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Dreams and Nightmares
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Co-Writer Yangire-chan*
Co-Writer Chat Noir
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Dreams and Nightmares
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Chat Noir
Dec 7, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!DwP6U6gyoEM7NJfzJBY8posted on PENANA Both friends couldn’t comprehend what had just happened, was it REALLY a coincidence? Or was it something more? 

~copyright protection23PENANAbNlw8y53D5

They were sitting peacefully in their Science Class, chuckling and giggling at various jokes they had discovered from the depths of the internet. When the long-haired girl felt eyes on her. She shifted; obviously uncomfortable but she tried to hide it, of course soon being noticed by her observant friend.copyright protection23PENANAwgBlmwrC5P

”Light?” She snapped her fingers to get her giant friend’s attention. “You okay? You spaced out a bit ther—“ “TELL ME ABOUT YOUR DREAM!” A long hiss was held out by the teacher and once more, the pitied girl held her head down and tucked it between her knees. “Okay, okay.” The petite girl smiled warmly, “if you wanted to know so badly you didn’t have to shout.” She sighed, starting to recite her dream.copyright protection23PENANAhSX4BcDlOC

The peace soon returned in the classroom and all was silent. When the ‘staring’ returned, causing the taller of the pair to cling to her partner. “Dark...?” She quivered, the young girl yawned, gazing at her with lazy eyes, “Yes Light?” She spoke. “I think someone’s staring at me..” Bending to reach her height, her whisper went in one ear and through the other. copyright protection23PENANAuZpPvynBB0

One girl held fear in her eyes, a fear that she was a target, or worse, a blockage that needed to be removed...While the other was calm, she knew how to handle these things and assumed that she was just hallucinating; but her best friend insisted, starting to tremble a bit from the fear.copyright protection23PENANAG7hitDOUgU

The ravenette’s face saddened, eyes doused with worry for her few-month older friend. She perked her head up like a meerkat, eyes scanning the room. She smirked when she saw ONE person avert his once fixed gaze from the duo. Prideful, the more courageous of the two plopped down and repeated the name that will soon terrify her for the rest of her days. copyright protection23PENANAKyMICoVgJJ

“Oh, it was just Shin.” She Let a smooth and calm giggle surpass her thin lips. Light’s eyes widened in fear. “Shin???” She clarified, in hopes she’ll get a different name, but she just got a nod. She found it strange, the two hadn’t been the greatest of friends when it came to things like this, so..why?copyright protection23PENANASdIi3dQqOs

Little did the two girls know that so much more was to come....copyright protection23PENANAruzIN3mCXD

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