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Immortals: Everything They Sacrificed
Writer MousyCh
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Immortals: Everything They Sacrificed
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Chapter 1
Nov 12, 2017
14 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!AM1ziGjqlkjxig5qzgtVposted on PENANA

It was raining for the third day in a week and judging from the dark clouds hovering over the city, it wasn't going to stop anytime soon.copyright protection64PENANAScCJLSpByA

"This feels like I'm back in Britain."copyright protection64PENANAM8nNIFt16P

The stores all around the neighborhood were closing up for the day. It was still winter even if the day grew longer and the weather softened up. It was still cold but not like before. Spring was coming and everyone could feel it, smell it in the air even.copyright protection64PENANAmpnEFs4fIy

The woman sighed, rearranging her ugly orange beanie over her messy dark hair. She needed to shower as soon as possible and change her clothes. When she left that morning it was colder and her sweater kept her warm but right after lunch, a wave of hot wind passed over Seoul and she became too warm. Besides, she really hated tight clothing.copyright protection64PENANAbBKNlwGL8e

The woman sighed once again when she heard the ringing of her doorbell. She was expecting a customer but the woman that entered the mini market looked too fit and glamorous to be there for ramyeon.copyright protection64PENANAmUmJI4pc6v

"Close the store and let's go have fun." The glamorous woman started coldly, moving with heavy long steps towards the counter.copyright protection64PENANA1sVo6BRbQA

"It's raining." The less glamorous woman mumbled, not feeling like going out.copyright protection64PENANAJ1buPx1wi9

"It's been raining for three days already. The weather doesn't affect you anyway so let's go."copyright protection64PENANAKF47oNcOZi

When her request didn't seem to be listened to, the glamorous woman narrowed her eyes and grabbed the less glamorous woman by her ugly sweater. The force was quite impressive as she literally pulled the woman over the counter.copyright protection64PENANAk0KfpRRg2I

"Everyone is closing up so why aren't you?"copyright protection64PENANAQMK2gzAi6S

The victim was in a very uncomfortable position but looking into her eyes, she didn't seem fazed. Or maybe it was the huge round glasses that were hiding her true feelings.copyright protection64PENANAsQywXXk9Lj

"Are you waiting for him again?" The violent woman hissed, her eyes narrowing so much that she looked like a pissed off cat.copyright protection64PENANAr6kcmJ4d07

But the victim didn't even blink. Instead, she turned her head towards the wide window with longing.copyright protection64PENANAVRTFTafttl

The violent woman groaned and let her victim go, feeling like she wanted to puke.copyright protection64PENANAmVbUs9SMiD

"Seriously, Erin. We have been through this before, haven't we?"copyright protection64PENANA5KJpX591j9

The victim, now Erin, shrugged and sat back down on her seat behind the counter.copyright protection64PENANA9e03UUd9oH

"Then you should already know what I have to say." She mumbled, pushing up her glasses. They were sliding off her nose a lot these past few weeks.copyright protection64PENANAvLCHG4QyQ9

"Fine. But after he passes, we're going to the club."copyright protection64PENANAcWUWmR2vTl

"A bar at best." Erin combated and surprisingly enough, the glamorous woman agreed.68Please respect copyright.PENANAQUrhL8mocz
copyright protection64PENANAF2AF5uAjEZ

Time passed differently for the two women. While the glamorous one was trying her best to entertain herself with some jelly, Erin was sitting calmly with no expression on her face. One or two customers entered to buy necessities but left quickly. It was already past 10 o'clock when Erin tensed.copyright protection64PENANA0aKCRrHIZx

"He's here?"copyright protection64PENANARcuL8QDalw

Erin nodded, turning her whole attention on the window. It was really good that the alley down towards the main street was just next to her store and she could see every person walking by.copyright protection64PENANAv0y5GDAhXe

"I can hear his steps." Erin mumbled, watching with anticipation.copyright protection64PENANAgXp1zgshZs

The man that was walking to his home was tall, good looking with a strong jaw and big black eyes. Just like the day before, he wore a black sweater with black pants and a black coat over.copyright protection64PENANAOQEiCM8gXu

