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Dreams and Nightmares
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Co-Writer Aoki-San*
Co-Writer Chat Noir
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Dreams and Nightmares
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Chat Noir
Jul 27, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!FUxxdV6PauF61lbJBGEZposted on PENANA

<English Class>copyright protection54PENANAzUBel6aZfW

-Dark’s P.O.V-copyright protection54PENANAOUQls4gyTr

I fiddled with my rope bracelet, sliding the mulberry coloured bell around my wrist. Luckily enough, we had a substitute who was kind enough to understand when I explained the boys had somewhere to go to–unlike our teacher–. I smiled, scrolling through my phone as Light and I popped in our own earphones. Both of us don’t really have anything to do so why not! I bobbed my head slowly, watching her attention shift from her phone to me, ‘What on earth are you doing?’ She mouthed, I shrugged and laughed cause, well, even I don’t know what I’m doing! copyright protection54PENANA2zy4UJNvqs

Suddenly I saw her grab her forehead, she was pinching it…? Was she having a headache? I stopped my dancing and slipped off the desk’s ledge; making my way to her. “Light? What happened? Was I that bad?” I joked, trying to somehow magically cure her headache. Obviously it didn’t work. copyright protection54PENANAvZm6dHcoHs

“I think I’m just going to go to the Nurse.” She concluded, gripping her head longer and harder this time. I nodded, lecturing her to be careful since our class is on the second floor and then wearing back my earphones. copyright protection54PENANAkvmbRPf8o9

-Light’s P.O.V-copyright protection54PENANAArJ8vDSj9i

I hiss slightly, my head throbbing with each step I take. What on earth happened to me?! Maybe I slept too late? Maybe it’s all the studying…ah I don’t know! It hurts to just think about what the source of the problem is. I shuffle my way to the Nurse’s Office, is it just me or does it seem so far away now?!? Nonetheless, I finally make it there, tossing myself in.copyright protection54PENANALEi7KwPXUx

~copyright protection54PENANApf2MrUCH30

The nurse asked me some questions and gave me a pair of panadol tablets. “Lie down for a while, I’ll wake you in an hour.” She instructed, pulling the curtains shut once my head hit the pillow. Man…Those meds sure are…drow…dr…drowsy…copyright protection54PENANARDsAMXeEgn

~copyright protection54PENANAX22g9NMZLH

<Dream>copyright protection54PENANAwaXzXpuA6x

Where am…I…?? I try to move my head but it’s fixed and stuck in place, so are my arms and legs, my torso, my…everything…copyright protection54PENANAAYa2yW0MBh

Chants suddenly reach my ears, “STAB HIM! STAB HIM!” Over and over. My right hand raises, I twitch slightly at the sleek and shiny knife that’s tucked in my palm. Wait…where did I get this?! Why do I have it?!?!?!?! copyright protection54PENANAazjdPt0BsL

My arm moves.copyright protection54PENANAjZWgyUF2uM

My feet shift forward and I’m forced to stare straight. copyright protection54PENANAA5LK7jH86j

Kanato Ikami?!copyright protection54PENANAphSJuHcvjE

I try to pull back, using all my might to at least stop my hand, if not drag it back. I’m fighting it. Whatever the Heck is ‘it’. But it is stronger. Like a magnetic force, it’s pulling the steel blade closer…and closer…and…closer.copyright protection54PENANAgDEdUd7AgB

…until it’s plunged into his chest, right in the middle where the heart would be. I can move now, but that’s not what I care about. I try to run over to Kanato, but his lifeless body vanishes, phasing into thin air. copyright protection54PENANAmQG7AOriXy

I can still hear the chants, they’re driving me mad. I look over at the cheerleaders: Markus and Yuma…? Why is he cheering?? Aren’t they best friends? copyright protection54PENANABnQt6kbiQv

Heavy sobs cause my head to swing to my left. Dark. She’s crying so heavily…her face is cupped and covered by her hands, not allowing me to see her properly. Her hunched back heaves with every deep inhale of suffocating oxygen. She’s shaking slightly, coughing and crying as if choking on her own tears. copyright protection54PENANAX78Bk2OsC4

I nearly scream, trying to stretch out my arms to reach her. She vanishes just like Kanato…and so do the others…I’m the only one left.copyright protection54PENANA4ZVL7vzzNx

Im alone…copyright protection54PENANA8oUYS0j3i9

<End of Dream>copyright protection54PENANAyfgHRBKG3n

My eyes spring open; my body and hair drenched in cold sweat. A shudder runs through my spine as my whole body convulses. I sit up immediately, my head nearly gyrated like an owl–270 degrees–. I’m back in the Medic’s bed…I’m okay…I…I didn’t stab anyone…copyright protection54PENANAL7mGSucs4Z

I bring my shaking hand to my face, clenching and unclenching it a few times before smiling crookedly. “It was just a nightmare…” I silently tell myself with a subtly smile as my whole system calms down. It felt so…real…I should tell Dark…after all, she was in my dream.copyright protection54PENANAZcoTahUtlc

I glance at my watch on my wrist, I’ll tell her later…I still have half an hour of free, –hopefully not cursed– sleep.copyright protection54PENANADUsUBjvl0z

<Bathroom Stalls>copyright protection54PENANAILH5rzAD2E

-Third Person P.O.V-copyright protection54PENANAD2Q2W0jQuE

Now, you may be wondering where Laito and Kanato had gone. The answer is simple: they went to the bathroom stalls for a little chat. About what is not as easy to explain. copyright protection54PENANA38yv2aPxvP

You see, the boys’ exteriors don’t match their interiors. Laito Akiyama is indeed more relaxed and stable-minded, but he is no purer than Kanato; whose mind races with murderous ideas and violent acts every minute. Those two had made a deal, one which they prefer to keep silent.copyright protection54PENANA7eBOk2oUFq

Dark loved Laito, very much so, and likewise Laito loved her unconditionally (AHHHHHH—)–literally–. The curly haired male didn’t like people who were exceptionally close to Dark; especially males. He despised it. Jealousy bubbled through his blood he refused to believe it, his mind swirled, drunk with envy when someone other than him made her laugh, made her smile. copyright protection54PENANAyjtolppEgU

Thats when he began noticing Kanato. copyright protection54PENANAjj2SP42ECy

Kanato was very skinny, but that wasn’t to be mistaken with his strength. He was very athletic and had a good stamina that could last hours. The taller was very close to Dark, soon begining to pass her random compliments and pick-up lines along the lines of, “You’re so cute!” or “You’re like a diamond! Precious!” making her face flush a pastel pink and a smile to coax its way onto her lips.copyright protection54PENANAuJN5x78V1N

And it ticked Laito off. copyright protection54PENANAmA7PZsfo7v

But the younger was smart. He knew he’d be no match against his competitor, and so decided to hit him with a low blow. One day he called him back and accused him of stealing Dark from him, and having ample evidence, succeeded in making his opponent blurt out things he never knew the shaggy haired ravennette thought about.copyright protection54PENANAjqPljEqlj3

Now they were here; teamed up with one goal: ‘To have Dark as theirs and theirs alone’.copyright protection54PENANAUNNHTlO1hQ

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