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Confessions of a moonlight addict,
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Co-Writer Ethan Redmace*
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Confessions of a moonlight addict,
Chapter 3,
Ethan Redmace
Nov 12, 2017
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!medPjU9y1YkY9VEoWeXlposted on PENANA

She set down her glass of wine and wrapped her jacket around the piano," I know what you want." The man was in front of her, sitting down and minding his own business while I was watching through the doorway. I had to get this information to the police, whatever I could find-I placed a voice recorder chip down on the ground where it could crawl into the room slowly and stealthily as I listened in. I couldn't recognize the man, but he was wearing a paper bag to cover his face.16Please respect copyright.PENANAJyfDS6e3jt
copyright protection12PENANAFb2E4FaxEE

"What?" He stabbed a spoon through his glass of wine, swishing it around in his glass from the fantastic coffee table in front of him," You don't know what I want nor do you know anything."copyright protection12PENANA50TjQcdZKf

"You want her, don't you? You want your own world to tumble and collapse?" Her yell echoed throughout the entire house and I kept still in my hiding place, hoping nobody would hear her screams and find me where I was and pay attention to her," Sorry, but you want me to help you. I'm not helping you." She crossed her arms on her chest," I'm not helping you and your twisted little games. You will betray me, Unknown. You will betray me and I'm not helping a killer."copyright protection12PENANAY5e70SwW7t

He laughed at her words," You spared me a girl. A girl with long hair. I remember what I got tangled up in. She's wild and you dare not help me!" His voice was monotone and calm," She wanted to help me and my every move, but that's not the girl I'm looking for. She may still be of help in the future. I have her right where I want her and you wouldn't dare." A gunshot blasted off," I am taking over." She dropped dead to the floor and she reached out a hand. The man grabbed her coins-I could see it just clear enough and stole her credit cards. She was very wealthy and finally, we had a lead about the whereabouts of the possible chasers of Lana.copyright protection12PENANAiMFkrJZBgE

A chill passed down my spine," Everyone, there will be some changes around here! I'm in charge and nobody can stand up to my rule of this mansion and this company! I RULE IT ALL NOW! She's dead and she wanted me to...take over whenever she died....we will find the murderer and bring him or her to justice!" I was shaking at these words. I needed to get out of these parts out...copyright protection12PENANAgmEaFumTu7

..................................................................................................................................................copyright protection12PENANA9scnzdf6an

Drew's POV,copyright protection12PENANAAs9fNAZNcf

I searched Lana's computer; I scrolled down in her history, noticing entries along the lines of how to run away and I was shocked. Earlier one of our agents found out that my niece's chasers could possibly be wealthy and have agents whether they wanted them; we were on high alert. My daughter about almost a day ago took forever to mention her. I loved her and this was for her. Hopefully, we found nothing against her and this chasing was just something that happened. Dan's word was fuzzy and hard to believe, but so far-nothing was on Dan.copyright protection12PENANArsC6CiBZc5

He had gotten arrested for taking advantage of girls and was in a cell with his room-mate, a gang member who killed a police officer during an armed robbery a few nights ago. It was becoming a trend in this town and officers were still on that case altogether and his name was Sam. Someone who rarely ate and wanted to die or at least wanted out of jail altogether, keeping him there longer-he wasn't a model prisoner, but he certainly wasn't the worst prisoner ever at all.copyright protection12PENANA7lxkI7xYdI

Apparently, my daughter  hired a hit-man. I clicked the page, noticing the messages between the both of them.copyright protection12PENANAlNbv2Y61Mi

"I can't kill anyone under the age of 16 or any politicians. If you are wondering about Trump, he's off the deal. You just have to live with him for the next few years." Him.copyright protection12PENANAhdLUjodUnp

"I understand that, but there is someone I want you to deal with."copyright protection12PENANA0uKxPtEmsS

"Who?"copyright protection12PENANA5OGgkJfqK1

"Me."copyright protection12PENANAI2euWyS9tg

"Why?"copyright protection12PENANAztLk1ANGXg

"I'll give you money and I'll give you power over what you want." This seemed awfully similar to what we had discovered earlier-the gunshot on the floor of a mansion, the death of the High Lady Jane and even taking control after following her around and becoming obsessed with her.copyright protection12PENANAy24fioYyPJ

"What I want is a cuphead."copyright protection12PENANAzyLO2InUSR

"What?"copyright protection12PENANAarkWLmwz2t

"The game Cup head."copyright protection12PENANAPBvUQOjPm8

"Do you have it on Steam?"16Please respect copyright.PENANAaKyES0VD0V
copyright protection12PENANAyWGjLJ28DU

