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Immortals: Everything They Sacrificed
Writer MousyCh
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Immortals: Everything They Sacrificed
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Chapter 2
Nov 13, 2017
16 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!08zbREWY92AQJjGaJbouposted on PENANA

The whole way back home, Erin couldn't help but feel overwhelmed. She never took into account that being in the same city they would actually meet. Seoul is a large city and has more citizens than you can count so the chances to meet him seemed small in theory. Well, practice definitely beat that.copyright protection79PENANAa3rdOyq2Hp

Thinking about it was making her feel like a real stalker even if that wasn't the case.copyright protection79PENANANIynTp1Qna

"Agh!" She stopped and groaned loudly. "So annoying," She added before realizing it was dark and silent.copyright protection79PENANASY1BhHL0Ta

When she got home, she first took a long bath before changing into pajamas and getting in bed. She shifted a few times before she finally fell asleep.copyright protection79PENANAv3eWg2vG4d

Two red eyes were sparkling in the darkness. They didn't seem evil but more like pitying. They pitied the poor soul lying in the pool of blood.copyright protection79PENANA6SVFfO4gFs

It was suffocating. At first it was warm, feeling like fire was engulfing the body before adrenaline faded and pain took its place. It hurt so much that it felt like needles were pushed in every part of his body. Blood was slipping out quickly and after a few minutes, it started to feel cold. The pain subsided slowly and the sounds of the heart became muffled by the air. Now that death was near, senses heightened. With tears slipping down his face, he looked at the red eyes, checking if they were still there. copyright protection79PENANArxqs8I9UI2

They weren't. He chuckled, knowing everything was just an illusion created by his dying brain. It was going to end soon enough, a minute or two at most.copyright protection79PENANA5d6jamlF3q

But right when he thought death grasped his soul, the red eyes appeared again closer than ever.copyright protection79PENANAT9iOPyDTOi

Hoon opened his eyes and jolted from his bed, searching all around for the reason of his scare. The room was dark and he was alone.copyright protection79PENANAmfPMIYuRSd

When Hoon entered the building, his eyes first met the nurses. They were all avoiding him, avoiding even breathing near him. That was fine, he liked it better if he didn't have to force himself to listen to them speak continuously.copyright protection79PENANAUYr0hCnDiq

He entered the elevator alone and pushed for the lowest level. The doors were closing when a sudden hand came in between, forcing his whole body through before pushing the same button.copyright protection79PENANA4bAmZpVDjJ

It was silent and none felt like they should say something. Not until Hoon felt a bit guilty for dumping him last night.copyright protection79PENANAVFZLsHKXzD

"Are you angry?" He asked, glancing at his work mate from the corner of his eye.copyright protection79PENANAbuBCvSfSvx

Gichul raised an eyebrow, his face not giving any hints of what he was thinking.copyright protection79PENANAjzIUWIjRmC

"Is there a reason I should be?"copyright protection79PENANABhiA3LiNIS

Hoon turned to his workmate, having the thought that Gichul was annoyed and he was acting in order to get a sincere apology.copyright protection79PENANAqTm1wSTLKp

"Last night, in that bar in Itaewon," He started, surprising the youngster.copyright protection79PENANAj4Z2YVKhN6

"There are bars you know about in Itaewon? I am astonished." Gichul acted shocked before he started to laugh. "Take me there once, hyung."copyright protection79PENANAUoodZrYhfH

Hoon frowned.copyright protection79PENANA9FBwH8oAT9

"Haven't you called me there? You were waiting with two women...Hyejin and Hwayoung."copyright protection79PENANA0ddZfcV0uI

Gichul seemed amused before but not anymore. He frowned and leaned in.copyright protection79PENANA7o7vC6XBoc

"Have you been following me? How do you know where I was last night and with whom?"copyright protection79PENANAjxSU4z3saW