Erin was growing anxious and her friend could hear her heart beating twice faster than normal. One man dressed in all black passing by the store was making quite the impact.copyright protection64PENANAMsulybZ9sW

"If I can hear your heart, he can too. I think even Liu Wei can hear it and he's on the other side of the city."copyright protection64PENANAoJTNKt3cK2

But Erin couldn't care less. Even if that was true, there were numerous cases for her heart to beat so fast.copyright protection64PENANAFzTjSw61M3

Once the man passed Erin's heartbeats slowed down. She was back to normal and she was ready to close the store for the day.copyright protection64PENANAvzw0V5cUeE

"Finally," The glamorous woman mumbled rolling her eyes. "You do realize we cannot go there with you looking like an old granny."copyright protection64PENANAQCnKp8etkZ

Erin chuckled and nodded.copyright protection64PENANAw0yqjrWqsJ

"Then you go first and I'll come later, Colette."copyright protection64PENANAuYj1Ye6b8l

Colette's eyes widened and quickly intertwined her arm through Erin's, not letting go.copyright protection64PENANAPZYdJolYSG

"Let's go straight there, granny. I'm going to show you how to have fun instead of stalking a man."copyright protection64PENANAXoGvO0XLrp

Erin's eyes glistened in the dark as she let her friend drag her to Itaewon.copyright protection64PENANAuVnNWm23xa

The apartment was dark and the less to no furniture living room was even sourer looking. But then again, the owner of the apartment was a mystery and just as his neighbors have learned, the third floor was not to be approached.copyright protection64PENANApn9nATLWSD

Probably that was the main reason they didn't even change the light bulb when it broke. Luckily, the owner could easily see in the darkness and don't fall on the stairs.copyright protection64PENANADP2jlQkiBL

Once home, he turned on the lights and went straight into the kitchen. On his way back home he heard the fast heartbeats of someone and could literally hear the blood rushing through her body. It was both sickening and mesmerizing.copyright protection64PENANAH6H5UDsWH0

Fortunately, he had supplies and didn't have to go out. He really hated going out except for work and the casual meetings he had to be there for. His occupation wasn't exactly well seen by the society but someone had to do it too.copyright protection64PENANA76ngtYafV2

"Ugh," He groaned when he smelled his coat. It stunk with chloroform and he swore there was something else mixed in.copyright protection64PENANATySWSdMcvo

Showering was the best way to relax his muscles. He has been working all day in a very confined place and even down there, it was difficult to breath.copyright protection64PENANAYdvFjpjMm0

Once he finished his shower, he went straight into his room with nothing but a towel wrapped tightly around his waist. He had nothing to be embarrassed about. He has been living by himself for a long time now.copyright protection64PENANAMt69KA8VQ3

The phone rang right when he let himself fall on his back on the bed. He groaned when he remembered he left it on the table in the kitchen. Groggily, he walked there and answered in a low husky voice.copyright protection64PENANAYKBQGu3sGz

"Yes?"copyright protection64PENANARFNnk7NDT9

Something happened because he frowned. It wasn't something big but it seemed like he had to do it himself to be done right.copyright protection64PENANAEFCLPnmXic

"Fine. I'll be there shortly."copyright protection64PENANA1gWD6C7a5O

When Colette pushed Erin through the doors to the luxurious bar, she didn't really think it through. Erin almost fell on her face but luckily the bartender came to her aid.copyright protection64PENANAKXtxkNE7rx

"Are you alright, Miss?"copyright protection64PENANAh6dUR2hd0A

When she raised her head and he got a good view of her, it became awkward. She was dressed poorly; her eyes were covered by big round glasses and let's not forget the ugly orange beanie that had her hair tucked inside.copyright protection64PENANAq1RmFYZM84

Thankfully, Colette entered and quickly pulled her friend on her feet. The bartender swallowed nervously at the force of the tall woman.copyright protection64PENANABS24qmS5uk

"No need to act so scared. I'm a regular here." Colette announced.copyright protection64PENANADLqQGiTXvT

