eventually got in through an unlocked window, someone else was inside. A young girl of about 9 years old swooped up in her fantasies and playing with dolls," Hi. Are you okay?" Her eyes directed their attention on him, circling in his direction," Sorry, I didn't mean to barge."copyright protection9PENANAOt5TCoQnTs

She simply stared," It's unlocked all the time. Don't worry." The girl's face had eyes of stone, eyes of literal stone, stone lined with blue emeralds. The young girl shrugged," Hello."copyright protection9PENANAHW6ZQX4eVR

"Where's your family?" Something about this atmosphere informed Dan to get out of here.copyright protection9PENANA3pvJk5ZGuG

"They're elsewhere."copyright protection9PENANAGj9LcL9383

"Where are they?"copyright protection9PENANAwQ0CPRAU5v

"In the photographs."copyright protection9PENANAL9VhTgnSWR

The room had tons of photographs; some were in black and white. Some were colorful. He felt sorry for the girl, living alone and fending for herself," Just kidding." She laughed," I found this place a few days ago." Dan didn't trust her, but he tried taking her words for it," This is my home now. I got caught up in this place and now, ever since-my life has changed entirely."copyright protection9PENANAyCaHontyrB

"This place is weird."copyright protection9PENANABXrCAhtabz

"It sure is. No, I'm not a little girl who is from a horror movie. Here, you are fine. All you need to watch out for is ghosts."copyright protection9PENANAGWICeBSBuO

"What?" Dan's eyes widen," Ghosts aren't real. Do you mean demons?"copyright protection9PENANAs3rDLP0eor

"No, I mean ghosts. What about demons? I'm friends with ghosts and demons are an entirely different thing."copyright protection9PENANAQZphCZz5aK

"Angels are fighting them."copyright protection9PENANAFRHotV0mxu

"Yes and you shouldn't worry."copyright protection9PENANAaZyCDjsDxQ

"I'm leaving now."copyright protection9PENANA5nQvFsueyF

"Don't go."copyright protection9PENANAZexHC1DCna

"I'm leaving now."copyright protection9PENANA7yaFaNZDrw

"Don't go." The girl's eyes spread with tears. Dan started feeling bad, but he was leaving. This place made him uncomfortable, all of the eyes staring at him, everything about this place. copyright protection9PENANAuwUk1ANwOm

"I'm leaving now."copyright protection9PENANAcOBKvdL9Q8

"Don't go." She was repeating these same words for the next few minutes, until finally he could go without her asking him to stay. That was an interesting experience one that filled his mind for the next few minutes even afterwards. The unlocked window. The facade. The inside of the house. He took his bag and felt for the hot chocolate in his pocket, then left the house forever. Hopefully, but he didn't want to leave the girl behind except for some reason, he didn't not want her so that he could take care of her yet he didn't not not want to take care of her or find someone who would. She made him feel as if he stumbled upon something from a cliched' horror movie, but it was fine. It wasn't like that at all. copyright protection9PENANAjYHtEShDvI

His breathing and speed went up by the hundreds and soon enough, Dan was back at his house except an unfamiliar car was parked in the driveway. His heart stumbled and he dropped his hot chocolate on the side of the road, the brown liquid spilling all over the ground. Luckily none of it thrashed against his clothes or his skin, but he wanted to leave it there. He leaned over and shoved it in his pocket instead. His copy of Harry Potter and his cookie were still in the bag. The house stopped showing in the distance, it all seemed like some sort of daydream by now. The eyes of stone and the photograph didn't cross his mind at the moment, nor did his adopted brother guardian or even Lana. Only the car leaning up against the side of his garage, parked in an unfamiliar position. It wasn't his brother's car, he could tell for sure. His hands shook.copyright protection9PENANAaZf4khF8Ot

"I'm being hypersensitive." he cursed to himself in the middle of the setting sun.copyright protection9PENANAv0i6KOjwXa

"Well hi, it's me. I'm from the Police Department."copyright protection9PENANAFh8mKMe1qJ

Dan's whole world 'erupted'," What did I do, sir?"copyright protection9PENANAKAJZF4gkc4

The officer held out his handcuffs," You're under arrest for taking advantage of young girls. Yesterday, we swifted through the photos of you online."copyright protection9PENANAOH57OQV8mT

"You have the wrong boy."copyright protection9PENANAi1arnVeCXE

"You are almost 18 and one of the girls you dated was 13 and claimed to have had been kissed by you and forced to do it by you."copyright protection9PENANAmHf5GV9Wfm

"This is fake. It's all because of that news about me and Lana. She's like my age." Dan's cheeks rose up in embarrassment; he didn't do that. He would never do something as horrifying as that," When did it come out?" copyright protection9PENANA1446cSW71j

"A few days ago." copyright protection9PENANA1jlbKI6Yl3

Dan gritted his teeth, letting his hands swing back and forth," I would never do something like that! Ever!" He calmed down, making sure not to yell that the neighborhood wouldn't here or cats would yelp away, running away like cartoon characters.copyright protection9PENANADHKSMrNWo3

"Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. We will see."copyright protection9PENANAjp8owkhtri

Dan's hands were slid into hand-cuffs and they got in the Officer's car, driving to jail. Soon enough, they'd know whether it was true or not. His heart was thundering, beating hard and fast. Ferociously. As he reclined in the backseat, the trees shook along with most of the roads they went on, and he noticed a man with a camera, filming his every move. Dan blinked and missed it, thinking it was just an illusion, but even still he wondered whether he was going crazy or not. Silly, he was not going crazy, but his thoughts wandered in multiple different directions.copyright protection9PENANAMtB7EmQKlb