"You called-" He stopped as he remembered the atmosphere he found when he came back from the bathroom.copyright protection79PENANACaaPap15pv

You are not needed anymore. Those were the words the bartender used and it certainly looked like Gichul forgot about him. He forgot he called Hoon out for a double date and so did the women.copyright protection79PENANAOwUV2x1Z8p

"Interesting," Hoon mumbled to himself.copyright protection79PENANAcsX4n1EquO

When the elevator arrived on their level, Gichul walked out while Hoon stayed back. He pushed the button for the reception to his work mate's surprise.copyright protection79PENANAn6ZxW9WXel

"What are you doing?"copyright protection79PENANAt2SoYUVZT4

"There's something I'm curious about. I'll leave today's work on you. Don't make any mistakes." Hoon said hurriedly while the doors closed. He had to go back and have a chat with that dimpled man.copyright protection79PENANAp6xmbUoPkS

Itaewon was just as crowded during the day as it was during the night. A lot of foreigners were walking around, the coffee shops and stores entertaining them until later on when night clubs open up.copyright protection79PENANAEHZDeVNaT2

He didn't notice it before but the bar he went to last night was really not all that glamorous by day. The windows were made from smoked glass which meant people could only see their own reflection in it instead of seeing inside the bar. The name wasn't even very visible and the building wasn't on the main street either.copyright protection79PENANAwm5oL3iH2c

"Are you going to spend the whole day in front of the window?"copyright protection79PENANAMsijOuddkx

Hoon turned his head to the door and noticed the dimpled man staring at him with a grin. He wasn't in a suit or in anything elegant. He was actually dressed really simple and had a satchel hanging on his shoulder.copyright protection79PENANA5Yf4Ct0pET

"Well?" He asked again, his eyes widening in amusement. "Come on in. No one's inside anyway."copyright protection79PENANAsagxz1ARJD

Hoon nodded and followed him inside the bar, which was definitely not at all empty. The clients by day were a bit different only because they looked more like they were there for a coffee rather than an alcohol drink.copyright protection79PENANA4v5nPUR27b

Dongwoon led the way to the bar before he threw his satchel under it and leaned over the bar cabinet towards his newest entertainment source.copyright protection79PENANAAdaPiMjicX

"You said no one's inside." Hoon mumbled, still scanning the bar for anything strange.copyright protection79PENANAcE8scHuMyd

"No one important. This bar is only a bar and nothing else. We're not a danger to humanity." Dongwoon added, leaning against the table. "My name is Lee Dongwoon by the way. Nice to meet you, friend."copyright protection79PENANAqDJw0yrRBz

Lee Dongwoon was a peculiar man, human or not. His eyes were glinting continuously and Hoon wasn't sure he liked it. He wasn't an object that could be used for one's selfish purposes.copyright protection79PENANA3bNd16Zlpc

"My friend can't remember anything from last night." The doctor changed the subject.copyright protection79PENANAiBRq337yQG

"Can't he? Or is it only your presence that he forgot about?" The bartender teased, his dimples deepening as he smiled.copyright protection79PENANALgjuNj3ebE

"What did you do?"copyright protection79PENANAOePBrRHrc6

"I helped you, haven't I?" Dongwoon started nonchalantly, stretching before grabbing a glass and pouring water in it.copyright protection79PENANADvHvVLy3ko

Glancing at Hoon's work attire, which was pretty much a white shirt and black pants, he grabbed a cup and placed it in front of him.copyright protection79PENANAK5F4AtoDIz

"Missed work just to come here and ask me if I erased your friend's memories?" The bartender asked, working on making coffee for the special guest.copyright protection79PENANAhwO77gZPHc

"The woman from yesterday. She looked a bit out of place,"copyright protection79PENANAVlHDQDppHJ

Dongwoon scoffed and rolled his eyes at the woman but he didn’t get the chance to say anything because someone else walked inside the bar, trotting towards them as if the whole world was bowing at the sight of his face.copyright protection79PENANAOrPtwpXU3F

