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The Emperor and the hourglass
Writer Barbara
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The Emperor and the hourglass
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Chapter three Capture
Jan 14, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!cDQowufubwItyrW9QV8aposted on PENANA

Over the following weeks Gaylin keeps an eye on the two portals in the emperor’s bedchamber, he notices they expand along with the phases of the moon, when it is almost full he starts to prepare the ingredients with Kage’s help.copyright protection61PENANADVUfNQlvEd

They place them in a bowl of water which the Dreamer sets down on the floor close to the desk, he then starts to write an incantation right round the edge of the portal.copyright protection61PENANADQRufnYvS9

   “That should work nicely,” comes a deep man’s voice inside his mind.copyright protection61PENANA1ACA2zKTvS

“Nightfall. It’s good to see you.”copyright protection61PENANA39OYoCOK7t

   “You too, my son. I thought I’d better come to make sure nothing happens to you.”copyright protection61PENANAYLkPgzde46

   “Bless you. But I’ll be all right.”copyright protection61PENANAo6G1GJBqC6

The guardian helps him to rise and replies, “I know, nonetheless, I’m here if you need me.”copyright protection61PENANAjGg8EFKspS

Gaylin gives him a sharp nod, then turns his attention to the emperor and says, “Right, you need to act like nothing has happened.”copyright protection61PENANAVnEgdUPq8U

   “Of course,” replies Gonijō with a slight bow.copyright protection61PENANAxx1eyIX98z

The Dragons and Dreamer quickly place themselves behind a screen.copyright protection61PENANAgsfxBTcmmB

   “Nightfall duck.”copyright protection61PENANAeiYSycNoDV

The guardian emits a soft laugh as he drops to his knees beside Gaylin.copyright protection61PENANAiatjo11lba

The emperor makes sure the gods cannot been seen before he turns the hourglass over and waits for the apparition to appear.copyright protection61PENANAUsDaZe4bAq

The white woman tries to move towards Gonijō only to find she is frozen to the spot, she looks down to see a glowing incantation with a bowl filled with water and herbs. She looks back to him and asks, “My love, why have you done this to me?”copyright protection61PENANANPJMIiYvGB

   “Because you’re not my wife... You’re something else,” replies the emperor in a demanding voice.copyright protection61PENANArZLUj9Vlv7

There are two flashes of lighting and the white lady starts to bend over backwards in pain.copyright protection61PENANAwqz9AzoFLZ

This brings the black one forward and she snaps, “What have you done?!”copyright protection61PENANA6yOPkx7i2O

   “What was needed to be done,” replies Gonijō as he takes a step back.copyright protection61PENANAUtNFn7Pjsl

The black mist woman shifts, the skull face appears and her eyes turn red.copyright protection61PENANArYL18mAx1l

This brings Gaylin rushing over, he holds out his left hand and starts to mutter.copyright protection61PENANAx7UmWeT4xV

The emperor’s eyes are drawn to a beautiful beaded bracelet upon the young god’s wrist, which is glowing an odd purple colour and he hears the black mist woman say with fear in her voice, “Dreamer! No stop! Release us!”copyright protection61PENANATrpH7NOX7h

Gaylin shakes his head and replies, “No, for you both have done enough damage. I return you both to the other realm.”copyright protection61PENANAiyg3zppaWr

The black mist woman slightly raises her right hand in front of her and snaps, “No please, spare us!”copyright protection61PENANAwtyqPvFJAd

The Dreamer shakes his head, he moves his left hand so a small glass jar is visible and he says, “Return.”copyright protection61PENANAEtE4bMRZJY

The black mist woman looks over her shoulder to see a portal in to the other realm has appeared behind her and she starts to move towards it.copyright protection61PENANAg1xx57WuiT

Gaylin waits until she is inches from it, before he releases the white woman and uses the bracelet on his left wrist to mover her over to the portal.copyright protection61PENANAWOnufc0VVA

Nightfall quickly places himself in front of the young god with his huge double headed axe held out in front of him, which puts out a blinding white light and the two demons vanish along with the portal.copyright protection61PENANA8A4MFfywfi

   “Nice one,” says Gaylin, looking up at him.copyright protection61PENANAvwj23o90Ts

  “Thank you, my son... Strange the hourglass is still here?”copyright protection61PENANATPggkwtkrp

   “Wait, that should have disappeared along with them. Right?” mutters the Dreamer as he starts to check the book.copyright protection61PENANAVz00mFfVbv

The guardian swings his axe and a few seconds later the glass bulbs start to crack, then shatter spilling the strange sand over the desk.copyright protection61PENANAdH1xK4VU4P

The emperor watches in amazement as it all starts to disappear to leave behind a strange crystal in the shape of a Chinese rose. However, the moment he goes to pick it up his hand is stopped by Gaylin who shakes his head and starts to speak in his mother tongue, leaving him wishing he understood the beautiful language.copyright protection61PENANAmYECeZ8HkA

Nightfall picks it up, he holds it out towards the Dreamer’s left wrist to see the beads are no longer glowing purple and the sand within the jar is now nice and calm. "Hmm... It looks harmless.”copyright protection61PENANA7f97fwMvrY

    “It does... But there is noth-no wait,” says Gaylin, turning the page to see the exact some flower has been drawn. “My great grandmother says here, it was found after the hourglass shattered. Interesting, it is completely harmless, it is just as it appears a glass flower,” says Gaylin with a giggle and quickly continues, “Sorry, my great grandmother has written, it casts pretty rainbows.”copyright protection61PENANA0EF2bp67jb

   “Dose it really?” Kage asks as he comes out from behind the screen.copyright protection61PENANAWFaBioAr6U

   “We will have to wait and see,” says Yūichi, walking over to join them.copyright protection61PENANA1dabkqH6W9

