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love & betrayal
Writer Amelia Earhart
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love & betrayal
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Amelia Earhart
Dec 6, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!NiggFzTI97mCrovM9hy0posted on PENANA        I was on my way out of work today when I saw Nikko’s truck. I couldn’t believe he was still doing this I did not wanna he with Nikko. He had other shit to worry about and I was not on his list. I mean I get why he was mad, I left out the house that he built for me but he also fucked some other bitch in the same house. It was like my life was the notebook mixed with fatal attraction and I was not feeling that shit. Nikko knee that he wasn’t suppose to be in town till tomorrow to pick up Amelia.

”Nyliah, can we please talk?” He asked.copyright protection8PENANAv6QAIPVnTJ

”About what Nikko?” I asked heading to my car.copyright protection8PENANAYG1fXHPQpY

 ”About is. I want you to come home.” He said.copyright protection8PENANAYLBpa6cjnK

”I am home. Don’t forget to pick up Amelia after school.” I said getting in my car.copyright protection8PENANAkTQbtz1pWU

”Nyliah please just open the door.” I rolled down my window and looked at him.copyright protection8PENANA9VBbaySZoh

”What can you possible talk to me about? Have you not said and did enough? Why can’t you just let me go.?” I asked with tears in my eyes.copyright protection8PENANAYn2ANdGZx4

”I said I was sorry.”copyright protection8PENANAKSXA3ra4Q7

”Yeah well it’s a little too late for that.” I said and drove off. copyright protection8PENANAZZ2Abd83dx

      It’s been a few months since I talk to Nikko and sitting here in the doctors office tell me I’m pregnant did not make my situation any better. I was fuckin pissed Why was it every time I had sex with this man once he was knocking my ass up. I was four months pregnant with my second child and didn’t even know it. copyright protection8PENANAkbUnLHAsH8

      I was parked outside of Nikko’s house trying to gain the courage to knock on Nikko’s door and tell him the news. I mean I was exited to have another baby but I was scared. I shook off the chills I had and walked and knocked on Nikko’s. I was expecting to see Nikko open the door but it was Lisa. My heart dropped to my stomach he done moved to a new house with his old bitch and my daughter. copyright protection8PENANAwr0u23Vc8M

“Can you get Nikko?” I asked. copyright protection8PENANAj7MmHXzQ0M

“For what?” She snapped.copyright protection8PENANAnlYiIK0jcH

”Nikko!” I yelled I did not have time for this bitch right here. A few seconds later Nikko was at the door, looking like he saw a damn ghost.copyright protection8PENANArJ9rebvaoD

”What are you doing here?” He asked.copyright protection8PENANAWIKJ5sHEiI

”Can I talk to for a second?” I asked.  We walked to the edge of his driveway and he turned to me.copyright protection8PENANArG3qYLaY4n

”Ny, I know this looks bad but I can explain. She just piped up-“ I put my hand up to stop.copyright protection8PENANAGw7PXl1twp

”I am not not here for that, I really do have to talk to you. I went to the doctors today and found out I’m four months pregnant. Look here’s the paper a ultrasound if you need a DNA test I’m down with at.” I said. The next thing I know Nikko is hugging me. I didn’t even hug his ass back because this wasn’t that, I just wanted him to know.copyright protection8PENANA6s8RcdkTRC

”Come on Baby hug me back.” He said.copyright protection8PENANACjjFKhqVgv

”No, go hug her. I just needed to tell you.” I said.copyright protection8PENANAjW1qMZMNsi

”Mommy!” I heard my daughter yell from the door way. I looked and saw my baby waving at me, I push Nikko away and walked towards her. She ran and hugged me.copyright protection8PENANAdzLlrYyLSq

”Am I going home with you?” She asked.copyright protection8PENANAouKH9uZApf

” No baby I just had to tell daddy something you having fun?” I asked her.copyright protection8PENANA5Ic79Y6WMz

”Yeah, you gonna come and play with me for a little bit.” She said looking into my eyes. I wanted to tell her no because I didn’t wanna be around his girlfriend but she’s my baby girl if she wanted me to stay then I guess I was. I looked over at Nikko.copyright protection8PENANAeZ90kAZTmR

”Go ahead baby.” He said. Amelia was pulling me into the house and I saw Lisa giving me this look like I wasn’t suppose to be there.copyright protection8PENANAjKl3svxr5X

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