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Wedding Dress: CHOICES STORIES YOU PLAY (MC X Drake Fanfic)
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Writer Mycsishere
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Wedding Dress: CHOICES STORIES YOU PLAY (MC X Drake Fanfic)
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Nov 12, 2017
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!JGw5ELbErX7Si3RBrwVlposted on PENANA

Today is your biggest day , the day your about to be Queen of Cordonia and I could never be more so proud.. even it hurts. Everything seem so busy right now. The decors , the flower arrangement filled with white and pink roses as if more royal to look at more pleasant to look for the King and Queen, the cakes which is 10 layers tall or 100 pfft.. how stupid of me to think that .. everything. Then I saw you with Liam.. you two look so happy together and finally your life with him would be more happier and easier. Seeing you in your wedding dress with a bouquet of flowers while you walk down the aisle while Liam is waiting for you. And it would be more painful to see you kiss him in front all of us including me. You both gonna have a family together , and here I am.. all alone seeing you happy in his arms. I lose.. but there is nothing I can do.. wait maybe I c–copyright protection40PENANAqzGiTD3ZIj

    Suddenly I hear the door knockingcopyright protection40PENANAvs01xFNJje

     Crap.. I must be dreaming. I get up and look who’s at the door. Then surprisingly I saw you.copyright protection40PENANAGq6YtYAVvw

“Hey there sleepy head! today is the ball right?” , you said, feeling excited but nervous at the same time.copyright protection40PENANAhV5XdZBhYj

“Yeah I know , wait should you be with Maxwell and Bertrand right now?” , I asked but with a sleepy voice because I’m still tired.copyright protection40PENANAAtMBvjgi3A

“I just woke up very early I guess , maybe there are downstairs or maybe at the ballroom .. I don’t know maybe they were so busy because Liam is about to pick right?” , you said but I ain’t focusing and still the dream I had still recalls on my head.copyright protection40PENANAxJ0DIuCjq7

“Um.. hello? earth to Drake are you there?” , you ask staring into my eyes.copyright protection40PENANAPH2VEgUfxT

“Wh.. wha– uhhh.. yeah! well I better get going Liam needs me” , I excusedcopyright protection40PENANAz8nlKSF0bI

“Well okay I better find Maxwell soon before Bertrand thinks I slack off or being kidnapped ha ha ha.. yeah bye!” , you said and finally your presence is gone.copyright protection40PENANAAIsBma6Yuw

     While I was fixing myself and go to Liam , well damn he is prepared and I can assume he would pick MC as his beloved Queen, no doubts. But still The dream.. it still echoing in my head like a mix tape playing inside my mind. Hoping I could recall it , like Lucy the Dreamer and some shit. But of course I need to be asleep to dream right? I asked Liam if I may be excused for a moment and he said yes. What did I do? I tried reading books that is about literature , history anything that is boring that can make me fall asleep. I even tried listening to music that can make me sleep but and also no drinking so that I couldn’t stay awake. I need to sleep.. I need to know what happens next maybe this is a message. A message that I can be with MC and remember all the things we have done together.. happy moments. Still no effect I can’t sleep. I don’t have enough time.. what should I do?copyright protection40PENANA6kd9fSpa8X

     At night.. the grand ball that everyone is looking foward to it. So many visitors and ballroom is filled with people in gowns and wanting to be married to the Prince and probably soon to rule the world if it was in their check list. Wearing my suit of of course I’m with Liam, Maxwell, Bertrand and also You. Everyone seem so excited. I saw you going everywhere with the other ladies.. maybe having a girls talk or what? can’ tell. But my vision is always at your, the light shines to you face down to your dress which it’s like a fairytale seeing the love of my life can be more so gorgeous and elegant than the others and I can’t really take my eyes off you. As you were about to finish talking you suddenly looking for someone.. someone to talk? to company you? or to– but suddenly you walk your way to me and my heart pounds.. beat so fast and cannot be stop.copyright protection40PENANA3H6r3QjIQv

“Hey Drake” copyright protection40PENANAqqdT2A38yy

“Hey , what’s up?”copyright protection40PENANAEFSSO7KdiT

“Nothing much , just wanted to ask if.. you know? wanna dance?”copyright protection40PENANAblAhND76mY

“Well okay.. I guess”copyright protection40PENANACNpQGrqKzY

I extend my hand and offer to you and you place your hand on to mine and I lead you to the dance floorcopyright protection40PENANAieEa6siRGA

     You place you hand on to my shoulders and I place mine to your waist and we dance together for the very first time. The music was very calming and I can’t help but to look at you and stare at your eyes. Surprisingly you do the same and you smile back at me.. now that took my breath away. I give you a flawless turn and I never been more so happy in whole entire life then you speak.copyright protection40PENANAKRWk9JYgQl

