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Dreams and Nightmares
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Co-Writer Aoki-San*
Co-Writer Chat Noir
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Dreams and Nightmares
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Truth or Dare?
Aug 7, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Ouxl8SOz81L7yoW4pUeMposted on PENANA

<A few days later>copyright protection40PENANA7pcfLviFd2

-Light’s P.O.V-copyright protection40PENANAQ1xnnGfbgn

I've told Dark about the dream and she seemed pretty shaken up too, huh, I just hope it’s nothing. I look around at our crowd of friends, we’re gonna play a classic Truth or Dare. I was much of person who played games such as truth or dare unlike a few others in our group.Some which I never familiarized with yet,but only knew their names. They were two boys that went by the name,Navine Zavis and KS Hashimoto.copyright protection40PENANAd1vMqrQQl4

Navine; the soft spoken one among all of us so far and was only half a centimeter shorter to me.His head bent down which shadowed his dull  teal eyes and had disheveled midnight hair,complimenting his light bronze skin tone. He had his leg propped up on the other silently reading a book.copyright protection40PENANACstPIfk0Ux

KS;he recently joined our school in mid August.I caught him staring at a tree once, no surprise there since he is glaring intently at a table right now.He had ridiculously curly glazed ginger hair that had snow drifts of dandruff.His stout figure and ghostly translucent skin made him stand out from the crowd.But not in a bad way.copyright protection40PENANA3LyA8Who7x

I couldn't help but detect a negative vibe radiating from them,I couldn't quite put a finger on it..yet.copyright protection40PENANAMlyh8ZIYP4

I suddenly felt something jabbing me in my ribs,I looked down to my side to see a concerned Dark.I shook my head and glanced beside her,there sat Kanato who was talking to Laito alongside with him.copyright protection40PENANA3sxxhfMCgH

The sound of a chair being dragged against the tiles,interrupting the small talk I was having with Dark,I looked to my left to see Yuma taking his seat next me without a word.copyright protection40PENANAaksJUBFcZN

-Third Person P.O.V-copyright protection40PENANAJL8i3hhLf7

Kanato clasped his hand together whilst grinning at the group opening his mouth to say something "Alright since everyone is here,we are going to be playing a friendly game of truth or dare!Everyone knows the rules am I right?No questions? Okie let's begin! I will spin the bottle and the head of the bottle is for the person to ask and the bottom is for the person who is being asked" He explained as he grabbed the aquamarine bottle rotating it anticlockwise in the middle of the circle.copyright protection40PENANAQjznQRDDuU

An evil glint of mischief was seen in his eyes as the tanned skin boy smirked back at him,proceeding to look at the bottle that was rotating agonizingly slow.copyright protection40PENANAlEeOo9p3lo

It finally stopped between the short ravenette and the pale brunette.copyright protection40PENANAQ4aZmdgEZw

"Dark,Truth or Dare?"Kanato queried.copyright protection40PENANALPPldGdRkI

"Truth"copyright protection40PENANALFnZtL9TOu

His expression fell and let out a disappointed sigh in hopes that she would have picked Darecopyright protection40PENANAhFyrEVFVzE

"So what are your hobbies and why do like them?"copyright protection40PENANArlugHHXVzh

"My hobbies are  drawing,singing and writing and I like them cause it's fun and I find it easy to focus on"copyright protection40PENANAEkX1kqMtjB

"Ok"copyright protection40PENANAYBhw3VsIR2

He spun the bottle once more,this time landing between Navine and Light who almost fell asleepcopyright protection40PENANAmioRz6zw18

"Truth or Dare?"He askedcopyright protection40PENANAOGtLHOcuiw

"Dare"copyright protection40PENANA6g7nNbjfTa

"I dare you to sell a piece trash to someone in the group. Use your best salesmanship."copyright protection40PENANAigsG72MGyO

"Challenge accepted" She nonchalantly stuck her right arm in the trash can and pulled out an empty plastic water bottle.copyright protection40PENANAPnui8c6kGo

"Alright kiddos,are you tired of WATER tasting plain?Are you tired of it being boring,colorless and tasteless like your soul which you probably LOST halfway through your childhood? Well we have the solution right here!Introducing WONDER WATER ! It's so great that you cant even feel your tongue anymore!Seriously you can't! Come on down and buy this now for only 1"copyright protection40PENANAQMFY9s9tI3

"1 dollar?That's quite cheap-"copyright protection40PENANAD0k6Gr8t8H

"For 1 thousand DOLLARS! Buy it now or you will be sorry!"copyright protection40PENANAhX4MgcYnxE

Everyone laughed at the hilarious sense of humor while Kanato shakily spun the bottle once more,landing between KS and Laito.copyright protection40PENANALorrnBTx4B

"Laito truth or Dare?"copyright protection40PENANAAHBUNimWLv

"Hmmm Dare I guess"copyright protection40PENANAD2tHOJUN6s

"Kiss the person to your left."He smirkedcopyright protection40PENANArSRSjeudLy

Laito's expression turned into a horrified one as he gagged to see Kanato looking more pale if possible at all,looking like his soul just left earth.copyright protection40PENANAOmgqg4ID0u

Light secretly got her phone out ready record the once in the life time moment and possibly potential blackmail.copyright protection40PENANA9DxClmlg9s

Laito yelled while Kanato was ready to accept his fate like his was about to die in a battle.copyright protection40PENANAIAlztEOXRA

Laito then suddenly got an idea and slowly leaned in  reluctantly kissed Kanato on the cheek.copyright protection40PENANAwGWM7dQQRQ

KS frowned in disapproval"Your supposed to kiss on the lips"copyright protection40PENANAk0uRCPdY6n

"You said kiss,but you didn't say where"copyright protection40PENANAqOYMosqdpi

KS pouted as Light still laughing decided to spin the bottlecopyright protection40PENANANWZJI6XyWO

And from there the game started becoming more horrifying to some,but great laughter to others.copyright protection40PENANAphOT9qJnpP

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