"No, I don't mean that." And after that, the messages went on for what seemed like forever. This was yesterday. I closed her computer, shutting it down. Everything went black and the power switched off forever. We still could recover her history, but after the deep web-if you weren't welcome, you couldn't be on there.16Please respect copyright.PENANAsdKS4WMoOz
copyright protection12PENANAZOmkK8GhHJ

"We have to arrest her mother." We had a long debate about this subject at the Police Station and at the courts.copyright protection12PENANAKxlgsc5M1r

"No, we need to put her on suicide watch. She hired a hit-man and I'm concerned for her safety! She wanted him to kill her last night!" copyright protection12PENANAVzoCT9lViZ

"It's not her fault. She may have a mental illness of some kind and her mother didn't watch her enough, thus messing her up. We can't let her mother run loose, we have to arrest her."copyright protection12PENANAQhOdCzljQ3

"No, we have to give her to a better mother. One who is much better after she's done."copyright protection12PENANA2AAnR3AWPB

"Or no internet?"copyright protection12PENANAoKbMm4WH0e

"I don't know." I shook my head, not knowing what would come next. Not even knowing whether I would like what was going to happen or not. The history and the messages sparked through my head even still.16Please respect copyright.PENANAKy8Zb16q5p
copyright protection12PENANAHRwv484prU

We still didn't have enough evidence of which. From friends, Lana was a happy and wild, party girl. She didn't go to the deep web and she seemed innocent enough, but her history definitely wasn't and even going out, getting wasted and going too far with boys when she was underage. It reminded us of her friend Celina; along reminding us of a boy she also dated, The Romantic Jack of all Trades who was always classy and never went too far with anyone. And this was a whole new side of the spectrum. Later, we still didn't make up our minds and this was sent to the Leading Officers and counselors in the entire country of America. Sam and Dan.copyright protection12PENANAsuv3Sm7siW

Everything was all a jumbled mess now, even the new person scarred up from head to toe. copyright protection12PENANA4HHft3kqLl

"Hello." We walked in, his room was right next to Lana's and his head was spinning," I see stars, red stars trailing down my back." The guard stared back at me, telling me he had been in a fight.copyright protection12PENANAEtcbYgk3GL

"How have you been sleeping?"copyright protection12PENANAX9gtc8QjB9

"With all these scars, I can't sleep at all. I've been wondering at night about my old life, my life when the world was mine. All I do is wander and sweep the streets I used to own." copyright protection12PENANAgFQXVk1gKN

"What are you going on about!" He reached out his hands, curling them into fists.copyright protection12PENANABpgNAf4UiK

"I've become a monster, every scar on most everywhere you can imagine." I noticed scars all over his hands, scars that had come from some kind of fight.copyright protection12PENANAGgUXJ76ArH

"Where were you? Officers found you in the woods, lying there and dripping in blood."copyright protection12PENANAJHnAFiUHyF

"They say don't make deals with evil and I made a deal with someone who is like that."copyright protection12PENANAua4LXF02zi

Everything he was saying was like a Magic-8 ball. It made literally now sense, but my heart was thundering. Being with someone scarred up with head to toe, being with someone vague and someone who had gotten betrayed by someone he thought was a friend. My sympathy levels were raging and everything was buzzing off in my head, every single thought being jumbled.copyright protection12PENANANgyHdiOjSf

"My sleep is nothing; I take all these pills, but all I notice is everything burning in my sleep. Everything burning like claws and cameras and clicks. Everything throbbing like an ax."copyright protection12PENANA1CXodCH7jg

For the rest of the time we had no luck, but we started asking Lana some questions not mentioning her history and how we were putting her on watch, just like the Scarred Man. Eventually, she was almost let out of this place. Except the man's words, the history, and even the New Lead was still on my mind throughout the rest of the day. I went out to the scene.copyright protection12PENANAMOqRzowAr6

"Hello." Someone leaned up against the side of the damp building," The flames are welcome here. If you are someone of flame, then you will become wild and beloved. Two people almost died here last night!" He raised up a finger, pointing at the building," Yes, died! Give us 20 bucks and you will head into a vast danger zone, a vast one of danger and terror and utter passion! It will be lovely and terrifying!" copyright protection12PENANASenrVBKKVD

What a weirdo. I handed him the 20 bucks and went inside. Whatever a flame meant. This might and used to probably be a normal house, but nobody lived here and it was messed up from the inside out.copyright protection12PENANA0WfXlsA3AT

This might and used to probably be a normal house, but nobody lived here and it was messed up from the inside outcopyright protection12PENANAjnIKei9KSB

copyright protection12PENANARLPecLPWvK

copyright protection12PENANAzwHPt2i36S

16Please respect copyright.PENANAUfasT2sPFt
copyright protection12PENANAXqgFauXkfQ