"Made a new friend already, Dongwoon? You're getting too friendly lately. Are you searching for a drinking buddy again?"copyright protection79PENANAulbitjys8g

The dimpled man chuckled and poured the fresh coffee in Hoon's cup before placing it aside.copyright protection79PENANAE4BmIsZ7SG

"What if I am? Kyoya doesn't drink and you are too handsome to drag around. I want a drinking buddy not a celebrity that draws attention."copyright protection79PENANAQG8FaE57y9

Dongwoon was older than that new guy but Hoon sensed that age didn't seem to matter between them.copyright protection79PENANAM2vYlZiTsr

"I'm Liu Wei," The handsome man started, walking to the two men and leaning next to Hoon. "Do I know you?"copyright protection79PENANA96vLteesl6

Dongwoon raised an eyebrow, trying his best not to interfere when Liu Wei was visibly balancing the pros and cons of his new acquaintance.copyright protection79PENANA9cNhSXVY4u

"You look very familiar. Maybe you came here before or maybe I just saw you somewhere before."copyright protection79PENANA7RwDQRC8L4

Liu Wei was known as a person with wit and with heightened skills to charm others into telling him what he wanted to know. In this case, Dongwoon knew it wouldn't work because Hoon was too stiff.copyright protection79PENANAzVb5HEjW7F

"Who's this?" The tall gloomy man asked, ignoring Liu Wei completely.copyright protection79PENANA3gRQxKNtIS

"He's the boss here. It's his bar."copyright protection79PENANAXQKutAm5J8

Hoon frowned. He glanced at Liu Wei's content face before he turned to Dongwoon, growing very confused.copyright protection79PENANAaj3lpL0JH7

"You said that woman from yesterday was the boss."copyright protection79PENANAoKngAV0opI

Liu Wei narrowed his eyes at his bartender, scolding him with his eyes even if he  didn't look like he was acknowledging it.copyright protection79PENANAhmy1R2Bd7l

"She is. She bought this place and gave it to me to manage because she is a hermit." Liu Wei explained, turning his attention on the fresh face. "So then what's your name? Or should I wait a few more days to find that out?"copyright protection79PENANAliEpD3aDMR

"Kim Hoon."copyright protection79PENANALbC9rc4rBt

"You smell like death." Liu Wei added, scrunching his nose.copyright protection79PENANAaSQJTHLvVT

"That's because I am a forensic doctor. I work in the morgue." He explained, giving off information without thinking twice.copyright protection79PENANAQhbvGPyQsl

Dongwoon and Liu Wei glanced at each other and chuckled bemusedly. The bartender went to get ready for work and let Liu Wei to gather more information.copyright protection79PENANAIewknYxrp9

"So you are curious about that ugly dressed woman from yesterday? Why? Is that your style?" Liu Wei asked bluntly, sounding very snobbish.copyright protection79PENANAVA1MjVu4rq

"Her fragrance was familiar." Hoon combated, not liking the sound of Liu Wei’s tone.copyright protection79PENANAXiH9NoYmer

"Do you want me to call her over? She doesn't do much anyway." The Chinese man asked, phone already in hand.copyright protection79PENANAHXFei2cPuC

"Why would you? It's my business not yours." Hoon asked skeptically.copyright protection79PENANAZqc1dwWHAn

Liu Wei grinned, his eyes sparkling with mischievousness.copyright protection79PENANA8yFPItdGPs

"Believe me, it's my pleasure."copyright protection79PENANA7wqNLIPXyk

"What?!" Erin exclaimed, jumping on her feet surprising the customers inside her store. "Tell him I'm busy." She hissed, hiding in a corner behind the counter.copyright protection79PENANAzxKMyYivFT

Liu Wei knew Hoon could easily hear her so he didn't see any problem in playing with her.copyright protection79PENANATOszDa2RRR