They got out during the trip and picked up a girl with rainbow colored hair with green eyes who looked like some anime character. Scars were lined over her face, but even still she looked attractive. No, Dan forced any type of those thoughts away, swallowing up the real context.copyright protection9PENANAOYTzQG1DDp

"Hey." She smiled, twiddling her thumbs.copyright protection9PENANAHWPPkl9CPB

"Hi. Don't talk." Dan shoved his arms together," to me, please." copyright protection9PENANAUB4wJJSAud

"Don't worry baby."copyright protection9PENANAMibFS2lTFY

Dan shut his ears off for the next few minutes, not bothering to listen to this bull crap from this creepy and scary seeming girl he didn't even know. He didn't know her, but that was thus far. Still a criminal, still some reason to be cautious and somewhat afraid of what she could do behind closed doors or even a jail cell with other inmates in the middle of the city. He could easily knock her out if he had to, but he shoved any kind of violent thoughts of even self-defense out of his head-at least the ones that got too crazy, but he only wanted to live in the moment nor think bad thoughts about someone, thus leading to some bad action if he thought or set his mind to it hard enough. They were going to be at the prison in a few minutes. Dan drowned out the girl's voice from his head and thoughts of peace suddenly entered his mind, trying it's best to get rid of the rash thoughts, if he allowed them to. Dan was going to make it, no matter what. Maybe he would, maybe he wouldn't, but he may cross that bridge when it goes there, it may not.copyright protection9PENANAinV8cgumSj

"I love you." was the last words he heard before putting ear-plugs in his ears instead of covering them, taking them out when they reached the prison."copyright protection9PENANAXMV2iELbff

They were slipped back in hand-cuffs and they walked inside, the officer close behind them. Dan was put in one of the easy blocks while the girl was put in the high security district. What? Why?copyright protection9PENANAo1yzGqB2jh

.......................................................................................................................................................copyright protection9PENANA1CFWKRcee5

"Here you go. This boy is your inmate." A thin boy came up to him, almost anorexic. He wore typical inmate clothes and wavered to him, his blue eyes shining. The cell door shut closed.copyright protection9PENANAycRtea80ln

"Hi, what's your name?"copyright protection9PENANAfKoNk5eV8y

"Dan."copyright protection9PENANAd9aT6VKjaZ

"I saw you on the TV earlier. What was the static?"copyright protection9PENANAoIbgbpqjpM

"I don't really even know."copyright protection9PENANAHFw6tQbHMk

"Did you really attack her?"copyright protection9PENANAf0tqTzlESv

"No, but my brother left me out." He told him the whole story, leaving out some of the details about more of the personal thoughts that he had, giving the inmate a half-baked version of the story. Sam the blonde haired inmate leaned up on the bunk-bed, lying down," We have to escape prison. I'm almost out, but sometimes I can't wait any longer."copyright protection9PENANADhdOxpeYJE

"Then wait."copyright protection9PENANAKqkhwN7IvU

"I have nothing to get back to. I need someone to take care of me. I'm homeless and ever since I got in prison, I have been healthier. While it's a horrible place, at least it's not some Camp or Hell. I rarely eat anything." copyright protection9PENANA2LUvcO5ysY

Dan eyed him up and down," I can see."copyright protection9PENANA36ghVNH9Lq

"And I want to rejoin my gang, therefor getting the items I need." Dan nodded his head even though he didn't agree," Stop being such a saint. We'll all tough here." He shoved his arm.copyright protection9PENANAOwQ8NnWV5s

"Ow," Dan felt pain coarse through his arm," That wasn't nice, but whatever." He ignored it for now; this was his room-mate for now at least or something," Alright."copyright protection9PENANAP7eKDqyIY1

"And I rarely eat because since it happened, I've never been the same. The ax that coarse past my arm, going to the hospital, framed for a murder I didn't commit. I am rotten, but I'm no killer. Some people are killers, but most people at this prison are not killers. Only very few and they are put in the high security district."copyright protection9PENANAH27Xk2L1cw

"What? This girl that was with me got put in there?"copyright protection9PENANAr13iaQF7LK

"The rainbow haired girl, she's never been caught for years. Some say she has superpowers, but being hot alone is a super power." Dan almost laughed, but stopped himself," and some say she has killed a few people. But she's also in a cult or something, I don't know. Similar to those that were apparently chasing Lana. What did she do?"copyright protection9PENANAzBRNlueUdc

"She thought I was amazing and she was annoying and she was head over heels for me. I drowned out my ears of her presence every single minute of her talking. She's creepy and weird and a bit scary, but I don't know her exactly. And I don't want to."copyright protection9PENANAVVf3Tz5EAi

"Maybe you could learn about her by getting in with her and her people here. Learn some."copyright protection9PENANAb1keju5ZBR

Dan considered this," Maybe, but if suggests being together, then no."copyright protection9PENANAJbtBYO6dIk

"I got arrested for a number of offenses, but none that that girl has."copyright protection9PENANApEfEH8eNNO

They were interrupted by the sound of a bell ringing. IT'S TIME TO EXCERSISE! Their cell opened and all of the inmates rushed out, the police behind them, watching their moves, making sure none of them rioted or tried to rebel. Sam and Dan spoke more on the way outside. The trees echoed, shook, and even rumbled. Dan pointed it out," Does that ever happen? You should eat more by the way."copyright protection9PENANA6ZPqe9Vj9w

"I'll try. It rarely happens and when it does-" the sun went down. They went back inside.copyright protection9PENANAbSHEtGtAUc

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