Something must have went wrong with this place, something crazy. I took photos of it with my camera. Nobody bothered to check this place out, but I found out through some leads and questioning some of the residents of the town. I ran my fingers on some of the crazy messages on the second floor. Everything reminded me of an asylum of some kind, similar to one that the other boy was in; the boy who may have attacked her, Vaceal or at least one of them, relating.copyright protection12PENANAW6BLlNxaK3

We questioned him and he barely said anything, except for bouncing off the walls and one day, we noticed red stars off him, telling us that he could only show it if he wanted to. Red stars was something similar to what most of these crazies we found had in common and the world earlier. The murder. The conquering and the infamy. The messages had been written on by multiple people, some of them were ratings and some were good, some were bad. copyright protection12PENANAVkzC92Fs5L

I walked through a room, cracked and even tearing apart; I witnessed strands of clothing on it, even a Play Station remote and even a diary out of the rubble. A small and short diary about someone who burned it down almost way back many years ago in the 1900's close to the time of which it ended, bringing the room down on himself. Why would they meet up here because of the boy during the day and late night in the front? It was wrong to advertise this place as passionate unless this diary was fake, hopefully. The paint was peeling off and I shivered.copyright protection12PENANAl3bBIm6GHl

This place had no AC and nothing came out of the windows. Scratch marks lined the walls," You love the flames right?" A voice echoed through the room," It's dangerous."copyright protection12PENANAwDs7pNVWYF

"You're a stunt man. I need to ask you some questions." He came out of the shadows that enveloped him.copyright protection12PENANAZUZyx9BcCH

"What? Last night?"copyright protection12PENANAYXKaysxE9e

"Yes?"copyright protection12PENANA0FSsNhgIdf

"Dan and Lana were extremely interested; this place would light their fire any day. Dan knows someone here and he got in for free. We weren't here to guard the place even if we don't own it...I mean we sort of do since the owner, however they are, didn't plan to sell it in their will. Dan and Lana did some things and I was here since I live here, since I have no other job and this isn't much of a's a pride thing and a place to live away from all of the injustice of society."copyright protection12PENANAod9oMGxnTa

"Okay, then what?"copyright protection12PENANA4S7P2Ghzkr

"They kissed and he handed her matches. They almost burned this room down with their silly friends, one with green hair and one with a mask, hoodie, and camera. They got out of this place and moved on; Lana was chased by both of them and that's it. Everything was quite interesting, really. I watched as she tried getting into the woods and loving the Highwayman poem earlier."copyright protection12PENANAOl7GOUX5Db

I had finally gotten my information. It was after all, true. As I walked out, I wasn't entirely convinced. I noticed something I never had before, a symbol of moonlight with a face with eyes and an X-out smile. It had happened earlier in Lana's hospital room, her claiming to have seen it.copyright protection12PENANAk1pupbaXz4

"Hi." Someone was drawing on one of the walls and I stopped where I was," Stay awhile." I wasn't going to stay awhile, I was going to leave now. It was a girl stepping out, similar to the one we already had in prison with rainbow locks going down her shoulders. Smirking in my direction," They stayed awhile and they left out of the windows before they actually left."copyright protection12PENANA7DWesZUKyf

I pulled out my pistol, ready to fire if anything happened.copyright protection12PENANAcmBj3pd0uQ

16Please respect copyright.PENANAK8Hu1MrOaf
copyright protection12PENANAcORBjhMuem

16Please respect copyright.PENANAnUOwUZx0qD
copyright protection12PENANAymZvBsuwd3

16Please respect copyright.PENANAqkSBMMDfCj
copyright protection12PENANALpqmJtMWug

16Please respect copyright.PENANAJmsqRtdihn
copyright protection12PENANANG5FioW4Sb

16Please respect copyright.PENANAyFimccmKdN
copyright protection12PENANArryrW9UrF7

16Please respect copyright.PENANAnE7gfU2T9E
copyright protection12PENANAurxVOhoAdS

16Please respect copyright.PENANAcT1FjS9xbr
copyright protection12PENANAR1yWGQlDVe

16Please respect copyright.PENANAVJ7d6jqs3E
copyright protection12PENANAPmGoNDxH4c

16Please respect copyright.PENANAfrinHyhKrr
copyright protection12PENANAPzEnusET2S

16Please respect copyright.PENANAoEkqkEitbt
copyright protection12PENANALTTkQAace6

16Please respect copyright.PENANAV6d2kjlKMp
copyright protection12PENANAr4t7shK0ZP

16Please respect copyright.PENANAp2RIpygHiI
copyright protection12PENANAcPpRcUjRNl

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