"But he's already here. Do you really want him to leave after he skipped work only to come and see you?"copyright protection79PENANAkZoKM9tC61

A loud knocking sound made Liu Wei feel very pleased with himself. She just knocked her head against the counter in surprise; he could imagine it in his head.copyright protection79PENANAWGzHs7FLDl

"He didn't. Stop teasing me." copyright protection79PENANAFw975Ni8F9

"Am I now? Well, should I give him your address then? Your hiding spot will be-"copyright protection79PENANAZZ8oKVxdxE

She hung up making Liu Wei smiling proudly to himself. He turned to Hoon's curious form and couldn't help but laugh.copyright protection79PENANAeukNbNVRzy

"This is so fun. We should have done it sooner!"copyright protection79PENANAde5nlbaEjP

The forensic doctor grew even more confused, especially when Liu Wei patted him on the shoulder on his way to the storage room.copyright protection79PENANANjPWHzReMp

"That idiot. He bragged he was a strict man and now he's making fun of me. I shouldn't have changed him. I should have left him to rot in a cell."copyright protection79PENANAT1TdP51KXA

She has been rambling for the whole way to the bar. When she got in front of the door, Erin took a deep breath before she entered. Her heartbeats were so fast she could feel her blood circulation; it was really intense.copyright protection79PENANAjaPpxbAIPT

Hoon raised his head and turned to her. He had heard those heartbeats before, on his way home from work. The same woman with the same big round glasses and orange beanie was standing there but she was dressed in a flowery shirt with a black cardigan over it. But that was all. There was no fragrance, nothing.copyright protection79PENANAxCdnzUXq9J

Erin walked towards him and waved nervously. She almost bumped into a stool but quickly regained herself.copyright protection79PENANAQ2LJfAPhlM

"Where is that asshole Liu Wei?" She asked with a bright smile yet she was visibly pissed.copyright protection79PENANASEWH3uSEcI

"Have I seen you before?" He asked, fully turning to her.copyright protection79PENANAyKlL7UF4lO

"No," She answered quickly.copyright protection79PENANAObRzU7aJov

"Erin, you're here!" Liu Wei exclaimed, followed by Dongwoon dressed now in his bartender suit.copyright protection79PENANAwg9sYdWRS9

Both men had wide grins which immediately made Hoon realize they loved playing with that woman.copyright protection79PENANAzqTUb1OR59

"Isn't this wonderful? Kim Hoon is here and you are here. You can finally stop stalking him and just talk."copyright protection79PENANAGUlxufEEZ3

The subject frowned while Erin's eyes widened. It didn't even matter who was around because Liu Wei has already reached a new level of being a prick.copyright protection79PENANA9vkjYixVap

"I'm going to kill you with my own hands." She hissed, hurrying to him and kicking him in the bottom.copyright protection79PENANA4JQYD1ZsT5

But those words and that tone sounded exactly like the woman he met before. The same red eyes appeared in his mind as he remembered the last time he saw her.copyright protection79PENANACAZX8tdN8d

"You don't have to leave. I will." He said feeling guilty for all the trouble he caused.copyright protection79PENANAQiJbBHu9DE

"No. I have been retained here for long enough. You can do whatever you want to but I will leave anyway." copyright protection79PENANAyHnoF1qEtk

"What if they come after you?" copyright protection79PENANAJ6UJ32dgQl

"Then I'll kill all of them." She hissed angrily.copyright protection79PENANAuGEdRfUlpx

Coming back to his senses, he got up and walked to her unconsciously. He grabbed her wrist and turned her to face him.copyright protection79PENANAZYfnmUpNzT

"Katherine?" He whispered.copyright protection79PENANA8jZ3236gkW

Liu Wei froze but not as dramatically as she did.copyright protection79PENANACOCg1uwWQV

