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Prime Romance
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Prime Romance
Submission Closed
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Nov 15, 2017
1 Min Read
303 Words
No Plagiarism!Cg6FfLYw9lUCXDlwUSAtposted on PENANA

I wanted to him to know how much I care about him and what I would do t be with him. I wish he would hold me tight in his arms as we focus on the day. I wish we can spend the rest of our life together and raise a cute little family. Our family would be adorable the two kids waking us up on Christmas morning jumping on our bed where we would tell them to let us dream for a while. copyright protection80PENANAqueRUYiRqL

But this is all a dream, in reality, I am a nerd with 11 fun dorky friends (Compliment) We have the best of times and we don't need a guy to tell us if we are doing something right or not. We do what we do for fun and that is PARTY!!!!!copyright protection80PENANAr31xJgjHNs

I wouldn't mind him noticing me though we have stared into each other's eyes every now and then it was probably my hallucinations or my conscious showing me what I wanted the most. copyright protection80PENANA2H50lqwfj6

I love to spend all day writing about our future together that will obviously never happen but still it would be nice t just imagine what it would be like. There are no limits in the world of imagination so we could do anything we want. For all, i say there could be aliens if you imagined it.copyright protection80PENANAJJBXBvWTmn

No one would notice us as we would run away to our own little world which would be the best of days we would have. Imagine if you could do anything you want wouldn't you imagine to be with the one you loved the most with no limitations. I don't know about you but I would.copyright protection80PENANAENqFlaWFRJ

Note: Ok so i know this is really bad but i tried okcopyright protection80PENANA8UrdVMDr1X

(Edited Version)copyright protection80PENANAyLG9IhFFa2

84Please respect copyright.PENANA2OQtucDqRv

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rosemill2017 - love....... is the most beautiful emotion until it is not one-sided because believe me than it is...........
9 months agoreply