But that wasn't his worry. His eyes moved on the ugly dressed woman, checking out her whole outfit before grimacing.copyright protection64PENANAyVVpiAnhnv

"It's alright, Kyoya. That ugly thing right there is Erin." Liu Wei started as he strutted towards them in his very expensive suit.copyright protection64PENANAmYoo3PKVVf

Kyoya's eyes widened before he nodded and left. Liu Wei took his place instead and sneered at the ugly outfit.copyright protection64PENANAgy1GpHYiFu

"You come in here dressed like a granny. Do you want me to go out of business?" He scoffed before he took at least the glasses off. "Come on."copyright protection64PENANAcdp7CIIZZ6

With Liu Wei and Colette leading the way, Erin remained in the back with every eye turning to her with a scoff. She couldn't care less but for her friends, she did take off her beanie. It didn't improve her image at all but at least she was trying.copyright protection64PENANAvl4UJ8Ju3E

"Here,"copyright protection64PENANAKjdL0CsYU7

Their table was in the back, reserved only by the staff usually. The staff was pretty much Liu Wei, Kyoya Sasagawa and Lee Dongwoon: two bartenders and the boss. Eventually, Colette would help because she didn't have anything else to do but Erin never did. She was hiding behind those ugly boyish clothes or inside her store all day long.copyright protection64PENANAt6kSdXAWWA

"Did you wait until he passed your store again?" Liu Wei asked, knowing why they arrived so late. "Aren't you sick of it? Just talk to him already."copyright protection64PENANA2rV7lFf5aj

Erin chuckled as she finally gave up on the sweater and remained in her black sleeveless undershirt.copyright protection64PENANAKUDXGEz8Ct

"That's not the point."copyright protection64PENANAg6ABYOyzKu

Colette scoffed before she grabbed the wine from Dongwoon and poured herself. The dimpled boy narrowed his eyes at her before he sat next to Liu Wei.copyright protection64PENANAaNW6UiLaoW

"The point is we could hear you from here." Dongwoon added with a boyish grin. "If we could then he could too."copyright protection64PENANAt8R75xLFFo

"Again, that is beside the point." Erin answered with a poker face before she swallowed her drink in one long gulp. The liquid felt warm as it went down her throat. It made her feel better.copyright protection64PENANA8WuIxtw53h

"Look, we know you are the responsible one even if you are hiding in that store of yours. You know him so why can't he know you?"copyright protection64PENANAAd4xjZP59e

"Because he already does," Erin announced, surprising Dongwoon.copyright protection64PENANA1DmSKsqw76

Colette and Liu Wei already knew the story so they quickly interfered.copyright protection64PENANAVg2pZzTvFW

"By the way, why are you standing here? Don't you have a job to do? Don't leave Kyoya alone with the clients."copyright protection64PENANANgaRNuQDzZ

Dongwoon rolled his eyes but complied and left. He knew when to not question his boss and save his energy for better things.copyright protection64PENANARBDeuoGUUN

"You do know he is older than you." Erin cut in with a smile on her face.copyright protection64PENANA0P32f2C8yi

Liu Wei raised an eyebrow, "No he is not. I died a long time ago, remember?"copyright protection64PENANA5mzgdmK40j

"Even if he is fresher, he has been changed at a later stage than you have." Erin added as she poured herself another drink.copyright protection64PENANA4SVH6p5Mj0

"It doesn't matter. I am still a few hundred years older than him. When was he changed? Late 1980’s? Well, I was already around by then."copyright protection64PENANAAkQEn5H0eg

Colette rolled her eyes, "That’s only because Erin found you and saved you. You're lucky she was in China back then."copyright protection64PENANAikCRAPekUf

"I was in the army of a great king. I was general! People wouldn't even dare look into my eyes."copyright protection64PENANADY7zGdYL0i

Colette and Erin looked at each other skeptically.copyright protection64PENANAMBCCfZIWZW

"I was! Besides, I am a great asset to this group. I can fight unlike you two."copyright protection64PENANAcigPaQFpbz

"Curious because I am sure Erin beat the crap out of you before she changed you."copyright protection64PENANAEPyMoe0m00