"It's you isn't it? I'm not wrong." He reasoned with himself, seeing how he couldn't see her very well with those glasses and the beanie.copyright protection79PENANAtQTJdgEC4d

"I think you got me confused with someone else." Erin mumbled before she pushed him away and left as quickly as possible.copyright protection79PENANAwcxvgAymQS

Hoon stayed there, confused if he really made a mistake or not. But her voice sounded a lot like Katherin's. Erin...Katherine...that couldn't be a coincidence, could it?copyright protection79PENANAisGVIIqfEg

"Hey, when you go home today, take a good look around your neighborhood." Liu Wei advised Hoon before he turned to his worker with a scorn, "Why didn't you help me? She actually hurt me!"copyright protection79PENANAa764RjkvWp

Dongwoon scoffed and didn't even bother answering him.copyright protection79PENANAJsCgYSQweG

Erin's orange beanie haunted Hoon for the whole day. He arrived at work an hour later and Gichul didn't say anything about his workmate's disappearance. Not until they were forced to work on a new corpse with a lot of wounds.copyright protection79PENANApx95sSNS7r

"I hope we won't have to work late again." Gichul mumbled while Hoon took a longer look at the body.copyright protection79PENANA8izfnqyHWv

Whoever killed him did a very good job at smashing his skull. Besides, it looked like he had a huge feud with the culprit because he took care to make his face impossible to recognize.copyright protection79PENANA7FYJVWBMsQ

"By the way, hyung. What happened this morning? Where did you go?" Gichul asked, smiling when an idea formed in his mind, "It wasn't a woman, was it?"copyright protection79PENANAtRnCXPvLID

"No," Hoon answered, bending next to the victim's face, seeing how tensed was the muscle of his chin. "It wasn't a woman. Now come here and look at this."copyright protection79PENANAdRWN6jeF1a

Gichul nodded and watched his work mate/boss open the mouth of the corpse. His eyes widened when Hoon took out a little plastic bag that looked a lot like the ones used for drugs.copyright protection79PENANAb8P9RL5txy

"Do you think he was involved with some black-market dealer?" The younger man asked, hurrying to grab a plate and put the bag on it. "What will happen when we open it?"copyright protection79PENANAj0qGDow89e

"Nothing. They found the body this morning and he doesn't seem to be dead for more than 24 hours. Check his documents and call Jiwook."copyright protection79PENANAMm6Iad1oS3

Gichul nodded but not before he took another long look at his superior. His face seemed a bit funny, different, as if something happened.copyright protection79PENANAy3bnc39iwG

It was almost 10 o'clock at night and Gichul was tired. He stretched once he finished writing his report and turned to Hoon. He was looking at his computer screen without blinking or breathing.copyright protection79PENANARPHhwkF2tP

"Are you sure is not a girl?" The youngster asked, getting up and giving up on the white gown for his leather jacket. "You can tell me. You may not be aware but there are still women interested to date you in this building."copyright protection79PENANAhfcnYmA0Kt

Hoon wasn't sure. He wanted to balance the two women he had in mind but they seemed nothing alike. There was the elegant girl that he met over 900 years ago, the one who was born a leader even if she hated it, the one whose smile could make him believe that everything was going to be alright. Then there was this other woman, dressed in colorful clothes with no style whatsoever, hiding behind glasses and tucking her hair inside an orange beanie. It was hard to believe that both were halves of the same coin.copyright protection79PENANA3jxeHKiQ2O

"Gichul, if someone you know runs away and returns in your life, very unexpectedly, looking nothing like before, how would you react?" Hoon asked, turning his chair so he could face the youngster.copyright protection79PENANAwTEebayRd2

"Wh-What?" Gichul was speechless, "S-so it's a woman?" His face brightened and any ounce of tiredness he felt before just vanished. "What's her name?"copyright protection79PENANAGuiTSggth0

"Erin, it seems," Hoon answered, leaving his gown on the back of his chair and changing into his usual black coat.copyright protection79PENANAXkkuz1eSRg

