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Our Winter(ly) Love // four seasons, 2
Writer candysweet101
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Our Winter(ly) Love // four seasons, 2
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Nov 13, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!s3zqRFv7lw1xxxhS2sVAposted on PENANA

Icopyright protection74PENANALPCXVKZ4Iu

He sat at a table in the cafe where his date would arrive. It had been almost twenty minutes since the agreed time and he was beginning to think that she wouldn't show. He drank his coffee which had now turned cold before standing up from his seat.copyright protection74PENANAAax9BpP6wa

He wrapped his red scarf around his neck before walking towards the door. The bell above the door rang as he opened the door and froze.copyright protection74PENANACxIa5Z27sX

He looked into the eyes of the woman standing before him.copyright protection74PENANAIdNlaJ5aNO

Recognizing those all too familiar hazel eyes.copyright protection74PENANAFoYcxzCmG9

For a moment, he felt as if the cold winter air had frozen his entire body as he continued to look at her.copyright protection74PENANAxiGfsMfvTH

His eyes slowly trailed to her lips where he found a smile.copyright protection74PENANAtCUgX502fN

"Hey Marc."copyright protection74PENANAQUbP7JpK65

He couldn't find any strength to say anything as he continued to look at her. Her smile slowly disappeared as she waved her hand in front of him.copyright protection74PENANATDnATQm8lg

"Are you okay?" she asked.copyright protection74PENANAPOSK5PP5S4

He nodded his head rigidly.copyright protection74PENANATIZ5y7OXRU

"What are you doing here?" he managed to ask. A small smile appeared on her face.copyright protection74PENANA2KyqkrgGzC

"I came for a date but I'm already over twenty minutes late," she replied with a small frown.copyright protection74PENANAWpqP9wFYCx

His eyes widened as his mind registered her words.copyright protection74PENANA3vg3AOaoM1

"W-who were you supposed to meet?" he asked carefully, hoping with every fiber of his being that she wasn't the one that he was meant to meet.copyright protection74PENANAjPMRf6jwNS

"Marc Belasco."copyright protection74PENANA8Kizzr6eqI

And as soon as she said those words, she looked at him with a look of realization.copyright protection74PENANAMue2yORIdE

- - -copyright protection74PENANAKxtxpJDIfq

Ten minutes later, they were seated across from each other at the same cafe, steam from their cups getting smaller as their drinks cooled, neither taking the initiative to start a conversation.copyright protection74PENANAAoaSYKk4ZL

How could he have been so stupid?, he thought to himself as he continued to look at her.copyright protection74PENANANLf1ONPFw3

How could he have not recognized her name?copyright protection74PENANAkhANOZwrHM

He watched her as she took a sip of his drink and smiled.copyright protection74PENANASia3b9NvdM

"Funny meeting you again like this," she said. But he didn't smile as he looked at her.copyright protection74PENANAg1yw2mjR1P

"Is it?"copyright protection74PENANAVm6v9UvGmc

"Why are you so serious?" she asked, chuckling slightly.copyright protection74PENANAsfvDiGN6b0

"Don't you remember what you did?"copyright protection74PENANATs1rY4NhVP

© 2017 candysweet101. All Rights Reserved.      copyright protection74PENANA7Rbeml9S1v

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