"She was in an angry state back then, that's why. She wanted to eat that's why she killed those scumbags anyway. I was different."copyright protection64PENANAEMCgpRg7Og

"I am different now too. Times have changed."copyright protection64PENANA31ykQJbv8m

All three of them agreed and toasted to that. Times have changed a lot and technology evolved.copyright protection64PENANA5NbDzzSzVS

"It's a pleasure living during this phase of humanity." Liu Wei added, leaning back with a wide charming smile. "You shouldn't let anything drag you back to the past, Erin. It's ok to watch but it's better to forget about him altogether."copyright protection64PENANAAAFcR447bS

Erin looked down at her hands, remembering those same words coming from someone else.copyright protection64PENANAnfTWzKFKgN

"Don't let one insignificant life destroy a whole race. It's not your responsibility to take care of a fresh face. You should focus on your people and their fate." copyright protection64PENANA7lBiZaRRKN

"He's one of us now. He is one of those people." She added coldly, raising her head in order to look at the man across her.copyright protection64PENANAJlooyfsCnE

"No, he's not. He has too much power over his leader and that can easily instigate others to surpass their levels. You are the leader and you cannot live for yourself." The elder stated firmly, his eyes narrowing at her near the end.copyright protection64PENANAvLToHs9ndp

But just like him, she was stubborn and wouldn't comply with the desires and manipulation of others. copyright protection64PENANAbkKMDJWvAH

"We'll see," copyright protection64PENANAjk2HJBXbdk

"Welcome sir. Should I take your coat?" Kyoya asked with a sly smile.copyright protection64PENANAQI6J7Ocgbq

The new customer shook his head as he walked past the young boy and searched for the familiar smell of his coworker. It was still very strong after work but he had two more people around him, both smelling very sweet.copyright protection64PENANAFmKq9na5SL

Arriving at his table, he realized the sweetness was coming from the perfume of two women. It was exactly the same perfume but they looked slightly different.copyright protection64PENANANc5QTOrQ0E

"Kim Hoon! Finally here. Come, come. The ladies have been waiting."copyright protection64PENANAbQniAv6MLh

Hoon looked unpleased but he sat down nevertheless. One of the women sat next to him while the other was laughing next to his colleague. The perfume was a bit intoxicating and the overall place had an alluring atmosphere. It was strange how a local bar looked so messy on the outside yet quite elegant on the inside; also, Hoon was sure it was bigger on the inside somehow.copyright protection64PENANAcrEXSNl2Te

A dimpled well dressed man approached their table and smiled, placing another glass in front of Hoon and filling it with scotch.copyright protection64PENANAOGqTxkIYbI

Hoon glanced at the lady next to him awkwardly before he turned towards the bartender. The dimpled man smelled of wine and maybe a bit of something else, but it was far better than the sweetness engulfing him with chloroform added from his workmate.copyright protection64PENANADmz0E9vLWh

As soon as he finished, the bartender left and Hoon turned to his work mate.copyright protection64PENANA39JH7BvtEo

"You said there was a mistake in the last file. Where is the mistake?"copyright protection64PENANAHs58mDs4BE

"Come on! Don't be so tense. Drink up and let's talk about work later. I called you here for a different reason."copyright protection64PENANANe0nfFwKrt

"I can clearly see that." Hoon mumbled before he gulped down the glass in one shot.copyright protection64PENANA2uCLbKnGd2

"This is Hyejin, she works at a prestigious law firm. We met during a case, haven't we?" The girl nodded, her eyes glinting in the dim lit room. "Next to you is her roommate, Hwayoung. She's a nurse."copyright protection64PENANA5Vub3ROwWq

Hoon cracked a short smile, trying to be polite before he turned to his workmate.copyright protection64PENANAaJEb6TRDEi

"Hoon and I work together. We both graduated from the same university, only he is my senior by a few years. Ever since I have met him, he's never talked about his life or his family but he proved to be very professional and loyal."copyright protection64PENANA7HMJtYuQFH