“Heh.. I never know that you can dance like that”copyright protection40PENANAet8EjO5JyF

“Don’t let it in your head , this is just once in a blue moon”copyright protection40PENANAIRTm1ZOkQv

“Well.. you know what?”copyright protection40PENANAVAmSVwCUMt

“What”copyright protection40PENANAf1WnFfcLYL

“Nothing , it’s just being with you is different you know?”copyright protection40PENANAqHCj3EiSZ9

“And what do you mean by that?copyright protection40PENANAnUKKNFgpz3

“I mean I know I’ve danced with Liam , Maxwell and the others.. but you I can’t even describe it not even a single word”copyright protection40PENANASO5PcL4ow3

“You know what? I feel the same way..”copyright protection40PENANAaWLMfOryHq

“Drake.. I.. I mean– “copyright protection40PENANAI5lsQ887xH

“Shhh..”copyright protection40PENANAaqwgfJ1k8x

I place my hand to your cheeks and tuck a piece of your hair behind your ear and stared to your eyes , I was feeling nervous at first but I can’t help it. I can’t fight this feeling anymore even it hurts my bestfriend. I know it’s wrong but everytime I’m with you , when I see you I can’t help but to hold you , hug you and kiss you and be with you. We’ve make eye contact and you looked shocked as if you look like you saw a ghost or something. copyright protection40PENANAoiu94KYwiF

“D-drake I..”copyright protection40PENANAW1KhtBpBIX

“y-yes?”copyright protection40PENANAjTnQ9DzbXI

As my face goes closer inch by inch and almost near to your lips, I was about to kiss you .. actually my first kiss which is I make the first move but then..copyright protection40PENANAIm0cv5WtBf

“Ehem.. May I have this dance Lady MC?”copyright protection40PENANA8xhTPKvfmd

“Uh.. sure Liam! it will be my pleasure”copyright protection40PENANAcG6Awgd6rb

“Excuse us Drake”copyright protection40PENANAOaxPn2Ukww

“Yeah no problem she’s all yours”copyright protection40PENANAAF4RyTC39Y

    As he takes you away.. away from me if feels like I just woke up in a dream. A dream of having you , a dream being with you. Then few hours later this is the time we all waiting for that Liam is about to pick his bride to be and also his one and only Queen of Cordonia. Then a disaster came about what happen to you and Tariq. You tried to explain everything to Liam since he was about to choose you. And yet he choose Madeline over you. I can see into your eyes.. filled with tears that is about to fall like a waterfall or like a heavy rain with thunder and lightning that is crushing you down. Those bastards.. fuck them! I tried to approach you so that I can comfort you but still you feel like you wanna be alone. Feeling heartbroken seeing your love of your life choose someone else but you. I wanna be there for you but it looks like your saying “Don’t touch me.. leave me alone!”. And I did. I leave you alone and let Maxwell and Bertrand handle you.copyright protection40PENANAhlFoWcE9j6

   This is not a good sign. Everything happen this and now I just need a good night sleep. But I still can’t. That’s it! I’m too crazy for MC that my emotions and love for her is just going all to waste and now seeing her cry and broken just makes me even more mad and feel like I didn’t do anything for her. I quickly run upstairs and go to my room. I open the medicine cabinet .. I know what you all thinking. I’m crazy and this is stupid but I will do it anyway, I’m sick and tired from all this shit! I took up a handful of pills and went to bed. Suddenly I feel sleepy and I felt happy then I continue my dream. But it wasn’t the dream I was looking foward to.. it’s different were everything is all black and so quiet.I was thinking, what happen?copyright protection40PENANAl7gSXEVSYr

Song lyrics played in my headcopyright protection40PENANAoy6spFm1Jv

Baby listen to your heart won’t let you down44Please respect copyright.PENANAQ45HJuvBys
‘Cuz you should be my lady now that we’re apart love will show how44Please respect copyright.PENANAMIK5aVlf2t
Life carries on….44Please respect copyright.PENANAjA0VgZXBk1
I’ve never felt so strong life can lead us 44Please respect copyright.PENANAGb5LTPgorO
To a happiness never ending if we just know that we belong to each other44Please respect copyright.PENANAQexBjIwFXy
Never worry- grow as we go44Please respect copyright.PENANA9h99cp9a0u
See in your wedding dress, dress 
copyright protection40PENANA00RFpNR3Wa

I realize something . I don’t need a dream just find a solution or just to have you , I just need to remind you all the good times we did , on what we had for each other and how much we love each other when we were alone together. I just need to wait.. wait for your answers and be more patient about it , I rush too much and I’m done running away for how really feel , I need to start confessing soon before everything is too late. But I regret and panicked .. I can’t wake up. What should I do? I need to be with you by your side! wake up! wake up!…. copyright protection40PENANAaiirbg5683

..wake.. up.copyright protection40PENANAywCFZ1ll34

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