"It seems. So she left a while ago and now she returned and has a different name. Did she leave because of you?" He asked while waiting for Hoon to turn off the computers.copyright protection79PENANAGoalCmvbdJ

"No but I bear half of the fault." He answered, walking out after he turned off the lights.copyright protection79PENANAdUdvN6M4z3

"And what does she do now? Why did she return?" Gichul asked following his senior to the elevator.copyright protection79PENANA5wop0YqfQh

"I'm not sure she returned now. She's been here for a while but we didn't-" Hoon stopped, remembering Liu Wei's line.copyright protection79PENANAwwFGSi3ntg

You can finally stop stalking him and just talk. copyright protection79PENANA7GbkcZqY30

She has been watching him from afar.copyright protection79PENANA18xqxyoXNe

Gichul tilted his head to the side, expecting to hear more but Hoon had nothing more to say.copyright protection79PENANAfjLV0Dd31G

"Well, I really want to meet this woman." Gichul mumbled.copyright protection79PENANAk8nvszuTxx

On his way home, Hoon could only think about Liu Wei and Dongwoon. Those two were strange people, vampires or not. They work with humans and don't seem to bother with honorifics. Their respect for each other is questionable but they have definitely been changed by the same person. Could that person be Erin? If she was Katherine then she was older than 1000 years old and she could easily change a whole army during her runaway.copyright protection79PENANAUzGrZdZnbN

Almost every store in the neighborhood was closed but she still couldn't go home. It was late and she was tired. It proved to be a good day for business as she welcomed more than ten people inside with a polite smile.copyright protection79PENANABq6nl60ya1

"Maybe I should bother smiling at them," She mumbled to herself while massaging her cheeks.copyright protection79PENANAfu9CZCcuwJ

But looking down at the profit, she couldn't help but feel like it was worth it. Stretching with a loud groan, she walked to her spot in front of the window and sighed. It's been a long, long day.copyright protection79PENANA1qjHSiVRG6

"Maybe I should close too," She mumbled, glancing at the empty alley.copyright protection79PENANAFiwLFSSFr2

But then she heard it; he was going home and he was really close. After the unexpected meeting early in the morning, her heart was beating even more powerful than before. Then she saw him walk up the alley, past her store and couldn't help but watch him.copyright protection79PENANAGGxQjwsw0Y

The heartbeats were even faster than before so it was really hard to miss them. Hoon wouldn't have bothered with it if it wasn't for Liu Wei's advice.copyright protection79PENANAf2ozKhSF9y

When you go home today take a good look around your neighborhood.copyright protection79PENANAMORizwascB

He stopped. Hoon stopped and glanced at the store. Erin tilted her head to the side as she watched him turn towards her and look. Her eyes widened and she moved closer to the window.copyright protection79PENANAuTi2JCyb8z

"Wait, the glass is smoked. He can't see me, can he? Vampires can't see through walls after all." She mumbled to herself but he was right there, looking at her.copyright protection79PENANAaoCzXnQQ2Z

Erin turned her back and slapped her cheeks lightly, feeling like she was going insane.copyright protection79PENANAoPNf7mMiPZ

"Am I making things up?" She wondered before glancing over her shoulder. No one was there. "I'm going crazy."copyright protection79PENANAUkSdmBPVNY

The doorbell rung and Erin decided she should just take care of the last client and go home. She needed some good sleep to shrug it off and move forward with her life. Yes, that was a good plan.copyright protection79PENANAvYn7xlunbx

She slapped her cheeks two more times, planting that polite smile on her face before she turned to her customer.copyright protection79PENANAmAm9PuwCMm

"Welc-" She stopped.copyright protection79PENANABHGuU26KXT

Hoon was there, inside her store and if she wasn't crazy, he looked like he was enjoying every second of her terror.copyright protection79PENANAJsR6Aps5MD

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