"Gichul-"copyright protection64PENANASLCnXFeLca

"Hyung is a workaholic and doesn't go out much. He doesn't speak that much either but I'm sure he wouldn't stay mute with such a pretty woman next to him." Gichul added, making the girls laugh.copyright protection64PENANAcnUQz1KrFp

Hoon frowned feeling like his friend was only entangling him more into a web he wanted to avoid. He suddenly rose and looked around, seeing Dongwoon chuckling bemusedly as he pointed somewhere. It was the bathroom and Hoon took that chance immediately.copyright protection64PENANAKM7xwAv0qb

"Excuse me," He smiled at Hwayoung, action that seemed to cover his sudden leave. That didn't work with Gichul, though. He rose as well but only to whisper something to his friend.copyright protection64PENANAHjWjGUZVGc

"Don't think you'll escape tonight. You have already made an image with the women in our building so don't dare leave me again." Gichul hissed before patting him as if they were best friends.copyright protection64PENANA5Sz0J91tAG

Hoon left as quickly as possible, passing Dongwoon on the way to the bathroom.copyright protection64PENANATkt0RZAnZ1

As soon as Hoon disappeared behind the door, Dongwoon turned to the three people chatting at the table as if everything was well. They had a distinctive smell, of blood being pumped from their hearts rapidly as if they could die any minute now. It was interesting how alcohol worked in a human's body and how much it could affect their minds.copyright protection64PENANAyGkv01q0W6

Dongwoon glanced at the bathroom door and chuckled. That man was different. His heart was pumping blood at a different rate, slower not for keeping him alive but more for keeping him warm. The blood was thicker and wasn't moving as fast as a human's. The man in the bathroom was a vampire and he smelled like death, even after showering.copyright protection64PENANAc2YM3HV4bw

When Hoon walked out of the bathroom, he felt somewhat better. He hid in there for ten minutes but he figured he had to get out at some point. Gichul was still there with two girls that had no fault. It was all just a plan to get him out and socializing, which he wasn't very keen to do. At least not with people he didn't approach first.copyright protection64PENANAL4Qe5IeG6d

But when Hoon looked at the table, Gichul was laughing loudly while the women seemed content. They were having fun, talking about their school years and whatnot, Hoon could hear them easily.copyright protection64PENANAIFU3bU4BU1

"It seems you are not needed anymore." Dongwoon intervened from his place behind the bar. copyright protection64PENANAH74FT7mPcx

"Should I thank you for that?" Hoon asked raising one eyebrow.copyright protection64PENANAlYCcdIVrp1

Dongwoon bit his lower lip and shook his head amused by the situation.copyright protection64PENANAF7GzaSufto

"You can still have a drink if you want. Your friend already paid." The bartender added while grabbing a glass and a bottle of red wine. Hoon raised an eyebrow curiously but when Dongwoon opened it, the taller man knew exactly what was inside.copyright protection64PENANAhawlPptceG

"It's alright. I'll just leave for the night." Hoon replied, turning towards the exit.copyright protection64PENANAKAEnMS5Hku

"I'm leaving and you can't stop me, Liu Wei!"copyright protection64PENANAJZCqyMi21L

Dongwoon turned towards the noisy customers. At the same time, so did Hoon. A woman dressed really strange was being pulled back by a tall woman dressed better.copyright protection64PENANArjWXELn8YC

"One hour! Just one more hour!" The better looking woman tried to make a deal but it didn't look like it would work.copyright protection64PENANAOJct6ZmcHG

The woman dressed strangely rolled her eyes and glanced at the bar. Her eyes fell on Dongwoon before they averted on Hoon. She froze. He could hear her heart beating faster before she literally shoved the other woman away and hurried out.copyright protection64PENANAGqFiQe59g7

When she passed the bar, Hoon felt something, a fragrance that he almost forgot about. Almost.copyright protection64PENANAUIqQG5C4dB

"Who was that woman?" Hoon asked the dimpled bartender.copyright protection64PENANAG2kSvrRRDy

"The Boss." He answered, his eyes sparkling with amusement.copyright protection64PENANAykZdDQrJZI

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