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Falling for The King's Best Friend (Choices fanfic) (Drake X MC)
Writer Kaylaisamermaid
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Falling for The King's Best Friend (Choices fanfic) (Drake X MC)
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About You.
Nov 14, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!1BTgts5NV0h7vAWFxUANposted on PENANA "Yn?" A concerned Maxwell knocked on the door again. "I heard bumping around, are you okay?" You stood frozen, in front of your forbidden love. "You're not saying anything so I'm coming in!" He opened the door. "Oh...hi Drake." Maxwell looked back and forth between the two of you. "Maxwell." Drake said trying to slip out of the room. "So, I'll talk to you more tomorrow, yln." He said. "Goodnight Drake." You smiled. "Night." He ducked out of the room. 

Maxwell raised his eyebrows at you. "What was that all about?" You sighed. "N-nothing, he was still upset over the whole Savannah thing, about Bastian and all that." You wouldn't look at Maxwell, you couldn't look at him, you were lying to your best friend and it hurt so much. copyright protection28PENANARpK8YzaSg7

"Yn?" "Oh my god yn." "He's the person you've fallen for isn't he?" You told us on the way back here you may have fallen for someone else, it's Drake, isn't it?" Your body slid heavily down the wall and you landed with a thud, head falling in your hands. "Yes." "I'm so sorry, but yes." "I still fully intend to clear your house name though, you're like family to me." "I'm so sorry Maxwell, but I  just don't have feelings for Liam." He sat next to you and pulled you into a hug. "Hey." "It's okay, you can't help who you fall in love with." "All that matters is that you're happy and we clear your name." You looked up at him and smiled. "You're such a good friend, oh and Maxwell?" He looked up. "Please don't tell anybody." He smiled and zipped his lips shut. copyright protection28PENANAQhIKxcdDZ8

"It all makes sense now, how you two act around each other." "The very first time you Drake & I were alone, you saying he was more your type. "You asking why he was so hot." "The quick glances at each other." "The way you talk to each other, how he treats you." "I thought I was just crazy." You laughed, then sighed. "I just wish I could tell Liam, I care about him and don't want him hurt." "Drake holds back because of him, he doesn't want him to get hurt." You sighed. "Oh gee Maxwell, sorry for laying all of this on you." He smiled. "That's what friends are for." You hugged him. "You're one of the best friends, I've ever had." "Aw yay!" He did a little dance. "And the dorkiest." "I'm going back to bed." He got up and helped you up. "Goodnight, yn." "I'll see you tomorrow, and don't worry your Drake secret is safe with me." He left. copyright protection28PENANAEhgaRdPo7q

A worried Drake popped in the room. "Does he know?!" He asked. "He does." You said calmy. "How are you so calm?" He asked. "Come in." You moved aside. "He always was suspicious and he asked, so I told him. He's not mad, he totally understands." "Our secret is safe with him." "Are you sure we can trust him?" He asked.copyright protection28PENANAcYPX7OxhGN

 "Absolutely." You pulled him into a hug. "Dammit you, get over the fact that it's you, that it's always been you." You squinted into daylight as Hanna cracked your door open. "Uh..Maxwell wanted me to come get you." "Be there in a minute." You yelled. "Shit yln, we talked all night." You laughed. "So we did." You pulled your pajamas off and continued to talk to him. "Another day of the oh so fabulous engagement tour." "Dammit yln, you do things to me." He said, moving closer to you. "Why would you undress in front of me, temptress." You rolled your eyes and threw your night shirt at him.copyright protection28PENANAox57iCjvgi

 "Do something about it, if you're so tempted." You cocked an eyebrow at him. He moved closer to you and left soft kisses on your mouth and neck, then turned and left. "Fuck you." You mumbled, that boy always did that to you,got you all hot and bothered and left. You sighed and got dressed, getting ready for yet another oh so fabulous day of pretending.copyright protection28PENANAEUzU4r7UPe

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