Gonijō points his hand at the stunning crystal and asks, “So I can keep it?”copyright protection61PENANA5XNKZZa67u

   “Yes, you may,” replies the Dreamer, placing it into the palm of his hand.copyright protection61PENANAi49sFsQgTX

The emperor watches the stunning cut petals shimmer from yellow to blue in the glow from the lamps and whispers, “Beautiful.”copyright protection61PENANAaVal6vLOBI

Gaylin places his hand over his mouth to hide his yawn and Nightfall says, “You need to get to bed.”copyright protection61PENANAXHFLrELCKS

   “I think I will,” replies the Dreamer as he has a stretch.copyright protection61PENANA62XfuCIlSB

   “Yiska, please may I see your Spirit Jar?”copyright protection61PENANAi3wtpDYarA

   “Of course you can Kage.”copyright protection61PENANATohyaJcVlX

The Grey Dragon kneels down in front of him, he gently takes hold of his hand and sees the little jar lies in the middle of eight beads, four cloudy whitish pink and four pale green ones with tiny clear white beads in between.copyright protection61PENANAOrZLHuopQg

   “My goodness it is really beautiful,” he says with a smile spreading across his face.copyright protection61PENANA19kxCJaAUC

Gaylin smiles and replies, “Thanks. I have had a few women ask me where I got it from, and they always seem surprised when I inform them I made it.”copyright protection61PENANAaN1rmbby7w

Yūichi tries to look shocked by opening his eyes wide and asks, “When? Sorry it’s just that I have not seen you wearing that until now.”copyright protection61PENANAvWXvHF055Q

The Dreamer takes a moment to think and replies, “It was about a month before the battle... but I did not start wearing it until I came here as I had forgotten all about it.”copyright protection61PENANAm6ZHDBrOcm

   “I see. It is amazing, I really like the little flowers you have placed on the end of each chain.”copyright protection61PENANArmasOwEZ5M

Gaylin turns his hand over so the little orange flowers with a with a white stripe going across the centre fall on to his palm and replies with a giggle to his voice, “A glass maker made them for me after I helped end his daughter’s nightmare. I think he took a shine to me as he made me lots of them and told me I was welcome to visit them anytime.”copyright protection61PENANAwAIu6q96ve

The Leader of the Japanese Dragon Order places a hand to his chest and says, “That was very kind of him. I think you maybe right about him liking you as they have been made to express that.”copyright protection61PENANAWSkWAYy1NK

   “I have to agree,” says the emperor with a smile. “They really are stunning craftsmanship.”copyright protection61PENANAoe7yHV5lVa

Gaylin again places his hand over his mouth to hide his yawn and replies with a nod.copyright protection61PENANA8rLQWRg5YM

Suddenly he rises around five feet into the air, making Gonijō take a step back in fear.copyright protection61PENANAkUEEReDpgq

   “Sorry, do not fret, it is my guardian Nightfall who has got me. He’s going to take me to bed.”copyright protection61PENANA9EEgdmciH8

Kage points his hand to the pearl like feather dangling just past the Dreamer’s ample size booms and asks, “See it glowing?”copyright protection61PENANAtPAeGw5WB3

The emperor nods and the Grey Dragon continues, “The guardian gave him that when he helped his spirit return from the other realm, it connects them. Gaylin is able to call him whenever he needs help and it also allows Nightfall to step through into this realm whenever he wishes.”copyright protection61PENANAJWYoAQDefT

Gonijō starts to relax, he looks at the floating young god and says, “It is just a bit creepy when I am unable to see him.”copyright protection61PENANAEoyjFLFS4n

The Dreamer starts to laugh and says, “Nightfall says, you should be thankful you’re unable to see him as he is a little unnerving with him looking a bit like a grim reaper.”copyright protection61PENANA0xdALT6RQI

The emperor is shocked to hear this and Yūichi goes on to say, “Nightfall, is one of the ancient guardians, they may sound a bit morbid, but I assure you, they are very kind, caring and above all treat their owners... No that’s the wrong term... their hosts like their own children.”copyright protection61PENANAVzEUYfKBtZ

   “Owner?” Gaylin laughs, “We don’t own each other, Nightfall is more like a protector.”copyright protection61PENANAu8o3r3O6VT

   “Forgive me, that’s the term I was looking for. My deepest apologies Nightfall, Yiska,” says the Leader of the Japanese Dragon Order, performing a deep bow.copyright protection61PENANAuWqHwcBD4r

   “Not to worry uncle, we will not take offence,” replies the Dreamer, giving him a hug. “Night everyone.”copyright protection61PENANAmZ11UZhEAL

Kage and Gonijō say one after the other, “Goodnight.”copyright protection61PENANAD5T28l6Xs2

Yūichi give him a kiss on the cheek and softly says, “Night, my dear boy and any problems awaken me straight away.”copyright protection61PENANARWYhDvue9y

   “Will do uncle. But hopefully we all will have a peaceful night,” replies Gaylin, giving him uncle another hug before he is carried out of the room.copyright protection61PENANAGvyHxsHO6i

The Dragons makes sure the emperor is all right before they head out into the garden for a smoke whilst they take a slow walk back to the guest quarters to settle down for the night.copyright protection61PENANAzKntNwOTug

It is the early hours of the morning when the sky on the horizon is beginning to turn a deep shade of blue, Gaylin is jolted awake with the feeling he has missed something, he sits up pulling the cloth bag from the table, removes the book and lights a lamp before he starts to flick through the pages.copyright protection61PENANAVlcTDPo84x

When he reads the words, 'Even though I was able to send them back, the poor mortal's life was shortened to five years,' he gasps out loud, “No!”copyright protection61PENANAGK3fsBHapO

To be continued...copyright protection61PENANAsZzQsmmhfR

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