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Dreams and Nightmares
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Co-Writer Yangire-chan*
Co-Writer Chat Noir
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Dreams and Nightmares
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Dec 4, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!E8QjWug4DqLZqSXxJkS1posted on PENANA

Third person pov~(Just saying there will be names called "Light" or "Dark".No we are not racist at all,It is just signify how almost completely opposite they are in character,and even looks perhaps,you will understand as you read the story)copyright protection52PENANAPLSrNUxEsC

"Darkkk~......DAAAAARRRKKK"Light groaned in boredomcopyright protection52PENANAI7KzqH4HMH

"Yes?"The ravennette snapped her book shut sighing for the millionth timecopyright protection52PENANA7xHxpE48YX

"I'M BORED!"She yelled causing the entire class to turn to her giving disgusted lookscopyright protection52PENANAaOI3gvYN9q

"Sorry.."She gave a inaudible  apology as she buried her head in her kneescopyright protection52PENANApSxarYRvFD

It was the last period of the day,Math...Oh how Light despised Math.....copyright protection52PENANAdNbVkAzpJy


" Yes!Finally its over!"Light screeched nearly making everyone deafcopyright protection52PENANAlQDT15RTBx

"BYE LOSERS HOPE YOU ENJOYED MATH"Light laughed out loud hysterically running out of the classroom holding the short ravennette's wrist who gave her a poker face in responsecopyright protection52PENANAxOkIJFij51

Time skip a little later~copyright protection52PENANASsVexTS8Oj

"Please don't do that again,you are gonna get in trouble one day"Dark scolded the tall female copyright protection52PENANATa9x3bCV4d

"But am I ~?"Light giggled playfully only to get a death glare as her responsecopyright protection52PENANAsB2NkMsC5x

"OK sorry ,sorry."The tall female rubbed her neck, grinning sheepishly at her.copyright protection52PENANAEXZAcxt4Gi

'Welp,Its time for me to go~ Bye"Dark wavedcopyright protection52PENANAnAsx7wJKrN

"Bye"She respondedcopyright protection52PENANAXUp0HJM9mR

Time skip to Night time~copyright protection52PENANAH1PHC2e56V

"MAN,HOMEWORK SUCKS,ITS ALL TOO HARD.....Oh well,I'm just gonna do it last minute tomorrow"Light yawned grabbing her phone and started texting.copyright protection52PENANAouvQ2DnLnO

Bold D:Dark Italic L:Lightcopyright protection52PENANAzlIYlpI8z4

L:Yo,You awake?copyright protection52PENANAZg6PXIRcNY

D:Yeah ,Im gonna go to sleep anyways,what do you need?copyright protection52PENANA7ctD2vhphE

L:Eh nothing,just bored,gonna go to sleep as well...copyright protection52PENANAeQ0XOmmxuW

D:Did you finish your homework?-_-copyright protection52PENANABucIjaqbne

L:Nope;pcopyright protection52PENANAauqD8s9pSq

D:As I expected....Anyways i need to sleep G night C ya Tomorrow copyright protection52PENANA47h446rrDV

L:Good Night sweet dreamscopyright protection52PENANAnfqAXJLnV8

Light kept her phone away and flopped herself on the pillow ,burying herself under the blanketscopyright protection52PENANAB5D1JLuSbn

Light's Dream~copyright protection52PENANAjfuAkyGL0j

"Hmm,what's the time....OH Its March 12 2:30pm I better hurry,or I might lose my chance"She rushed trying to find Darkcopyright protection52PENANAHny7XvRISM

After a few minutes later she found her near the Maths Department.copyright protection52PENANARtSuvBgZtr

"Hey Dark!,there you are I have been searching for you everywhere,come on!"Light yelledcopyright protection52PENANAmMGRn1p3Mp

"Light ...where are we going?"The ravennette asked hercopyright protection52PENANAmtNVBLqstj

"To see Laito of course"She grinned in response dragging her by the handcopyright protection52PENANAflN7PiI5ic

"Wait what ,LAITO!?"She sputtered in shockcopyright protection52PENANAwEZdvmeVp1

"Yeah of course Laito Akiyama"She wiggled her eyebrows copyright protection52PENANAlMv9H6U8yo

"There finally I got you both in the same spot"'The two tried getting way but the tall female was stronger than she looks,she had a firm grip on their wristscopyright protection52PENANArNJeVyxDEP

"Now Laito tell me....."The female started of....copyright protection52PENANAQauPo0bCWB

"Yeah?"He repliedcopyright protection52PENANADin9r4flcO

"Do you still like Dark?"She asked with a wide smile on her facecopyright protection52PENANAKECtSx2qbG

All was silent....the boy put his head down while Dark looked away in embarrassment,cheeks flushing red.copyright protection52PENANAf1RJQfK2RG

End of Light's dream~ copyright protection52PENANADvY0Ep5ULi

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